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College Draft Prospects Stat Roundup: Week 9

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Here are the weekend stats for the nation's top draft-eligible college players, listed alphabetically by school. The stats were collected by CollegeSplits.com. Follow CollegeSplits on Twitter @collegesplits. The list of […]


Who’s The Youngest In Each League

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Age isn't everything, but when you are talking about prospects, it means an awful lot. A 23-year-old tearing up the Midwest League isn't nearly as impressive as an 18-year-old who's […]


Where Everyone’s Top 30s Are Starting The Season

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Here are the preliminary roster assignments as we have them for players ranked in their team's Top 30 in our Prospect Handbook. Not every player is included here (in fact, 84 of them are missing), as not every roster was finalized as of early this afternoon. We will rework this list tomorrow with more updated rosters. But this gives a pretty good idea of where players are. Again, all information is taken from Minor League Baseball's official rosters, which are still being updated up to gametime, so there may be a few inaccuracies that will be cleared up on April 8.

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Rays Look To Past To Determine Present Assignments

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When it comes to player development, the Rays are known for their patience. From Jeremy Hellickson to Jeff Niemann to Matt Moore, there are multiple example of Tampa Bay's preference to wait to promote a promising prospect. But that approach also carries over to spring training. Other teams may make a number of their roster decisions based on who has a good, or bad, spring training, but according to Rays farm director Mitch Lukevics, it doesn't carry much weight in the Rays' roster assignments.

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