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    Paul (Fall River, MA): What is the ceiling on Joey Gallo?

Jim Shonerd: The big time power is there to carry him to the majors and profile at either corner, though scouts wonder about how much he'll hit for average. He'll also face a likely move to first base at some point due to concerns about his mobility.

    Tex (Michigan): What is your view on Nolan Aronado .... still a blue chip prospect?

Jim Shonerd: Not the best year for Arenado, but he's still a quality prospect and he has held his own in Double-A. He's still shown the ability to drive balls and get around on good fastballs, but pitch recognition has been an issue, as has stringing together consistent at-bats.

    Rick (San Francisco, CA): How close did Giants RHP Kyle Crick come to making this Week's list? He had a nice outing the other day.

Jim Shonerd: Crick was on the fringe. His line was solid: 5 2/3 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 9 SO, 1 BB, but with that being his only start of the week, it wasn't enough for him. Danny Hultzen was a similar case, as he threw five no-hit innings, but that was also his only outing of the week and this was a tough week to make the cut with so few innings.

    MJ (Chicago): Chris Yelich has had a great season. Just how good can this kid be?

Jim Shonerd: One of the best prospects still in the minors. Yelich can be a high-average hitter in the majors with a chance for 20-homer power, and he'll be a solid defender in the outfield.

    PF (Canada): What's the deal with Alex Castellano of the Dodgers ... numbers are big, but doesn't seem to get any love?

Jim Shonerd: As far as this week goes, Castellanos was just 3-for-19. You're right that he's had a huge year though, and he deserves extra credit for being more productive on the road (.696 SLG) than at the hitters' paradise in Albuquerque (.553). He's a solid prospect with the bat and across the board, but none of his tools are loud, despite his numbers this year.

    Brett (Tracy, CA): Glad to see Kyle Jensen on your list as I played little league and high school with him. What kind, if any, of major career can you see him having?

Jim Shonerd: It's been a tough year for Jensen, but at least he's finishing strong with eight homers in August. Scouts had worries coming into the year about his ability to square up quality pitching, and those concerns have been borne out, so it's tough to see him as an everyday guy in the majors.

    Kim (Trenton): What is Xander Bogaerts offensive ceiling? I am reading that he is athletic enough to stay at short for a while as he is tall, but still only 180lbs and very athletic...

Jim Shonerd: It's not unrealistic to think he can be a .280 hitter with 20-plus homers, and his ceiling is likely higher than that. He's really impressed with his easy approach and ability to take balls to all fields.

    Nick (Texas): Who do you consider the best of these three prospects: 3B Nick Castellano (Detroit), SS Alen Hanson (Pittsburgh) and Gregory Polanco (Pittsburgh. Thanks for your time.

Jim Shonerd: As good as Hanson and Polanco have been, Castellanos is one of the elite offensive prospects in the minors.

    peter white (Toronto): No honourable mention for Joc Pederson

Jim Shonerd: Pederson was actually the last cut. He went .419/.419/.710 (13-for-31) on the week, but he just got squeezed out.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Who has better plate discipline between Trayce Thompson and Jared Mitchell?

Jim Shonerd: I'd give Mitchell the edge, though making contact has been a problem for both. Mitchell has 166 whiffs, Thompson 152.

    Dustin (Arizona): What are your thoughts on Taylor Lindsey? What he did in Spring Training was impressive. Any projects as to if/when he makes the big league team & if he stays at 2B?

Jim Shonerd: I think Lindsey can stay at 2b. Just did a story on him that should get posted next week. The main thing for him to keep working on is turning double plays. I wouldn't expect him to get to the majors next year. 2014 is more realistic. He won't hit for a lot of power, but the hit tool is there.

    Cole (St. Louis): Gary Brown has slowed of late. What are your thoughts on him as an everyday player in the big leagues?

Jim Shonerd: I wouldn't read too much into other than it's the end of a long season. Brown should fit as a leadoff-type hitter, and his speed is still well above-average so he should have no problems sticking in center field.

    Michael (Chicago): Pretty surprised to not even see a team photo mention for Mile Foltynewicz, what kept him off?

Jim Shonerd: It was tough to keep Folty off, as he punched out 10 in six innings without allowing an earned run. The low innings count was probably the biggest factor. I know I keep falling back on that but it does weigh heavily when you're comparing a guy who threw 10+ plus innings versus a guy who threw 5-6. That, and there were just a lot of deserving candidates this week. Some weeks are like that.

    John (Chicago): 21 yr old Aderlin Rodriguez hit 2 home runs last night, bringing him to 24 on the year. What kind of power potential do you see there?

Jim Shonerd: He's got plus power for sure, but there are questions about how much he'll be able to get to it at higher levels.

    Mason (California): What kind of a player is Mac Williamson? I see he is hitting a lot of HRs in the Northwest League. Is he just a power hitter or are there some other tools involved?

Jim Shonerd: The power is definitely the selling point with Williamson. It's legit. As for other tools, he runs well enough that he played center field in college, but he's already moved to right in pro ball, and scouts do have doubts about his ability to hit for average against better pitching.

    Jason (Austin): Do you think Taijuan Walker will repeat AA since the Mariners skipped him in HiA this year?

Jim Shonerd: I can see repeating the level being a realistic possibility, but it if it happens it shouldn't be seen as a huge setback given Walker's age (just turned 20) and the fact that his stuff has still impressed. His feel for pitching is what has to get better, but that should come with experience.

    Keith (Manchester, CT): Thanks Jim. Does J.O. Berrios have the size to project as a front of the rotation guy, a 2 or 3, or is his ceiling lower than that?

Jim Shonerd: I wouldn't worry about his size. While Berrios isn't too tall (6-feet even), he's got a strong frame and doesn't have trouble generating velocity. I can see his ceiling being that of a No. 2, with mid-rotation being a safer expectation.

    Geoff (Seattle): How much better is Nick Franklin than his .248/.312/.429 numbers at Triple-A Tacoma suggest?

Jim Shonerd: He's definitely better, and certainly keep in mind that he's playing in Triple-A as a 21-year-old. His approach and bat speed impressed scouts in Double-A, and I'd expect he'll come around as he gets used to Triple-A pitching.

    Matt (Philly): What are current reports on Biddle's pitches and what is his upside at this point?

Jim Shonerd: Biddle's velocity isn't overwhelming, topping out in the low 90s, but he gets it to play up. His curve and change both have the potential to be above-average, with the curve rating higher right now.

    Chris (Seattle): What kind of power will Zunino have during his peak years, 15-20 HR?

Jim Shonerd: At his peak, more than that. Scouts who watched Zunino in college felt he could have above-average power, so that would give him a chance to hit 20 a year and sometimes more.

Jim Shonerd: That'll have to do it for me. Sorry I couldn't get to more questions, but I've got to get back to the phones for League Top 20s. We'll see you back here next Friday for the last Hot Sheet of the regular season.