Top International Targets

Top 40 projected bonuses in Latin America this year

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Finding a consensus on how to rank the top players in Latin America based on talent alone is a challenge.

While there is typically agreement among scouts about the pool of players from which first-round picks will come in any given draft, the variance of opinions on 15- and 16-year-olds in Latin America is considerable. One team's $1 million player can be a $90,000 guy for another club.

The players below are ranked according to their expected signing bonuses, based on conversations with international sources, and not necessarily their projected talent level. That distinction is important enough to repeat: The rankings are a forecast of the expected top 40 signing bonuses, NOT a ranking of the top talent in Latin America. Think of the top 40 as our mock draft for Latin America rather than our predraft Top 200 rankings.

More than a dozen players will likely get bonuses of at least $1 million this year. As with any year in Latin America, there are sure to be less visible players who pop up and sign for surprising amounts as well.

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1. Elier Hernandez, OF, Dominican Republic (video)
2. Ronald Guzman, OF, Dominican Republic (video)
3. Victor Sanchez, RHP, Venezuela
4. Roberto Osuna, RHP, Mexico
5. Wilmer Becerra, SS/OF, Venezuela
6. Dawel Lugo, SS, Dominican Republic (video)
7. Jose Ruiz, C, Venezuela
8. Marck Malave, C, Venezuela
9. Luis Enrique Acosta, SS, Dominican Republic
10. Nomar Mazara, OF, Dominican Republic
11. Helsin Martinez, OF, Dominican Republic
12. Adalberto Mondesi, SS, Dominican Republic (video)
13. Luis Reynoso, SS, Dominican Republic (video)
14. Dorssys Paulino, SS, Dominican Republic
15. Harold Ramirez, OF, Colombia
16. Manuel Marcos, OF, Dominican Republic
17. Raimel Flores, SS, Dominican Republic
18. Franmil Reyes, OF, Dominican Republic (video)
19. Yohander Mendez, LHP, Venezuea
20. Miguel Andujar, 3B, Dominican Republic (video)
21. Jesus Gonzalez, OF, Venezuela
22. Miguel Gonzalez, RHP, Dominican Republic
23. Elvis Escobar, OF, Venezuela
24. Jose Garcia, C, Venezuela
25. Carlos Tocci, OF, Venezuela
26. Adelin Santa, 3B, Dominican Republic
27. Antonio Senzatela, RHP, Venezuela
28. Mauricio Silva, RHP, Venezuela
29. Anthony Santander, OF, Venezuela
30. Ricardo Marcano, 3B, Venezuela
31. Manuel Gonzalez, RHP, Dominican Republic
32. Gialy Arias, RHP, Dominican Republic
33. Manuel Cordoba, RHP, Venezuela
34. Sanber Pimentel, OF/1B, Dominican Republic
35. Jose Godoy, C, Venezuela
36. Eric Otanez, C, Dominican Republic
37. Yairo Munoz, SS, Dominican Republic (video)
38. Soid Marquez, RHP, Venezuela
39. Jonathan Perez, RHP, Venezuela (video)
40. Arturo Michelena, SS, Venezuela