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Arizona League Top 20 Prospects

By Allan Simpson
September 19, 2002

1. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
Pie (pronounced PEE-ay) excelled in his first exposure to pro ball. He shared league MVP honors with Creighton and showcased four above-average tools, power proving his only shortcoming.

"He was by far the best prospect," Mariners manager Darrin Garner said. "He's got a great idea at the plate and an excellent approach to the game for a 17-year-old. He just needs to mature."

"He needs to learn plate discipline and walk more often," said Cubs manager Carmelo Martinez, though Pie’s 21 walks in 248 plate appearances weren’t bad at all, considering his age. "He's only 17, so it will come."

Pie's best tool is his speed, which was most evident as he chased down balls in center field. He got good jumps and covered a lot of ground. He doesn't run the bases all that well yet, but managers say better technique should come with experience.

A small but powerfully built lefthanded hitter, Pie specialized in driving balls to the alleys and dashing around the bases. He had more than twice as many triples as his closest competitor.

"He doesn't have much power now, but it should come down the road," A's skipper Ruben Escalera said.

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