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2013 Preseason College All-America Team

Aaron Fitt -

Second-ranked Vanderbilt leads all teams with four players on Baseball America's preseason All-America teams, released today. The Commodores did not land any players on the first team, but they produced the catcher (Spencer Navin), first baseman (Conrad Gregor) and second baseman (Tony Kemp) on the second team, and added a starting pitcher on the third team (Kevin Ziomek).

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Minor League Imports With Upside, Western Divisions

Matt Eddy -Premium Content

Major league organizations collectively sign hundreds of players to minor league deals each offseason, and occasionally teams find big league contributors. In this piece we focus on baseball's 10 Western Division clubs (including the Astros as we anticipate their move to the AL West in 2013), seeking to find those minor league imports who might have untapped upside.

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Here Are 10 Ways To Improve Minor League Baseball

Few people care more about minor league baseball than editorial staff here at Baseball America. We are passionate about the players on the field, the ballparks and the people behind the scenes who make it happen. With all of this interest comes a lot of talk in our offices about—yes, you guessed it—baseball. And invariably, the conversation sometimes strays into ways we think the game could improve. Though minor league baseball may never have been more popular than it is now, we think there is room to make things even better. So in that spirit, we offer 10 ways to improve the minor leagues:

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