Welcome to Baseball America

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It's the biggest week of the year at Baseball America, with the draft running Monday through Wednesday and the college postseason in full swing—not to mention our continuing minor league and international coverage—so we'd like to welcome those of you who are either new to BA or don't already make us part of your daily routine.

We publish books and a bi-weekly magazine, which is in its 31st year. Many people find us now through our Website, however, and that's a great place to get started. To get you oriented, here are a few important links you'll want to know, aside from just checking our homepage frequently:

BA 500: These are our top 500 prospects for the draft, the definitive list of draft talent. You can sort the list by school, by state, by position—however you like. When you sort by state you'll also get an overview of the state and a list of players to watch beyond the top 500. We have more than 1,100 players ranked in all and scouting reports on nearly 700. And if you prefer the state by state view, just check out our Draft Map.

College Baseball Page and College Blog: This is where you can stay on top of everything going on with the college postseason, from our on-site reports to Aaron Fitt's blog posts on the latest coaching news. We analyze it all on our weekly podcast. No one covers the college game better.

All-Time Draft Database: If you need to bone up on your draft history, this is the place to do it. Every pick of every draft, with signing information and more. For more recent drafts, we have scouting reports and bonus information too. An amazing resource.

Player Finder: The best place to get information on players who are already in pro ball. We have career statistics and information on prospect rankings for free, and if you're a subscriber you can also get all the scouting reports we've written on a player.

Speaking of subscribing . . .

We have plenty of great content at Baseball America that you can read for free. But we also have much more for subscribers. Just think about being able to read all of our 2012 draft scouting reports, the reports in the All-Time Draft Database, and the reports from our Player Finder, and I think you'll agree it's a bargain.

You can find our subscription options in the Baseball America Store. The Website subscription is the quickest way for you to jump right into the information described above. If you are a print subscriber, the Web subscription is included. You might also be interested in our iPad/iPhone app, which right now is a standalone product, or our annual books.

Whether you subscribe or not, we think you'll find more great information at Baseball America than any other baseball site on the Web, so thanks for stopping by.