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Minor League Top 10 Prospects

After watching another great season of minor league baseball, we know that now you’re depending on us to help you separate the prospects from the suspects. Here, we start that annual process.

We give you the Top 10 Prospects in every minor league, from the International League to the Gulf Coast League. These are not necessarily the players who performed the best in each league. For example, you won’t find top performers such as Durham’s Steve Cox in the International League top 10.

That’s because as in everything else we do, we place more weight on potential than present performance. We like to see players do well now, but what we’re ultimately trying to determine is who will be the best major leaguers.

The lists in this issue do differ a little bit from the organizational Top 10 Prospects lists that you’ll see in coming months. Those lists are taken more from a scouting perspective, while our league lists are based on conversations with league managers. It is not strictly a poll, though we do try to talk with every manager.

Remember that managers and scouts tend to look at players differently. Managers give more weight to what a player does on the field, while scouts look at what a player might eventually do. We think both perspectives are useful, so we give you both even though they don’t always jibe with each other.

The Lists

Triple-ATop Prospect
International LeagueVernon Wells, of, Syracuse
Pacific Coast LeagueRick Ankiel, lhp, Memphis
Double-ATop Prospect
Eastern LeaguePat Burrell, of, Reading
Southern LeagueVernon Wells, of, Knoxville
Texas LeagueRick Ankiel, lhp, Arkansas
Class ATop Prospect
California LeagueChin-Feng Chen, of, San Bernardino
Carolina LeagueKip Wells, rhp, Winston-Salem
Florida State LeagueVernon Wells, of, Dunedin
Midwest LeagueCorey Patterson, of, Lansing
South Atlantic LeagueRafael Furcal, ss, Macon
Short-Season Class ATop Prospect
New York-Penn LeagueAlex Graman, lhp, Staten Island
Northwest LeagueKyle Snyder, rhp, Spokane
Rookie LeaguesTop Prospect
Appalachian LeagueJosh Hamilton, of, Princeton
Pioneer LeagueFrancisco Rodriguez, rhp, Butte
Arizona LeagueVince Faison, of, Padres
Gulf Coast LeagueChip Ambres, of, Marlins

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