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2005 Top 100 Prospects: 26-50

March 2, 2005

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Baseball America's 16th annual Top 100 Prospects list reflects each player's long-term major league value, balancing his ceiling and his chances of maximizing his potential. Players who have not exceeded the rookie limits of 130 at-bats and 50 innings, regardless of their big league service time, are eligible for the list. Editor in chief Allan Simpson, managing editor Will Lingo, executive editor Jim Callis and assistant managing editor John Manuel put together the top 100 after consulting with general managers, scouting directors, farm directors, scouts, managers and instructors. And yes, we analyzed statistical performance as well. Jim Callis compiled the quotes for each player from Baseball America staff and correspondent interviews. Managers are identified with the teams they were with in 2004.

26. CHRIS NELSON, ss, Rockies Scouting Report
"His bat is further along than B.J. Upton's was at the same time."
       --NL scout

27. RYAN HOWARD, 1b, Phillies Scouting Report
"When you have power like him, you don't have to pull it. It's not like any park can hold him."
       --New Hampshire manager Mike Basso

28. J.J. HARDY, ss, Brewers Scouting Report
"He's a special kid in terms of what's between his ears and his heart."
       --Brewers scouting director Jack Zduriencik

29. MIKE HINCKLEY, lhp, Nationals Scouting Report
"What separates with him is the makeup, work ethic, preparation. The physical tools are there, and all those intangibles are there already."
       --Nationals farm director Adam Wogan

30. EDWIN JACKSON, rhp, Dodgers Scouting Report
"He had a rough year but I'll take him any day of the week. He's dominant when he has his command."
       --AL scout

31. FELIX PIE, of, Cubs Scouting Report
"He's got five tools and all of them have a chance to be above-average. The sky is the limit."
       --Sarasota manager Todd Claus

32. DARIC BARTON, 1b/c, Athletics Scouting Report
"I love his approach. It's what you try to teach kids."
       --AL scout

33. JEREMY REED, of, Mariners Scouting Report
"He's another Mark Kotsay. I love the way he plays and I root for him."
       --AL scout

34. ZACH DUKE, lhp, Pirates Scouting Report
"You look at him and you think, 'What does this kid have to work on?' He's just so polished."
       --Altoona manager Tony Beasley

35. GAVIN FLOYD, rhp, Phillies Scouting Report
"He's had that big league curveball since high school. He just needs more fastball command."
       --NL scout

36. ERIC DUNCAN, 3b, Yankees Scouting Report
"His work ethic reminds me of Todd Helton. He's not a guy who falls out of bed and hits. He's a guy who falls out of bed and works, and that's why he hits."
       --Battle Creek manager Bill Mosiello

37. BRIAN ANDERSON, of, White Sox Scouting Report
"He's Jeremy Reed with a lot more power potential. He made the White Sox realize that Reed was expendable."
       --NL scout

38. SCOTT OLSEN, lhp, Marlins Scouting Report
"He's a horse when he's out on the mound. He tries to do anything he can to use his fastball."
       --Jupiter manager Luis Dorante

39. ERICK AYBAR, ss, Angels Scouting Report
"He's the perfect combination of fundamentals and flashiness."
       --Rancho Cucamonga manager Bobby Meacham

40. CONOR JACKSON, of, Diamondbacks Scouting Report
"He doesn't swing at bad pitches and he doesn't miss good ones."
       --Inland Empire manager Daren Brown

41. MICHAEL AUBREY, 1b, Indians Scouting Report
"The one thing he's always been able to do is hit a fastball. You can see him seek it out."
       --Indians farm director John Farrell

42. RYAN SWEENEY, of, White Sox Scouting Report
"This guy is special. I've been in baseball a long time, and I've never seen a kid like this."
       --White Sox farm director Dave Wilder

43. DAN MEYER, lhp, Athletics Scouting Report
"He's a big-game pitcher. He pitches every game with that same level of intensity--as if it was the last game of the season with it all on the line."
       --Richmond manager Pat Kelly

44. BRIAN McCANN, c, Braves Scouting Report
"All he does is hit, and no one talks about how good he was defensively last year. He was one of the better catchers in the minors in a year when there weren't many good catchers."
       --AL scout

45. JOSH BARFIELD, 2b, Padres Scouting Report
"The kid understands hitting. It's just rare to see a young hitter who understands how to stay inside the ball so well."
       --Padres scouting director Bill Gayton

46. YUSMEIRO PETIT, rhp, Mets Scouting Report
"I just can't hit him. You just can't pick the ball up off him."
       --Red Sox outfielder Brandon Moss

47. ANTHONY REYES, rhp, cardinals Scouting Report
"Besides Jose Capellan, no starter in the Southern League had a better arm, and Anthony has better command than Capellan."
       --Tennessee manager Mark DeJohn

48. HOMER BAILEY, rhp, Reds Scouting Report
"He's the epitome of a pure projection pitcher. He has plus stuff with a good breaking ball, and he even has a little change-piece now."
       --NL scout

49. BRANDON McCARTHY, rhp, White Sox Scouting Report
"He's got exceptional command for a tall guy. He creates such good angles and works down in the zone."
       --Lynchburg pitching coach Scott Lovekamp

50. PHILIP HUMBER, rhp, Mets Scouting Report
"His performance is pretty consistent, which matches his personality. He's pretty controlled, and I love his curveball."
       --NL scout

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