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Cal State Fullerton Chat

Moderator: Cal State Fullerton's Kurt Suzuki and P.J. Pilittere will be taking your questions at approximately 11 a.m. ET

Moderator: Hi everyone...P.J. and Kurt are here and ready to go...fire off those questions!

 Q:  Joey S. from Encino! asks:
Great job going 2-0 guys! Are you guys thinking at all about where you were drafted? Or is it all Omaha?

Kurt: It's all Omaha for now. The draft is in the back of my mind. The main focus is winning a national championship and we're sitting in a good position.

P.J.: The focus is definitely Omaha and winning a title because we have all summer to worry about professional baseball.

 Q:  BUBBLES from Downtown Los Angeles asks:
Congrats on the great series so far. My question is, How many "Splaaashes" have you had so far on your trip?

P.J.: None. I'm waiting for you to get here this weekend.

 Q:  JASON LEXTON from baltimore asks:
who were the top 10 toughest pitcher's you guy's faced all year??? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Kurt: 1. Jered Weaver (LBSU) 2. David Percy (Oklahoma) 3. J.P. Howell (Texas) 4. Brett Smith (UC Irvine) 5. Cesar Ramos (LBSU) 6. Matt Campbell (South Carolina) Those are really the toughest (this goes for P.J. too)

 Q:  Titan for Life from Fullerton asks:
Guys, congratulations on another great game last night. Would you rather face Miami or South Carolina tomorrow?

Kurt: It doesn't really matter who we face. I think they're both similiar and they're going to hit. We're going to have to score runs either way, so it doesn't really matter.

P.J.: Obviously, we're in a good position because whoever we do play is going to be thin on the mound. So it doesn't really matter to us.

 Q:  Chuck Egbert from Buena Park ,Calif asks:
Hello fellas..... I just want you to know how proud we are of you guys and the entire team....It's been an amazing year....Would you please comment on the Challenger Little League Clinic you guys put on each year at Goodwin and what it means to the team....I know it means a lot to the kids....

P.J.: It's probably the most special day of our season. We get a chance to appreciate the gifts we have and give back to the guys that support us.

 Q:  Dan from Miami asks:
Kurt - Baseball America rated you as having the best strike-zone judgement in this year's draft. What's your approach, and how'd you develop this skill? Thanks and best of luck in the rest of the CWS and your pro career.

Kurt: When I go up there, I look for one pitch and I don't swing the bat unless I get it. I try not to waste any swings on pitches I'm not looking for. It's all about seeing the ball and not swinging at the ball right out of the pitcher's hand.

 Q:  Pete L. from Lake Forest CA asks:
What type of pitcher is Mike Martinez, your starter for tomorrow's game? Do you handle him any differently than Windsor and Romero? Hook those 'horns in the final!

Kurt: He's aggressive just like Romero and Windsor. He throws strikes with three pitches and has a nasty sinker. The way he comes after hitters is similar to Windsor...he throws a lot of fastballs in the strike zone trying to get ahead in the count. We're just as confident with him on the mound as we are with Windsor or Romero.

 Q:  Mike from Orange asks:
Kurt, your 0-4 performance last night was misleading. It seemed like your second at-bat should have been an HR, but was knocked down by the wind. Did you think it was going out when you connected with it?

Kurt: That's the game of baseball for you. Sometimes things don't go your way. I hit the one ball pretty good and thought it had a chance but the way the wind was blowing it had no chance of going out.

 Q:  Stanford Sux from Fullerton asks:
Are you guys happy to not see Stanford here? Be honest.

P.J.: Of course we're happy. They've ended my season three out of the four years I've been at Fullerton. Without Stanford, though, it's still a challenge because the five other teams left are still pretty spectacular.

 Q:  Wes from Trabuco Cyn CA asks:
P.J., you really seem to be in a zone right now. Tough luck on that scorching liner to 1B against USC and you were all over Cockroft last night -- three or four shots in one AB. How do you feel at the plate (and how's your wrist from that nasty HBP Saturday)?

P.J.: My wrist is fine...just a light bruise. A couple of inches higher and it would have hit me in the face!... I'm comfortable at the plate. I know what to expect here at the CWS and that allows me to relax and be confident.

 Q:  Rich from Northern Ohio asks:
Hey PJ- Just wanted to say that all of us that saw you play here in Strongsville the past couple of summers are really proud of the way you've led the CSF squad... How did that experience help your development??? Hope to see you again this summer in the NY-Penn League.... best wishes to Ricky Romero and Danny Dorn, as well.... Go Titans!!

P.J.: Thanks for following us all season and all of your support! Playing up there kept me on the baseball field and playing the game and helped me learn more about the game.


Kurt: His command has improved a lot since he's come here. He's learning how to stay in control more and not overthrow as much. He's learned how to throw strikes with his offspeed stuff and when things go bad, he's learned how to overcome it and move on....As for Felipe, I haven't really seen him catch a lot this season, so I can't really critique him. But he can really swing the bat!

 Q:  Steve from Placentia asks:
You guys find yourself in the same situation you were in last year, after winning the first two games. Is there anything to learn from last year's loses in Games 3 & 4? Will you or your coaches approach Game 3 any differently?

P.J.: We've learned that being 2-0 is great, but it's not good enough unless you win game 3 or 4. We're definitely trying to get it done in the first game.

 Q:  Aaron from San Francisco asks:
Did you talk to Landon Powell about both being drafted by the A's and do you see yourself in the lineup rotating between catching a DH'ing with him when you sign?

Kurt: I didn't talk to him much, but I introduced myself when we had ESPN interviews. I would love to be on the same team with him. I think it would be a cool deal if we could both rotate between catcher and DH. He's a good player and I'm looking forward to it.

 Q:  amy from costa mesa, ca asks:
PJ, you're my favorite titan! I love how you always keep the team motivated and excited. Will you marry me?

P.J.: I appreciate the offer, but I'm spoken for at the moment. Thanks for the support though.

 Q:  Ali from Mission Viejo asks:
Where the heck is Kevin Costner? He's missing some great baseball!

Moderator: The official "Where is Kevin Costner?" count is now over 30. The rumor is that he'll be here this weekend if Fullerton andor Texas make the championship series.

 Q:  John from Omaha asks:
Both of you share the catching and first base positions, yet we have heard that you are the best of friends. Comment on your on this relationship.

P.J.: As soon as Kurt stepped on campus, we became close. Since through most of our careers, we've shared the role of catcher, that has kept us on the same wavelength in regards to leadership and overall skills.

Kurt: P.J. led me in the right direction when I arrived on campus. It's helped both of us improve on our skills. Now it doesn't really matter since we both play every game and rake!

 Q:  Nick from Louisville, Ky asks:
Congratulations on starting 2-0. If you are forced to have 2nd game how ready do you think Windsor will be? How hard was playing yesterday with that crazy wind?

P.J.: I think if anyone would have a chance to be ready, it would be Jason. He is in better condition than any pitcher on our staff...As for the wind yesterday, it was a definite challenge. Both teams were forced to change their offensive approach, but luckily it was more difficult for Miami than us. We're pretty much a top-half offensive club.

 Q:  Maui from Huntington Beach asks:
You guys were in this same position last year. Is there a difference in your attitude this time around? Has the amazing way you guys bounced back from that heartbreaking 10th inning loss to Pepperdine actually given the team more confidence?

Kurt: No. We knew we could beat Pepperdine all along and our confidence didn't change a bit.

 Q:  Sean from Maryland asks:
What are the biggest differences between this year's Titan team and the past couple World Series teams (2001 and 2003)?

P.J.: I'd say the team personality of this year's club is a lot different than it was in 2001 or 2003. To be honest, we're not as talented as either of those clubs, but our confidence and focus is better than those clubs ever dreamed of.

 Q:  Ma from Torrance asks:
for Kurt-who has been the most helpfull as far as coaches go in your career at cal state, who has provided the most insight as far as catching goes

Kurt: Obviously, Chad Baum has been the biggest part of my catching. Day in and day out, he forced me to work hard on my skills and the catching staff as a whole has been as solid as any in the nation. Coach Vanderhook and Coach Horton worked with my hitting, which has obviously improved a whole lot. Working with Coach Serrano and calling pitches gives me a good feel for what I have to do at the next level to be successful.

 Q:  BOBO from The Third Base Dugout asks:
I wish I had some meaningful question to ask... but, I just want to say how impressed I am with the leadership roles contributed by both of you this year. Great spirit, good hard workplay!

Kurt: Thanks!

 Q:  Dwayne from Oaktown', Cali asks:
Hi Kurt. You are a pretty advanced hitter. Have the A's told you that you will start at Low Class A Kane County or with the short-season Vancouver Canandians?

Kurt: Short-season Vancouver Canadians. No matter where I go, I am going to have fun and try to work my way up the ladder and hopefully get to the big leagues some day.

Moderator: Thanks for all of your great questions! We're going to wrap up a few minutes early so that Kurt can get off to an ESPN SportsCenter shoot with Kenny Mayne. Thanks again!

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