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Huston Street Chat
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Moderator: Huston Street will be joining us at approximately 4 p.m. ET -- once he's done filming with ESPN, he'll be here.

Moderator: We're currently efforting to find Huston -- he should be with us shortly.

Moderator: Fans - thanks for waiting. We were delayed at practice, but Huston is now here and we are ready to begin.

 Q:  Lamar from Dallas asks:
Huston, after Wednesday's win we heard so much about blowing a save, that getting a win seems overlooked. Since it's you they're talking about, how does that difference really affect you?

Huston Street: I never worried about blowing the save. I knew my teammates would pick me up if I could just get us back hitting with a share of the lead. My ultimate goal was to win the game, whether I get a save a win, or don't pitch at all, that's what I"m concerned with. We won so now we can start all over.

 Q:  Russ from NY asks:
I've followed your Texas career since you arrived there and you've been one great pitcher for three years. How does it feel to have had great success at Texas and possibly win a second national championship in three years?

Huston Street: I've wanted to play for The University of Texas from the day I remember realizing there was a possibility. My three years have been so blessed experiences with winning, personal success, but most importantly great relationships and bonds. Years from now when the trophies and championships fade away, I'll still have my teammates, coaches, and friends to be around.

Huston Street: As far as the championship is concerned, we've been working all season to get this opportunity, now we have that chance and we're going to make the most of it.

 Q:  Wichita Heat from Wichita asks:
These two storied clubs (CSF and Texas) are connected like Kansas and North Carolina in Basketball. Are you showing each other any love?

Huston Street: There is a lot of respect between the two clubs. Any team that makes it to Omaha deserves that respect because they've have earned their way here. Respect aside, both teams are eager for this opportunity, and it will be a battle to the end I'm sure.

 Q:  Mark from Omaha, Nebraska asks:
What are your thoughts on your brothers playing for Texas next year? What positions do they play?

Huston Street: I'm very excited for my two brothers. They are both deserving of the opportunity, and are extremely eager to step foot on campus. Jordon is a pitcher and outfielder, while Juston focuses predominantly on pitching.

 Q:  Josh from Valdosta, GA asks:
Huston, is it safe to say that J.P. Howell gets the start in game one?

Moderator: J.P. has been a leader on the staff all year long, and I'm sure will lead us in to the series tomorrow. Our goal was to win the game Wednesday to set up our rotation for the weekend.

 Q:  Maddie from Omaha, Nebraska asks:
What types of activities have you done so far in Omaha?

Moderator: Omaha is an amazing town with plenty of activities from restaurants, the zoo, movies, but for me it's all about Rosenblatt. We've worked so hard to make it to this place, so any free time I get I spend at the stadium enjoying the games and the atmosphere.

 Q:  David from Austin, TX asks:
What's your favorite restaurant in Austin?

Huston Street: I love food. Therefore I'm pretty easy to please, and there are different levels of food in austin. For every day dining, I'd suggest Waterloo Ice House or Matt's El Rancho. Fancy dinner - go to Gumbos or TruLuck's. Austin has so many great places to dine, but those are some of my personal favorites.

 Q:  Stanford Grad from Stanford asks:
Does Auggie prepare you any differently against a pitching and defense team like CSF? Are you going to play small ball?

Huston Street: Our approach to every game is the same. "Do what's right and do your best." We look at every game as nine separate one-inning battles. We try to win every inning in order to gain and maintain the momentum. At the end the result will take care of itself if we just focus on our roles throughout the game.

 Q:  Just Say N2O from Miami, FL asks:
How does Garrido motivate you to the next level? Does he buy you ice cream cones after each win?

Huston Street: No ice cream cones, sometimes an occasional watermelon. Coach Garrido is a man who commands respect. Every player on our team believes in his philosophies about the game. To have had the opportunity to play for him the past three seasons is the ultimate reward. I feel thankful and blessed for his presence in my life.

 Q:  Jason from New York asks:
Huston, do you expect to sign quickly with Oakland or are you considering returning for another year at Texas? When it comes time to negotiate with Oakland, who are you using as your advisor? Good luck in the championship.

Huston Street: All negotiations with Oakland will begin after this season and hopefully National Championship. The opportunity to play for a great organization is enticing and exciting, but is something I can't begin to consider, only because all of my focus and effort are here with my team, and on this championship.

 Q:  Rock from Nebraska asks:
Why didn't you play third base this year? And also, are you available?

Huston Street: As far as third base is concerned that's pretty easy - I'm not too productive at the plate. Players like David Maroul and J.D. Reininger give our team a much better chance to win. Yeah I'm a pretty available guy, I'm single, my arm is fresh for pitching, I would play third if need be, and here right now chatting.

 Q:  Dan from Miami, FL asks:
How would you say your brothers compare to you at their age? All the best in your pro career - I know it'll be great!

Huston Street: We are all very similar in one regard - competitive. I have all the confidence in the world that Jordon and Juston will succeed in anything they decide to pursue in life. They are hard workers, confident people, who will give their best on anything. I'm very proud to call them my brothers.

 Q:  Laura from Houston, Tx asks:
Huston- Who are you bunking with while in Omaha?

Huston Street: Every road trip I've ever taken in college has been spent rooming with Buck Cody. Along with being my roommate, he's also one of my best friends, and someone that I look up to a great deal. He's a competitor on the field, and a great person to be around off the field. It's relationships like the one he and I have that have made these past three years so special.

 Q:  Daisy Mae from Omaha asks:
Does your youngest brother play any sports?

Huston Street: My youngest brother Hanson is the man. He's plays football and baseball right now, and any kind of household sport you can imagine. Around the house he beats most of us in ping pong, pool, cards. . . Hanson had a rough road with us three as older brothers, but we tell him he's tougher because of it. Like I said he's the man.

 Q:  Jeff from Houston asks:
Now that you will head off to Oakland, who inherits the best closer in college baseball title?

Huston Street: I'm not sure if there is one definite best college closer this year or any year. Last year you had Ryan Wagner, Chad Cordero, and David Aardsma who paved the way. This year at the series I've been to see guys like Will Startup from Georgia, and Chad Blackwell from South Carolina. To say any one of us is better than the next would be doing all the others an injustice. All of us have our role on our team, which is to help our team win. Everyone of those guys have been and will be very good at that role.

 Q:  Josh S. from Emeryville, CA asks:
Huston, Do you throw a changeup or comparable off-speed pitch? How important do you think that will be in order to mke the majors? Josh S.

Huston Street: My change-up is a work in progress. I have thrown it numerous times in games, but my confidence in the pitch isn't quite where I need it to be to call the pitch game ready. As far as continuing on to the next level, you always have to get better. Roger Clemens is "Roger Clemens" because he works so hard every single day to get a little better, and he's never satisfied. That's the approach you have to take in order to maintain success.

 Q:  Brian Daniels from I move around a lot asks:
why did you beat the DAWGS? Good luck, I guess you guys are the Favorites. What was your impression of the strength of the SEC this year? Have you read Moneyball?

Huston Street: The SEC's strength was very obvious in the fact they had nine teams make the tournament, and four of those teams here at Omaha. I have read the book.

 Q:  larry tucker from arlington,texas asks:
it seems you have a pretty good relationship with curtis thigpen. is he your best buddy and how did that come about? are your ready for the show? larry tucker

Huston Street: Curtis and I were roommates our first two years here at Texas, and developed a very strong relationship over these past three years. I spoke earlier about my road roommate Buck, and I could say all the same things about Curtis, along with the other guys like Seth Johnston and Michael Hollimon, who I came to The Unvierstity of Texas with.

 Q:  AT from Houston asks:
Huston, The announcers were saying that Georgia might have scouted your tendencies during the 7th inning Wednesday, when they were waiting for 1st pitch fastballs and 2nd pitch curves. Do you agree and if so, any adjustments needed? (no need to get into specifics :)

Huston Street: My approach to pitching is very simple trust my stuff, and let my teammates play behind me. I have a game plan for every team, but when it comes down to a key pitch, most pitchers are going to pitch to their strengths and not scouting reports, because they can walk off the field knowing they were aggressive with their best stuff.

Moderator: This is Huston signing off. I just want to thank everyone for their time and questions today. I hope I answered everyone's questions to their satisfaction and bid everyone a safe day.

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