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Jim Shonerd: Hey, everyone. Thanks for reading BA and stopping by the chat. Let's go.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Interesting to see two Mets SPs go back-to-back on the Hot Sheet. It's obviously difficult to make it on with only 5 IP, but did Michael Fulmer push the issue for you at all? Is he likely a SP or RP in the future?

Jim Shonerd: Fulmer got a look, but it's tough to make the cut with only five innings barring something truly spectacular (like Dylan Bundy's early season outings). I can see where the reliever projection comes from. He's got two dominant pitches but his changeup has further to go before it can be considered a legitimate third option. But I'm always in favor of keeping guys starters until they prove it wont work.

    Ryan (DC): Brain Goodwin was recently promoted to harrisburg after lighting up low A. What is his projection and what his ETA?

Jim Shonerd: Goodwin has the potential for average or better tools across the board. He's impressed with a compact swing and ability to go to all fields, and he definitely has a chance to stick in center field. ETA? Probably 2014.

    mhed (Eagan): When will Max Kepler get some votes? Have you guys noticed him this year???

Jim Shonerd: We haven't forgetten Kepler. He did hit three homers for Rookie-level Elizabethton this week, but his overall performance (6-for-24) wasn't Hot Sheet material.

    trok (North Side): What kind of tools does Dan Vogelbach possess? He's already been promoted, so he must be doing some good things. Is he a 1B/DH for sure?

Jim Shonerd: He's 6-foot, 250 pounds, and there's no doubt first base will be his defensive home. But, his bat can carry him. He's got tremendous raw power and enough feel for hitting to put up solid averages.

    Ben (Leland Grove): Thoughts on Zack Wheeler's past two starts? Is this cause at all for the Mets to reconsider shuffling him off to Buffalo?

Jim Shonerd: Wheeler allowed 13 earned runs in two starts this week, but I don't think it's more than a bump in the road. Sounds like he just hasn't been sharp, particularly with his fastball command, but don't forget he just threw a shutout on July 14. You'd like a guy to have some positive momentum going when you move him up, but I'd still expect he'll be in Buffalo before season's end.

    Doug (Flushing): What is Gregorius's upside? Does he have any shot at the SS job in Cincinnati anytime soon between Cozart and Hamilton(who both the Reds and the entire fantasy world are praying can stick at SS)?

Jim Shonerd: Gregorius has a better chance of being a major league shortstop than Hamilton, from a defensive point of view. He's got decent offensive upside, but I can see him being the one squeezed out.

    Bolita (Illinois): Javier Baez or Xander Bogaerts? Who is the better prospect?

Jim Shonerd: I'll take Baez. Better chance to stay at short and scouts see the bat being a bit louder.

    Padre (San Diego): What could you tell me about Matthew Wisler's upside, and his pitch mix...? He is having quite the year in A-ball, at such a young age. Top 100 prospect this year?

Jim Shonerd: Wouldn't go as far as the Top 100, but Wisler's been good. Nice frame with a low 90s fastball, and his curveball has impressed. He'll have to improve his changeup and his command, but then again we can say that about almost all 19-year-olds.

    MJ (Valpo): Has Joc Pederson played his way into the Dodgers' top-10 for next year? What are scouts saying about him?

Jim Shonerd: Very, very impressive year as a 20-year-old who skipped low Class A, going from the Pioneer League last year to the Cal League this year. He's got a chance to be an above-average hitter, though his other tools don't rate more than average, besides maybe his speed. Scouts do like his grinder mentality as well.

    Dale (San Francisco): If you were building a roster from scratch and you had a choice, would you prefer to have a legit 1/2 pitchers or legit 3/4 hitters?

Jim Shonerd: Pitching wins championships.

    Dan (Israel): Can you tell us a bit about Burch Smith of the Padres scouting-wise (repetoire/velocity) and if he was close to the hot sheet with his 10K shutout game in the Cal?

Jim Shonerd: Smith shows a big arm, getting up to 97, but his secondary stuff comes and goes. There's a lot for him to iron out, but there is potential there. He had a case for the Hot Sheet, but he only logged five innings on the week, and like I mentioned earlier with Fulmer, that makes it tough to make the list.

    brian (indianapolis): Now that there is a little bit of history to go on, do you see alex meyer as a starter or bullpen guy?

Jim Shonerd: I think there's enough in there for him to be a starter, mixing in the slider and changeup with the power fastball. He's shown serviceable feel for pitching and has done a good job of being around the zone, considering his size.

    Joey Gallo (AZ): Am I ready for Spokane?

Jim Shonerd: Wouldn't surprise me if the Rangers gave Gallo a chance to get his feet wet in Spokane before the end of the year. The AZL hasn't been enough of a challenge.

    Bruce (Minnesota): What is wrong with Julio Teheran???

Jim Shonerd: Poor command and pitchability are part of it, and his breaking ball still hasn't developed to where it needs to be.

    Pierre (Ottawa, Ontario): Do you think the Astros could have gotten less quantity and more quality in their recent trades, or that's the best they could get?

Jim Shonerd: I don't think any of the veterans they traded away were the type that would bring back many blue-chippers. They didn't have anyone like a Hunter Pence to deal like they did last year.

    Benny (Norcross, GA): Scouting report on JR Graham? Coming out of Livermore HS and Santa Clara university, all I remember hearing about that he has a maximum effort deliver, and profiled more as a Relief pitcher prospect than a Starting pitcher. Has he smoothed out his mechanics?

Jim Shonerd: Scouts who've seen him this year thought he was doing it pretty easily, so his delivery's not that much a concern from an effort standpoint. He's got a good chance to stick as a starter, as he can pitch in the mid-90s, has a solid slider and has made progress with his changeup.

    Gerald Hill (Phoenix, AZ): Future A's shortstop = Addison Russell or Chris Bostick?

Jim Shonerd: Would take Russell, but I really do like Bostick. Bostick has a better chance to stick in the middle infield, at second base if not shortstop, while Russell would likelier have to move to third.

    Mossy (Dayton): Any long terms concerns about Miguel Sano's upside?

Jim Shonerd: Despite the down week, he's still had a really strong year. Hitting 20 homers in the MWL is no easy feat, especially for a 19-year-old. He has to control the strike zone better and scouts aren't in love with his defense, but the offensive upside is special.

    Greg (oh): So whats keeping Jarred Cosart from getting more K's?

Jim Shonerd: He just doesn't get the most out of his velocity. Hitters don't have a hard time picking him up and he needs better command, plus his curve can get inconsistent.

    Dylan J. (Free Michael Taylor headquarters): When is Michael Taylor going to get his chance? He has 10 homers and is batting over .300 now. If Chris Carter could figure things out, so can he.

Jim Shonerd: Who would you take out though? Crisp, Reddick and Cespedes aren't budging, and Jonny Gomes has been productive out of the DH spot. I just don't see where Taylor gets many at-bats.

    Danny ('Joisey): Christian Villanueva seems to have had a solid week. Is his stock way down in the scouting world or is he just not doing anything statistically exciting, hence lack of press?

Jim Shonerd: Villanueva was in the Hot Sheet running this week. Just not quite loud enough: hit .480 with 2 homers, but those were his only extra-base hits. He's had a solid if unspectacular year in the Carolina League (.280/.350/.418), and he plays his home games in a tough park for hitters in Myrtle Beach. He's hitting .310/.383/.446 in 50 road games. His glove is ahead of his bat right now. Although his 10 homers is respectable for the environment he's in, there are questions about whether he'll have enough pop to be a big league corner guy.

    Oakland Fan (San jose): If Addison Russell continues to play well in the AZL, do you see him starting next year in Stockton or do the A's plan on taking it slow with him and sending him to Vermont?

Jim Shonerd: Would be extremely aggressive to start him in Stockton. I'd expect he'll be in low Class A Burlington, that's the route the A's usually take with their high school guys in their first full year. A stay in extended spring training followed by an assignment to Vermont is the other possibility.

Jim Shonerd: That'll do it for me. Thanks for the questions and we'll see you back here next week.