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Jim Shonerd: Another week of baseball is in the books. Plenty of good pitching to talk about today. Let's get to it.

    JAYPERS (IL): I assume Matzek's 4 BB's and generally brief outing (5 IP) kept him off the list, but what are your opinions of his debut?

Jim Shonerd: You nailed it. Very impressed with him, as is usually the case when a pitcher one year out of high school can go out and shut down a lineup of older hitters in low A. Matzek certainly has the stuff to be able to do that, but to go out there on day one, in Asheville which is a tough place to pitch, and dominate is pretty special.

    Eric P (Illinois): What can you tell us about Wil Myers defense. It seems like his bat will play anywhere, but if he can stick behind the plate that would be nice for the Royals.

Jim Shonerd: It's a mixed bag at this point. He wasn't a full-time catcher in high school, so he's got more to learn than even your average teenager back there. He's got a strong arm, having caught 40 percent of base stealers this year, but he's also given up 11 passed balls, most in the Midwest League. There's no need to rush him at this point, but it could become a test of the Royals' patience if his bat keeps coming around.

    Eric P (Illinois): If you were looking for a catcher of the future, who would have the edge among Myers, Castro, Sanchez, D'Arnaud and Romine?

Jim Shonerd: I'm really intrigued by D'Arnaud's upside. Solid defensively with power, and he's hitting well in the Florida State League, a tough place to do it. Wouldn't mind Romine or Castro as a consolation prize. Need to see how Myers' defense comes along before committing to him as a catcher long-term.

    JAYPERS (IL): Could we get your thoughts on Tim Wheeler's season thus far? Was he in consideration as well?

Jim Shonerd: Wheeler, the Rockies' second first-round pick last year from Sacramento State, is hitting .282/.384/.424 at high Class A Modesto. He's been about what we'd expect. He's a solid all-around player who doesn't have flashy tools but does possess a good feel for the game. It'd be good if he could show a little more power (four homers so far) as the season goes on, considering he's playing in the Cal League

    Michelle (Florida): Hey do you think you could tell me a little more about Dan Hudson and what kind of potential he has. Also do you see a promotion any time soon to the White Sox.

Jim Shonerd: Hudson has the potential to be a middle-of-the-rotation guy. He's got a solid low 90s fastball and a good changeup, both of which he can use to pound the strike zone. His delivery has some deception, but it's high maintenance, which can lead to inconsistency. Given how the White Sox rotation has performed this year and the fact that Hudson went all the way from low A to the majors last year, he could certainly get called back there if there's an opening. It's still just his second full season though, so more time to learn in Triple-A won't hurt.

    SpencerS (Bay Area, California): what is the opinion on Dodgers Jerry Sands - is this for real or simply a case of a older prospect putting up better stats against younger players ?

Jim Shonerd: The real answer is probably somewhere in the middle. He's not as good as the numbers he's putting up in the Midwest League (nobody is), but he's got power and a good eye up there. I'm surprised the Dodgers haven't moved him up to high A yet, and I can't believe they'll keep him in Great Lakes past the halfway point of the MWL season.

    brian (washington dc): Can Ben Revere be a 300 hitting lead off man left fielder in the majors? He's got a left field arm and steals alot of bases and has a 400 OBP so he seems perfect to be batting in front of Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Him and Denard Span seem destined to wreak havoc at the top of the twins order for the next decade.

Jim Shonerd: Revere certainly doesn't fit the profile of the classic power-hitting left fielder, although the Twins know they have other sources that can provide power. Revere's hit tool is unbelievable. Three whole weeks without striking out. How is that possible? The Twins do have other outfield prospects, namely Aaron Hicks (granted Hicks isn't tearing up low A), so it wouldn't be a shocker if Revere becomes trade bait. But he definitely looks like he has top of the order potential.

    Raquan Johnson (Iowa): I wanted to know a little more about Jordan Danks, how he projects as a player, and how he is doing this year.

Jim Shonerd: There were thoughts that Danks could be in Chicago by the second half of the season, but with him hitting just .218/.289/.351 at Charlotte, that's unlikely now. Nevertheless, he's a solid all-around player with pretty good speed, a feel for hitting and gap power. He probably fits best as a center fielder in the majors. He has the arm, but not really the power, to play right if that's where there's room.

    David (St. Louis): Take your pick: Andrew Cashner or Shelby Miller. My Chicagoan friend keeps trying to convince me that Cashner is the better player, I strongly disagree. Thanks!

Jim Shonerd: A college player in Triple-A vs. a high schooler in low A? That's a bit apples-to-oranges. Would have to go with Cashner right now since he looks like he's on the cusp of contributing at the big league level. Long term, I'd stick with Miller.

    Jim (Little Rock, AR): How has the season gone for the Brewers OF prspect Kentrail Davis and do you see him as a starter for Milwaukee anytime in the next season or two?

Jim Shonerd: Davis, the Brewers' supplemental first round pick last year out of Tennessee, is hitting .232/.381/.339 at high Class A Brevard County. Obviously not what you'd like to see, but the FSL is a tough league to hit in. If he comes around, it's possible he could reach Milwaukee in 2012 or even late 2011 if he really gets going. He's got 20-20 potential as a guy a short swing and power.

    Nathan (Toronto, Ontario): As a rare Pirates fan, I am thrilled about the season Bryan Morris is having. Dominated high A and so far so good in Altoona. It is a complete 180 from last season. Do you think he has front of the rotation potential for us?

Jim Shonerd: He has the ceiling to be a No. 2 given his two plus pitches if he can maintain his control. He was certainly too much for high Class A hitters, so it'll be a really good sign if he can maintain anything resembling that level of success in Double-A.

    Rick (Maine): What is up with Ackley's not so hot season?? I know all the tools are there. Is he just over matched right now??

Jim Shonerd: I'm not too worried about him yet. Having watched him in college a number of times, I've seen the guy can be an amazing hitter. The jump to Double-A just might've been a bit too much given they're asking him to learn a new position at the same time. I'm still confident he'll figure it out.

    Kyle (San Jose): What do you make of Grant Green's performance so far this year? After a dissapointing final year at USC his struggles have continued. His slugging % is around .275 vs RH and he has made 14 errors already. How concerned should the A's be?

Jim Shonerd: Green did end up hititng .374 for Southern California last year, so he wasn't terrible. But yes, he could stand to be doing better in the Cal League than he is. I wouldn't panic or anything, but I am thinking back to the scouts I talked to last fall while doing the A's Top 30 who had doubts about his bat, namely his swing path. The errors are a surprise. Defense is supposed to be a calling card of his.

    SpencerS (San Jose,Ca): Bryan Anderson - St. Louis -is he enough of a prospect that someone might look to trade for him ? or is his upside a backup and nothing more

Jim Shonerd: Probably more of a backup. His defense looks like it's gotten better, but I can't see him being the centerpiece of a major trade or anything like that.

    Jeff (Milwaukee): What is Mike Minor's upside in the Majors? I know he is young so you hear too much about him before. How many pitches does he have and how do they grade? Just what Atlanta needs, another up and coming flame thrower. Thanks!

Jim Shonerd: Minor's velocity has picked up a bit this spring, getting into the low 90s. That's a real promising sign if he can pair that with his plus curveball and changeup. He looked like he'd be a finesse guy coming out of Vanderbilt, but his ceiling gets considerably higher if he can maintain that velocity.

    greg (FL): who will be better 10 yrs from now, stanton or heyward?

Jim Shonerd: I love Stanton, but I can't go against Heyward. He can do it all.

    jim (iowa): how good can ian krol be

Jim Shonerd: Lefty Ian Krol, the A's seventh round pick last year, can be a middle-of-the-rotation guy. He's not overpowering, working mostly at 88-91, but he's got a plus curveball and shown an improved changeup this year. He's also got a great feel for pitching for his age and a bulldog mentality that should help his stuff play up.

    Steve T (Chicago): The Royals seem to be loaded with guys like Montgomery, Moustakis, and Myers. Of those three, who will reach the majors the quickest.

Jim Shonerd: I'd put my money on Moustakas, followed by Montgomery. Wouldn't be surprised if Moustakas makes his debut before the end of the year. Myers is a few years away.

    Denny (London, On): What's Arencibia's upside? I can't help but think he isn't much more than what the Blue Jays currently have in John Buck.

Jim Shonerd: He's got legit power, but there are questions about his bat speed and whether he'll really be able to hit in the majors. He made strides with his defense last year, but has struggled at times this year giving up seven passed balls and throwing out just 24 percent of base stealers. If he can be reliable enough defensively, he could at least fit in as a dangerous bat in the bottom half of an order. The Jays' trading for Travis D'Arnaud puts his long-term future in some doubt though.

    Joel L. (Chicago): Who has more upside next season and long-term, Moustakas or Chisenhall?

Jim Shonerd: Tough one. I'm on the Moustakas bandwagon though. He's showing everything you could possibly want at the plate.

Jim Shonerd: Sorry I couldn't get to more questions, but I'll have to wind it up here. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend everyone. We'll see you back here next Friday for another Prospects Chat. And of course there'll be a frenzy of college and draft coverage going on all week next week, so keep checking in.