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Moderator: Jim Shonerd will answer your prospects and Hot Sheet questions beginning at 3 p.m. ET.

Jim Shonerd: It's Friday afternoon, and what better way to wrap up the week than with some prospect talk. Let's get to it.

    @Jaypers413 (IL): Would you consider Middlebrooks to be Major League ready at this point?

Jim Shonerd: We're still dealing with a pretty small sample size here (20 games). Now, it wouldn't be a surprise if the Red Sox give him a chance in the not-too-distant if he stays hot, but let's see how he responds when the inevitable cold spell hits. I think that's when we'll know.

    matt (Hong Kong): Is Sean Dollittle possibly for real? 10.1 innings with 21 K's and 2 walks....

Jim Shonerd: I got reports from the A's out of last fall's instructional league that he was up to 97 mph and showed signs of a quality slider and changeup. Never expected him to be this good this fast though. He'd pitched all of one inning in the minor leagues before this year.

    Ben (Leland Grove): Do the Dodgers intend on keeping Reed as a starter for the forseeable future?

Jim Shonerd: That's the plan. Reed has the three-pitch mix (fastball, slider, change) to make a go of it as a starter. We'll see how he holds up over a full year in a rotation, but the Dodgers have seen good things in terms of his ability to repeat his delivery and hold his velocity during games.

    John (CT): Yanks Gary Sanchez appears off to a good start- BA over .300 and 5 steals. Has he always been a basestealer? Think he'll be promoted to AA this year?

Jim Shonerd: Yeah, don't expect those stolen bases to continue. Sanchez isn't much of a runner, like most catchers, but it looks like he's doing a good job of picking his spots when pitchers don't pay attention to him. As for promotions, he's still young. He'll play this whole season at 19. Let's let him get to high Class A first, which would probably be by midseason if he keeps up his performance.

    Billy (Cinci): Forgive me for being a bit ticked, but how is Tony Cingrani a "man among boys" when he is only 22 playing in the Cal League? Isn't the ideal/average legit prospect age 21 for A+ leagues? His numbers were superb in his last 2 outings, I think he got short-changed here.

Jim Shonerd: Cingrani was our Helium guy, the Nationals' Matt Skole was the Man Among Boys. You're right that there's nothing wrong with being 22 in high Class A, whereas it's a bit old for a prospect low Class A, such as is the case with Skole.

    Kyle (Bakersfield, CA): It's an absolutely amazing experience to witness Hamilton's blazing speed firsthand. Was he considered for the Hot Sheet?

Jim Shonerd: You could make a case for Hamilton´┐Żhe stole a whopping 11 bases (without getting caught, naturally) this week. You almost grow numb to his stolen base totals at some point. At the plate, he had a good week but not as good as the guys that made the Hot Sheet, batting .333/.393/.458 (8-for-24) with a double and a triple.

    Trey (MA): Which top 100 prospect has increase their stock the most?

Jim Shonerd: Just picking out one name, and Ben Badler blogged about him earlier this week, but Mason Williams (No. 85 on this year's Top 100) has really impressed so far in low Class A, hitting .329/.365/.481. Lots of tools there.

    JC (VT): I'm not one to typically ask a "why didn't this guy make it" question but Derek Norris had 5 multi-hit games this week. What do you make of his early season heroics? Caveat: You can't use the words small, sample or size.

Jim Shonerd: Norris was real close. He and Nick Franklin were the top hitters that didn't make the cut. There's always been a lot to like about Norris offensively. He's got a good swing, pitch recognition and power, he just couldn't stay consistent. We'll see if he can keep it up, since these are far better numbers than he put up at high Class A or Double-A ... and road trips to parks like Las Vegas and Reno don't hurt.

    Chris (Long Island): Which struggling shortstop are you more worried about? Profar or Machado? And does anything you see make you rethink their BA 100 ranking?

Jim Shonerd: Slow starts, but they're both 19-year-olds in Double-A. Too soon to worry about either.

    @dougplourd (CT): Matt Barnes not even in the team photo? Is this a case of a college arm SHOULD be dominating LoA?

Jim Shonerd: Barnes was one of the closest misses. The fact that he's a college guy in low Class A does work against him for Hot Sheet purposes, but he also threw just five innings this week. He did make those five innings count, striking out nine without allowing a run. Now granted, Dylan Bundy made the Team Photo with only four innings, but he has age on his side and, as we all know, has been uniquely brilliant.

    Nick (Philadelphia): What kind of prospect is Jesus Aguilar considered to be? His numbers make him look like an impact bat, but he never seems to be ranked very high, despite being in a week system.

Jim Shonerd: He's got raw power, so that makes him interesting. But he'll have to answer doubts about his bat speed and plate discipline, and he's limited to first base as a defender.

    Bob (Studio City): Does Trevor May have a #2 ceiling? And is his ETA 2013?

Jim Shonerd: I would say yes on both counts. He's got three quality pitches and the ability to repeat. As long as his control is good enough, and it's been more than good enough so far this year, he'll go far.

    Hard 8 Jake (Fishing For Trout): Free Mike Trout!!! With the Angels struggling so much, how long until he gets a shot in Anaheim?? Need an over/under, baby!

Jim Shonerd: How much longer can the Angels stomach Peter Bourjos hitting .178? I'll put the over/under at May 15.

    7 OUT! (Uncasville, CT): What is Adys Portillo Ceiling, after putting together a strong start to the year?

Jim Shonerd: Portillo could still go in a number of different directions. His arm strength isn't a question, but his control (12 BB in 20 IP this year) and secondary stuff both need plenty of refinement. The latter will determine whether he's a starter or reliever, while he'll need to throw more strikes regardless.

    Mike (Tampa): How impressive is Buckel's 7 hits given up in 21 innings considering he's only 5 months older than Bundy and is pitching in a class higher?

Jim Shonerd: Buckel's numbers are impressive no matter how you slice it. But he's a much different prospect than Bundy. Buckel's not overpowering but has a variety of weapons he can go to, and he does things with unorthodox mechanics.

    Jose (Cali): Jace Peterson!! Thoughts?

Jim Shonerd: Nice start for the Padres' 2011 sandwich rounder in low Class A, hitting .312/.398/.468. Peterson was a two-sport guy in college at McNeese State, so he's less experienced than the typical college player in low A. He's got an easy lefty swing and an advanced approach, and he's athletic enough to have a chance to stick at shortstop.

    Earl (KC): Did Jason Adam get any consideration for the list?

Jim Shonerd: Adam had a good outing for high Class A Wilmington (5 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 5 SO, 2 BB), but didn't really blow it away. There were a few other pitchers ahead of him (including Matt Barnes) who also missed.

    David (LA): Who has a higher potential at 3B. James Darnell (SD) pr Zack Cox (STL)?

Jim Shonerd: Darnell has more power potential but I like Cox better as an all-around hitter. Neither is going to win any Gold Gloves, and the Padres have already given Darnell some looks in left field.

    Ryan (New York): Is Zack Wheeler a true front of the rotation starter?

Jim Shonerd: He's not a No. 1—there are very few of those—but the stuff is there for him to be a No. 2. Has to tighten his command first: 4.95 BB/9 this season and 4.69 for his career.

    Brian (Denver): I have seen mixed reviews on Telvin Nash's hit tool from could hit .250-.260 to not hitting enough to make a MLB roster. Would you give a comp and possible peak stat line? How long do you think it would take him to reach his ceiling? Thanks,

Jim Shonerd: Nash's scouting report reads very similar to Chris Carter's—a right-right first baseman with power, patience and strikeouts. Nash's power is what will carry him, but he'll need to smooth out his swing to have a chance to hit for average, and he's hitting just .247 with 28 whiffs in 77 at-bats in high Class A right now. He does have nine homers, but it's the Cal League.

    Shawn (Montreal): The performance of the Jays top three pitchers in Lansing - Sanchez, Synergaard, Nicolino - has been insane, how come no love for those guys?

Jim Shonerd: The Jays have been keeping those guys on a very short leash. None has worked more than three innings in a game this year. Tough to make the Hot Sheet that way. Still, very impressive starts from them, with Sanchez and Nicolino yet to allow an earned run.

    mike kelly (wyckoff,nj): Hi Jim...what ages are considered appropriate for the different levels? Does it matter if they came from high school/college/international? thanks

Jim Shonerd: Generally, we consider 20-21 as appropriate for low Class A, and you can add one year per level as you move up from there. Anything below those numbers is considered young for the level.

Jim Shonerd: All right, that's going to do it for me. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. We'll see you back here next Friday for another Hot Sheet chat.