2008 Rule 5 Draft Picks

Major League Phase
First Round
1. Nationals Terrell Young, rhp, Reds
Skinny: Mississippi prep product always has had arm strength, but improved control and changeup in '08.
2. Mariners Reegie Corona, ss/2b, Yankees
Skinny: Versatile middle infielder has defensive ability to stick; contact hitter has little power but runs well, walks.
3. Padres Everth Cabrera, ss/2b, Rockies
Skinny: Squeezed off Rockies' full 40-man, Cabrera has plus speed and plays a fine shortstop but hasn't played above Sally League.
4. Pirates Donald Veal, lhp, Cubs
Skinny: Once a top prospect, Veal had rough year but peaked at 94 mph with sink on fastball; mechanical issues leave control, breaking ball short.
*5. Orioles Lou Palmisano, c, Brewers
Skinny: Third-round pick out of JC in 2003, he missed most of 2008 with knee injury; had best offensive season in '07 at Double-A Huntsville.
6. Giants Luis Perdomo, rhp, Cardinals
Skinny: Small-bodied righty has quick arm and fastball that reaches 94, complemented by short, sharp slider.
7. Braves Pass
&8. Reds David Patton, rhp, Rockies
Skinny: Aggressive with hard curveball in 82-85 mph range, tick-above-average fastball that has touched 94; 10.6 K/9 in Cal League.
9. Tigers Kyle Bloom, lhp, Pirates
Skinny: Three-pitched 25-year-old, improved delivery led to velo jump (up to 92) late at Double-A; dominated in HWB.
10. Rockies Pass
^11. Royals Jose Lugo, lhp, Twins
Skinny: Still learning control (and won't have command), but has plus-plus fastball with 91-95 mph velo, excellent sink.
12. Athletics Ben Copeland, of, Giants
Skinny: Was Giants' top draft pick in 2005 (as fourth-rounder); solid tools and patience, hit tool is best asset, fourth OF profile.
13. Rangers Pass
14. Indians Pass
15. Diamondbacks James Skelton, c, Tigers
Skinny: Lefthanded-hitting catcher with smallish frame, plus arm and good plate discipline who has career .416 OBP in minors.
16. Dodgers Pass
17. Marlins Zack Kroenke, lhp, Yankees
Skinny: Lefty reliever has pie-throwing delivery that hinders command, but can run fastball up to 93 and has solid slider; more effective vs. RH hitters in '08.
18. Cardinals Pass
19. Blue Jays Pass
20. Astros Gil de la Vara, lhp, Royals
Skinny: Teammate of Veal at Pima (Ariz.) JC; 87-89 mph fastball complements good curve and improved changeup.
21. Twins Jason Jones, rhp, Yankees
Skinny: Big-bodied 26-year-old throws four pitches for strikes and competes; fringy fastball augmented by cutter, split-finger pitch.
22. White Sox Pass
23. Mets Darren O'Day, rhp, Angels
Skinny: Sidearming former Florida closer sinks it, slides it; nondrafted free agent reached majors in '08, posted 4.57 ERA in 43.1 IP.
24. Yankees Pass
25. Brewers Eduardo Morlan, rhp, Rays
Skinny: Former Twins farmhand struggled with Rays as velo fell; back up at high as 92 mph in Puerto Rican League this winter, showed 95 in the past.
26. Phillies Bobby Mosebach, rhp, Angels
Skinny: Former Florida juco product uses sinker-slider combination to coax 2.04 groundout/airout ratio in Double-A Texas League; allowed just six home runs.
27. Red Sox Miguel Gonzales, rhp, Angels
Skinny: Missed 2008 with injury, but thriving in Mexican Pacific League at 3-1, 0.99 this winter with 32-8 K-BB ratio in 35 IP.
28. Rays Derek Rodriguez, rhp, White Sox
Skinny: Sidearming reliever uses fastball-split combo to handle lefthanded hitters (.648 OPS) as well as righties (.591).
29. Cubs Pass
30. Angels Pass

* Traded to Astros
^ Traded to Mariners
& Traded to Cubs

Second Round
1. Padres Ivan Nova, rhp, Yankees
Skinny: Tall 21-year-old has flashed three plus pitches at times but lacks consistency and deception; hit hard in FSL (.294 opponents average).
2. Mets Rocky Cherry, rhp, Orioles
Skinny: Oklahoma product, 29, already has 48 innings of big league time; 6-foot-5 power righthander throws up to 95 mph with hard slider at his best.
Triple-A Phase
First Round
1. Nationals Ricardo Nanita, of (White Sox)
2. Mariners Pat Ryan, rhp (Brewers)
3. Padres Pass
4. Pirates Andres Santos, lhp (Yankees)
5. Orioles Roberto Valido, ss (White Sox)
6. Giants Matt Yourkin, lhp (Marlins)
7. Braves Pass
8. Reds Francisco Lizarraga, ss (Dodgers)
9. Tigers Pass
10. Rockies Pass
11. Royals Luis Ortega, rhp (Nationals)
12. Athletics Yusef Carter, of (Cubs)
13. Rangers Elio Sarmiento, c (Giants)
14. Indians Pass
15. Diamondbacks Pass
16. Dodgers Anthony Hatch, 3b (Blue Jays)
17. Marlins Ryan Klosterman, ss (Blue Jays)
18. Cardinals Russell Haltiwanger, rhp (Royals)
19. Blue Jays Cody Haerther, 1b/of (Cardinals)
20. Astros Drew Locke, of/1b (Dodgers)
21. Twins Henry Arias, rhp (Reds)
22. White Sox Pass
23. Mets Carl Loadenthal, of (Braves)
24. Yankees Pass
25. Brewers Mark Holliman, rhp (Cubs)
26. Phillies Kyle Haines, 2b (Giants)
27. Red Sox Jason Rice, rhp (White Sox)
28. Rays Pass
29. Cubs Pass
30. Angels Pass
Second Round
4. Pirates Rafael Quintero, if (Indians)
5. Orioles Josh Perrault, rhp (Nationals)
11. Royals John Suomi, c (Phillies)
12. Athletics Josue Selenes, rhp (Yankees)
13. Rangers Guider Rodriguez, ss (Brewers)
17. Marlins Brett Harker, rhp (Phillies)
19. Blue Jays David Shinskie, rhp (Twins)
23. Mets John Madden, rhp (Padres)
25. Brewers Jonny Ash, 2b (Astros)
26. Phillies Javis Diaz, of (Padres)
27. Red Sox Miguel Marquez, rhp (Mariners)
Third Round
Pirates Gerardo Esparza, rhp (Mariners)
Royals Carlos Arias, rhp (Indians)
Marlins Ron Hill, rhp (Phillies)
Brewers Shane Justis, ss (Dodgers)
Fourth Round
Brewers Juan Sanchez, ss (Twins)
Double-A Phase
Orioles Andrew Barb, rhp, (Mariners)