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2002 Draft Order

The order of selection for the 2002 draft includes 11 compensation picks between the first and second rounds: nine for free agents lost after the 2001 season and two for first-round draft picks in 2001 who were not signed.

Teams receive compensation in the form of draft picks based on the free agent they lose, according to the free-agent rating system established by Elias Sports Bureau: a Type A free agent ranked among the top 30 percent of major leaguers at his position, a Type B free agent ranked among the top half (but not the top 30 percent) of major leaguers at his position, and a Type C free agent ranked among the bottom half of major leaguers at his position.

A team that loses a Type A free agent gets the first-round pick of the team that signs the free agent and a supplemental pick after the first round. A team that loses a Type B free agent receives only the signing team's top pick.

In both cases, a team selecting in the first half of the draft rotation cannot lose its first-round pick. Such a team would instead lose its second-round pick.

Also, teams that sign multiple Type A or B free agents continue to lose picks based on the number of players they sign. The pecking order for compensation is based on where the free agents ranked in the Elias ratings.

The Rangers provide an excellent example of the process this year, having signed four Type A or B free agents in the offseason. Because they are at No. 10 in the draft rotation, the Rangers will not lose their first-round pick.

Instead, they will give their second-round pick to the Dodgers, who lost righthander Chan Ho Park. The Dodgers get the pick because Park is the highest-rated free agent Texas signed. The Rangers will lose their third-round pick to the Indians (for Juan Gonzalez), their fourth-round pick to the Cubs (for Todd Van Poppel) and their fifth-round pick to the Rockies (for Jay Powell).

In other words, Texas will pick 10th overall and not again until pick No. 172.

Only once in draft history has a team lost four premium picks. That occurred in 1981, when the Angels selected shortstop Dick Schofield in the first round and outfielder Devon White with their next pick--in the sixth round.

The Athletics will be the biggest beneficiaries of draft-pick compensation this year. They'll have seven of the first 39 picks--two each for Johnny Damon (Red Sox), Jason Giambi (Yankees) and Jason Isringhausen (Cardinals), in addition to their own first-round pick.

A team that loses a Type C free agent receives a supplemental pick between the second and third rounds. Only one such player, outfielder Marty Cordova, was signed this offseason, giving the Indians the 72nd overall pick.

The only other compensation picks come for teams that do not sign first-round picks. Last year, the Reds did not sign lefthander Jeremy Sowers and the Indians did not sign righthander Alan Horne, so they will have extra picks this year.

Following is the order of selection (with adjustments) for the first five rounds and supplemental rounds.



Pick From

For (Type)

1. Pirates


2. Devil Rays


3. Reds


4. Orioles


5. Expos


6. Royals


7. Brewers


8. Tigers


9. Rockies


10. Rangers


11. Marlins


12. Angels


13. Padres


14. Blue Jays


15. Mets


16. Athletics

Red Sox

Johnny Damon (A)

17. Phillies


18. White Sox


19. Dodgers


20. Twins


21. Cubs


22. Indians


23. Braves


24. Athletics


Jason Giambi (A)

25. Giants


26. Athletics


27. Diamondbacks


28. Mariners


29. Astros


30. Athletics


Jason Isringhausen (A)


31. Dodgers


Chan Ho Park (A)

32. Cubs


David Weathers (A)

33. Indians


Juan Gonzalez (A)

34. Braves


Steve Karsay (A)

35. Athletics


Jason Giambi (A)

36. Cubs


Rondell White (A)

37. Athletics


Jason Isringhausen (A)

38. Cubs


Todd Van Poppel (A)

39. Athletics


Johnny Damon (A)

40. Reds


Jeremy Sowers

41. Indians


Alan Horne



Pick From

For (Type)

42. Pirates


43. Devil Rays


44. Reds


45. Orioles


46. Expos


47. Royals


48. Brewers


49. Tigers


50. Rockies


51. Dodgers


Chan Ho Park (A)

52. Marlins


53. Angels


54. Padres


55. Blue Jays


56. Cubs


David Weathers (A)

57. Red Sox


58. Phillies


59. White Sox


60. Dodgers


61. Twins


62. Cubs


63. Indians


64. Braves


65. Braves


Steve Karsay (A)

66. Giants


67. Athletics


68. Diamondbacks


69. Mariners


70. Astros


71. Yankees


Tino Martinez (B)


72. Indians


Marty Cordova (C)



Pick From

For (Type)

73. Pirates


74. Devil Rays


75. Reds


76. Orioles


77. Expos


78. Royals


79. Brewers


80. Tigers


81. Rockies


82. Indians


Juan Gonzalez (A)

83. Marlins


84. Angels


85. Padres


86. Blue Jays


87. Tigers


Roger Cedeno (B)

88. Red Sox


89. Phillies


90. White Sox


91. Dodgers


92. Twins


93. Cubs


94. Indians


95. Braves


96. Cubs


Rondell White (A)

97. Giants


98. Athletics


99. Diamondbacks


100. Mariners


101. Astros


102. Cardinals




Pick From

For (Type)

103. Pirates


104. Devil Rays


105. Reds


106. Orioles


107. Expos


108. Royals


109. Brewers


110. Tigers


111. Rockies


112. Cubs


Todd Van Poppel (A)

113. Marlins


114. Angels


115. Padres


116. Blue Jays


117. Mets


118. Red Sox


119. Phillies


120. White Sox


121. Dodgers


122. Twins


123. Cubs


124. Indians


125. Braves


126. Yankees


127. Giants


128. Athletics


129. Diamondbacks


130. Mariners


131. Astros


132. Cardinals




Pick From

For (Type)

133. Pirates


134. Devil Rays


135. Reds


136. Orioles


137. Expos


138. Royals


139. Brewers


140. Tigers


141. Rockies


142. Rockies


Jay Powell (B)

143. Marlins


144. Angels


145. Padres


146. Blue Jays


147. Mets


148. Red Sox


149. Phillies


150. White Sox


151. Dodgers


152. Twins


153. Cubs


154. Indians


155. Braves


156. Yankees


157. Giants


158. Athletics


159. Diamondbacks


160. Mariners


161. Astros


162. Cardinals


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