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Playoff Watch: 12 Prospects Still Playing

Ben Badler -

The minor league regular season is over, but we're still getting our fix of minor league prospect action. Scouts and player development officials are still heading to the ballpark to get a few final evaluations of minor leaguers in the playoffs. Here's a dozen players (sorted from from highest to lowest level of the minors) to keep an eye on—either in person or in the Baseball America Prospect Report—still playing in the minor league postseason.

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Rite Of Spring

Jack Magruder -Premium Content

Players in extended spring training have only one mission: to graduate from the experience and earn a promotion to a full-season club. Instruction is a part of the deal — as is tedium — but depending on the player's situation, his daily routine can vary wildly.

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Identifying Low-Cost Talent

Matt Eddy -Premium Content

You can't build something from nothing, we're warned. But with the aid of a concerted pro scouting effort and a healthy dose of performance analysis, major league organizations can come close. We explore the ways in which clubs use the two disciplines to their advantage when scouring the low-cost minor league marketplace for talent.

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A Year-Long Tryout

Kary Booher -Premium Content

When the Pirates doled out non-roster invitations this winter to a select number of pitchers, the lucky few consisted mostly of fringe big league arms, guys who may or may not plug a hole in the majors or high minors. Chris Bootcheck, almost nine years since being a first-round pick of the Angels and hoping to catch on, snagged an invite, as did Brian Slocum, a second-round pick of the Indians in 2002. Oddly, the list did not include righthander Brad Lincoln, the fourth overall pick of the 2006 draft and recipient of a $2.75 million bonus who is about to head into—can you believe this?—a sink-or-swim, 40-man "protection" season.

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Top Prospects By Position

Ben Badler, Kary Booher, Matt Eddy and John Manuel -Premium Content

Compiling our Top 100 Prospects list is one thing—ranking the players by position is another. In past years, we've done this in-season, or just after the season. This year we've decided to pair our position rankings with our Top 100. It gives some perspective to which positions are deepest in the minors right now, but also gives an idea of which players just missed the Top 100, and which young prospects might play their way onto the list in 2010.

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