Prospect Chat: Ike Davis

Ike Davis chatted with Baseball America readers

    Chucky N. (PA): I'm a junior in high school trying to become a better hitter and I understand that you are a pretty good hitter yourself. Do you have any tips.

Ike Davis: Just stay up the middle and your power will come. Just let your hands work and everything will work itself out.

    Josh (New Jersey): What are the pressures of playing in a big media market like New York?

Ike Davis: I'm looking forward to play in NY. The only way to play baseball is to have pressure on yourself and to expect to win everyday.

    Matt (Cedar Rapids, IA): What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?

Ike Davis: I fish and hunt as much as possible when I have free time.

    Mike (Glassboro): What are your thoughts about playing alongside Jose Reyes and David Wright in a very young and talented infield?

Ike Davis: They cover a ton of ground. Anything is possible when they are on the field. I am excited to get more chances to play with them.

    P. Grizzly (New York, NY): Who were your favorite players coming up as a young kid? And who's game do you try to pattern yourself after?

Ike Davis: Growing up I liked to watch Mark Grace, John Olerud, Bonds, Steve Finley, and Chipper Jones. I loved watching power hitters that were at the top of their game.

    Jason P. (Durham, NC): Besides for Johan Santana, which current Mets Starting Pitcher poses the toughest matchup for a young left-handed hitter?

Ike Davis: He's not a started, but the worst matchup for a lefty would have to be K-Rod.

    Rich (NY): How do you feel your time in Brooklyn during 2008 prepared you for playing in New York?

Ike Davis: Playing in Brooklyn gave me a look of how involved the fans are. They live and die with their teams in NY.

    Doug (Homer City, Pa): How has the instruction from Infield Coordinator Kevin Morgan helped your fielding?

Ike Davis: Kevin has been great. He has been working with me a lot and he has really helped me work on a lot of little things. I am looking forward to working with him more this spring.

    steve (glenville ny): Which position do you like playing better right field, first base or pitcher? Which do you think you are best at?

Ike Davis: I would have to say first base because I have played it more but I don't mind the outfield either.

    Matt (Arizona): Do you have a friendly competition with ex-ASU teammates such as Brett Wallace, Mike Leake, Jason Kipnis, Petey Paramore, etc.? How much do you talk to them during the season and do you all compete to see who can get to the majors first?

Ike Davis: Yea we all do. It started at ASU before the draft and now we have a little side action on who is going to get to the majors first. So far it is safe to say that Wally won the college bets. We definitely all keep in touch. Paramore, Smith, Hall, Barnett, Roling, and I all see each quite a bit.

    Luke (texas): Hey Ike, great career at Arizona State but nothing really to speak of power-wise then you turn pro, they throw a wood bat in your hands, and you turn into paul bunyan with these great power numbers. What gives?

Ike Davis: It's just a big learning experience. If you square up, and get it in the air, you have a good chance of getting it out. I hit them hard at ASU and I am just squaring up more balls now.

    Joey Pett (long Island NY): Your dad has said you are a good pitcher. Are you interseted in changing positions or is first base where you want to play.

Ike Davis: I definitely happy with where I am at right now at first base. You never know what the future may hold, but I don't see having to pitch again.

    Sean (Calgary, Alberta): Thanks for doing the chat Ike! What are your goals for the season? Do you set longer term goals and if so, what are they?

Ike Davis: My goals are really game by game. I have an approach that I stick to and I make adjustments when the time calls for them.

    Zach (Wilton, CT): What are you trying to improve the most about your game heading into this year? Strikeouts, Hitting Lefties?

Ike Davis: I would say that hitting against lefties is what I am working most on.

    Tom L. (Malverne, NY): What is your favorite part about playing in New York?

Ike Davis: The fans are awesome!

    Jay (New York): Who are you closest with in the Mets organization?

Ike Davis: Reese Havens and Sean Ratliff are two guys that I am real close with.

    mike (nyc): who would you say is the most talented player you have played with down in the minors?

Ike Davis: There are a lot of guys down here that are really talented but Jenry Mejia is probably the best player.

    Jake (Chicago, IL): Hey Ike! Thanks for spending time with us to chat today! No question, just wanted to say, as a life long Mets fan, looking forward to cheering for you and seeing you as a franchise cornerstone for years to come! Best of luck!

Ike Davis: Thanks a lot Jake! Thanks for all the questions everyone! I look forward to doing this again!