League Top 20 Prospects

New York-Penn League Top 20 Prospects

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1. Carlos Perez, c, Auburn Doubledays (Blue Jays)
2. Jake Thompson, rhp, Hudson Valley Renegades (Rays)
3. Cory Vaughn, of, Brooklyn Mets
4. Marcell Ozuna, of, Jamestown Jammers (Marlins)
5. Roman Mendez, rhp, Lowell Spinners (Red Sox)
6. Zack Von Rosenberg, rhp, State College Spikes (Pirates)
7. Kolbrin Vitek, 3b. Lowell Spinners (Red Sox)
8. Nick Longmire, of, Batavia Muckdogs (Cardinals)
9. Cesar Hernandez, 2b, Williamsport Crosscutters (Phillies)
10. Colton Cain, lhp, State College Spikes (Pirates)
11. Darrell Ceciliani, of, Brooklyn Mets
12. Domingo Santana, of, Williamsport Crosscutters (Phillies)
13. Bryce Brentz, of, Lowell Spinners (Red Sox)
14. Mike Kvasnicka, of/3b/c, Tri-City Valley Cats (Astros)
15. Aaron Altherr, of, Williamsport Crosscutters (Phillies)
16. Drew Hutchison, rhp, Auburn Doubledays (Blue Jays)
17. Zack Dodson, lhp, State College Spikes (Pirates)
18. Daniel Webb, rhp, Auburn Doubledays (Blue Jays)
19. Josue Carreno, rhp, Connecticut Tigers
20. Madison Younginer, rhp, Lowell Spinners (Red Sox)
Baseball America's League Top 20 lists are generated from consultations with scouts and league managers. To qualify for consideration, a player must have spent at least one-third of the season in a league. Position players must have one plate appearance for every league game. Pitchers must pitch 1/3 inning for every league game, and relievers have to have made at least 20 appearances in full-season leagues and 10 in short-season ones.

The short-season New York-Penn League featured plenty of young, raw prospects with significant upside, but very few sure things. There was no clear-cut No. 1 prospect this summer like Ryan Westmoreland, Jason Castro and Brett Cecil in recent years. Lowell third baseman Kolbrin Vitek was the only 2010 first-rounder who spent any meaningful time in the league, and many of the biggest-name college products struggled in the NY-P.

"The New York-Penn League wasn't as good as it was last year," Connecticut manager Howard Bushong said. "Especially the pitching—it wasn't even close. And there wasn't a position player who blew you away like Westmoreland last year, and no (Alex) Colome like last year that made you go, 'Wow.' I saw some good players, but I didn't see the 'wow' factor we saw last year."

League champion Tri-City featured some of the best players in the NY-P, most notably second baseman Ben Orloff, but no top-flight prospects. "Everyone on their staff could throw strikes and throw breaking ball for strikes," Bushong said. "That's what separated them, that's why they won."

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