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Jim Shonerd: Afternoon, everyone. What better way to end the week than by chatting prospects? Let's get to it.

    Ben (Leland Grove): Had he logged in another inning of work, about where would Daniel Norris have fit in on the Hot Sheet?

Jim Shonerd: Norris threw 4 no-hit innings for Rookie-level Bluefield. Depending on how far he went, he could've gotten into that 3-5 range certainly.

    Mike (Orlando): Drew Pomeranz can be dominant at times but is his changeup good enough to profile him as an ace?

Jim Shonerd: His changeup doesn't have to be great, just good enough to keep hitters honest, and I think he can handle that. He can be a No. 2 with that fastball and curveball, and while that may not make him an "ace," it's still pretty darn good.

    Jason (Walnut Creek, CA): Can you tell us more about Daniel Straily? How hard does he throw and how does he get so many Strikeouts? Does he have any Plus pitches?

Jim Shonerd: Straily works in the low 90s and pounds the strike zone. He doesn't have one pitch that blows you away, but his fastball, change and slider are all quality pitches. He also has a get-me-over curveball. Could see him as a No. 3-4 type starter.

    Chris (NJ): What type of player can Matt Davidson be? How would you grade out his hit and power tools?

Jim Shonerd: Quality big league offensive third baseman. He won't win any Gold Gloves, but his hitting and power can be at least big league average and can see them being above-average.280-.290 with 20 homers type of guy.

    Sizzle (WMass): Does Kolten Wong get a cup of coffee this year? He can't be worse than the Cards' current 2B situation.

Jim Shonerd: That wouldn't surprise me if he got a call, but my guess is he'll get some Triple-A time first.

    Kevin (Toronto): When and where are we go to see Buxton and Correa playing?

Jim Shonerd: Correa is already playing in the Gulf Coast League (2-for-16 so fardon't read anything into it). Buxton is expected to join him there. We're holding out hope both will get to play in the Appalachian League so we can see them in person at Burlington, just about a half-hour drive from our offices here in Durham.

    Josh (Salem, OR): With the new rules, are picks in rounds 5 through 10 as strong of prospects as previous years, or are they mainly good players with cheaper price tags to help pay for guys taken in rounds 1-4?

Jim Shonerd: Teams loaded up on players who'd be easier to sign (many college seniors) in those rounds, so the answer is generally no.

    John (Canton,Mi): Hi Jim, What's the upside on Bruce Rondon's talent?

Jim Shonerd: Tons of arm strength. Can get it up to triple-digits. His control has been much improved this year, as his 3.86 BB/9 rate is higher than you'd like but a vast improvement over his whopping 7.65 from last year. Certainly could be a late-inning guy.

    Bob (KC): Is Bubba Starling the next Bryce Harper? How long will it take him to reach the majors?

Jim Shonerd: As exciting as Starling's tools are, there's only one Bryce Harper. Starling will need time, at least three full years in the minors.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Between Shelby Miller, Dellin Betances and Mike Montgomery, who do you remain the most optimistic about going forward?

Jim Shonerd: Miller, for me. He's maintaining a robust 9.95 K/9 rate for Memphis, so he's showing he can miss bats at the Triple-A level and he's only 21. Command needs to get better, but he's shown good command at the lower levels, so I'm the most confident in his chances of sorting things out among that group.

    Jock Thompson (OC, CA): So why when I click the Hot Sheet link am I still getting a half-chat from Matt Eddy from early May, instead of this week's Hot Sheet list?

Jim Shonerd: Looks like this is happening to a lot of people. I had the same issue when we posted it as well, but the link started working when I cleared my browser history for the previous hour. I'm not a tech expert, but that worked for me. Trust me, the Hot Sheet is there. Corcino No. 1, Drew Pomeranz No. 2.

    Jim (BC): Is it more likely Jays fans get to see Gose called up by Late July, September, or 2013? I'm assuming Snider & Lind will get recalled first?

Jim Shonerd: One of the impressive things about Gose is he's been more impressive pretty much across the board in road games compared to home games, where Vegas plays in a launching pad. I'll say you'll see him in September ... and now that I've said that, watch the Jays call him up next week. That's what usually happens when I try to prognosticate promotions!

    Harry (New Jersey): I'll do my best not to make this a clown question, bro. Do you believe Harper will be on the Final Ballot?

Jim Shonerd: I'd bet he is.

    Josh (KC): What is Wil Myers' ETA for the big leagues? Once he does make it to KC, will they put him in center or on the corner and try to move Francouer or Gordon?

Jim Shonerd: His ETA could come by the time I finish this chat. Maybe he'll just stick around after the Futures Game. It could come any time. Would expect him to see most of his time in center, but he could play any of the three OFs capably.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Which names are you most surprised missed out on the Futures rosters and why?

Jim Shonerd: Seeing several questions in the queue about guys not making the Futures Game. Without naming names, there were some guys we would've loved to include, but we have to work within the list of players the teams approve for the game. There are other constraints as well, such as the need to represent every team.

    Andy (Louisville, KY): Should we read anything into the A's playing Grant Green back at Shortstop? Cliff Pennington has really struggled with the bat, so perhaps they have finally given up on him?

Jim Shonerd: Actually, per A's correspondent Casey Tefertiller, Oakland is going to start giving Green more time at third base. He's played there three times in the last week. They don't think there's enough in the arm for shortstop but hope he can develop the quick release needed for third. I get the sense they're just waiting for him to get comfortable somewhere, anywhere, defensively so they can get his bat to Oakland, as his offensive numbers have picked up each month in Triple-A.

    Ken (Lakewood CA): SS Hanson (PIT) - does his glove hold him back or force a change of postion? He sure does seem to have the bat.

Jim Shonerd: Arm strength is the biggest question. He has the athleticism, so second base is an option if shortstop doesn't work out.

    Ruben (Austin, TX): Better prospect at 3B, Mike Olt or Miles Head ?

Jim Shonerd: Olt. I like Head's bat (not as much as Olt's), but I'm not buying Head as a third baseman yet.

    Itto (Aguadilla PR): What's your opinion on Cubs RHP Dillon Maples? What kind of tools does he have?

Jim Shonerd: The Cubs gave Maples $2.5 million at the deadline as their 14th round pick out of high school last year, and he's expected to make his pro debut in the Rookie-level Arizona League in the near future. He's got two electric pitches in his fastball and curveball, though scouts worry about some stiffness in his delivery. High-ceiling guy, but obviously a long way from reaching it.

    Jonathan M (Hyde Park, NY): I was wondering if the Yankees has any minor league players because there has not been any Yankee prospect mentioned on your Prospect Hot Sheet for almost a month?

Jim Shonerd: I can assure you the Yankees still have minor league players. Gary Sanchez was in contention this week, but his having only 14 at-bats due to the the SAL all-star break kept him off. He made those 14 at-bats count though: 8-for-14 with 2 homers.

    The Bookie (Vegas): I am a gambling man... if you had to gamble who gets the call first: Hultzen or Bauer?

Jim Shonerd: Even though Bauer won the race to Triple-A, my gut says Hultzen.

    Tom (Minnesota): Wait. BA picks the players for the future game?

Jim Shonerd: Should clarify. We have input in the selections. We do not pick the players by ourselves. It's a collaborative process with MLB.

    Big ern. (LA): Can you give us the Roach report? You never hear anything about Donn Roach, never on any hot sheets but he has been nothing but dominant this year.

Jim Shonerd: Matt Eddy put together a nice writeup on Roach from the California-Carolina League all-star game earlier this week. You can check it out on the Prospects Blog. The Cliffs Notes version is that Roach isn't overpowering but has been a groundball machine and is working on improving his curveball.

    esteban (miami): who would you rather have: hultzen or barnes? who has a higher potential?

Jim Shonerd: It's close, and if in doubt, take the lefty, Hultzen.

    Mike (Orlando): If Zach Cox continues to hit well can he play some games at 2B for the Cards?

Jim Shonerd: Cox is a below-average runner and his range and athleticism have been question marks at third base, so can't see that translating to second. And as discussed earlier, the Cardinals have Kolten Wong waiting in the wings (no pun intended) to take over at 2nd.

Jim Shonerd: That'll do it for me. Have a great weekend, everybody, and try to stay in the shade if you're heading out to some games. We'll be back for another prospects chat next Friday, see you then.