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Jim Callis' Ask BA
Got a question? Send it in. Executive Editor Jim Callis fields reader questions every week.

Alan Schwarz Jim Callis
December 8: Valentine embraces life in Japan
November 18: Talking to MLB's Jimmie Lee Solomon about changes to the minors
November 7: Kenny Williams reluctantly accepts the spotlight
October 25: Daniels hopes to dispel youth stereotypes
October 14: Piazza still has plenty to offer
October 4: George Will hails game's return to D.C.
September 19: Larkin learns Front Office 101
August 31: Francoeur explodes in Atlanta
August 16: Going Deep: Bob Bowman of MLBAM
July 29: Going Deep: Trevor Hoffman
July 19: Going Deep: Billy Bob Thornton
July 12: Going Deep: Brian Cashman
June 22: Going Deep: David Wright and Jose Reyes
June 21: Going Deep: Jason Varitek
June 3: Going Deep: Tim Brosnan and Paul Archey
May 18: Going Deep: Sandy Alderson
May 2: Going Deep: Bill James
April 7: Going Deep: Bill Pulsipher
Mar 30: Going Deep: Tony LaRussa
Mar 24: Going Deep: Mark Prior
Mar 3: Going Deep: Barry Zito
Feb 12: A different kind of 'next year' in Boston
Jan 13: Sifting through round table reactions
December 8: Talent goes beyond top 10 lists
November 22: GM searches ignore impact of talent evaluators
November 7: White Sox traded on homegrown talent to win title
October 25: Hochevar holdout taints mock draft
October 14: Minor league leaders find success in majors elusive
October 4: Hochevar-Dodgers saga offers no easy solution
September 19: Proposed draft changes present many questions
August 31: Early judgments on '04 draft put Oakland on top
August 16: Miller repeats as Cape's best arm
July 29: Crazy eights compelling in own right
July 19: Upton stays behind to work on glove
July 12: CWS stars often fade into obscurity
June 22: Hochevar doesn't fall past No. 17 in our draft
June 21: D'Backs, Angels get their men without panicking
June 3: Don't read too much into college stats
May 18: No. 1 picks rarely overcome bad debuts
May 2: Recent Cubs drafts earn top grades
Mar 24: 2008 pick: Twins beat Braves in World Series
Mar 3: Top 100 Offers More Evidence In Talent Debate
Feb 12: NL talent found beyond the top 10s
Jan 13: Pros took bite out of Clemson's banner class
Will Lingo Tracy Ringolsby
December 8: There's nothing like the Winter Meetings
November 22: BA's work heats up during offseason
November 7: Minor league parks get year-round use
October 25: Ripken machine picks up steam
October 14: Indy movement harkens back to crazy early days
October 4: Intimate details make minor league top 20s fun
September 19: Minor league stats take leap forward
August 31: Changes should spur creative ideas
August 16: Major shakeup in minors looks likely
July 29: Officials plan to OK return of TAWS
July 19: Brett brings verve to the Futures Game
July 12: Hard work helps Futures Game grow
June 22: Base closings even affect minors
June 21: West Tenn faces uphill battle for fans
June 3: Minor teams always make do
May 18: Minor league teams do more to draw female fans
May 2: New teams keep Texas League crowds rolling in
Mar 24: Nightmare in Portland nearing an end
Mar 3: Greenville Starts Over With Bombers
Feb 12: Tulsa celebrates a century of baseball
Feb 8: Putting the fun back into things
Jan 13: Mayor looks for ballpark tenants
Jan 13: Trading Mulder, Hudson shows guts
Jerry Crasnick John Manuel
Jan 13: Randolph follows his own path to top Jan 13: Townsend seeks to show real image

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