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Diamondbacks Chat with Kevin Goldstein

Moderator: Kevin Goldstein with begin taking your questions at 3 p.m. ET

 Q:  AZZenny from asks:
Does Mike Gosling still have a future in the big leagues?

Kevin Goldstein: Hi everyone. Welcome to my third and final Top 10 chat, and the 29th of 30 (John Manuel wraps things up on Wednesday with the Giants). Before I get going, I just want to speak for the whole BA team when I say thank you for the incredible response to this year's Top 10s. The raw traffic at our website, and the response to these chats have been incredible, and we appreciate your support, and promise to continue to bring you the best minor leagues and prospect coverage throughout the year.

Kevin Goldstein: Gosling definitely still has a future in the bigs, and can compete for the five job in spring training. He started to come around in the second half of 2004, finally healthy from offseason shoulder surgery. His ceiling is as a back of the rotation starter. One scout called him a tweener. Not enough power to be a power pitcher, not enough finesse to be a finesse guy.

 Q:  Bill Mitchell from Tempe, AZ asks:
Kevin - As usual, thanks for doing the chat. I really liked the way Corey Myers was swinging the bat in the AZ Fall League. Is he finally figuring it out? What's his future?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a good pick at all there in 1999. Myers looks at this point to be an org guy, with an outside chance of making it as a bench player. Arizona left him exposed in the Rule five draft, and nobody bit.

 Q:  JB from Cambridge asks:
Thanks for taking some time. How close was Carlos Gonzalez to making the top 10 list? Is he a guy that could really shoot up this list in the future and what is his upside, thanks!

Kevin Goldstein: Gonzalez didn't come too close to the 20, but yes, he is definitely a player who could really shoot up the list. He's as toolsy as it gets in the Arizona system, and just needs repititions, which comes from playing time, which comes from health.

 Q:  Dave from PA asks:
If the D'backs sign Drew, how long until he appears at the BOB? What would that mean for Santos?

Kevin Goldstein: I would think Drew could be shooting for a starting lineup slot by 2007, being conservative. I don't think it would mean much for Santos. Santos may or may not move to 3rd, and there's no guarantee that Drew wouldn't move to to second base, or even centerfield. I have no concrete update on the negotiations at this point, but I'd bet he's playing for an Arizona minor league affiliate on opening day -- so no more Drew negotations questions!

 Q:  Sandy from Durham asks:
I just traded Adriano Rosario to my archrival in my rotiserrie league. Our bench goes 35 deep. I noticed he didn't make your top 10, but something tells me that even though he is older than originally thought he has tremendous talent and I may have made a HUGE mistake. Whats your take on him?

Kevin Goldstein: Ah, but he DID make the top 10! He's Ramon Pena now, and he's No. 9. He does have tremendous talent, no doubt -- but as I wrote, he's gone from advanced teenager to raw 24 year old. Don't rule out him becoming a power closer.

 Q:  rich from michigan asks:
why quentin over jackson?

Kevin Goldstein: An excellent question, and the most common one I've gotten. For the most part, it came down to this. Overall, there's very little different in their offensive projection. I think they'll both hit for average, with Quentin showing more power and Jackson reaching base more. The difference is that Quentin is a plus rightfielder, while Jackson is a subpar (very subpar) left fielder, who probably needs to be moved to first.

 Q:  Tom McCullough from York PA asks:
Kevin: Thanks to all the BA writers for the chats. In 2003 Bill Murphy was crtitiqued as too timid in his first try at AA. In 2004 he had two tries (in the Southern League and in the Texas League). As a starting pitcher prospect, how did Bill Murphy do?

Kevin Goldstein: Murphy's prospect status took a dip in '04. His command went downhill, and for the third straight year, he ran out of gas in the second half. He needs to trust his stuff more, and not worry about painting the corners with every pitch. He's fallen behind some other options in AZ.

 Q:  Eric from Queens, NY asks:
Hey, What do you see for AJ Shappi? I have heard good things about him. Where do you see him in the bigs and when?

Kevin Goldstein: Shappi has great control and a great slider, and could move quickly -- but his lack of velocity prevents him from projecting as an top of the rotation starter. Nonetheless, he's a solid prospect.

 Q:  Greg from Guelph, Ontario asks:
Status of Dustin Nippert?

Kevin Goldstein: So far, so good as he comes back from Tommy John surgery. He's scheduled to return to game action in the second half of 2005, and the track record for TJ's is very good and seemingly getting better every year.

 Q:  Joel Felix from Phoenix, AZ asks:
Who is better: Koyie Hill or Chris Snyder?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, I put Snyder at No. 6 and left Hill outside the top 10, so there's my answer.

 Q:  DiamondbacksGirl from Scottsdale, Arizona asks:
Although he started in extended Spring, Billy Biggs had a very end to his season at AA El Paso. Do you believe that the Diamondbacks see his as any sort of prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: One scout called Biggs "The toughest S.O.B. you'll ever meet". He has good command of average stuff, and could make it to the bigs on confidence and moxie alone.

 Q:  Chris from Seattle asks:
Why would Drew rank ahead of Quentin and Jackson? Is Quentin a big injury risk given his history with the TJ surgery and his AFL injury?

Kevin Goldstein: Drew was the best college hitter in the draft, and if he signs, it's a huge draft for the D-backs, who got two other players who at one time or another were considered first-round picks: Jon Zeringue and Garrett Mock.

 Q:  Jim Skorp from Tempe, AZ asks:
Does Jason Bulger have a chance of being in Arizona any time this season?

Kevin Goldstein: Definitely. When he's on, he's nearly unhittable with mid-to-low 90s heat and a big, power breaking ball. The problem is even at 26, he still has control problems due to an inconsistent release point. He definitely took a big step forward in '04 though.

 Q:  Neily D from Portland, OR asks:
Simple Question...Brian Barden. Major Leaguer or not?

Kevin Goldstein: Fringe . . . maybe. Just lacks the power to be an everyday corner guy.

 Q:  Jorge Salazar from Florida asks:
Do you believe the D-backs have enough "good" prospects to be considered in the top 5 teams in terms of prospect talent? How would the top 5 look like?

Kevin Goldstein: Top five? no. They're somewhere in the middle in my mind. But they've taken a huge step forward over the last few years thanks to some excellent drafts.

 Q:  Aaron Mullen from New York asks:
Kevin, Thanks for the chat. Is Drew really that good that he would be rated #1 even over as good of a hitter as Quentin?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes -- he's that good. I didn't talk to anyone who disagreed with putting Drew at No. 1 when he signs.

 Q:  AZZenny from Paris, TX asks:
What are the chances Marland Williams ever makes the big leagues?

Kevin Goldstein: There's a good chance because of his crazy, ridiculous speed, but he's going to have to become a better hitter, and a more patient hitter, to be an every day player.

 Q:  Not Chris Carter, OF from South Bend asks:
How in the world am I going to make the majors in AZ with the OF prospects ahead of me?! And what is my best defensive position? Am I destined to be another Jack Cust? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: Well, you're not an outfielder anymore, you're a first baseman, so that's that. Carter just ripped in the short-season league and looks like a late round steal early on, but his bat is his only plus tool and Arizona's biggest hope is that he becomes adequate at best at first base.

 Q:  SameOleGee from Glendale, CA asks:
Which Dbacks prospects can I look forward to seeing in the California League this year?

Kevin Goldstein: Righties Garrett Mock and A.J. Shappi, and maybe tooly CF Jerome Milons in the second half.

 Q:  Brian in Mesa from Mesa, AZ asks:
Are there any lower level players that stand out?

Kevin Goldstein: Quite a few really. I've discussed Carter and Gonzalez, but also keep an eye on catcher Orlando Mercado, Jr.

 Q:  Coupon Queen from Jerome, AZ asks:
Is Jarred Ball a future option at CF?

Kevin Goldstein: Probably more of a 4th OF type. Solid tools across the board, but lacks that one outstanding tool to project him as a starter.

 Q:  Joe from Knoxville, TN asks:
Kevin, What viable major league prospects do you foresee opening the season in Double A Tennessee. Any chance that Conor Jackson or Quentin will be there to start the year? Thanks

Kevin Goldstein: Jackson and Quentin are both slated for Triple-A, sorry. That doesn't mean you won't have some good stuff there, including Top 10 players Jon Zeringue, Jaime D'Antona and Matt Chico. Also Drew could get there quickly after signing.

 Q:  Pete from phoenix asks:
why does arizona have the the #1 pick? i thought that it rotated from nl to al, and last yr the padres had the 1st pick when the tigers had the worst record.

Kevin Goldstein: New rules beginning this year. Draft is simply worst to first order from now on -- no more AL-NL flip-flop.

 Q:  Mike Rizzo Alter Ego from Phoenix asks:
Kevin, should I take Justin Upton with the first overall pick in June? How much money would I have to spend to sign him?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm not a scout, nor do I play one on TV. However, based on everybody I've talked to - take Upton.

 Q:  azdad1978 from Chandler, AZ asks:
Is Greg Aquino a long term solution at closer? What about Brian Bruney? Is he a setup man?

Kevin Goldstein: That's to be determined. There are days he has closer-worthy stuff, but he's never really closed a game that meant anything yet, so that will be the big test. Bruney's inability to find anything close to a consistent breaking ball limits him to setup status.

 Q:  Kate from Milwaukee asks:
How close to making the list were Garrett Mock and Russ Ohlendorf? What do they project to be in the majors?

Kevin Goldstein: Mock was #11 so pretty darn close there. Ohlendorf was a little lower down. However, his upside is right there with any of them, but his distance FROM that upside is still pretty immense. He might project best as a power reliever, but he'll stay a starter for now to get innings.

 Q:  Jerry from Cleveland asks:
What happened to Ramon Pena's status as a prospect? He might be a few years older, but could he still be a star or at least a very good starter with his stuff?

Kevin Goldstein: His pure stuff is still as good as anyone in the system. He just needs to get going again.

 Q:  Jake Freehling from Bartlett, IL asks:
With the signing of Shawn Green to an extension this winter and Luis Gonzalez contract running through 2006 (with an option for 2007), it appears there will be only one opening for Carlos Quentin, Conor Jackson, and Jeff Kroeger prior to 2007. How do you see this situation shaking out? Are two of the three destined to spend the next two full seasons at AAA? It seems all three are closer to the majors than that.

Kevin Goldstein: This is also one of the most common questions. I have no idea HOW it will happen, but I would bet that on opening day 2006, Carlos Quentin is in right field, and Conor Jackson is at first base.

 Q:  Cosmo Kramer from New York, NY asks:
What can you tell me about recently drafted outfielders Darryl Lawhorn, Luis Lajara, and Brandon Burgess? Are any of these guys legitimate prospects? Who has the highest upside?

Kevin Goldstein: Lajara is the name that stands out the most for me from that list. He's still very raw, but he has good RF tools with a strong arm and good power from the left side.

 Q:  Tim Minnick from Atlanta, GA asks:
Why is the Diamondbacks' system so bereft of good pitching?

Kevin Goldstein: Many systems are bereft. The Diamondbacks took care addressed this problem pretty strongly in the '04 draft with Mock, Ohlendorf and Shappi.

 Q:  Artie from Long Island asks:
With Quentin & Jackson ahead of him, what's the future for Jon Zeringue ?

Kevin Goldstein: Taking over in left field when Gonzalez' contract is up.

 Q:  Bruce from Bloomington, MN asks:
Kevin, I was wondering what the D'Backs think of Jerry Gil's development?

Kevin Goldstein: Mixed. I got many varying opinions on Gil, but few of them (very few) were good. There's no doubt that he can pick it and throw it with anyone, but the guy just can't hit enough by any measurement. More than one scout wants to see what he can do on the mound.

 Q:  Kirk from New Mexico asks:
Richard Mercado or Miguel Montero? Are either of these guys major league starters, or do they project more as backups?

Kevin Goldstein: two more solid young catching prospects. Mercado has good catch-and-throw skills, but his bat is a question mark, while Montero has a nice, quick bat but a fringe arm. Neither made the top 30, but there are worse catchers out there.

 Q:  Travis Voss from Milwaukee asks:
Any chance of Stephen Drew playing at South Bend if he signs since he hasn't played in a while? Thanks!

Kevin Goldstein: If he did, I think his stay would be VERY brief. Most likely opening destiation would be a California League.

 Q:  Matthias Peters-Kroll from University of Edinburgh asks:
A 27 year old relief pitcher at the number 5 slot...is the D'backs system that lacking in impact arms?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a ton of arms, but remember that Acquino is a converted infielder, so he took awhile to develop. His age and ranking in relation to his age is not a knock on the system.

 Q:  Wally from Maine asks:
Can you tell us a little about Garrett Mock and where you see him spending the most time this summer?

Kevin Goldstein: Mock had a good chance of being a first-round pick before breaking his ankle in his junior year at U. of Houston. He's got a prototypical pitcher's body with a low 90's heavy sinker and a hard breaking ball. I think he'll split time between the d-backs two Class A affiliates in '05

 Q:  Aaron from West Hills, CA asks:
Could Quentin or Kroeger possibly handle CF duties?

Kevin Goldstein: No and No. Kroeger has the speed to play CF in a pinch, but you wouldn't want him there on an every day basis.

 Q:  Armando Benitez from Colorado asks:
Are any of the prominent LHP (Halsey, Gosling, Goocher, Chico) more than just potential back of the rotation fodder?

Kevin Goldstein: Chico was the potention to be a No. 3 type if he can harness his stuff better and develop some more consistent secondary offerings. He received a tough lesson in the Texas League, learning that man cannot live on fastball alone.

 Q:  James from Guthrie OK asks:
Kevin is Doyle, still prospect and why did D'antonia not rate as good as Jackson, and Quentin? He looks to have the best power of the three although Jackson looks like the best overall prospect yours thoughts. Thanks again.

Kevin Goldstein: Doyle is definitely still a prospects, and could bounce right back into the top 10 w a strong recovery. D'Antona has more raw power than either Jackson or Quentin, but he also has some big holes in his swing and probably lacks the range and footwork to stay at third.

 Q:  Brian Daniels from Bonoland asks:
Hey I heard the Gooch was going to give you guys wedgies if you didn't answer his questions. Mine is, Where would Drew be on the top 10 list.

Kevin Goldstein: I don't know who Gooch is, but you should tell him that if he learned how to read, he'd know the answer -- it's right there in the free intro.

 Q:  D. Cornell from Madison, WI asks:
What's your take on Emilio Bonifacio? Prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: Maybe! He's very raw, but his a plus defender with explosive speed. In a perfect world, he could become a Luis Castillo-type, but he's still a world away from that. Would need to GREATLY refine his approach at the plate to reach that status.

 Q:  Corky Palmer from Hattiesburg, MS asks:
Where do you see Jereme Milons?

Kevin Goldstein: He's probably headed back to South Bend. He's a remarkable athlete with power potential whould would be the fastest player in most organizations who don't have Marland Williams. Still VERY raw. Boom or bust type guy.

 Q:  Aaron from West Hills, CA asks:
Was Koyie Hill ineligible for the list? If not about where does he rank and how does he compare to Snyder? Thanks for the chat.

Kevin Goldstein: He's eligible for the list, but fell in the 11-20 range. To repeat the Jim Callis mantro: BUY THE PROSPECT HANDBOOK TO GET THE EXACT RANKINGS! IT'S THE BEST PROSPECT BOOK EVER! BY A MILE! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

 Q:  eric from las vegas asks:
what are your projections and comparisons on antona and sergio?

Kevin Goldstein: D'Antona needs to do what injuries prevented him from doing in '04 -- prove he can hit at the higher levels. With many thinking he'll move to first, he really needs to become a premier offensive player. Santos has the power and arm to play third if necessary, and the Diamondbacks really believe he's on the verge of a breakout year, as the non-throwing shoulder injury that was taken care of through surgery had been bothering him since he was drafted.

 Q:  Chad from Glendale, CA asks:
Is the lack of premium pitching the reason the Dbacks' system is not top 5?

Kevin Goldstein: Lack of overall talent. 1-throught-4 is pretty great, but 6-10 is pretty below average.

 Q:  Mike Olbinski from Chandler asks:
Did you get any indications in your conversations with Dbacks personnel about what they thought about Justin Upton?

Kevin Goldstein: Based on mine and some much more in-depth ones John Manuel had (as documented in a recent edition of Prospect Pulse), Upton would definitely receive strong consideration. He has an incredibly long track record for a high school player.

 Q:  Gerry from Toronto asks:
Josh Kroeger gets no respect, he hits the ball, with power, but is dismissed as a bad ball hitter. Do you not think that at age 22 he has a chance to develop with one more year at AAA? His numbers are great for his age.

Kevin Goldstein: He's certainly taken some steps forward over the past couple of years, but many don't see him as more than a bench player or 4A hitter. As good as his numbers are, he has a long swing and an aggresive approach that was completely exploited in the majors.

 Q:  coloradosunsfan from Denver asks:
Who is your sleeper Dbacks prospect for this year?

Kevin Goldstein: This is a funny answer, but . . . I think it might be Sergio Santos. I think he's on the verge of taking a major step forward. A decision based more on where a player is currently ranked: Jerome Milons.

 Q:  Jake Freehling from Bartlett, IL asks:
Kevin, hi! Love the chat. What is Chris Snyder's ceiling and what is the likelihood of him fulfilling his potential? Thanks for taking my question.

Kevin Goldstein: A good defensive catcher who doesn't hit for much of an average, but has above-average power and plenty of walks. That's a pretty good player, really.

 Q:  Bill from Austin, TX asks:
Hi, thanks for taking the time to chat. Does Brad Halsey have a chance at winning a rotation spot in spring training?

Kevin Goldstein: He does, but it's an outside one. He's more like heading for Tucson and one of the first guys to get the calls for spot starts if needed.

 Q:  Travis Voss from Milwaukee asks:
When does the 2005 Prospect Handbook come out? I haven't heard anything besides it being in March. Thanks!

Kevin Goldstein: It's being printed right now! Buy one! Already ordered one? Buy antother!

 Q:  Ravi Atreya from Tempe asks:
With the exception of Justin Upton at #1, should the Diamondbacks definitely be looking at pitching in the draft?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, with your top picks, a team takes the best players available. Biggest organizational needs are middle infielders and lefties.

 Q:  Ravi Atreya from Tempe asks:
Is Jesus Cota still a prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: Not much of one. Not enough bat as a first-baseman, and quickly getting buried in the system.

 Q:  Benton Quest from Kuala Lampur asks:
Hello, Kevin! I've read that scouts aren't particularly impressed with Josh Kroeger's bat. It seems like only once a decade or so that someone hits .330 with power in AAA at the tender age of 21 and does NOT become a star (Gregg Jeffries, Ben Grieve). What's Kroeger's great hitting flaw? Bat speed? Work ethic? His BBK is mediocre...but the strikeouts aren't unreasonably high at all--unlike, say, D. McPherson or R. Howard. Thanks for your time.

Kevin Goldstein: Bat speed? slow. Work ethic? Has come into question. Power? NOWHERE NEAR that of Howard or McPherson.

 Q:  Simon Boisvert from Montreal, Canada asks:
Kevin, The D-Backs have very good hitting prospects, but they all seem to come with a question mark, especially their defensive position. Are Quentin, Jackson, Zeringue, D'Antona, and Santos sure-fire major league regulars or do you think that only one or two of them will pan out?

Kevin Goldstein: Attrition is normal in any minor league system, and I think expectations are often set way to high. People need to realize that if you take an ENTIRE system and out of it you get one star, a few regulars and a few bench guys in the end, that's really a PRETTY GOOD system.

 Q:  Hugh from Tempe asks:
Why don't organizations trade minor leaguers for minor leaguers more often? I would think some of the pitching heavy organization like the Cubs or Dodgers would be interested in moving an arm for Zeringue or Jackson, and the Diamondbacks intersted also.

Kevin Goldstein: I think it's a matter of team's being conservative when it comes to trading unknown commodoties for unknown commodoties. Nobody wants to risk trading a guy who turns out to be a future all-star.

 Q:  Jody Moulton from Chicago asks:
Hey Kevin, hope all is well! In the Dbacks "state of the organization" page posted today the writer states that Drew would surpass Quentin and Jackson as the top prospect if signed. How so? I've never heard that Drew's bat was anywhere close to Quentin's and that the Dbacks might move him to CF so it's not his D that would earn him the #1 spot. He's also about the same age as Quentin and Jackson isn't he? Any thoughts?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, I'm the writer, so those are my words, and I stand by it. Almost everyone I talked to (Arizona front office folks, tons of scouts, etc.) agreed. Drew has huge upside, if I may sound like Hubie Brown for a moment.

 Q:  Chris from Alamo, TX asks:
Where does Chris Carter's power rank with other farmhands in the AZ system, close to the top, no?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes, VERY close to the top. That's his only big tool, however.

 Q:  Ed Cerulo from Peoria, IL asks:
If YOU were the one making up the BA Top 100 Prospect's List, where would you have Quentin and Jackson?

Kevin Goldstein: In the 20s. Both of them.

 Q:  Matt Coyle from Arvada, Colorado asks:
A few years ago, Koyie Hill seemed to be one of the better catching prospects around. 2003 was a lost year, but he seemed to pick it up again in 2004, and didn't embarrass himself during his limited debut with the D-backs. Has he fallen that far as a prospect, or is Snyder that good? Do you think Hill may split time with Snyder this year? Thanks!!

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think Hill and Snyder will split time this year. Arizona doesn't want to go with two rooks behind the plate, so Snyder and Hill will battle for the starters job in spring training with Kelly Stinnett backing up and the loser heading to Triple-A. Hill is a good contact hitter with developing power, but he could use a more patient approach and his defense still lags behind.

 Q:  aj from cardiff, wales asks:
you said earlier that Conor Jackson is a possible for 1st base. why do you predict the position change, considering he seems a stick on in the outfield corners?

Kevin Goldstein: Based on my discussions with scouts outside the organization, NOBODY like him in left field. Literally, nobody. Looking over my notes on Jackson's defense, I find the words akward, messy, and goofy. That's not good.

 Q:  T. Hicks from Atlanta, Ga asks:
What are your thoughts on OF Alex Frazier and Mike Goss?

Kevin Goldstein: Frazier was one of the few 20-20 guys in the minors last year, so add him to the list (with Milons and the always frustrating Reggie Abercrombie) of tooly outfielders.

 Q:  D. Cornell from Madison, WI asks:
What can you tell me about Miguel Matos and Ricardo Sosa? Both played in Missoula in '04 and did pretty well. Will either guy see playing time in South Bend? Who will make it to the BIGS?

Kevin Goldstein: Sosa is the far better prospect, a Cuban who was originally scouted in a Miami backyard. Big physical guy, good power, good third baseman -- a name to watch at South Bend this year.

 Q:  Chris from Tucson, AZ asks:
Where does Adam Peterson rank as a prospect? Is he ready to seriously contribute to the big-league bullpen? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: He has a chance to earn a mop-up job in spring training, but more likely will go to Tucson to get back on track. Still has a good future.

 Q:  James from Guthrie OK asks:
Hey Kevin I have already bought the prospect book but can you tell me if Lino Garcia is in the Dbacks top 20? Thanks friend. James

Kevin Goldstein: Not in the top 20, or the top 30. Now go buy another copy of the book -- just in case you misplace one.

 Q:  Doug from California asks:
If Jackson moves to 1B (are there whispers of plans to do that by Arizona, or is it simply scout's opinions?), that seems to make the gap between him and Quentin rather large. Jackson wasn't nearly as dominating in AA as Quentin. Or is there more upside to Jackson than I'm seeing in the numbers?

Kevin Goldstein: Again, I think Jackson and Quentin's offensive upsides are almost identical. When I grilled the D-backs on the issue, they insisted there are no current plans to move him off left at this time. But again, nobody thinks he can stay there.

 Q:  Shawn Kohlmeier from Platteville WI asks:
What are the chances of Reggie Abercrombie fulfilling the promise he had a couple years ago? what does he project as right now?

Kevin Goldstein: Low and getting lower every day. His performance in the California League was encouraging on some levels, but the big problem (BBK ratio) remained.

 Q:  Joe from Delaware asks:
How far off the top 10 was Enrique Gonzalez....last year was really his first good season, what is your opinion of him?

Kevin Goldstein: Nobody in the system gained more ground as a prosect that Gonzalez last year, who really blossomed with a move to the rotation. He's a little undersized, but he has bigtime velocity and is a tremendous athlete. Doulbe-A will be the big test.

 Q:  JOE C from LONG ISLAND, NY asks:
Could Conor Jackson or Carlos Quentin get the call up this year or is that a bit far fetched.

Kevin Goldstein: I think both will see a September look at the very least. If Gonzalez isn't ready to start the season, you might get a brief early look at one of them.

 Q:  Doug from California asks:
Where would Frank Black's new solo album be on the list of D-Backs prospects?

Kevin Goldstein: See, if it was Teenager Of The Year, it would be #1. But it's not so probably in the 4-6 range. You owe me an email Doug.

Moderator: That's all folks. Thanks for all the great questions. Big Daddy C himself, Mr. John Manuel, will lord over our final Top 10 chat Wednesday afternoon -- talking about the San Francisco Giants.

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