Jim Callis Chat: Sept. 19

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    @Jaypers413 (IL): Hey, Jim. Your first impression of Bundy's callup? Think we could be seeing another instance of David Price if they make it to the postseason?

Jim Callis: I would have called him up earlier. You don't have to blow him out, but he arguably has a better arm than anyone on their staff and he can be an asset as they try to fight their way into the playoffs. I understand trying to keep pitchers healthy, but there's no sure way to health and I can't fathom why the Nationals and Orioles aren't using everything they have. Kudos to the Orioles for turning to Bundy, even if they needed an 18-inning game to make them see the light.

    Ben (Leland Grove): Now that Simmons has graduated, who gets your vote for Atlanta's top position prospect in their farm system?

Jim Callis: They don't have anyone who's Top 100-worthy. I want to say Christian Bethancourt, but he had a sub-.600 OPS this year, so give me Edward Salcedo.

    Andrew (Baltimore): It was my understanding the O's didn't consider Bundy ready for the bigs and sent him to instructs. Is this move merely a matter of needing an extra body in their pen, or has their opinion of him changed recently?

Jim Callis: Sounds like more the latter, that they're bullpen was drained after working 12.2 innings in last night's 18-inning victory.

    Wil Myers (Durham, NC): Am I officially crossed off the list to see the wonderous sights of KC this month?

Jim Callis: Don't know if the Royals have made any official proclamations, but the Minor League Player of the Year doesn't have to be protected on the 40-man roster this offseason and I don't think K.C. will use a roster spot to call him up.

    Kyle (Seattle): Who are you higher on between Stephen Pryor and Carter Capps? Why? Thanks Jim.

Jim Callis: They're pretty similar, but I'll take Capps because I think he has better command and control.

    Andrew (Minnetonka, MN): Hi Jim. I grew up in Red Wing, MN and am interested in what you think of OF Ryan Boldt from there? He recently was the MVP of the All-American Perfect Game Classic. Do you see him as a future 1st rounder? Any MLB comparisons?

Jim Callis: He has had a great summer and while I don't think he's in the first round quite yet—more of a sandwich pick right now—he's getting close. He's a center fielder with a nice swing, power potential and good speed.

    esteban (miami): martin perez is now the ranger's 5th starter. is that where he starts next year? does he lead that rotation in 5 years like many predicted, or has his upside diminished because of his lack of command?

Jim Callis: I don't know what to make of Perez. He's still young, but he didn't miss any bats this year in Triple-A and he really hasn't had much consistent success since low Class A. He still shows average to plus stuff across the board, so I don't have any answers. He still has a high ceiling but I'm a lot less confident that he'll reach it now.

    Sasha (Staten Island, NY): Just wanted your view on some of the Yankees top prospects vs. the Red Sox top prospects. Who has a higher ceiling: Mason Williams vs. Jackie Bradley jr (who is the better all around player) Gary Sanchez vs. Xander Bogarts (who will have the better bat) Manny Banuelos (if healthy) vs. Matt Barnes (who has more ace potential)

Jim Callis: Williams, Bogaerts, Barnes.

    Chris (Toronto): How does the 2013 draft look now compared to the last few years?

Jim Callis: About on par with the mediocre 2012 draft class. The one thing next year's draft has that this year's didn't is an abundance of quality lefthanded pitching prospects.

    John (Corpus Christi): Who were the top 5 or so pitchers in cape cod from a velo standpoint

Jim Callis: Hope I'm not missing anyone, but the highest max velos I got were Sean Manaea (Hyannis/Indiana State) at 98 in a relief stint; and Michael Fagan (Chatham/Princeton), Scott Frazier (Chatham/Pepperdine), Jake McCasland (Brewster/New Mexico), Dan Slania (Cotuit/Notre Dame), Colby Suggs (Wareham/Arkansas) and A.J. Vanegas (Yarmouth-Dennis/Stanford) all hitting 97. Most of that 97 group hit that velo in relief, too.

    David (Va Beach): Do any of Villanueva, Vogelbach, Candelario, Szczur, Vitters, or Brett Jackson have a shot at being in the top 100?

Jim Callis: Villanueva and Jackson. No on the others, though Vogelbach and Candelario could hit their way there in the future.

    Virgil Dahl (Waterloo, Ia): Jim; based on your recent chats, it would appear that you might list the Bucco prospects Hanson, Bell, Polanco; or would you put Bell ahead of Hanson? thanks

Jim Callis: That's ever-evolving. Bell didn't play much this year while Hanson and Polanco had huge breakouts. I still like Bell after hearing so many scouts rave about him in 2011, so I'd lean that way. He hasn't done anything to shake my faith.

    Greg (Ohio): So the Pirates will, by my calculations, have 3 of the top 40 picks in 2013 draft. Do you expect Pirates to have largest draft pool and could this be Pittsburgs best draft yet?

Jim Callis: I don't think that's right, because they traded away their competitive-balance lottery pick to get Gaby Sanchez from the Marlins. The Pirates, by my calculations, have the 9th and 16th overall picks. Looks to me like the Astros, who will pick 1st, will have more money to play with than anyone unless the Cubs (2nd) or Rockies (3rd) lose a compensation free agent.

    Frank (Saint Paul): What is your take on Eddie Rosario? Is he going to play CF or 2B? What type of ceiling does he have?

Jim Callis: I've been working on the Midwest League Top 20, and Rosario's name continues to come up. Scouts really like his bat and think he'll have some power, but he doesn't look very good at second base and probably needs to go back to center field. His ceiling looks like that of a solid regular.

    Raul (Tucson, Az): Barret Loux was projected to be a sandwich pick or 2nd round when he was coming out of college but the Diamondbacks picked him at 6th overall, which was too high for him. But now that he's had a good season in AA, was the original projection too conservative?

Jim Callis: No, I think our projection (sandwich round) still holds up. He has more solid than plus stuff and there are concerns about his medical history. He has a ceiling as No. 3 starter and more realistically would be a No. 4.

    Jake (Chicago): Best overall SS prospect: Alen Hanson or Javier Baez?

Jim Callis: They both may have to move off shortstop, Hanson because he lacks plus arm strength and Baez because he may outgrow the position. Baez has huge upside to his bat, so I'd take him.

    Dan (Lansing): Can you give us a brief scouting report on Blue Jays Kevin Pillar? What would his handbook rating and risk factor be?

Jim Callis: The Midwest League MVP was old for low Class A at 23, though to his credit he continued to hit after a promotion. He's more of an overachieving fourth outfielder type than a regular. Doesn't have a plus tool but gets the most out of what he has and makes a lot of contact. Below-average power, average runner and defensive tools, hard to profile that package as a regular.

    scott q (ri): If mlb cleared rosters and started a draft from scratch who is on ur short list of 5-10 assuming trout is #1?

Jim Callis: Trout, Harper, Posey, Verlander, Kershaw. That's off the top of my head. Who am I missing?

    Andrew C (Chicago): So April 5, opening day, someone says Dylan Bundy is pitching and Machado is playing 3rd in Baltimore in meaningful September games, what percent chance would you have given that?

Jim Callis: Zero. Didn't think the Orioles had any chance to contend. Could have maybe seen Bundy getting a token callup because he was on the roster, but that would have been a longshot, and there would have been no reason to call up Machado. Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter deserve a ton of credit.

    Matt (NJ): what's Renato Nunez's ceiling? Allstar 3b or is there not enough power projection there? will he stick at 3b long term?

Jim Callis: I was editing our AZL Top 20 before I began this chat, and you'll see Nunez on there when we start rolling out the league lists next Monday. Nunez has good raw power and an all-star ceiling, but he has limited range and a long way to go defensively at third base.

    Matt (NJ): Hey Jim, thanks for the chat. Do you think Profar is ready to be an everyday ML regular as of opening day 2013? Would you expect the Rangers to make some move him or one of their current middle infielders this offseason or should we expect he opens next year in AA or AAA?

Jim Callis: I do think he's ready but don't have any idea how the Rangers will handle him. If Josh Hamilton departs, maybe Profar goes to second base and Ian Kinsler heads to the outfield. If they don't have an obvious opening, he probably begins 2013 playing regularly in Triple-A.

    Andrew (Chicago): I know you are not a trade guy, but if you were in Theo and Jed's place would you consider moving Samardzija, considering Cubs are probablly 3 years from being serious contenders?

Jim Callis: I'm not sure what not being a trade guy means . . . But I don't think any player should be untouchable if the right offer comes along. I'd certainly listen to offers for Samardzija, whose value never has been higher.

    JP (Montreal): Where do you stand on Travis Snider?

Jim Callis: Still think there can be a solid regular in there somewhere. I liked that pickup for the Pirates.

    Cy (Western Mass): Hi Jim. You guys are right so often in the difficult business of forecasting prospects, that the rare misjudgments stand out. When a top prospect doesn't pan out, can you always see why, in retrospect? For example, Delmon Young might be explained by lack of patience and pitch selection. What about someone like Colby Rasmus, who seems (seemed?) to have all the necessary tools?

Jim Callis: Thanks for putting that kindly. Rasmus confounds me, too. He showed good plate discipline in the minors and seemed to have all the tools, but he hasn't controlled the strike zone nearly as well in the majors. Maybe he's selling out for power? I don't know.

    daniel (houston): Ey Jim, i love this chat. I can tell there is no much love for Zunino, i don't remember any hitter coming out of the draft and the same year killing AA. I watched those games and the guy looks like a "natural" but with much power. Am i wrong? What do the scouts mention as a problem with him?

Jim Callis: Evan Longoria also had Double-A success in his draft year, and that's good company to keep. There's not really a knock on Zunino. You could argue perhaps that he doesn't have a true plus tool, but he has four tools that are at least average to solid (everything but speed) and that adds up to an all-star catcher.

    Mikey V. (Chicago): Do you see Zunino as having a Posey-esque career? posey came in at what, 22 - turned 23 and missed that year, now 25?

Jim Callis: They're different types of guys. Posey is more athletic than most catchers and I could see him winning a batting title one day. Zunino is the more traditional type of catcher, built more sturdily and powerfully. I think he too can be an all-star, but they're different guys.

    Chuck (Indianapolis): How are the Cardinals going to find playing time for Matt Adams next year? Or will he more than likely be traded?

Jim Callis: Unless they have an injury, it will be tough. They're set at first base with Allen Craig and in the outfield (which would be a stretch for Adams to play) with Matt Holliday, John Jay and Carlos Beltran.

    Billy (Boston, MA): Has Cespedes exceeded your expectations and do you feel the adjustments he has been making will allow him to become a potential future All-Star talent or will scouting reports catch up with him eventually?

Jim Callis: He has exceeded my expecations, because I'm wary of all the hype that always surrounds Cuban defectors. He has had a tremendous year, and if he duplicates it next year, he easily could be an all-star. He has improved rather than regressed in the second half, which bodes well for his future.

    Chris (Columbus): Jim, will RHP Josh Dezse from OSU be the first B10 player off the board in June?

Jim Callis: I heard he hasn't looked great during the fall and that the Buckeyes may scrap plans to use him as a starting pitcher in 2013. Don't be surprised if Minnesota LHP Tom Windle or Michigan OF Michael O'Neill get picked before Desze.

    Jerry (St Louis): Do you see Oscar Tavares as a potential .300/30 HR guy with good corner outfield defense ? Also do you think he would perform better than Carlos Beltran next year?

Jim Callis: That kind of bat with average defense. I love Tavares, but Beltran has had a nice year and I wouldn't bet that Oscar as a rookie would outperform him in 2013. As mentioned with Adams, the Cardinals don't have an obvious spot to put Tavares right now. In his case, they'll eventually make room for him.

    Or (Denton, TX): Two years from now, who is the better player — Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar?

Jim Callis: Have to run in a second, so let's shift to a mini lightning round . . . Profar, because of his bat.

    gerry (Toronto): How many Blue Jays will be in the Midwest League top 20? Sanchez, Syndergaard, Nicolino, Pillar, Hawkins? I know its a big league and so tougher to make the top 20.

Jim Callis: The first three guys. Tyler Ybarra is a nice sleeper, too.

    Zach (Austin): Do you see Jonathan Singleton playing with the big club next season?

Jim Callis: Yes.

    Nils (Stamford): Matt Barnes and Alex Meyer seem to have had similar paths, both college players started out in low-A this year, both reached Hi-A mid year. Who has the higher ceiling?

Jim Callis: Meyer has higher ceiling, Barnes a better bet to reach his.

    Kyle (Chicago): Trey McNutt now profile as a reliever or does he still have the potential to be a mid rotation guy?

Jim Callis: Reliever.

    Eric (Atlanta): When does the first League Top 20 appear?

Jim Callis: Monday (Arizona League).

    Keith (Manchester, CT): Thanks Jim, Byron Buxton seemed to pick up steam after his promotion to the Appy League. Would you start him in Low A next spring, and do you think the Twins will?

Jim Callis: Yes and probably.

    Pete (Arizona): Please rank: Trevor Bauer, Shelby Miller, Tyler Skaggs

Jim Callis: Bauer, Skaggs, Miller. Could argue any order there, really.

    Jim (Green bay): Which Reds young pitching prospect will be ranked highest in your new top 100?

Jim Callis: Robert Stephenson.

    Rick (Deerfield): Stanton wouldn't be in your top 5?

Jim Callis: A worthy choice, but I'd put him behind the five I named because of positional value . . . That's it for today. Thanks for the questions, and feel free to hit me up at Twitter (@jimcallisBA) for short questions or Ask BA (askba@baseballamerica.com) for longer ones.