2007 Prospect Diary Archive

Dirk Hayhurst October 19: Foul ball brings back great memories
September 25: Embarrassed while giving away a baseball
September 4: End of season brings plenty of time for reflection for vets
August 31: The life of a reliever isn't all that glamorous
August 16: Not every autograph request is created equal
June 29: Baseball players are nothing special
June 27: Are you a ballplayer is a loaded question
May 23: Getting new gear ensures you have plenty of friends
May 10: Early wake up calls lead to rough bus trips
May 3: Ball bucket duty leaves pitchers ducking for cover
April 12: The unwritten rules of the road trip
April 4: Maddux gives minor leaguers pearls of wisdom
March 15: Duck when Dirk's at bat
March 13: What the first day of spring training is like

Randy Newsom December 12: Hanging out in Mexico
November 6: Pedro Viola has overcome many obstacles
October 30: It's a small world as Newsom faces a high school teammate
October 24: There's plenty to be thankful for
October 15: Managers can be classified in five categories
October 9: Fall League is a big step for nondrafted free agent