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2004 Major League Draft Order
Twins gain four extra picks

By Allan Simpson
May 17, 2004

The Twins will be the biggest beneficiaries of draft compensation in 2004, with five picks before the start of the second round. Besides their own selection, 20th overall, the Twins get four additional picks for losing lefthander Eddie Guardado (Mariners) and LaTroy Hawkins (Cubs) through free agency.

Minnesota gets the first-round picks of the Mariners (22nd) and Cubs (25th), as well as two supplemental picks after the first round.

The order of selection for this year's draft includes 11 compensation picks, all for Type A free agents lost after the 2003 season. The Athletics, White Sox and Yankees also will get two supplemental picks.

Teams receive compensation in the form of draft picks based on the free agents they lose, according to the rating system established by Elias Sports Bureau: a Type A free agent ranked among the top 30 percent of major leaguers at his position, a Type B free agent ranked among the top half (but not the top 30 percent) of major leaguers at his position, and a Type C free agent ranked among the next 10 percent of major leaguers at his position.

A team that loses a Type A free agent gets the first-round pick of the team that signs the free agent and a supplemental pick after the first round. A team that loses a Type B free agent receives only the signing team's top pick.

In both cases, a team selecting in the first half of the draft rotation cannot lose its first-round pick. Such a team would instead lose its second-round pick. The Yankees, for instance, are due compensation from the Padres for David Wells, but they'll get San Diego's second-round pick because the Padres pick first overall.

2004 Draft Order

1. Padres11. Pirates21. Phillies
2. Tigers12. Angels22. Mariners
3. Mets13. Expos23. Astros
4. Devil Rays14. Royals24. Red Sox
5. Brewers15. Diamondbacks25. Cubs
6. Indians16. Blue Jays26. Athletics
7. Reds17. Dodgers27. Marlins
8. Orioles18. White Sox28. Yankees
9. Rockies19. Cardinals29. Giants
10. Rangers20. Twins30. Braves

Compensation Picks

First Round
22. Twins (from Mariners for Eddie Guardado)
23. Yankees (from Astros for Andy Pettitte)
24. Athletics (from Red Sox for Keith Foulke)
25. Twins (from Cubs for LaTroy Hawkins)
28. Dodgers (from Yankees for Paul Quantrill)
29. Royals (from Giants for Michael Tucker)
30. Rangers (from Braves for John Thomson)
Supplemental First Round
31. Royals (for Raul Ibanez)
32. Blue Jays (for Kelvim Escobar)
33. Dodgers (for Quantrill)
34. White Sox (for Bartolo Colon)
35. Twins (for Guardado)
36. Athletics (for Foulke)
37. Yankees (for Pettitte)
38. White Sox (for Tom Gordon)
39. Twins (for Hawkins)
40. Athletics (for Miguel Tejada)
41. Yankees (for David Wells)
Second Round
42. Yankees (from Padres for Wells)
49. Athletics (from Orioles for Tejada)
53. White Sox (from Angels for Colon)
63. Royals (from Mariners for Ibanez)
69. White Sox (from Yankees for Gordon)
Third Round
83. Blue Jays (from Angels for Escobar)