2008 Baseball Book List

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BASEBALL AMERICA PROSPECT HANDBOOK (Baseball America, $29.95). In-depth scouting reports on 900 prospects.

BASEBALL PROSPECTUS 2008 (Plume, $21.95). Annual guide with projections, thoughts on players and other essays.

THE BILL JAMES GOLD MINE By Bill James (ACTA Sports, $21.95). The closest thing to a Baseball Abstract since the late 1980s. James writes essays on various topics.

THE HARDBALL TIMES BASEBALL ANNUAL (ACTA Sports, $19.95). Review of the 2007 season combined with a look ahead and essays for 2008.

THE HARDBALL TIMES SEASON PREVIEW (ACTA Sports, $17.95). Spawned from the Website, player projections, team capsules and other notes on the upcoming season.

IT AIN'T OVER TIL IT'S OVER Edited by Steven Goldman (Basic Books, $15.95). Paperback version of Baseball Propsectus writers' look at pennant races.

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ANALYST 2008 By Deric McKamey (Shandler Enterprises, $19.95). McKamey analyzes minor league prospects through stats and scouting.

RON SHANDLER'S BASEBALL FORECASTER By Ron Shandler (Shandler Enterprises, $24.95). Longtime annual guide with projections to help you win a fantasy league.


THE 33-YEAR OLD ROOKIE By Chris Coste (Ballantine, $25). Long-time indy leaguer had to endure years of disappointment to make it to the big leagues.

AN AMERICAN JOURNEY By Jerry Coleman with Richard Goldstein (Triumph Books, $24.95). Story of Yankees, Marine and broadcasting great.

AUGUST 'GARRY' HERRMANN By William A. Cook (McFarland, $29.95). Biography of one of the most influential owners of the deadball era.

BABE AND THE KID By Charlie Poekel (History Press, $19.99). Story of the life of Johnny Sylvester, the kid who inspired Babe Ruth's called home run.

THE BALLAD OF BILLY AND GEORGE By Phil Pepe (Lyons Press, $24.95). Story of the on-again-off-again professional marriage of Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner.

BIG ED WALSH By Jack Smiles (McFarland, $29.95). Story of a spitballer who earned a spot in the Hall of Fame.

BIG PAPI By David Ortiz and Tony Massarotti (St. Martin's Griffin, $14.95). Paperback version of the Red Sox slugger's story.

BILLY WILLIAMS, MY SWEET-SWINGING LIFETIME WITH THE CUBS By Billy Williams with Fred Mitchell (Triumph Books, $24.95). Story of one of the Cubs most-beloved players.

CHIEF BENDER'S BURDEN By Tom Swift (Nebraska, $24.95). In-depth biography of early 1900's pitching star.

DEEP DRIVE By Mike Lowell and Rob Bradford (Celebra, $23.95). Biography of the Red Sox third baseman who battled back from cancer.

DICE K By Ian Browne (The Lyons Press, $16.95). Chronicle of Daisuke Matsuzaka's first year in the U.S.

ED BARROW By Daniel R. Levitt (Nebraska, $29.95). Biography of the mastermind who built the Yankees dynasty.

EDDIE COLLINS By Rick Huhn (McFarland, $35). Billed as the definitive book on the White Sox and A's great.

HARVARD BOYS By John and Rick Wolff (Sterling Press, $24.95). Story of a father and son's experiences in minor league baseball.

I LIVE FOR THIS By Bill Plaschke with Tommy Lasorda (Houghton Mifflin, $25). Autobiography of Tommy Lasorda, the man who bleeds Dodger Blue.

INSIDE POWER By Gary Sheffield with David Ritz (Three Rivers Press, $13.95). Paperback version as longtime big league slugger lets rip on steroids and the Yankees.

JOHN SCOLINOS, THE MAN, THE LEGEND By Jerry Miles (DragonFlyer Press, $20). The life of the longtime coach of Pepperdine University and Cal Poly.

OPENING DAY: THE STORY OF JACKIE ROBINSON'S FIRST SEASON By Jonathan Eig (Simon & Schuster, $15). Paperback update of Eig's biography of Robinson's 1947 season.

PODNUH LET ME TELL YOU A STORY By Mel Didier and T.R. Sullivan (Gulf South Books, $24.99) Story on long-time scout Mel Didier.

PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY By Gary W. Moore (Penguin Books, $15). Baseball player teaches German POWs to play baseball during World War II.

PRIDE AND PINSTRIPES By Mel Stottlemyre with John Harper (Harper Entertainment, $13.95). Paperback edition of story of Stottlemyre's long career.

SAM RICE By Jeff Carroll. (McFarland, $29.95). The story of the Senators Hall of Fame outfielder.

THE SOUL OF BASEBALL By Joe Posnanski (HarperCollins Press, $13.95). Paperback version of Posnanski's ode to Buck O'Neill.

SPOKE By Charles C. Alexander (Southern Methodist University Press, $25.95). Biography of baseball great Tris Speaker.

STILL A KID AT HEART By Gary Carter and Phil Pepe (Triumph Books, $16.47). Longtime Mets and Expos catcher shares his stories.

TED THE KID By John B. Holoway (Scorpio Books, $35). First of a trilogy covers Williams' life up to 1941.

VINDICATED By Jose Canseco (Simon Spotlight, $25.95). Follow-up book on steroids by Canseco.

A WELL PAID SLAVE By Brad Snyder (Plume, $16). Paperback update of the biography of the man who started free agency, Curt Flood.


THE AURORA COUNTY ALL-STARS By Deborah Wiles (Harcourt Children's Books, $16). Little League all-star pitcher House Jackson has a secret.

A GIRL NAMED DAN By Dandi Daley Mackall (Sleeping Bear Press, $16.95). True story of author's love of the game, and the difficulty of playing as a girl in the 1960s.

JIM AND ME By Dan Gutman (HarperCollins Children, $15.99). Continuing a series, a child travels to 1913 to meet Jim Thorpe.

SMITHSONIAN BASEBALL TREASURES By Stephen Wong (HarperCollins Children, $16.99) Picture book with artifacts from baseball's great history.


ANATOMY OF BASEBALL Edited by Lee Gutkind and Andrew Blauner (Southern Methodist Press, $22.50). Top writers share essays on baseball.

TIM McCARVER'S DIAMOND GEMS Edited by Tim McCarver (McGraw Hill, $24.95). More than 70 players share their favorite baseball stories.


THE END OF BASEBALL By Peter Schilling Jr. (Ivan R. Dee, $25). Historical novel set in 1944 that looks at what would have happened if Bill Veeck intergrated the game.

THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER By Frank Nappi (St. Martin's Press, $24.95). An autistic teen has one of the best arms scouts have ever seen.


'30: MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL'S YEAR OF THE BATTER By Ray Zardetto (McFarland, $35). It was the year hitting .300 meant you were average.

100 THINGS RED SOX FANS SHOULD KNOW AND DO BEFORE THEY DIE By Nick Cafardo (Triumph Books, $19.95). Read about great Red Sox players and seasons.

2008 OFFICIAL RULES OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (Triumph Books, $9.95). With Sporting News out of the baseball book biz, Triumph takes over the official rule book.

THE AMAZING METS, 1962-1969 By William J. Ryczek (McFarland, $29.95). The story of the Mets from 40 wins to a World Series title.

BASE BALL ON THE WESTERN RESERVE By James M. Egan, Jr. (McFarland, $29.95). Baseball around Cleveland from 1865-1900.

BASEBALL By George Vecsey (Modern Library Chronicles, $14). Long-time baseball writer delves into the history of the game.

BASEBALL AMERICA 2008 DIRECTORY By Baseball America's Editors (Baseball America, $26.95). Schedules, contact information and staff information for all of the majors and minors.

BASEBALL BITS By Dan Scholssberg (Alpha Books, $16.95). Trivia and little-known facts about baseball.

BASEBALL BOOKS By Mike Shannon (McFarland, $29.95). History of baseball books and collecting books as well as a price guide for sought-after titles.

BASEBALL'S GREATEST 1,000 REVISED By Derek Gentile (Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers, $14.95). Ranking the best players in baseball history.

BURYING THE BLACK SOX By Gene Carney (Potomac Books, $17.95). Paperback version of the look at how baseball tried to cover up the scandal.

BUT DIDN'T WE HAVE FUN By Peter Morris (Ivan R. Dee, $27.50). The story of baseball in its early days from 1843-1870.

THE BEST GAME EVER By Jim Reisler (Carroll & Graf, $26.00). An in-depth look at Game 7 of the Yankees-Pirates 1960 Series.

BRAVE AT HEART By Walter Victor, Anne Jones and Sidney Jones (Indigo Publishing, $24.95). Story of the Braves longtime photographer and his memories on the game.

CENTER FIELD SHOT By James R. Walker and Robert V. Bellamy Jr. (University of Nebraska Press, $24.95). A history of baseball on television.

THE CROWD SOUNDS HAPPY By Nicholas Dawidoff (Pantheon, $24.95). Coming of age story for the author, who turned to the Red Sox as a salve in a difficult childhood.

DYNASTY By Tony Massarotti (St. Martin's Press, $24.95). More of a look at the building of a winner than a chronicle of the Red Sox latest title.

FACING CLEMENS By Jonathan Mayo (Lyons Press, $16.95). Stories from the hitters who've had to face Roger Clemens.

FAITHFUL TO FENWAY By Michael Ian Borer (New York University, $18.95). History of one of baseball's most famous parks.

THE FALL OF THE 1977 PHILLIES By Mitchell Nathanson (McFarland, $29.95). A look at how the team's collapse hurt the city as well.

FIVE O'CLOCK LIGHTNING By Harvey Frommer (Wiley News, $24.95). Chronicle of the 1927 Yankees.

THE GIGANTIC BOOK OF BASEBALL QUOTATIONS Edited by Wayne Stewart (Sterling Press, $24.95). Gigantic indeed at nearly 800 pages. Quips and quotes from baseball greats through the years.

GOING, GOING, GONE!: THE ART OF THE TRADE IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL By Fran Zimniuch (Taylor Trade, $16.95). A look at the good, bad and interesting baseball trades through the years.

GLORY DAYS: NEW YORK BASEBALL 1947-1957 By Museum of City of New York (Collins, $19.95). The story of when New York baseball ruled the world.

THE GREATEST GAME By Richard Bradley (Free Press, $25). In-depth look at the 1978 playoff game between the Red Sox and Yankees that finished with Bucky Dent's home run.

GROWING THE GAME By Alan M. Klein (Yale University, $18). A look at how baseball is trying to globalize the game.

GUIDE TO NEW ENGLAND BALLPARKS By Tom Mason with Mark A. Brown and David Laurila (Maple Street Press, $22.95). A look at ballparks throughout the Northeast.

HAUNTED BASEBALL By Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon (Lyons Press, $14.95). Ghost stories, legends and curses from around baseball.

THE LAST YEARS OF THE BROOKLYN DODGERS By Rudy Marzano (McFarland, $29.95). A look at the last eight years of Dem Bums.

LATINO BASEBALL LEGENDS By Peter Bjarkman (Greenwood Pub Group, $75). Biographies of Latino stars of the game.

LOST IN THE SUN By G. Richard McKelvey (McFarland, $29.95). A look at players who had to come back from serious injuries or setbacks.

MAKING THE PLAY By Dave Winfield with Michael Levin (Scribner, $14). Paperback update as former Yankee great gives his ideas for fixing baseball.

METS BY THE NUMBERS By Jon Springer and Matthew Silverman (Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95). A different idea: looking at which Mets players have worn each number.

THE RISE AND FALL OF DODGERTOWN By Rody L. Johnson (University Press of Florida, $24.95). The history of Dodgertown from its inception to the farewell to the Dodgers.

ROB NEYER BIG BOOK OF BASEBALL LEGENDS By Rob Neyer (Simon & Schuster, (Fireside, $16). Columnist investigates some of baseball's best stories.

SOCK IT TO 'EM TIGERS Edited by Mark Pattison and David Raglin (Potomac Books, $24.95). The story of the 1968 Tigers run to a title.

SOUTH OF THE COLOR BARRIER By John Virtue (McFarland, $29.95). Story of how Jorge Pasquel and the Mexican League helped hasten the integration of Major League Baseball.

THE NEW ENGLAND LEAGUE By Charlie Bevis (McFarland, $29.95). One of the key leagues during the early years of minor league baseball.

VENEZUELAN BUST, BASEBALL BOOM By Milton H. Jamail (University of Nebraska Press, $19.95). Explaining the story of how Astros scout Andres Reiner opened the floodgates of Venezuelan talent.

VIVA BASEBALL By Samuel Regaldo (University of Illinois Press, $19.95). Paperback version of Regaldo's chronicle of the story of Latino players in major league baseball.

WE WOULD HAVE PLAYED FOR NOTHING By Fay Vincent (Simon & Schuster, $25). Oral history from players from the 1950s and 1960s.

WORKING AT THE BALLPARK By Tom Jones (Skyhorse Publishing, $17.95). Interesting look at the careers of people in and around the game.

YANKEE STADIUM By Mark Vancil and Alfred Santasiere III (Pocket Books, $50). Picture book ode to the House That Ruth Built.

YANKEE STADIUM, A TRIBUTE By Les Krantz (HarperCollins Books, $29.95) Picture book with DVD looks at the great games and players who graced the stadium.

THE YANKEES IN THE EARLY 1960s By William J. Ryczek (McFarland, $29.95). New information on the last years of Mantle's Yankees.

YOUR BRAIN ON CUBS Edited by Dan Gordon (University of Chicago Press, $19.95). Essays on the Cubs.


60,000 HITTING LESSONS By Jack Perconte (Second Base Publishing, $19.95). Instructional book on how to improve your hitting, with tips from a big leaguer.

COMPLETE CONDITION FOR BASEBALL By Steve Tamborra (Human Kinetics, $24.95). Conditioning to improve power at the plate and velocity on the mound.

IT TAKES MORE THAN BALLS By Deidre Silva and Jackie Koney (Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95). Tips and tricks to help women, and anyone, understand the game better.

LITTLE LEAGUE DRILLS AND STRATEGIES By Ned McIntosh (McGraw Hill, $14.95). Tips on how to gives little leaguers the basics while helping them have fun.

MANAGING LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL By Ned McIntosh (McGraw Hill, $14.95). Updated version of the Little League approved tip book for managers.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BASEBALL By Mike Stadler (Gotham Books, $15). A look at what's going on in baseball player's heads during a game.


BASEBALL AMERICA 2008 ALMANAC. (Baseball America, $20.95). Stats and summaries for all levels of baseball from the majors to high school.

BASEBALL AMERICA 2008 SUPER REGISTER (Baseball America, $79.95). Complete career statistics and biographical information for every active player in professional organized baseball.

THE BILL JAMES 2008 HANDBOOK. By Baseball Info Systems (ACTA Sports, $21.95). Stats on every major leaguer, including the stats from The Fielding Bible.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. (Baseball America, $49.95) Year-by-year statistical chronicle of the minor league game.

THE ULTIMATE YANKEES COMPANION. Edited by Gary Gillette and Pete Palmer (Maple Street Press LLC, $24.95) Stats, biographies and other notes make this a historical record of the Yankees.