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2004 Draft: Bonus Bonanza

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  • Top 20 Bonuses Ever
    From Borchard to Guthrie

  • Evolution Of The Bonus Record
    The free agent snafus of 1996 created bonus numbers that may not be seen again for decades.

  • First-Round Bonuses From 1989-1997
    Ben McDonald received $350,000 as the No. 1 overall pick 15 years ago. By 1993, no first-round pick received less then that figure.

  • 1998 Bonuses -- First 100 Picks
    As the 97th overall pick, the Yankees gave Drew Henson a cool $2 million

  • Bonuses, first 10 rounds
       1999 Josh Hamilton, Josh Beckett and Eric Munson all topped the $3 million mark
       2000 Bonuses dip, other than Joe Borchard's record-breaking $5.3 million
       2001 At least $4 million for each of the first five picks
       2002 Made famous in "Moneyball"
       2003 For the first time since 1999, no bonus tops $4 million