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Nike Baseball Chat
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Moderator: Will Kimmey will begin taking your questions at 2 p.m. ET

 Q:  Mike Marinaro from Tampa, FL asks:
Will, Now that Ole Miss has moved Stephen Head from the bullpen to the starting rotation, where do you rank him amongst starters in the NCAA right now? Do you think he'll be coveted more by pro teams as a positional player or as a pitcher?

Will Kimmey: First of all, it's nice to be here and take your questions. Conference season is in full effect and I think we're going to start seeing some separation, or at least a determination among the better teams.

Will Kimmey: Head's been in that rotation most of the year, and I think the Ole Miss weekend rotation of him, Holliman and Brae Wright (who missed this weekend because of a violation of team rules) matches up with anyone in the country. All those guys throw strikes and are right near 90 mph. As for Head, even though he's pitching well and LHPs are tough to find, I think he'll be more coveted for his lefthanded excellent bat, both average and power. James Loney, a Dodgers prospect, sort of compares in that he's a tall two-way guy whom LA made a nice choice in putting at 1B rather than using him as a LHP.

 Q:  Ryan from Austin asks:
Is this years Texas Longhorn team better than the team the won it in 2002? Will they beat Rice in a three game Super Regional?

Will Kimmey: It's deeper on the mound and maybe through the lineup. I really like the pitching more, with a Huston Street who is two years better and more experienced as well as JP Howell fronting the rotation. Sam LeCure, Kyle McCulloch and Randy Boone have all shown improvement this year and been impressive. The O doesn't have the same sock it did in 02, but the lineup is nine strong, and the bench is better. I think Texas has been my pick to win the CWS for about three weeks now.

 Q:  Dave from maryland asks:
Which of the three Rice pitchers could be taken first either Niemann, Townsend, or Humber?

Will Kimmey: Every week we've always got to stack this stuff up. For a while it looked like Humber had lapped the field. Now Townsend is throwing well and Niemann has been great lately. It's funny, Niemann reminds you of Curt Schilling now, very cerebral with great command of great stuff for a big guy. Townsend is more like younger Schilling. He's a bit wild and emotional, but his raw stuff is just so overpowering. And Humber probably has the best breaking ball of the group. Every one of them has hit 96 mph this year. I think the choice will come down to individual preference of the team picking. Each guy has his own positives and drawbacks. I've been on the Humber bandwagon this year, so I'll stay with the Shark for now.

 Q:  Mike Marinaro from Tampa, FL asks:
Where would you rank South Carolina's Matt Campbell amongst college satrters this season?

Will Kimmey: Among the top 25 best. He's got great control and one of the best curveballs in the country. He's a legit guy who should be off the draft board by the end of round two.

 Q:  Chad Goldberg from Washington, DC asks:
Hi Will- nice job this year. What was the primary rationale for dropping Stanford a spot in the polls one spot and secondly, how big of a factor will RPI be in the selection committee's decision on the ordering of the National Seeds?

Will Kimmey: Stanford has gone 4-2 in league play the last two weeks, and Texas has won eight games ina row overall. It's kind of a cumlative effect rather than a reaction to just one game or one week. We had Texas and Stanford sort of as 1 A and 1 B. The head to head series win (2 of 3 games) by Stanford earlier this year carried some weight, but as that game gets further in the rear view mirror, you look at the two teams. For my money, I think Stanford has one of the two or three best offenses in college baseball. Texas isn't quite that good, but still very strong. Stanford's weak link has been pitching. There's not a dominating guy out there really after Romanczuk, and I think they are a little more thin in that department than the normal Stanford club or this year's Longhorns.

 Q:  Russ from NY asks:
Georgia Tech took the weekend series from North Carolina 2 games to 1, which definitely something to build off. However, two weekends ago, during the Miami series, the radio broadcasters said something about Owings possibly moving to the pen to help the team out during ACC play. He did relieve in the second game of the series against North Carolina. Is Coach Hall going have him still start sometimes, and is it a good move for Owings to pitch out of the pen?

Will Kimmey: To me, Owings moving to the pen seemed like a wakeup call for the whole team. He's arguably the most talented guy in their rotation and for Hall to move him to the bullpen probably put a lot of guys on that talented but underacheiving team on notice. He pitched well out of the pen, so Hall could keep it like that and build off the success. I think you'll see Owings back in the rotation before long however. The message was sent and now the ACC must beware if the Yellow Jackets start playing to theit potential.

 Q:  Jeff from Fullerton asks:
We all know this is a rebuilding year for Fullerton. What are their chances of making a regional if they come in second place behind Long Beach in the big west? I know their record is not too good.

Will Kimmey: Sure, the Titans lost about 10 guys to the draft or graduation from last year's CWS team, and then Dustin Miller to surgery, but coach Horton probably wouldn't let you call it a rebuilding year. He wants his team to be like a Stanford or Texas and be a yearly contender. The rough early schedule might muss up the CSUF record a bit, but if the Titans make a run in the league, and can finish behind Long Beach and Irvine, they should sneak into regional because of schedule strength and a strong finish. That means probably winning two games for all the remaining weekend series. 32-35 wins should get them in.

 Q:  dave from marylad asks:
Right now who is the 2nd best college pitcher to Jered Weaver?

Will Kimmey: You'd have to factor all the Rice guys in there, and Old Dominion's Justin Verlander has the best stuff in college baseball. How about we take Jr. RHP Matt Fox from Central Florida? He's 9-0 to Weaver's 10-0, and has a 1.42 ERA. His teammate, Kyle Bono, has a 1.52 mark.

 Q:  Russell from Austin, TX asks:
Who do you think will win tonight between Texas & Rice?

Will Kimmey: Rice hasn't beated Texas yet this year, and even though the game's in Austin, let me have Rice. I haven't seen the pitching probables yet, but Rice was rained out Sunday and will have a fresh Wade Townsend if coach Graham wants him. Texas meanwhile used midweek starters Boone and McCulloch for at least 4 innings each in that taxing 20-inning game against K State over the weekend.

 Q:  Bill from waco asks:
What will Baylor need to finish in conference to qualify for regionals??

Will Kimmey: The Bears are still under .500 overall, which means they aren't even qualified for the postseasn yet. I think they might have to win the Big 12 Tournament for a bid because their record just isn't going to be pretty unless they can win about 70 percent of their games from here out. They lost a ton of one-run games early this year, but got swept in four series against Long Beach, UC Irvine, Arizona and Vanderbilt. All those teams are regional clubs and Baylor played them close, but the Bears probably needed to win two or three.

 Q:  Anthony Peruchietti from Dearborn Heights, MI asks:
Do you think there are any Big 10 teams that can make it to Omaha?

Will Kimmey: Ohio State made it to the super-regional round last year as an upset special, so there's hope. My pick if there was one this year is Minnesota. The Golden Gophers have aplayed a very tough pre-conference slate, including road trips to Florida and California. Perkins and Loberg give them two arms who could give strong hitting teams some trouble.

 Q:  Randy from Florida asks:
Eric Beattie was highly scouted out of high school and was drafted by the Devil Rays in the '01 draft. What are the chances they will draft him again?

Will Kimmey: Beattie, a RHP at Division II U. of Tampa, likely won't go to the Rays at No. 4 overall, but has a chance if he slips down to the early second round. We have him rated No. 20 among college players, so if you factor in 10-15 HS guys, he could get to the Rays with their second pick, but is more likely to go somewhere late first or supplemental. He has great control of a 93 mph fastball and is pretty advanced with his offspeed stuff as well.

 Q:  WestCoast Seminole from Sunny California asks:
What is up with Stephen Drew? Loads of recent questions about his makeup and questions about why he hasn't played summer ball. Does he project as a major league star?

Will Kimmey: It's really hard to question his talent or bloodlines. Drew had 4 HR and 9 RBIs in two games against Miami this weekend. He's a solid defensive player as well. The hip injury and the fact that Drew has never played summer ball do bring questions from scouts about his makeup and health. Talent-wise he's the best college position player in the draft and I can't see those questions keeping him from going in the first 15 picks.

 Q:  Lance from Florida asks:
Who is the best team in the Northeast Conference this year? I know Central Connecticut was good last year then gets boat raced by ASU in thier regional? Who will come out of that conference for the playoffs?

Will Kimmey: We've got a few questions about who I think will make regionals, and I want to point you all to the college index page, where we predicted the entire field last Friday. We had Central Conn. State getting the bid in the Northeast Conf. again.

 Q:  Walt from Chicago asks:
Will, please give us all a legitimate reason why Notre Dame continues to be ranked in the Top 10, despite currently having a middle-of-the-pack RPI (#33) and playing one of the weakest schedules in the nation (with almost no difficult road games)? I know the NCAA is desperate for getting one or two northern teams into the CWS, but this appears to be blantantly unfair treatment.

Will Kimmey: If the NCAA does have a quest to get specific teams to regionals, we aren't in on the agenda and it doesn't factor in the poll. Teams can't help geography, which is a big factor in conference play and midweek games. Notre Dame played tournaments in Florida, Calif., and Texas early on against Florida Atlantic, Southern California, Arizona, Minnesota and Texas Tech. RPI is a great tool, but it's not the only one. The Irish have a deep lineup and solid pitching, things that bode well for success down the road.

 Q:  Travis from Rochester NY asks:
Mahoney from Clemson hit 100 MPH last week. Is there any other piycher in the country with that kind of arm?

Will Kimmey: ODU's Justin Verlander for sure. He's at 99 almost every outing as a starter. Mahoney's going to be an interesting draft because he does have that unworldly ability to reach triple digits, but also hasn't even been pitching for a year and needs to keep working on his command and slider. Someone probably takes a risk on his arm strength among the top 50-60 picks, but it's sort of a Colt Griffin thing where the team must be patient and confident in their development plan.

 Q:  Anthony Peruchietti from Dearborn Heights, MI asks:
What is the health status of Huston Street and do you think he can get to the Majors as fast as Chad Cordero and Ryan Wagner did last year?

Will Kimmey: His groin seems to have tempered down a bit, but I don't claim to be an expert evaluator of that region. He pitched an inning or so in that 20-inning game. Like Wagner and Cordero, Street will be pretty close to a finished product on draft day, meaning there's little he can learn or gain aside from humility and life expereince in the minors. His stuff isn't comparable to Wagner's really, maybe closer to Cordero. Street's not a big tools kind of guy because of his size, but he gets the job done with aplomb. A team that likes that style of prospect likely grabs him in the first 40 picks and could have him in the majors by season's end.

 Q:  DeWayne Harper from Richland, Washington asks:
Long Beach State has had the pitching the past few years but not been able to get out of the regional. It appears they finally have some offense to go with their pitching and defense. Do they have enough to get to Omaha?

Will Kimmey: The offense opened up this past weekend as the Beach tallied at least 13 runs in three games at Northridge. Still, this is a scrappy offensive club that will scrape together just one more run than Jered Weaver and Cesar Ramos allow. That's good enough to get them to 23-8 thus far. The Beach can get to the CWS with those two arms, especially because a guy like Weaver can basically give them a 1-0 edge in any series. The key will be the super-regional round. The Dirtbags got paired up with Stanford last year in that round, but I figure they should be good enough to earn a top 8 national seed this year and the NCAA won't make them go through Palo Alto to get to Omaha.

 Q:  WEG from NY asks:
Come on, Will, regarding your earlier response...Head, Holliman and Brae Wright may be the best rotation in the SEC, but to say they match up with anyone is taking it a bit far. Are you really going to tell us they rank with Rice's Big 3 of Neimann, Humber and Townsend.

Will Kimmey: You're right. No team matches up with that Big Three. I sort of took that as a given. I should have said Ole Miss' guys matchup with anyone in the SEC.

 Q:  Will from NorCal asks:
Some polls rate UC Irvine as high as #7 in the nation, are the Anteaters really that legitimate?

Will Kimmey: We rank Irvine No. 14. The Eaters have played a really strong schedule and won plenty of games, including two against Long Beach State already, thought Jered Weaver didn't pitch in either of those. He'll see the Eaters this weekend in college baseball's series of the week. Irvine is very similar to Long Beach, a pitching and defense team led by juniors RHP Brett Smith, whose a legit top 3 round talent in the draft, and LHP Glenn Swanson, who rang up 11 K's Saturday. So. Chris Nicoll has also been strong. Look for some 2-1, 1-0 games there. Irvine is legit and could be an upset special in the tournament with its ability to shut down offenses with its starters and closer Blair Erickson, who leads the nation in saves.

 Q:  Mike from Tempe Arizona asks:
Jason Urquidez looks dominant here at ASU, what are his draft prospects? His curve looks "big league"

Will Kimmey: He's not a huge draft guy but more a successful college pitcher because his fastball tops out near 90 mph. He's been really good this year at times (beating Rice), but also pedestrian in other games. Top 10 rounds isn't a bad estimate for him.

 Q:  Tommy from Upper Saddle River NJ asks:
who are the premeire closers in this draft?

Will Kimmey: Stephen Register at Auburn ranks atop the list. He's slender at 6-1, 162 but can bring it. Huston Street is in the mix as well, along with Collin Mahoney. Two college starters who I think will become closers, Ross Ohlendorf of Princeton and Justin Orenduff of Virginia Commonwealth could both go in the first 35 picks. Register rates right near them.

 Q:  Justin from St. Louis asks:
Much is heard about LHP's Jeremy Sowers, J.P. Howell, and David Purcey--all having great seasons. Who are some other top LHP's in college baseball with brightful outlooks in this upcoming draft?

Will Kimmey: There are about five questions about LHPs in the queue, so this goes out to all of the southpaw lovers in the joint. Sowers and Purcey top the list, followed by Minnesota's Glen Perkins, Texas A&M's Zach Jackson, S. Carolina's Matt Cambell. Those are your draft eligible guys. Other top lefties include Cesar Ramos (Long Beach), Brae Wright, JAson Meyer (A&M), Romanczuk, Wade LeBlanc (Alabama), and I know I'm leaving some guys out.

 Q:  Tyler from Knoxville, TN asks:
Will, when will Tennessee start receiving the recognition they deserve? 17th after a 4-0 week and sweep of Georgia at Athens? They are 29-5 and first in the SEC. They deserve to be higher. Whats the deal?

Will Kimmey: We say only 16 college baseball teams on the planet are better. That's not well deserved recognition? I think it is. Tennessee is a very good club, but hasn't yet hit the meat of its SEC schedule, and has lost series to both ranked teams it has played thus far (Miami and Auburn). I like what the Vols have done thus far without Luke Hochevar. We'll see exactly where they stand after upcoming series with Mississippi, South Carolina and LSU--all teams rated ahead of them in the polls.

 Q:  Terry C. from Virginia asks:
Jered Weaver's stats are reminiscent of Mark Prior's dominance while at USC, but some scouts say that Weaver is not as polished as Prior was at the same age. What is your opinion of Weaver's potential at the MLB level?

Will Kimmey: His numbers and command are, but Weaver;s fastball isn't as good as Prior's nor is his curveball. Prior is a legit No. 1 while Weaver is more likely a No. 2 or 3. But he could be better than his brother, and some think he already has better stuff than Jeff.

 Q:  walt from Chicago asks:
Will, to answer your question re. tonight's UT vs. Rice match-up. Coach Graham skipped Neimann this past weekend (after using him as the closer in Wednesday's game against Houston) in order to have Neimann start against the Longhorns this evening. I agree that with Townsend pulled after going only 7 IP on Saturday, he'll be available to close out for his roomie, if needed. Big, big game for the Owls, as UT has now won 4 straight this season after Rice swept Texas four games last season (including 2 in the CWS). You gotta love these intrastate rivalries!

Will Kimmey: Yeah, so I totally bonked again. Mean Nienmann, not Townsend. Same difficult task for Texas. My bad.

 Q:  Greedy Vandy Fan from Nashville asks:
I realize that Vanderbilt hasn't been to the NCAA tourney in a dog's age (if ever) and I should be thankful with that, but what would it take for the Dores to host the first round? A road sweep of LSU? SEC tourney championship? The planets aligning?

Will Kimmey: The Commodores have a nice staff and making the NCAA would be a huge step for the program in its second year under Tim Corbin. I think that's almost locked up. To host, you need to be one of the nation's best 16 teams or so, and I think Vandy is among the top 25 but not quite a host yet. So get your charts of interstellar gravitational pull out.

 Q:  Ben from Arizona asks:
UVA is having a great year...how good is there Friday night starter Dobies (lhp). A polished college lefty in a good conference seems like he would be drafted in the top 3-5 rounds. What are people saying about him? They also have another good player...Reynolds (SS). Are both guys thought of highly?

Will Kimmey: Dobies is your typical finesse lefty. He gets a lot of swing and misses with his cutter. That alone should make him a very likely major leaguer, at least as a LH setup guy if not better. He's a 3-5 pick. Reynolds impresses with his stick, though he's probably not the quick athlete most people envision as a SS. But he can play there, and with all the offense in the game now, some team will give him a chance to prove he can't. He's got to be as good as Chris Woodward, who plays SS for the Blue Jays.

 Q:  Tim from Santa Ana, CA asks:
Do you think Long Beach State's jump into the top 5 is warranted? I feel they're a bit overrated due to the strong offensive showing last weekend against a weak Cal State Northridge pitching staff.

Will Kimmey: Over rated isn't the word I use, but I do see a gap between the nation's top three or four teams and the rest. Miami, Long Beach, Mississippi and South Carolina are the next teams into the fray after the very elite. Someone has to be No. 5, we can't not have a gap in the poll there and who's been more solid this year than Long Beach, which hasn't lost a three-game series in seven chances this year. There aren't many other teams in the nation that can claim that.

 Q:  Ben from Arizona asks:
With the success of last year's closer being drafted high (Cordero, Wagner, Aardsma)...people must be talking about William Bray at William & Mary...plus he is a lefty??? Thanks for these chats.

Will Kimmey: They absolutely are. Scouts like his heat that's near 94 mph. He's a guy that factors in as a reliever.

 Q:  Don from College Station asks:
Just was wondering why you guys didn't include Jason Meyer from A&M on your Freshman All America team? He has better stats than all the other pitchers and pitches on Friday night in the Big 12.

Will Kimmey: Meyer has started just three games, so he counted as a reliever and UC Irvine's Blair Erickson leads the nation in saves as a freshman. I'm sure you realize that these teams have some highly competitive spots on them when you can only pick on guy at most per position, so plenty of very worthy players didn't make the cut. It's a numbers thing, and doesn't diminish their stature.

 Q:  Casey from Austin asks:
Why has J.P. Howell of the Longhorns been getting so little pub this year? He has the same number of wins as Humber and Townsend and more than Niemann, a better ERA (1.98 to 2.68) than Niemann and one that compares with Townsend and Humber, and all of this is against superior competition. Howell has pitched against Rice, Stanford, Fullerton, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State so far this year. He has 2 complete games and one shutout (the only Rice pitcher who has either is Humber) and a save. What gives?

Will Kimmey: I wrote a feature on Howell three weeks ago. It's on the Web site.

 Q:  Todd from College Station asks:
Do you really think the NCAA will make A&M go to Florida? Rice can't come close to the money A&M puts on the table for a regional. Where is the rational for making the Ags travel all that way?

Will Kimmey: Answers are geting quicker here; we're running long on time.

Will Kimmey: It's not a slight to A&M as it is just the Aggies poor luck to be the third best team in a state that probably gets two host sites. A&M has a great facility and would be a fine host, this is just a guess based on logistical reasons that necessitate two Florida sites.

 Q:  James Hewitt from Jackson Miss. asks:
What do you think is going on with LSU? Do you think that they were overly hyped this year. It seems everybody that they play good, they barley sneak by.

Will Kimmey: No, LSU is still solid in my book. I think Arkansas just caught them at the right time and out-slugged them. Don't jump off any cliffs in Baton Rouge, the Tigers have solid arms in Meier and Dirks even though each struggled last weekend, and should score enough runs to get back to Omaha.

 Q:  Ryan from Richmond, Va asks:
How was East Carolina's Trevor Lawhorn, Ryan Jones, and Greg Bunn get left off the mid-season all-american team. Trevor is batting .333 15hr's 35 rbi's. Jones is batting .416 13 doubles 11 hr's 35 rbi's. Greg Bunn is 6-0 with a 2.15 era and a 6715 strikeout walk ratio. I think at least one or more of these guys is deserving.

Will Kimmey: We talked about this before. There are a lot of great guys who didn't make the list. It's a numbers game, not a slight. The hardest omission was Lawhorn, who as a sophomore still has to compete with the nation's leading hitter in Warner Jones at 2B. Also, be aware that the teams were picked and released before Lawhorn went off again over the weekend to push his HR total among the national leaders.

 Q:  Anthony Peruchietti from Dearborn Heights, MI asks:
Do you think it is possible for Jeff Larish to slide towards the middle of the 1st round in the draft due to his recent struggles? If so I would love for the Royals to draft him!

Will Kimmey: He could. His numbers before last night's game were ugly: .186 (8-for-43) against lefties, 2-for-8 with bases loaded, 15-for-60 with runners in scoring position (.250), 12 K looking. His confidence and swing aren't the same as they were last year. His draft prospects are suffering.

 Q:  TechFan from Atlanta, Ga asks:
What is the word on Jason Neighborgall?? He has thrown very few innings this year and has a tremendous amount of walks. Is he still hitting over 100 like on the cape? Most would think that he may never figure out his command issues.

Will Kimmey: The command would conjure a Rick Ankiel comparison, but Neighborgall never dominated in the majors like Ankiel. He's simply lost his feel and it seems like his confidence. He's got some very outrageous stats as far as and IP, BB, WP, It will be hard for him to break out of mental issues if he keeps being limited to 1 inning relief stints. Seems like he needs to be able to throw five or six innings at a time for continuity's sake.

 Q:  chris from tinley park, il asks:
How far do you think East Carolina can go this year-is a super regional possible? And any word on Brody Taylor-he didn't seem himself his last start and didnt start the previous weekend? thanks

Will Kimmey: One start is one start, anyone can be off one week. The Pirates have a nice offense with the Lawhorns, Jones and first baseman Ryan Norwood as well as a very solid pitching staff. This is a nice 2 seed to expect to make super regionals.

 Q:  Rick from Dulles, VA asks:
I've seen a few stories touting BJ Szymanski from Princeton. Is he a legit first round pick in this year's draft, and does he project as a five-tool starting OF in the majors?

Will Kimmey: He absolutely does. All five tools are legit. I've heard comaprisons to Rocco Baldelli and he looks a lot like Alexis Rios. He's hitting better than .400 right now.

 Q:  Jeremy from Virginia asks:
University of Richmond is obviously a bit down this year, but Jim Fasano is having a great season, where do you see him going in the draft?

Will Kimmey: He's got better than average power, but no other plus tool. Someone will love that he can turn 95 mph fastballs into homers and take him in the top 10 rounds.

 Q:  Mike from Hammond, IN asks:
When will Brian O'Connor and the Virginia Cavaliers get some respect? They sweep Georgia Tech and Clemson, have the second most wins in the country, and they're only ranked #23.

Will Kimmey: This isn't to bash Mike, but to remind everyone who tries to play the respect card that it's just another way to cry over your team's ranking. We respect every team in the country so long as they don't start ridiculous fights or throw at batters. The poll isn't a matter of respect, but a ranking of teams. Sweeping Ga. Tech and Clemson are meritorious, but neither of those teams are even in the Top 25. The Cavaliers are in first place in a league that's having a down year. Being in the top 25 is just about on par with that team's talent. The Cavs have three or four very solid pitchers and the same number of very solid hitters. The rest is a tribute to coach O'Connor's getting that team to play hard each week.

 Q:  Kiley McDaniel from Orlando, FL asks:
Now that UCF has cooled off, losing 2 of 3 to A-Sun rival FAU over the weekend, what are their chances of winning the A-Sun title, or possibly getting an at-large bid should they lose the A-Sun? And, assuming they make it in a #3 or #4 seed, are they a dangerous sleeper team to watch, like a Princeton?

Will Kimmey: UCF's the best team in that league. The Golden Knights should win it, but if they don't an at-large bid is reasonable. I think UCF will be a No. 2 seed, and very dangerous no matter the seeding because of the potential of Bono and Fox to toss two shutouts in your face.

 Q:  Scott from NC asks:
How do you see Conference USA playing out this year? Could they host 3 regionals?

Will Kimmey: I think Tulane will win, followed by Southern Miss and then ECU. Tulane and USM could host, with ECU a strong No. 2 seed.

 Q:  Dane Whiteside from Chicago asks:
Where can I find the results from the Top 25 "others receiving votes?

Will Kimmey: There are no others, just 25. And never any ties.

 Q:  Brad from Austin asks:
Is "Dirtbags" a nickname for the Long Beach State 49ers ?

Will Kimmey: Yes.

 Q:  Jesse Striff from California asks:
How do you feel about Ryan Braun from Miami? Does he project as a future 1st rounder?

Will Kimmey: He's not a SS at the next level. His bat is very solid, but Braun's more a top 5 rounds guy.

Moderator: Thanks so much for all of the questions. Mr. Kimmey will return two weeks from today as the Road to Omaha continues.

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