Preseason College Top 25 Chat With Aaron Fitt

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Aaron Fitt: Hello everybody! I'm chatting to you live from the BA World Headquarters in Durham (I flew back from my new home in Southern California yesterday to shepherd our mammoth College Preview through). I've got college baseball fever, and I hope you do, too. Let's get to it!

    Adam (Louisiana): Who are your top three freshmen in the SEC to start the season?

Aaron Fitt: Great group of freshmen in the SEC this year, as usual. My top three: Karsten Whitson, Ryne Stanek and Kevin Gausman. We'll have top 10 newcomers for every conference in our upcoming conference previews.

    John (Ashburn, VA): Aaron: After reviewing your first Top 25 for 2011, it seems as if the lovefest for UVA is carrying over from last year. Do you expect to factor strength of schedules to determine your rankings as the season progresses? With the exception of Auburn and East Carolina, UVA should be steamrolling their way into your Top 10 after blasting powerhouses like Niagara, Cornell, and let's not forget Rider, before they finally play stiff competition down at Clemson. I will give you credit though. In all seriousness, adding some kind of grading criteria helps make your rankings more credible (and understandable). Looking forward to our weekly chats this season. Thanks.

Aaron Fitt: Backhanded compliment of the day! Look, our in-season rankings aren't based just on win-loss records — if they were, you wouldn't need rankings at all, you could just look at standings. So a team won't get too much of a boost just by beating the teams it is supposed to beat — but it won't drop, either. It may get skipped over by other teams that have made more noise by beating stronger opponents. I am still very high on Virginia. The Cavs still have great pitching, and they had a lot of very talented players waiting in the wings last year who will now get to prove themselves in everyday roles. Guys like Reed Gragnani, Stephen Bruno, Chris Taylor — you may not know their names yet, but you will soon enough, because they're going to be good college players.

    Brett (Minnesota): Were the Golden Gophers close to cracking the Top 25?

Aaron Fitt: They were in the discussion. I do think Minnesota is the class of the Big Ten (with Michigan State, Michigan and Indiana also in the mix), and I think the Gophers have a chance to be a top 25 team at some point during the season — if they can handle the major adversity of losing the Metrodome. They've got some good veteran position players, led by AJ Pettersen and Nick O'Shea, and I'm expecting big things from Troy Larsen and Justin Gominsky, now that he's finally healthy. The pitching looks solid, too, especially at the front (TJ Oakes) and the back (Scott Matyas, one of the most experienced closers around and a bulldog).

    RSN (Georgia): Aaron, Very nicely done love the grading system. CofC comes in at #20 do you see anyone giving them a run for their money in the SOCON? If so who? How do you and scouts see their approach at the plate, like you said they are geared for college long ball not pro, being affected by the new bats? thanks

Aaron Fitt: I really like the Cougars to win that league. The next teams in that league for me are, in some order, Georgia Southern, Elon and Western Carolina, and John Manuel agrees (he's working on our SoCon preview as we speak). I really do wonder how the bats will affect CofC, but it's such an experienced lineup, I think they'll be able to adjust. And that team looks like it's got quality pitching, too.

    Henry Thompson (Sausalito CA): Hey Aaron, thanks for the chat! Its nice to see that baseball is right around the corner! With that being said I'm headed to San Francisco on Feb 18th to watch the Bruins take on the Dons in their respective season openers. Besides Bauer and Cole, who else figures to be a high draft pick between the two teams?

Aaron Fitt: San Francisco's top prospect is third baseman Stephen Yarrow, a good lefthanded power bat with good athleticism. He could sneak into the top five rounds with a good spring. UCLA is loaded with talent in its underclassmen, but it's next guy for this year is second baseman Tyler Rahmatulla, who could be a 4-6 round guy.

    Anthony Meo's Fastball (Blown Past the Batter): Aaron, CCU not being in the top that mainly based on only having one weekend starter set? What about the fact that they bring back 7 starters, 17 letterman, will most likely be faster than they were last year, and will have one of the best bullpens in the country?

Aaron Fitt: First of all, seven starters is an exaggeration. They lost Rico Noel and Jose Iglesias, who were VERY key parts of that team, as well as Chance Gilmore and Steve Davis (who started more than half their games). That said, I still really like Coastal's lineup, and I do like the bullpen as well, although I think you're underrating the importance of Austin Fleet — he's tough to replace. But yes, the biggest reason Coastal is not ranked is the rotation after Meo. Freshmen like Tyler Herb and Stefan del Pino are promising but unproven. Coastal was probably team No. 26, and I would not be at all surprised if the Chanticleers make us look silly for leaving them out like they have done in the past. But there are significant question marks. I really do not think this will be as good as last year's team (which I was extremely high on all season...).

    Sean (Anaheim, CA): Aaron, who has the deeper pitching staff - Florida or Cal State Fullerton? Florida returns their Friday night starter, Panteliodis, and two Freshman All-American starters in Randall and Johnson. They bring in a 1st round draft pick in Whitson and have a group of potentially strong arms in the bullpen with Rodriguez, Larson, Maronde and Toledo. Cal State Fullerton returns an All-American starter in Noe Ramirez, All-American closer in Nick Ramirez (Utility All-American at least) and a Freshman All-American, Floro, that is being moved to the bullpen. Two of the other starters, Pill and Floethe, were ranked by BA as Top 100 college draft prospects this year. And a Sunday starter, O'Connell, that I think will shoot up BA's college draft prospect board by the end of the season.

Aaron Fitt: Great question — those are two absurdly deep pitching staffs. I give Florida the edge, but not by a whole lot. All the lefties really put Florida over the top, though. They've got five legit quality lefties that you just don't find on many college baseball staffs (Panteliodis, Johnson, Maronde, Rodriguez and Daniel Gibson). Probably the two deepest staffs in the country, though.

    John (Gainesville): Where does this Florida team stack up with No. 1s from past seasons?

Aaron Fitt: It's an interesting question, because I thought Texas was a very strong No. 1 last year, and that team was extremely good all season long but fell one game shy of Omaha. Does that mean they were a fraud No. 1? I don't think so. If a major league team wins 116 games but then runs into a hotter team in the playoffs and loses a five-game series, I don't think that invalidates its body of work. TCU was really good last year, and hot. That tangent aside, Florida looks more complete than Texas was last year — much more power, a better offense in general, and a comparable pitching staff. I think this team has a chance to be truly great — feel very confident in this particular No. 1 selection.

    Walt (Chicago) (Chicago): Aaron— IMO, you're giving Texas the benefit of the doubt. Elite starting pitching, but their bullpen does not warrant a "65" score, and their offense most definately doesn't warrant a "50" score. Last year's lineup was below average (with a team AVG of .282), and they lost four of their top 6 hitters...and ALL of their power. How exactly do you consider UT's hitting "solidly average" going into this season?

Aaron Fitt: Texas' bullpen is very deep — that is why it rates so high. I am trusting that guys like Nuncio and and Urban will take major steps forward as sophomores and that Dicharry will bounce back, but they've got the arms. You can quibble with the grades if you want — maybe it should have been a 60; this is not an exact science, clearly. The point of the grades is to give a snapshot of each team's strengths and weaknesses. The same goes for the lineup; I recognize that there are questions, but I really like Walla and Walsh and believe both guys will have breakout years. Payton is going to be a stud — he should hit the ground running. Lusson, Loy and Etier need to be better, but I think all three will be better. Our evaluations are not based solely on stats from last year. They are also based on talent, and I think Texas has the talent to be an average offensive team, its lack of power notwithstanding — and I graded the power accordingly. Remember that the "hitting" grade is separate from the "power" grade, just as scouts evaluate the two tools separately. For our purposes, hitting refers to ability to get on base, hit for average, and handle the bat —which means hit situationally, something Texas is usually pretty good at.

    walt (New York): Aaron, I applaud you on your write-ups; you clearly did your homework. With regards to Rice, however, I do think you are low-balling some of the scores given; particularly for offense ("60") and bullpen ("55"). IMO, the Owls could have one of the strongest and deepest bullpens in the country with Duffey, Simmons and Chargois as late-inning specialists, McNair as the returning situational lefty, Gonzales and Anagnostou as proven arms in long/middle relief, and the two "losers" in the battle for staring spots providing further reinforcement (Wall, Cingrani, Simms, Kubitza, Reckling, McDowell). I'm okay with your #18 ranking, but unlike some of the other teams ranked ahead of the Owls, I think Rice has considerably more upside than your rankings would suggest.

Aaron Fitt: Actually we gave Rice's bullpen a 60 grade—and I admit that may be conservative, but that's because a lot of those guys don't have particularly long track records of Division I success. Like with Texas, they've got talent and depth, which is why they get the benefit of the doubt somewhat (60 is a pretty strong grade for a unit without a proven marquee closer). I think the lineup has some legit question marks — they lost five key cogs in that offense. They might end up being better than that, they might end up being worse. 60 feels about right to me, but you are free to disagree. I do agree with your assertion that Rice has a lot more upside than some of the other teams in the second half of the rankings. I absolutely love the freshman pitchers, and if those guys click as I think they might and a few other young players mature quickly, I could see Rice being an Omaha team. Upside is great; it's just not the same as having experienced, talented players who have proven themselves, like the Owls have generally had during their CWS seasons recently. This team has a few guys like that, but not as many.

    Jeff Sullivan (Belchertown MA): Where does UCONN SS Nick Ahmed project to go in the draft? Top 3 rounds?

Aaron Fitt: I think he's got a real chance to do that — scouts up there love the guy. Very underrated player — great athlete, good actions at short, nice line-drive bat.

    Beavis (Laguna Niguel, CA): Which team in the #15-25 range do you see with the most upside? I would go with Rice - given the pitching upside and depth of hitting surrounding Rendon. Thoughts?

Aaron Fitt: I think that's fair. I do think Baylor, Cal and Arizona have intriguing upside, also.

    Sam (Greenville, NC): After the tough season East Carolina experienced last year do you see the Pirates turning it around this year? We have alot of talent and experience back in the bullpen but some questions offensively. What do you make of the 2011 Diamond Bucs?

Aaron Fitt: I think you hit it on the head — experience on the mound, but some question marks in the lineup. Freshman shortstop Jack Reinheimer is really a key guy — I got some good reports on him while doing my recruiting research, and it sounds like he could really stabilize their shortstop situation, which was the team's major weakness last year. Whitehead is a dynamic player, and I expect a bit year from Wooten. I think that's a solid regionals team with a chance to be a top 25 team, but I don't see it as a regional-hosting club at this point.

    Jeff Sullivan (Belchertown, MA): Better RHP, Jack Armstrong or Alex Meyer?

Aaron Fitt: Tough one... I'd probably go with Meyer, but there's a real variance of opinion on that one.

    Jeff Sullivan (Belchertown. MA): Who is your pre-season freshman POY? Wilson, Gausman, Ragira, Whitson, Covey?

Aaron Fitt: Hmm... You've got the right names, I think. Also really like Stanek and Vanegas. I'm going to hold back my freshman of the year prediction until our Crystal Ball segment, which usually comes out right before opening day.

    Greg (Glendale, CA): How close are the Bruins to the Gators? If it came down to a 3 game series for the title, who would be the favorite between the two?

Aaron Fitt: In a three-game series, it's really tough to bet against Cole and Bauer. I do think Florida is a more complete team, however... can I call this a push? I think it's pretty close between those two teams — those two were a clear cut above the rest of the pack, for me.

    uva fan (virginia): Great previews, but I'm curious as to how you came up with the projected lineups. As far as I've heard, there are several spots still up for grabs for the Cavs. Inside info?

Aaron Fitt: The projected lineups are subject to change — they are mostly based on information we gathered from coaches in December, when they had an entire fall practice upon which to base their assessments. But position battles are inevitable — for instance, I don't know if Bruno or Taylor is going to be the starting shortstop, and I don't know if UVa does, either.

    Andrew (Sacramento, CA): Hello Aaron. Did Fresno State receive any consideration for BA's preseason top 25, and if not, what are the reasons?

Aaron Fitt: Yes, I like Fresno — looks like the team to beat in the WAC, with Hawaii not too far behind. Should be a pretty offensive team, with power guys in the middle (Jordan Ribera, Dusty Robinson) and a great catalyst at the top (Danny Muno). Looks like a deep pitching staff too, although it lacks front-line guys. I like Benny and Poytress in the bullpen — has a chance to really shorten games.

    Noah (Boone, NC): Is there any team you like as a high-upside boom/bust team? The sort of squad that could go to Omaha if everything breaks right or finish at .500 if things don't work out?

Aaron Fitt: Interesting question... Georgia is the obvious answer. That junior class was extremely balleyhooed coming in but has not done a whole lot in two years, but the talent level is there. Can Michael Palazzone and Cecil Tanner throw strikes? Will Chase Davidson rescue his career? — which probably means having a junior year similar to what Kevin Patterson did last year. Can Peter Verdin and Zach Cone live up to their potential? Very exciting team on paper, but scouts who saw them this fall came away disappointed again. Stay tuned...

    Andy (Baton Rouge, LA): The top 3 teams look to be in the SEC East this year, but how do you see the SEC West shaking out this year?

Aaron Fitt: Pretty wide open, I think. I'd give LSU a slight edge because of its strength up the middle (really like Nola/Hanover combo and Mahtook, obviously), but I'm very intrigued by that young, talented Arkansas team, too. Don't overlook Ole Miss — should be a solid lineup of grinders with some pop and some athleticism, and the Rebels are convinced they have upgraded their pitching in the offseason. I need to see guys like David Goforth and Austin Wright do it in the spring before I really buy in, but I do really like their bullpen. And Auburn is still a factor too, although the Tigers lost a ton from last year. I could see any of those four teams winning that division.

    Pat (Chicago): Very thorough job with the write up. I was (pleasantly) suprised to see Tulane in your top 25. Which Pitcher and which position player have the most pro potentional for the Wave? Thanks.

Aaron Fitt: Tulane's the team we're maybe out on a limb the most on, considering the CUSA coaches voted that team to finish fifth in the preseason poll, which was released today. But I really like that group of sophomore position players — expect them to continue to get better. I think that team is well designed to succeed with the new bats — it's an athletic lineup with good defensive talents and line-drive hitters, rather than mashers, and it's a very experienced pitching staff filled with guys who throw strikes (plus a future stud in Randy LeBlanc). LeBlanc is certainly the best prospect on that team — read my recruiting notebook from this fall for my thoughts on him. The lineup isn't filled with elite prospects, just a bunch of good baseball players, but I'd probably go with Garrett Canizaro as the top prospect in that group.

    BL (Bozeman, MT): Hi Aaron, thanks for the chat! The Big East: one-year wonder as a power conference, or real improvement?

Aaron Fitt: Last year was a great year for the league, obviously, and this year could be just as good or better, even with Louisville maybe taking a step back. UConn moves into Louisville's spot as a legit Omaha contender — an extremely talented team — and St. John's looks like a very solid regional team. I think Louisville will be back in regionals too — that looks like a three-bid league once again this year. South Florida should also be a factor, although I feel like I say that every year and I'm always disappointed... Still, the Bulls have a good one-two punch in Fontanez and Barbosa, and the makings of a decent lineup.

    Rob (NJ): I remember in the late 1990's - early 2000's when Rutges and Notre Dame used to battle it our for the Big East title. Any chance those 2 make a run this year in the conference?

Aaron Fitt: Back to back Big East questions — the North must have that college baseball fever I was talking about! I don't see either of those teams being major factors this year, just because the teams at the top are so strong. Rutgers should be solid though; I foresee struggles for Notre Dame.

    BL (Bozeman, MT): Aaron, has living in Orange County, a true college baseball hotbed, changed any of your ideas or perceptions of the game from a big picture standpoint?

Aaron Fitt: Believe it or not, I already had the utmost appreciation for West Coast baseball, and I suspect that will continue.

    Billy (Hattiesburg): I know this is discussion about the top 25, but how far down the list is Southern Miss and what do you think about their chances of repeating as Conference Champs?

Aaron Fitt: Southern Miss is another team in that 26-35 group, for me. Obviously you have to like the bookends for that pitching staff (Todd McGinnis and Collin Cargill), plus guys like Vollmuth and Brunty in the lineup. I think there are some holes, but I do think that's a solid regionals team. I think this is a comeback year for CUSA after a dismal 2010; I think four or five teams will get regional bids this year (Rice, Tulane, ECU and Southern Miss, with UCF as the sleeper).

    Rodney (Austin): What do you expect from the horns this year with return starters Taylor Jungmann and Cole Green??

Aaron Fitt: Texas is going to be very, very good at run prevention. As usual.

    Reed (Houston, Texas): What do you think about Baylor's pitching staff this year? A lot of young arms need to have a big role for them.

Aaron Fitt: I love Logan Verrett at the front, and Brooks Pinckard is an electric closer at the back. In between, Josh Turley is going to be a star, and it's going to happen this year — mark my words. When I started researching the Top 25, I was frankly surprised by how much I like Baylor's team this year.

    Bill (North Carolina): Out of sleeper teams in ACC, who do you see making a run? Wake, Duke, BC, Maryland?

Aaron Fitt: I think Maryland is the closest thing to a sleeper in that group. All of those teams seem to be in rebuilding mode, at least for this year, but I think Maryland should be the most improved of that group.

    Peter (Charlotte): Aaron, do you legitimately see Florida as a championship contender this year? While there is no denying their talent in the field, I question if their Friday & Saturday SP's are championship caliber. Year after year it seems like top heavy staffs win out over depth. A guady regular season record is nice. But Omaha's what it's all about... I see teams like Texas, UCLA, Vanderbilt or even CSF as a better tournament team than UF. Thoughts?

Aaron Fitt: Great question — I like your logic. Although, while last year's national champion had a pretty good one-two punch in Cooper and Dyson, the real strength of that team was its bullpen, and Florida's bullpen will be comparable this year. Plus there's no reason guys like Johnson, Randall, Panteliodis can't be as good as Cooper and Dyson — and that's not even talking about Whitson, who has the talent to make a Matt Purke-like impact. Bottom line, I think you're selling Florida's pitching short. They don't have Cole-Bauer or Jungmann-Green, but their weekend guys are plenty good enough.

    John (Charlotte, NC): Aaron, great job on the top 25. A couple questions on the Big South. Coastal Carolina finished 2nd in the RPI last year, I'm assuming they just missed the top 25? Also, how far out do you see a much improving Liberty squad under Jim Toman?

Aaron Fitt: Liberty's a real nice sleeper — that name did appear on my Top 25 worksheet. Decent lineup led by the Breams and Conor Glassey-fave Michael Robertson, although they'll be counting on 4-5 junior college transfers to hit the ground running. And very intriguing power arms in that pitching staff, led by mega draft sleeper Blake Forslund, who has run his fastball up to 98 in the fall. I think that's a regionals-caliber team.

    Mark (Louisiana): Which mid-major team do you think may make some noise this season that in the past hasn't?

Aaron Fitt: I'm really high on Tennessee Tech, but that's a team that has won 30-plus games three straight years and been to a regional, so I don't know that it meets your criteria. It's been a while since Loyola Marymount has done anything, but I believe that will be a good club that could compete for the WCC title, though USD is the front-runner again. Keep in mind, LMU finished in last place last year — I think that team qualifies!

    Scott (Fort Worth): Aaron, We're very much looking forward to the season for TCU, but how much will the departure of Todd Whitting affect the Frogs play, and will the new young coach Tony Vitello be able to step into his enormous shoes at the assistant coaching position?

Aaron Fitt: The Horned Frogs replaced one of the nation's best assistants with another of the nation's best assistants — Tony Vitello is really outstanding.

    Scott (Fort Worth): Aaron, What are the chances TCU finally becomes a national seed this year? And are the Frogs and Longhorns on yet another collision course?

Aaron Fitt: Could see both as national seeds, and thus, not on a collision course until Omaha.

    Bob (Chicago): How is it that Rivals has Coastal Carolina 19th, and BA has them NR? Do the two "authorities" have different benchmarks that they use?

Aaron Fitt: Rankings are inherently subjective, sir. Kendall does a great job, and the announcement this week that Yahoo! is getting out of the college baseball business was a real shocker — just a shame for anyone who cares about college baseball. But Kendall is one of the hardest-working guys in the business, and he has a passion for the game — I am confident he'll carry on elsewhere.

    DEANintheYAY (San Francisco): Looking at Fullerton's schedule we should see very quickly how good they are. Playing 3 AT TCU and 3 AT LSU should be a great gauge. What do you expect from Fullerton this year and just how dominant will Noe be?

Aaron Fitt: I love that schedule — the Titans never back down with their scheduling, and I think it's awesome. Noe Ramirez vs. Matt Purke is one of the best pitching matchups on the calendar this spring. As for what I expect from Fullerton, read my capsule!

    Doug (Connecticut): Aaron, thanks as always for always answering the quick ones on Twitter. I am excited for Husky baseball this year. Chances that a NorthEast team, not normally known for baseball, can surprise and make a series run at the CWS title?

Aaron Fitt: Don't think a UConn Omaha run would be too much of a surprise, considering we've got the Huskies ranked ninth, and only 8 teams go to the CWS! But I get your meaning — it's been more than two decades since a Northeast team has gone to Omaha, and it would be a really big deal, I think. Can't say enough about the job Jim Penders and his staff have done building up that program — scouts up there rave about UConn's ability to identify raw talents (like Springer and Barnes were in HS) and turn them into real prospects.

    Ryan (LA, CA): Alright, let's get this one out of the way now since you'll get it every week of the season. Which is the best conference in the country? Looks like it's the Pac-10.

Aaron Fitt: You are correct, sir! Best conference in 2011.

    John (Ashburn, VA): Aaron: Last year, lower-tiered Division I teams like Florida Atlantic held their own against the big guys. Any similar teams this year who could make a strong run for Omaha?

Aaron Fitt: Really like Florida International's club, and I'm high on Kent State, as usual. I think FAU's got a shot to be pretty good again, too.

    Ryan (LA, CA): Do you have any concerns about the lack of left-handed pitching in the UCLA bullpen? Beacom has been erratic in the past and the only other lefty down there is Holt, who's never pitched in college.

Aaron Fitt: Yes — that's a big reason UCLA's bullpen only got a 55 (lower than other teams in that part of the rankings scored for their bullpens). That looks like UCLA's most glaring flaw, to me.

    Tedo (Da U): Talking about Miami freshmen, do you see Shane Rowland eventually winning the starting spot at catcher? Can Rowland hit? and do you think Dale Carey moves to RF with his arm and speed and Palaez moves to DH?

Aaron Fitt: I've gotten great reports on Rowland, and I would not be at all surprised for him to force his way into everyday playing time this year. I do think he can hit — he's a scrappy dirtball type, but got a good lefthanded swing. Carey is pretty raw yet, and I suspect his routes aren't as good as Pelaez's, though that's just conjecture on my part.

    Gabe (Seattle): Was Washington State in the mix? It seems like nobody ranks them and then the last two years they end up on top of the Pac 10. What do you think of the Cougars this year?

Aaron Fitt: You are right — Washington State has surprised me each of the last two years. That coaching staff does a really terrific job — can't say enough about the job they do; it's not easy to win there in a conference filled with perennial powerhouses in warm weather climates. Washington State is one of the most hard-nosed teams in college baseball every year, and that's all Donnie Marbut. I do like their club again this year, but I have some concerns. They must replace a veteran shortstop (Vucinich) — can Cody Bartlett handle that move? Chad Arnold and Adam Conley have a chance to be a great one-two punch, but will Arnold be healthy? He's going to miss at least four weeks with bone chips in his elbow, and it's hard to know how that will affect him. Plus it's just a really, really competitive conference, and I just plain don't like WSU more than the six Pac-10 teams we have ranked in our top 20.

    Joe LeCates (Easton, MD): Aaron, you have replaced Neal Huntington, who ya got at #1 when June rolls around?

Aaron Fitt: Anthony Rendon. But I really couldn't fault him for taking Cole or Purke.

    Thomas Murcko (Mercer, Pa): Does Penn State ever have a chance of becoming a good program within the big ten, and do they have any major league prospects?

Aaron Fitt: Sure; I actually like their recruiting class this year, led by righty Austin Urban, who has a quick arm. Their facilities are outstanding — there's no reason they can't compete with the rest of the programs in that league in the future. Don't know about this year, though...

    Brent (Tempe, Az): What type of expectations do you have for Arizona State's pitching staff in the Pac 10?

Aaron Fitt: It's hard not to like Brady Rodgers and Mitchell Lambson at the front and back, and Jake Barrett has superstar potential. I just wonder about the Sunday starter spot right now, and the overall depth of the staff.

    landon (Joplin, Mo): Top catching prospects in college for this year's draft? In what part of the draft will they be selected?

Aaron Fitt: Peter O'Brien and Andrew Susac. Both have chances to go in the first round, though I'm a little more comfortable with sandwich round.

Aaron Fitt: OK folks, we've sailed past the two-hour mark, and I've got to get back to work on the College Preview. Hope you enjoyed this chat as much as I did — it's just fun to talk about college baseball! We'll be rolling out tons of College Preview content on the web over the next three weeks leading up to Opening Day, so be sure to check back often. Thanks for all the great questions, and have a great afternoon!