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The star ratings shown above (as well as on each state's page) rate this year's draft crop in each area on a one to five scale, with one being a barren year and five a historically good year. The rating is based on the relative strength of the state, so it compares this year's group to what a state typically produces, not to other states.

Note: If you are having trouble selecting a state on the map above, then please use the state links below.

Alabama Premium
Arizona Premium
Arkansas Premium
California Premium
Canada Premium
Colorado Premium
Dakotas Premium
Florida Premium
Georgia Premium
Illinois Premium
Indiana Premium
Iowa Premium
Kansas Premium
Kentucky Premium
Louisiana Premium
Lower New England Premium
Massachusetts Premium
Michigan Premium
Mid-Atlantic Premium
Minnesota Premium
Mississippi Premium
Missouri Premium
Nebraska Premium
Nevada Premium
New Jersey Premium
New Mexico Premium
New York Premium
North Carolina Premium
Ohio Premium
Oklahoma Premium
Oregon Premium
Pacific Rim Premium
Pennsylvania Premium
Puerto Rico Premium
South Carolina Premium
Tennessee Premium
Texas Premium
Upper New England Premium
Upper Rockies Premium
Utah Premium
Virginia Premium
Washington Premium
Wisconsin Premium