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The 2010 Prospect Handbook is nearly but not quite complete, so it requires the bulk of my attention these days (and nights). As a result, there won't be a full edition of Ask BA today. But I will update the 2010 draft order before I get back to my editing and writing tasks.

Type A free agents Rafael Betancourt (Rockies) and Rafael Soriano (Braves) and Type B Carl Pavano (Twins) accepted arbitration, taking themselves off the market. Three Type A free agents found new homes—Chone Figgins (Angels to Mariners), Mike Gonzalez (Braves to Orioles), John Lackey (Angels to Red Sox)—so their former clubs will get a pick from their new teams, as well as a supplemental first-rounder. Two Type B free agents have moved on—Brandon Lyon (Tigers to Astros) and Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers to Nationals)—and their old teams will get a sandwich pick.

Below is the draft order as it stands now, and the remaining free agents who could yield compensation. Happy holidays, everyone!

First-Round Picks
1. Nationals
2. Pirates
3. Orioles
4. Royals
5. Indians
6. Diamondbacks
7. Mets
8. Astros
9. Padres
10. Athletics
11. Blue Jays
12. Reds
13. White Sox
14. Brewers
15. Rangers (for failure to sign 2009 first-rounder Matt Purke)
16. Cubs
17. Rays
18. Angels (from Mariners for Chone Figgins, A)
19. Tigers
20. Red Sox (from Braves for Billy Wagner, A)
21. Twins
22. Rangers
23. Marlins
24. Giants
25. Cardinals
26. Rockies
27. Phillies
28. Dodgers
29. Angels (from Red Sox for John Lackey, A)
30. Angels
31. Rays (for failure to sign 2009 first-rounder LeVon Washington)
32. Yankees
Supplemental First-Round Picks
33. Blue Jays (Marco Scutaro, A, to Red Sox)
34. Braves (Mike Gonzalez, A, to Orioles)
35. Red Sox (Wagner)
36. Angels (Figgins)
37. Angels (Lackey)
38. Blue Jays (for failure to sign 2009 sandwich-rounder James Paxton)
39. Rays (Gregg Zaun, B, to Brewers)
40. Tigers (Brandon Lyon, B, to Astros)
41. Rangers (Ivan Rodriguez, B, to Nationals)
Second-Round Changes
44. Braves (from Orioles for Gonzalez)
69. Blue Jays (for failure to sign 2009 second-rounder Jake Eliopoulos)
70. Blue Jays (from Red Sox for Scutaro)
Third-Round Changes
79. Rays (for failure to sign 2009 second-rounder Kenny Diekroeger)
Supplemental Third-Round Picks
104. Blue Jays (for failure to sign 2009 third-rounder Jake Barrett)
105. White Sox (for failure to sign 2009 third-rounder Bryan Morgado)
106. Angels (for failure to sign 2009 third-rounder Josh Spence)
Remaining Type A Compensation Free Agents
(listed in order of Elias ranking)
Matt Holliday, of, Cardinals
Jose Valverde, rhp, Astros
Jason Bay, of, Red Sox
Remaining Type B Compensation Free Agents
(listed in order of team's draft position)
Justin Duchscherer, rhp, Athletics
Rod Barajas, c, Blue Jays
Brian Shouse, lhp, Rays
Adrian Beltre, 3b, Mariners
Fernando Rodney, rhp, Tigers
Marlon Byrd, of, Rangers
Mark DeRosa, 3b, Cardinals
Joel Pineiro, rhp, Cardinals
Jason Marquis, rhp, Rockies

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