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Facts and figures from day one

By Kevin Goldstein
June 7, 2004

Number of players selected on Monday: 551
Number of college, high school or junior college players: 549
Number of players announced as 'no school' because they were kicked off their high school team: 2
Number of players selected out of Florida, Texas or California: 200
Number of pitchers taken in the first ten picks: 8
Last time eight of the first ten picks were pitchers: 1987
Average career wins of the "1987 Eight": 48
Pick with which the first outfielder was selected: 21
Number of previous drafts in which the first outfielder went that low: 0
Number of teams to select no high school players on day one: 2 (Arizona, St. Louis)
Number of high school players taken by the Dodgers in their first six picks,
in their first draft with new GM Paul DePodesta: 4
Number of picks Landon Powell improved his standing by, compared to 2003: 709
First player announced as "second baseman" when drafted: J.C. Holt (Atlanta)
Number of innings played in the infield by J.C. Holt (above) this season at Louisiana State: 0
Number of previous first overall selections smaller than Matt Bush: 0
Number of Rice pitchers taken in the first eight picks: 3
Number of pitchers from all other WAC schools taken in the first 18 rounds: 1
Ratio of players drafted out of Sonoma State University to those drafted from No. 1 ranked Miami: 2:1
Number of Owings brothers picked before Micah, who has yet to be selected: 1
Number of times Tommy Lasorda referred to the hometown of one of the 20 Dodgers selections as "majestic", "beautiful", "picturesque" or "lovely": 20