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2002 Draft
2002 Draft Coverage

No one covers the draft like Baseball America, from scouting reports on hundreds of prospects before the draft to keeping up with who signs after the draft. Our coverage is in full swing, so take a look at everything we've got planned.

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Friday, May 10
*Draft Overview
• A general overview of the mechanics of the draft: when it is, where it is, who is eligible, etc.
2002 order of selection
*Draft History
First overall picks, 1965-2001
• A drafted player's chances of making the big leagues, and making it for more than three years . . . an analysis of more than 15,000 players
*Draft Chat: Allan Simpson

Saturday, May 11
*More Draft History
• The top five, 1965-2001:
the first five players drafted each year, the best five players drafted each year, and the first five players from each draft to reach the big leagues
• Highest draft picks, by state:
The highest picks from 1965-2000, and the highest pick in last year's draft

Sunday, May 12
*Bonus Bonanza
• The largest bonuses in draft history
Evolution of the draft bonus record
• Bonuses, first-round picks, 1989-97
• Bonuses, top 100 picks, 1998
• Signing bonuses, top 10 rounds, 1999
• Signing bonuses, top 10 rounds, 2000
• Signing bonuses, top 10 rounds, 2001

Monday, May 13
*Team Previews: American League East

Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, May 14
*Team Previews: American League Central

Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins

Wednesday, May 15
*Team Previews: American League West

Anaheim Angels
Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers

Thursday, May 16
*Team Previews: National League East

Atlanta Braves
Florida Marlins
Montreal Expos
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies

Friday, May 17
*Team Previews: National League Central

Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
Houston Astros
Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals
*Draft Chat: Jim Callis

Saturday, May 18
*Team Previews: National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants

Sunday, May 19
Relatively Speaking
Some of the players in this year's draft with a
relative who has made his mark in the game
Three Years Later

• A look at the top 25 drafted players from 1999 who did not sign, and their current status as most become eligible for the draft again

Monday, May 20
*Juco Jamboree
• A detailed explanation of the draft-and-follow process
• List of draft and follow signings
• Brewers sign top-ranked Manny Parra
Top 100 unsigned picks from 2001 draft who are eligible to sign
Top 50 junior college prospects

Tuesday, May 21
Regional Scouting Report: West
• A state-by-state breakdown of the top college and high school prospects with player rankings and projections, and individual scouting reports. Among others, we'll look at the top 90 draft prospects in California
Draft Spotlight: Stanford righthander Jeremy Guthrie

Wednesday, May 22
Regional Scouting Report: North/East
• A state-by-state breakdown of the top college and high school prospects with player rankings and projections, and individual scouting reports. Among others, we'll look at the top 20 prospects in Michigan and the top 20 in Virginia
Draft Spotlight: Ball State's Bryan Bullington

Thursday, May 23
Regional Scouting Report: South
• A state-by-state breakdown of the top college and high school prospects with player rankings and projections, and individual scouting reports. Among others, we'll look at the top 65 draft prospects in Florida
Draft Spotlight: Apopka (Fla.) High righthander Zack Greinke

Friday, May 24
Handicapping the first round
• BA's Jim Callis will take a close-up look at the Pirates and other teams at the top of the draft order, and how they are approaching this year's draft
• BA draft expert Allan Simpson tells you who will go where
*Draft Chat: Allan Simpson

Saturday, May 25
Regional Scouting Report: Midwest
• A state-by-state breakdown of the top college and high school prospects with player rankings and projections, and individual scouting reports. Among others, we'll look at the top 50 draft prospects in Texas
Draft Spotlight: Cypress Falls (Houston) duo of Scott Kazmir and Clint Everts

Sunday, May 26
Best Tools

• Find out which of the draft's elite players are the best athletes and closest to the big leagues; we'll also survey scouts about which prospects have the best raw power, the best speed, the best power arms and more

Monday, May 26
*Top 250 Prospects
• A detailed look at Baseball America's top 250 draft prospects

Tuesday, May 28
Oh, Canada

•Baseball America senior writer Alan Schwarz will travel to British Columbia to tell you all about lefthanders Adam Loewen and Jeff Francis, who will make Canadian draft history this year
• How the Expos are approaching what could be their final draft

Wednesday, May 29
*Top 100 Prospects
• In depth scouting reports on the top 100 prospects in this year's draft, with select video clips/links

Thursday, May 30
*Position Player Rankings
• An in-depth ranking of all the draft's top everyday prospects, by position
Draft Notebook
Checking in with the Pirates, Rangers and A's, plus a B.J. Upton update

Friday, May 31
*Pitcher Rankings
• An in-depth ranking of all the draft's top pitching prospects
*Draft-And-Follow Update
• A list of all
junior college players and fifth-year college seniors who were signed prior to the start of the May 28 closed period
*Draft Chat: Jim Callis

Saturday, June 1
*Making Their Lists . . .
• BA's Josh Boyd will take one last look at how teams are approaching the draft
• Pirates sources indicate Bryan Bullington could be the draft's top selection

Sunday, June 2
*Update: Top 100 Prospects
• As teams make final revisions to their master draft lists, we'll revise our ranking of the top prospects

Monday, June 3
*Update: Handicapping The First Round
• On the eve of the draft, we'll give you our final thoughts on how the first round will unfold
• Here's our final attempt at handicapping the first round

Tuesday, June 4
*Live Draft Coverage
• We'll provide complete round-by-round coverage of the
first day of the draft, both round-by-round and by organization.
*Team Draft Reports
• Baseball America correspondents will give you a rundown of the top picks and the day's events for each team, with comments from scouting directors and first-round picks
*Draft Chat: Jim Callis talked about Day 1 of the draft.
Top 100 picks

Wednesday, June 5
*More Live Draft Coverage
• We'll continue to anchor MLB Radio's coverage as the draft moves into its second day, while bringing you breaking news from the draft and complete coverage of the picks, by organization
Draft-and-follow recap
Draft analysis

Thursday, June 6
Draft Wrapup
Draft Bargain Bin
*Draft Chat: Allan Simpson offers his take on the draft.

Monday, June 10
Draft day with Bobby Brownlie
Quick signings update

Friday, June 14
*Signed, Sealed And Delivered
• We'll wrap up the week by focusing on player signings, with a complete list of those who have signed so far. Of course, we'll continue to update signings and significant draft stories throughout the summer

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