2011 Draft Relatives Chart

A list of players eligible for the 2011 draft with relatives who are current or former players . . .

2011 Draft Prospect Relative
Brothers In The Draft
C.J. Cron (Utah 1B) Kevin Cron (Mountain Pointe HS C)
(father is Chris, former ML 1b
and Double-A Erie manager)
Blake Drake (Indiana State RHP) Spencer Drake (Eastern HS RHP)
Austin Nola (Louisiana State SS) Aaron Nola (Catholic HS RHP)
Ricky Oropessa (Southern California 3B) Chris Oropessa (Etiwanda HS 1B)

Brother In The Pros
Dylan Bundy (Owasso HS RHP) Bobby Bundy (Orioles high Class A RHP)
Tyler Carpenter (UTSA C/OF) Matt Carpenter (Cardinals Triple-A 3B)
Jake Davies (Georgia Tech LHP) Kyle Davies (Royals RHP)
Nicky Delmonico (Farragust HS C) & Joey Delmonico (Georgia C) Tony Delmonico (Dodgers high Class A 3B)
Tommy Erlin (Cal Poly LHP) Robbie Erlin (Rangers high Class A LHP)
Cam Gallagher (Manheim Township HS C) Austin Gallagher (Dodgers high Class A 1B)
Casey Gillaspie (Millard North HS, Omaha) Conor Gillaspie (Giants Triple-A 3B)
Sean Gilmartin (Florida State LHP) Mike Gilmartin (Athletics high Class A SS)
Tyler Goeddel (St. Francis HS SS) Erik Goeddel (Mets low Class A RHP)
Tyler Greene (West Boca HS SS) Chase Greene (Mets low Class A CF)
Bryan Harper (South Carolina LHP) Bryce Harper (Nationals low Class A RF)
Ryan Hornback (San Jacinto JC) Riley Hornback (Orioles low Class A C)
Dan Kickham (Missouri State RHP) Mike Kickham (Giants low Class A RHP)
Chris Kontos (Northwestern RF) George Kontos (Yankees Triple-A RHP)
James Kottaras (Bradley C) George Kottaras (Brewers Triple-A C)
Scott Lyman (UC Davis RHP) Jeff Lyman (Athletics high Class A RHP)
Tyler McSwain (UNC-Wilmington RHP) Matt McSwain (Pirates Double-A RHP)
Ryan O'Sullivan (Oklahoma City RHP) Sean O'Sullivan (Royals RHP)
Jacob Overbay (Nevada RHP) Lyle Overbay (Pirates 1B)
Tyler Pill (Call State Fullerton RHP/OF) Brent Pill (Giants Triple-A 1B)
Casey Rasmus (Liberty C) & Cyle Rasumus (Elon SS) Colby Rasmus (Cardinals CF) and
Cory Rasmus (Braves high Class A RHP)
Charlie Robertson (Fresno State RHP) Tyler Robertson (Twins Double-A LHP) and
father Jay Robertson (Nationals special assistant
to the GM)
Joe Ross (Biship O'Dowd HS RHP) Tyson Ross (Athletics RHP)
Adrian Sampson (Bellevue JC RHP) Julian Sampson (former Phillies farmhand/
Brockton Rox RHP)
Daniel Scahill (Buffalo OF) Rob Scahill (Rockies high Class A RHP)
and Chase Austin (Marlins high Class A 3B)
Jake Skole (Georgia Tech 3B) Jacob Skole (Rangers low Class A OF)
Matt Snyder (Mississippi 1B) Brandon Snyder (Orioles Triple-A 1B)
Brock Stassi (Nevada 1B/LHP) Max Stassi (Athletics high Class A C)
Ross Steedley (Charlotte C) Spencer Steedly (Twins Double-A LHP)
Justin Thompson (Virginia RHP) Jacob Thompson (Braves Triple-A RHP)
Riccio Torrez (Arizona State 3B) Raoul Torrez (Diamondbacks high Class A OF)

Sons of Former Pro Players
Jack Armstrong Jr. (Vanderbilt RHP) Jack Armstrong St. (former Reds RHP)
Tyler Beede (Lawrence Academy RHP) Walter Beede (former Cubs farmhand)
Dante Bichette Jr. (Orangewood Christian HS SS) Dante Bichette Sr. (former Rockies OF)
Brandon Bonilla (IMG Academies LHP) Bobby Bonilla (former Pirates 3B)
Trent Boras (Jserra Catholic HS 3B) Scott Boras (agent)
Tyler Bream (Liberty 3B) Sid Bream (former Pirates 1B)
Jason Brunansky (Kansas OF) Tom Brunansky (former Twins OF
and current Twins Double-A hitting coach)
Bobby Buckner (Texas A&M Corpus Christi INF) Bill Buckner (former Red Sox 1B)
Garrett Buechele (Oklahoma 3B) Steve Buechele (former Rangers 3B)
Nick Coffman (Wilson HS RHP) Father Jim Coffman (Athletics scout)
Ryan Cypret (Ohio State 2B) Greg Cypret (former Astros farmhand)
Shane Davis (George Mason DH) Gerry Davis (former Padres outfielder)
Shawon Dunston Jr. (Valley Christian HS OF) Shawon Dunston Sr. (former Cubs OF)
Johnny Eierman (Warsaw HS OF) John Eierman (former Red Sox farmhand)
Dean Espy (UCLA INF) Duane Espy (former Padres and
Rockies hitting Coach)
Logan Gallagher (Delaware 3B) David Gallagher (former White Sox OF)
Ryan Garvey (Palm Grove HS OF/1B) Steve Garvey (former Dodgers 1B and MVP)
Matt Gedman (Umass 3B) Rich Gedman (former Red Sox C)
Brett Geren (San Ramon Valley HS C) Bob Geren (former Yankees C, current Athletics manager)
Brennan Glass (Kent State RHP) Tim Glass (former Indians first round pick)
Ozney Guillen (Miami-Dade JC outfielder) Ozzie Guillen (White Sox manager)
Craig Gullickson (Georgia LHP) Bill Gullickson (former Expos RHP)
Jordan Hershiser (USC RHP) Orel Hershiser (former Dodgers RHP
and 1988 Cy Young Winner)
Alex Hill (UNC-Wilmington OF) Chris Hill (former Pirates farmhand)
Jeff Holm (Michigan State 1B) John Holm (former Angels farmhand)
Brian Howe (Montana State LHP) Steve Howe (former Dodgers/Yankees LHP)
Torrey Jacoby (Pepperdine 1B) Brooks Jacoby (former Indians third baseman
and current Reds hitting coach)
Justin James (Sacramento CC OF) Dion James (former NYY/ATL/MIL/CLE OF)
Dominic Jose (Boca Raton HS OF) Felix Jose (former Cardinals Outfielder)
Jackson Laumann (Boone County HS 1B) Doug Laumann (White Sox scouting director)
Kevin Lingerman (George Mason RHP) Nemo Lingerman (former Twins farmhand)
Brandon Lodge (UCLA RHP) Stepfather Bobby Grich (former Angels 2B)
Dillon Maples (Southern Pines HS RHP) Tim Maples (former Orioles farmhand)
Scott McGough (Oregon RHP) Tom McGough (former Indians farmhand)
Jesse Mesa (College of Charleston 2B) Jose Mesa (former Indians RHP)
Brett Mooneyham (Stanford LHP) Bill Mooneyham (former Athletics RHP)
Sam Moore (Oral Roberts RHP) Mike Moore (former Mariners RHP)
Kevin Moriarty (Shoreline HS RHP) Todd Moriarty (former Giants farmhand)
Lydell Moseby (American River JC 1B) Lloyd Moseby (former Blue Jays OF)
Matt Newman (Arizona State OF) Randy Newman (former Mariners farmhand)
T.J. Oakes (Minnesota RHP) Todd Oakes (Minnesota pitching coach)
Zach Oates (Northern Illinois RHP) Mike Oates (former Reds farmhand)
Chris O'Brien (Wichita State C) Charlie O'Brien (former Mets C) and uncle
Erik Sonberg (former Dodgers farmhand)
Patrick Palmeiro (UAB INF/OF) Rafael Palmeiro (former Rangers 1B)
Scott Phillion (Central Michigan OF) Jay Phillion (former Tigers farmhand)
Shea Pierce (Episcopal HS C) David Pierce (Rice Recruiting Coordinator)
Ryan Porter (Rockhurst U. in Missouri 1B) Darrell Porter (former Brewer, Royal and Cardinal C)
Dereck Rodriguez (Monsignor Pace RF) Ivan Rodriguez (Nationals C)
Lance Roenicke (UCSB OF) Ron Roenicke (Brewers manager)
and uncle Gary Roenicke (former Orioles OF)
and cousin Josh Roenicke (Blue Jays RHP)
Dante Rosenberg (South Carolina C) Steve Rosenberg (former White Sox LHP)
Tim Ryan (Minnesota RHP) Terry Ryan (former Twins GM)
Matt Scioscia (Notre Dame C) Mike Scioscia (Angels manager)
Travis Scott (UNLV C) Dick Scott (former Athletics SS)
Cameron Seitzer (Oklahoma 1B) Kevin Seitzer (former Royals 3B and current Royals batting coach)
Steve Selsky (Arizona OF) Steve Selsky (former White Sox farmhand)
Travis Shaw (Kent State 3B) Jeff Shaw (former Reds RHP)
Jason Shepherd (Mississippi State CF) Ron Shepherd (former Blue Jays OF)
Devin Shines (Oklahoma State 1B/OF) Razor Shines (former Expos 1B)
Ryan Smith (Midway HS 2B) Steve Smith (Baylor head coach)
Dwight Smith Jr. (McIntosh HS OF) Dwight Smith Sr. (former Cubs OF)
Blake Snell (Shorewood HS LHP) Dave Snell (former Royals/Mariners farmhand)
Tyler Thompson (Florida OF) Robbie Thompson (former Giants 2B)
Patric Tolentino (Nebraska C) Jose Tolentino (former Astros 1B)
Riley Welch (Hawaii RHP) Bob Welch (former Oakland RHP and 1990 Cy Young Winner)

Draft Prospects with Brothers Who Washed Out of the Pros
Jeff Bunch (North Dakota C) Kevin Bunch (former Athletics farmhand)
Bryan Condotta (Georgia State 2B) Steven Condotta (former Blue Jays farmhand)
Brian DeLucia (Ohio State OF) Dan DeLucia (former Blue Jays farmhand)
Jerrod Eigsti (Bradley 1B) Jake Eigsti (former Mets farmhand)
Paul Eshleman (Oregon C) John Eshleman (former Giants farmhand)
Matt Gerbe (Michigan RHP) Jeff Gerbe (former Blue Jays farmhand)
Braden Kapteyn (Kentucky RHP/1B) Wade Kapetyn (former Tigers farmhand)
Ryan Leach (UNC-Wilmington RHP) Tyler Leach (former Cardinals farmhand)
Sean Martin (San Jose State RHP) Brian Manfred (former Phillies farmhand)
Thomas McCarthy (Kentucky 3B) Greg McCarthy (former Giants farmhand)
Sam Watkins (Akron IF) Benjamin Watkins (former Yankees farmhand)
Keith Werman (Virginia 2B) Kyle Werman (former Mets farmhand)

Draft Prospects with Some Other Relative in Pros
Mark Adzick (Wake Forest LHP) Grandfather Nick Adzick (former Cardinals farmhand)
Will Alvis (Louisiana Tech OF) Unclear relation to Max Alvis (former Indians 3B)
and David Alvis (former Indians farmhand)
and Richie LeBlanc (former Royals farmhand)
Dayton Anderson (Feather River CC OF) Cousin Shane Victorinio (Phillies OF)
John Andreoli (Uconn OF/1B) Cousin Daniel Bard (Red Sox RHP)
Garrett Davis (UNC RHP) Cousin Rob Wooten (Brewers high Class A RHP)
Kyle Gaedele (Valparaiso OF) Great uncle Eddie Gaedele (former Browns pinch hitter)
DJ Gentile (Cal Poly DH) Cousin Jim Gentile (former Orioles 1B) and cousin Stu Pederson (former Dodgers OF)
Jamal Golden (Wetumpka HS OF) Cousin Reggie Golden (Cubs 2010 2nd round pick)
Justin Guidry (Middle Tennessee State OF/LHP) Cousin Ron Guidry (former Yankees LHP and Cy Young winner)
Cody Guymon (Utah C) Cousin Bruce Hurtst (former Red Sox LHP)
Kenny Hatcher (Dallas Baptist RHP) Uncle Mickey Hatcher (former Twins OF)
Kyle Hunter (Kansas State LHP) Unclear relation to Luke Appling
(White Sox Hall of Famer)
Tim Kelley (Wichita State RHP) Uncle Erik Sonberg (former Dodgers farmhand) and uncle Charlie O'Brien (former Mets C)
Andrew Law (BYU 2B) Grandfather Vern Law (former Pirates RHP and Cy Young winner)
Chris Madera (Avon Old Farms OF) Uncle Koby Perez (former Red Sox farmhand, current Phillies scout)
Khayyan Norfolk (Tennessee 2B) Cousin Ray King (former Brewers LHP)
Jordan Pries (Stanford RHP) Grandfather Bud Daley (former Athletics LHP)
Tyler Rahmatulla (UCLA 2B) Great uncle Burt Haysom (former Pirates farmhand)
Will Roberts (Virginia RHP) Cousin Mike Roberts (Brewers high Class A C)
Chad Smith (USC RHP) Cousin Scott Nestor (Dodgers high Class A RHP)
Matt Streng (Ohio State 3B) Grandfather Eugene Streng (former Browns farmhand)
Austin Taylor (Liberty INF) Uncle Billy Taylor (former Athletics RHP)
Taylor Wood (Georgia Tech LHP) Cousin Blake Wood (Royals RHP)
Cody Yount (Pepperdine 1B) Uncle Robin Yount (former Brewers SS
and Hall of Famer) and brother Austin Yount
(White Sox high Class A 3B) and
father Larry Young (former Astros RHP) and cousin Dustin Yount
(former Dodgers farmhand)