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Virginia Scouting Reports

Will Kimmey -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Old Dominion, which doesn't have as much depth this year as it has enjoyed recently, but should still produce a first-rounder.

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Tennessee Scouting Reports

Alan Matthews -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Volunteer State, where the available talent for this year's draft got a boost when Bryan Morris did not sign with the Devil Rays.

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Draft Dish

John Manuel -Premium Content

The Yankees have reached a deal with Ian Kennedy, sources say, but the deal is being kept under wraps while attempting to get the commissioner's office's approval.

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Draft Dish

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The Cubs used their creativity to land talent in a draft where they lacked second, third and fourth round picks.

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Tuesday Morning Mock Draft

Jim Callis -

For the first time since 1999, when the Devil Rays deliberated between Josh Hamilton and Josh Beckett, scouting directors will wake up on draft day without knowing for sure who will go No. 1. The Royals own that pick, and if they've finalized their decision, they've kept it closely guarded. The uncertainty surrounding Kansas City's choice filters down through the top of the first round, and several clubs may not settle their picks until Tuesday morning, hours before the draft's 1 p.m. ET start. But at the end of Monday evening, here's our projection of where things stand.

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