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  1. 1. Jackson Chourio | OF
    Jackson Chourio
    Born: Mar 11, 2004
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'1" Wt.: 165
    Signed By: Fernando Veracierto/Luis Perez.
    Minors: .288/.342/.538 | 20 HR | 16 SB | 400 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 70/High

    Track Record: Chourio was one of the elite international prospects for his year when the Brewers made him the centerpiece of their class, signing him out of Venezuela for $1.8 million on Jan. 15, 2021. He put together a solid pro debut in the Dominican Summer League in 2021 before skyrocketing through the system in 2022. After starting the season in extended spring training, Chourio joined Low-A Carolina in May and crushed the level. He drew a promotion to High-A Wisconsin at the end of July before reaching Double-A Biloxi in September as an 18-year-old. He then played winter ball in the Venezuelan League. His younger brother Jaison is a promising outfield prospect in the Guardians' system who spent 2022 in the Dominican Summer League.

    Scouting Report: Chourio has a dazzling array of tools and skills as a power-speed threat at a premium position. He's an explosive player whose quick-twitch athleticism is evident at the plate and in the field. Chourio snaps the barrel through the zone with outstanding bat speed, enabling him to drive the ball with impact to all fields. For a teenager who still has considerable strength gains to realize on his lean, athletic frame, the ball flies off his bat with surprising carry, especially to right-center field. He's flashing plus raw power now with a chance to hit 30-plus home runs in a season. Chourio is an advanced pure hitter for his age, too. He manipulates the bat head well, enabling him to consistently find the sweet spot, square up different types of pitches and smoke balls the opposite way. His strike-zone judgment is solid for his age, particularly given the caliber of pitching he faced in 2022 as an 18-year-old, though he will need to tighten up some of the chase tendencies he showed. Chourio is a plus-plus runner who goes home to first in 4.1 seconds, and his body type suggests he should be able to hold that speed into his prime years. As an amateur, Chourio split time between shortstop and center field, with a lot of time at shortstop. He had an issue with his right elbow, though, and that played into the Brewers' decision to move him to center field during his pro debut in 2021, with a handful of games at second base. He's a full-time center fielder now who looks natural at the position. He plays shallow at times and goes back well on balls. He takes good routes in every direction, drawing projections to be an average to plus defender. Chourio at his best will flash an average arm, though given the history with his elbow, the Brewers have cautioned him to be judicious with his throws and just hit the cutoff man, so it often plays below an average arm in games.

    The Future: Chourio looks like a franchise cornerstone with a chance to be Milwaukee's version of Ronald Acuña Jr. Even a conservative timetable would put him in the big leagues when he's 20 in 2024, and he could get there as a 19-year-old in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 60. Power: 70. Speed: 70. Fielding: 55. Arm: 50

  2. 2. Sal Frelick | OF
    Sal Frelick
    Born: Apr 19, 2000
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'9" Wt.: 175
    Signed By: Ty Blankmeyer.
    Minors: .331/.403/.480 | 11 HR | 24 SB | 492 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 55/Medium

    Track Record: Frelick developed from an undrafted Massachusetts high school infielder into one of college baseball's most exciting and polished center fielders when the Brewers drafted him 15th overall out of Boston College in 2021 and signed him for $4 million. He raced through the system in his first full season, playing at three levels to reach Triple-A Nashville. His strikeout rate decreased and his slugging percentage increased after each promotion.

    Scouting Report: Frelick is an elite athlete with a smaller 5-foot-9 frame and outstanding hand-eye coordination. He drew nearly as many walks as strikeouts in 2022 and posted an 11% strikeout rate, including a microscopic 7% in Triple-A. He goes with where the pitch is located, spraying balls on the outer third to the opposite field and turning on pitches inside with his quick, compact swing geared for line drives. While he's an aggressive hitter, he doesn't chase too much and has the bat-to-ball skills to square up balls even when he does expand. Frelick isn't a power threat but isn't an empty singles hitter either, with a chance for 10-15 home runs, especially as he learns which pitches to try to turn on for damage. A 70 runner on the 20-80 scale with a fringe-average arm, Frelick has good range and instincts in center field, especially for a player who hasn't been a full-time outfielder for long. He projects as an average to plus defender in center field.

    The Future: As a potential plus-plus hitter who can play up the middle but lacks big power, Frelick has a chance to develop into a tick above-average to plus regular in center field. Frelick should open 2023 in Triple-A, though If he keeps hitting there like he did in 2022, he could make his major league debut early in the season.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 70. Power: 40. Speed: 70. Fielding: 50. Arm: 45

  3. 3. Joey Wiemer | OF
    Joey Wiemer
    Born: Feb 11, 1999
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'5" Wt.: 215
    Drafted/Signed: Cincinnati, 2020 (4th round).
    Signed By: Jeff Bianchi.
    Minors: .256/.336/.465 | 21 HR | 31 SB | 484 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 55/High

    Track Record: During his college years at Cincinnati, Wiemer stood out for his size, athleticism and tools, but he hit just .264/.379/.408 in three seasons with an unorthodox swing. The Brewers drafted Wiemer in the fourth round in 2020, signed him for $150,000 and watched as he quickly proved to be a bargain. After an outstanding pro debut at the Class A levels in 2021, Wiemer again posted big numbers in 2022, slumping in June and July with Double-A Biloxi before an August promotion to Triple-A Nashville, where he flourished.

    Scouting Report: Wiemer is big, strong, outlier athlete, especially for his size at 6-foot-5. He has 70 raw power on the 20-80 scale and has been able to get to his power more frequently in pro ball than he did in college. Wiemer could develop into a 30-home run hitter in the big leagues, though he will have to keep his strikeouts in check. He has toned down some of the moving parts in his swing from college, but he's still prone to over-swinging and has to better adjust to offspeed stuff and become a more selective hitter. He posted a 27% strikeout rate in 2022, though he cut it down to 20% in Triple-A. Wiemer has surprising wheels for his size with plus speed, which is why he has spent time in center field and could be a physical defender in center field along the lines of Jason Heyward. More likely--especially given the other prospects in the system--Wiemer will play more in right field, with an 80 arm and a chance to be a plus defender there.

    The Future: There's still a wide range of outcomes for Wiemer, but after Jackson Chourio, he has arguably the highest upside in the Brewers' farm system. He likely opens 2023 back in Triple-A but should make his major league debut during the season.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 30. Power: 70. Speed: 60. Fielding: 55. Arm: 80

  4. 4. Brice Turang | SS
    Brice Turang
    Born: Nov 21, 1999
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 175
    Drafted/Signed: HS--Corona, Calif., 2018 (1st round).
    Signed By: Wynn Pelzer.
    Minors: .286/.360/.412 | 13 HR | 34 SB | 532 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/Medium

    Track Record: Turang was a celebrated high school star who fell to the Brewers at No. 21 overall in the 2018 draft. He has touched every level of Milwaukee's system and spent 2022 in the Triple-A International League, where he was one of five players 22 or younger to qualify for the batting title. Turang ranked top 10 in the IL in hits, runs, stolen bases and walks.

    Scouting Report: There's nothing flashy about Turang, who doesn't have one spectacular tool but is an athletic middle infielder and steady offensive performer. He recognizes pitches well, controls the strike zone and has good bat-to-ball skills with a flat swing geared to hit line drives around the park and also a low swing-and-miss rate in the zone. His Triple-A strikeout rate jumped from 15% in 2021 to 20% in 2022 as he focused on trying to do more damage in the air, with the tradeoff resulting in 13 home runs that more than doubled his previous high of six from 2021. Turang's offensive game will always center around his on-base skills more than his below-average power. Still, his max exit velocity has peaked at 110 mph, and he could one day hit 10-15 home runs. Evaluators most bullish on him believe he could surprise beyond those levels. A plus runner, Turang's defense has improved to the point that he is at least an average defender at shortstop, where he has good body control, instincts, hands and footwork to go with an average arm. With the composition of their major league roster, the Brewers also gave Turang some time in center field and second base, where he has a chance to develop into a plus defender.

    The Future: Turang already has played 175 games at Triple-A, but the Brewers have Willy Adames locked in at shortstop and Kolten Wong for one more season at second base, so there isn't an obvious opening for Turang. He has the skills to handle shortstop but could end up as Wong's replacement.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 55. Power: 40. Speed: 60. Fielding: 50. Arm: 50

  5. 5. Garrett Mitchell | OF
    Garrett Mitchell
    Born: Sep 4, 1998
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'3" Wt.: 215
    Drafted/Signed: UCLA, 2020 (1st round).
    Signed By: Daniel Cho/Corey Rodriguez.
    Minors: .287/.377/.426 | 5 HR | 17 SB | 251 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/High

    Track Record: The coronavirus pandemic cut short Mitchell's junior year in 2020 after he hit .349/.418/.566 the previous season for UCLA. The Brewers drafted him 20th overall in 2020, and while injuries have limited his playing time as a pro, he made his major league debut in 2022 at the end of August.

    Scouting Report: Mitchell has unusual size, athleticism and tools. He's a powerful, explosive 6-foot-3, 215 pounds and catches infielders off guard with elite speed. If everything clicks, Mitchell could be a power-speed threat, with raw power in batting practice that grades out at least plus and the ability to make some of the hardest contact in the organization. The question is whether Mitchell will be able to evolve his swing and approach to ever tap into that power. He uses a choppy, downhill swing geared to slap the ball and use his wheels rather than drive the ball in the air for damage. Mitchell has made some tweaks to his setup, but his swing path and attack angle prevent him from hitting for power. He has solid patience, but his strikeout rate--26% in the minors in 2022--is also on the higher end, especially without accompanying game power. Mitchell's speed translates to elite range in center field to go with his plus arm, giving him the attributes to be an at least plus defender. A leg injury limited Mitchell in 2021 and an oblique injury caused him to miss time in 2022, so he will have to prove his durability.

    The Future: If Mitchell is able to unlock his power in games, he has the upside to significantly outperform expectations. There's considerable risk that he's able to do so, but his defensive ability in center offers a safety net in the event he is able to hit enough to warrant everyday play at the bottom of a lineup.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 45. Power: 50. Speed: 80. Fielding: 60. Arm: 60

  6. 6. Jeferson Quero | C
    Jeferson Quero
    Born: Oct 8, 2002
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 165
    Drafted/Signed: Venezuela, 2019.
    Signed By: Reinaldo Hidalgo.
    Minors: .286/.342/.439 | 10 HR | 10 SB | 367 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/High

    Track Record: Signed out of Venezuela for $200,000 in 2019, Quero quickly proved to be one of the top international catchers any team signed that year. The pandemic prevented him from playing in 2020, but he had a strong pro debut in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League in 2021, though he separated his left shoulder and had surgery after the season. In 2022 he took another step forward, reaching High-A Wisconsin as a 19-year-old at the end of the season. Quero was one of just six teenage catchers to bat at least 300 times in full-season ball and was then one of the youngest players in the Arizona Fall League.

    Scouting Report: Quero earns glowing reviews for his defense. He has soft hands, receives the ball well and is adept at blocking with his quick, athletic and agile movements. He has a plus arm and a quick release, recording occasional pop times under 1.9 seconds on throws to second base to erase 29% of basestealers during the regular season and 11 of 24 (46%) in the AFL. Quero has the high baseball IQ, attention to detail and energetic leadership style that managers and pitchers appreciate. He projects to be a plus defender, but he's not an empty bat either. Quero has good bat control and contact skills when he's swinging at pitches in the strike zone, though he will need to develop a more selective hitting approach. He has average bat speed with an aggressive, slasher approach geared for line drives. But he has a chance for average power, though it might play below that level because of his approach.

    The Future: Quero stands out in an organization otherwise thin on catching. He has the potential to be a league-average regular behind the plate, with a chance for more depending on his offensive growth. He's likely to return to High-A Wisconsin to open 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 55. Power: 45. Speed: 40. Fielding: 60. Arm: 60

  7. 7. Jacob Misiorowski | RHP
    Jacob Misiorowski
    Born: Apr 3, 2002
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'7" Wt.: 190
    Minors: 0-0 | 5.40 ERA | 3 SO | 7 BB | 2 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 55/Extreme

    Track Record: The Brewers drafted Aaron Ashby out of Crowder (Mo.) JC in the fourth round in 2018 and he became their No. 1 prospect entering the 2022 season. They drafted Misiorowski from the same school with their second-round pick in 2022, and his $2.35 million bonus topped that of Milwaukee first-rounder Eric Brown Jr., a shortstop out of Coastal Carolina who signed for $2.05 million, for the highest in their draft class.

    Scouting Report: Misiorowski is an extremely tall, gangly pitcher with outstanding raw stuff. He sits in the mid 90s, touches 101 mph and might end up consistently living in the upper 90s once he packs on more strength to his 6-foot-7 frame. In one short-burst outing during instructional league, Misiorowski didn't throw a fastball under 99 mph. It's a power pitch that plays up even more because of his extension. The carry on his fastball helps him miss bats when he attacks hitters up in the zone. Misiorowski's slider is a wipeout pitch, flashing as a 70 on the 20-80 scale. Misiorowski was primarily a two-pitch guy before signing, but he has a good curveball that he shelved in college and some evaluators think can be plus. He rarely uses his changeup but that pitch shows promise as well, though it's often misidentified as a two-seamer in the low 90s. The major risk Misiorowski presents is his well below-average control. In his draft year he walked 45 batters and hit 11 others in 76 innings for Crowder. After signing, Misiorowski walked seven and hit another one of the 14 batters he faced in 1.2 innings for Low-A Carolina. His control was better during instructs, but his high-effort delivery makes it difficult for him to throw strikes.

    The Future: Misiorowski's premium stuff gives him the upside to be a front-end starter, but his control troubles make him an enormous wild card, with a chance he ends up in the bullpen.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 70. Curveball: 60. Slider: 70. Changeup: 45. Control: 40

  8. 8. Tyler Black | 2B/OF
    Tyler Black
    Born: Jul 26, 2000
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'2" Wt.: 190
    Signed By: Pete Vuckovich Jr.
    Minors: .281/.406/.424 | 4 HR | 13 SB | 231 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/High

    Track Record: At Wright State in 2021, Black hit.383/.496/.683 with 39 walks and 25 strikeouts and became the 33rd overall pick in the draft. He showed off his on-base skills in his first full season with High-A Wisconsin in 2022 until July, when he made a diving catch in center field and fractured his scapula, ending his regular season. He went to the Arizona Fall League but that too ended prematurely when he broke his thumb sliding into second base.

    Scouting Report: Black is the most disciplined hitter in the Brewers' farm system. He's extremely patient, works deep counts and rarely chases outside the strike zone. With a setup at the plate reminiscent of fellow Canadian Joey Votto, Black makes frequent contact with a quick swing. He keeps his hands inside the ball well and maintains an all-fields approach, enabling him to turn on balls inner third or use the opposite field when pitchers attack him away. Black's swing path is geared for low-trajectory line drives and there are times when he could try to be more aggressive trying to swing for extra-base damage, but his power ultimately grades as below-average. Black is an offensive-oriented player in search of a defensive home. He's a good athlete and a slightly above-average runner whose footwork, range and below-average arm make him below-average at second base. He also plays center field and should continue to see time in the outfield. But at any position he's probably always going to be below-average. Black also had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder in 2020, so his durability bears monitoring.

    The Future: If Black can squeeze out more extra-base juice and become an adequate defender somewhere--or possibly a bat-first utility player--he has the components to be an everyday player with high on-base percentages. He should move up to Double-A Biloxi in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 55. Power: 40. Speed: 55. Fielding: 40. Arm: 40

  9. 9. Eric Brown | SS
    Eric Brown
    Born: Dec 19, 2000
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'0" Wt.: 190
    Minors: .268/.385/.454 | 3 HR | 19 SB | 97 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/High

    Track Record: Brown had a big summer in the Cape Cod League in 2021, hitting .282/.375/.476 with five home runs as a rising junior. The following spring with Coastal Carolina, he hit .330/.460/.544 with seven homers, 39 walks and 28 strikeouts in 57 games. The Brewers drafted him in the first round at pick No. 27 overall and signed him for $2.05 million. Brown spent the majority of his pro debut with Low-A Carolina.

    Scouting Report: Brown has a tool set that projects to grade out around average across the board. Scouts highest on Brown are drawn to him for his advanced feel for hitting and consistent offensive track record. He does it with an unorthodox swing, starting his hands above his head and away from his body, then using a long, swinging leg kick to load his swing. On his own, he tweaked his setup after signing, moving his hands back behind his head and dropping them down a bit to create a simpler move into his hitting position. Even with the more exaggerated setup, Brown showed a knack for being on time and barreling balls in game with a high contact rate and solid sense of the strike zone. If Brown can drive the ball in the air more often, he could end up with average power. A tick above-average runner, Brown should continue to develop at shortstop. He has good actions to stick in the dirt, but his arm is average at best. He likely ends up getting pushed off the position by a better defender, with a chance to stick at shortstop but with second base or third base as potential landing spots.

    The Future: Some scouts see Brown as a utility player, but his contact skills and solid tool set could be good enough for him to develop into a regular somewhere in the infield. He's advanced enough to open 2023 in High-A Wisconsin.

    Scouting Grades: Hitting: 50. Power: 50. Speed: 55. Fielding: 50. Arm: 50

  10. 10. Robert Gasser | LHP
    Robert Gasser
    Born: May 31, 1999
    Bats: L Throws: L
    Ht.: 6'1" Wt.: 190
    Signed By: Kevin Ham.
    Minors: 7-12 | 3.94 ERA | 172 SO | 52 BB | 137 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Medium

    Track Record: Gasser pitched for New Mexico in 2018 and transferred to pitch at Houston in 2020, but the pandemic ended that season early. His stock soared in 2022 as he showed more velocity and sig- nificantly improved performance, prompting the Padres to draft him in the second round and sign him for $884,200. In the midst of Gasser's first full season of pro ball, the Brewers acquired him in the trade deadline deal that sent Josh Hader to San Diego.

    Scouting Report: Gasser throws a 50/50 mix of fastballs and offspeed stuff, mainly relying on his fastball and slider. Pitching from the third base side of the rubber, Gasser isn't overpowering, sitting at 89-93 mph with the ability to reach back for 95. His low-80s slider is his most effective pitch, a tick above-average offering around 2,600 rpm that sweeps across the zone with 15 inches of horizontal break to miss bats against lefties or righties. He'll mix in a shorter cutter as well to try to get soft contact against righthanded hitters. Gasser's average changeup comes in firm off his fastball in the mid 80s, but it has good movement with 18 inches of horizontal break, giving him another weapon against righties. Gasser has generally shown good control, though his walk rate spiked when he got to Triple-A.

    The Future: Gasser has the stuff and control to project as a back-end starter. He likely opens 2023 back in Triple-A, but he could be an early callup option if a big league opportunity opens.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 50. Slider: 55. Cutter: 50. Changeup: 50. Control: 50.

  11. 11. Robert Moore | 2B
    Robert Moore
    Born: Mar 31, 2002
    Bats: S Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'9" Wt.: 170
    Minors: .248/.343/.392 | 3 HR | 7 SB | 125 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/High

    Track Record: Moore bypassed the draft out of high school and enrolled early at Arkansas for the 2020 spring and was off to a strong start as a 17-year-old before the pandemic ended the season early. After an outstanding 2021 season, Moore looked positioned to be a first-round pick in 2022, but instead he hit .232/.374/.427 in 65 games. The Brewers drafted him in the supplemental second round with the 72nd overall pick and signed him for $800,000.

    Scouting Report: Moore is small but has an outstanding baseball IQ, which is no surprise as the son of former Royals president Dayton Moore. A switch-hitter with an aggressive swing, Moore's performance dipped in 2022 but he didn't have a high strikeout rate, lending optimism for him to bounce back. Moore had no trouble catching up to good velocity, but several scouts thought he got too pull-oriented in an attempt to show he can hit for power, rather than maintain an all-fields approach. His offensive game should center more around his OBP skills, with power for 10-15 home runs. An above-average runner, Moore's defensive game didn't slump. He's an instinctive second baseman who has a chance to be an above-average defender with an average arm. He should see time at shortstop as well, but his future is at second base.

    The Future: The underlying skills are there for Moore's offensive game to rebound from his 2022 performance. If that happens, Moore could develop into an everyday second baseman who offers value on both sides of the ball.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 50. Power: 40. Run: 55. Field: 55. Arm: 50.

  12. 12. Luis Lara | OF
    Luis Lara
    Born: Nov 17, 2004
    Bats: S Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'9" Wt.: 155

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/Extreme

    Track Record: As an amateur in Venezuela, Lara wasn't getting much attention early in the scouting process as a slender 5-foot-6 outfielder. The Brewers have been as aggressive as any team in Venezuela and watched him develop into an explosive athlete with impressive game skills, and signed him for $1.1 million when the international signing period opened on Jan. 15, 2022. He drew more excitement after making his pro debut in the Dominican Summer League.

    Scouting Report: Lara is a quick-burst athlete with a sweet swing from both sides of the plate. It's a short, quick swing with good rhythm and timing. He has strong bat-to-ball skills with a 12% strikeout rate in the DSL and a solid grasp of the strike zone for his age. Lara is small but he isn't a slap hitter, and takes aggressive swings with good bat speed from both sides of the plate with exit velocities up to 108 mph. Some scouts question his future power because of his size, while others think he could hit 20 homers in the big leagues. He's a 70 runner on the 20-80 scale with a quick first step and good range in center field, where he has a solid-average arm.

    The Future: A potential tablesetter at the top of a lineup who can play a premium position, Lara has been an arrow-up player and the most exciting Latin American signing in the system beneath the full-season level. He should make his U.S. debut in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League, though time at Low-A Carolina by the end of the year is possible.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 55. Power: 45. Speed: 70. Fielding: 50. Arm: 55.

  13. 13. Abner Uribe | RHP
    Abner Uribe
    Born: Jun 20, 2000
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'2" Wt.: 200
    Drafted/Signed: Dominican Republic, 2018.
    Signed By: Elvis Cruz.
    Minors: 0-0 | 0.00 ERA | 4 SO | 4 BB | 3 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/High

    Track Record: Uribe was 18 and touching the low-90s when the Brewers signed him for $85,000 out of the Dominican Republic in 2018. By the next year, Uribe reached the mid 90s, and by the end of 2020, he reached 101 mph. Uribe made two appearances in 2022 before missing the rest of the regular season to have left knee surgery for a torn meniscus, though he returned for the Arizona Fall League and the Brewers added him to their 40-man roster after the season.

    Scouting Report: Few pitchers in the world can match Uribe's raw velocity. The relief prospect regularly operates in the upper 90s, consistently touches triple digits and has hit 103 mph, though some scouts have said Uribe's fastball is more hittable than the radar gun readings might suggest. Some of that might stem from poor fastball command. Uribe is a high-energy pitcher with an aggressive, up-tempo delivery he's still learning to corral, which leads to poor control. He throws a slider with power in the upper 80s and has shown improvement to flash as an above-average pitch. Uribe has a changeup but it's rare for him to throw one.

    The Future: If Uribe can tame his wildness and throw a more consistent slider, he has the stuff to pitch high-leverage innings. If not, he will join a long list of flamethrowers who were never able to translate it into big league success.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 70. Slider: 55. Changeup: 30. Control: 30.

  14. 14. Carlos Rodriguez | RHP
    Carlos Rodriguez
    Born: Nov 27, 2001
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 165
    Signed By: Mike Burns
    Minors: 6-5 | 3.01 ERA | 129 SO | 40 BB | 108 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/High

    Track Record: Rodriguez pitched in junior college at Florida Southwestern State when the Brewers drafted him in the sixth round in 2021 and signed him for $250,000. He has been a pleasant surprise in the system since then, winning the organization's minor league pitcher of the year award in 2022.

    Scouting Report: In a system that's lighter on pitchers, Rodriguez sticks out for the success he's had and his feel for pitching. He pitches at 89-93 mph and touches 95 with good control of his fastball. His best pitch is an above-average changeup at 83-86 mph with a lot of fading action at 17 inches of horizontal break to keep hitters off balance. Rodriguez also throws a fringe-average slider in the low-80s that spins around 2,400 rpm and is an effective pitch at the lower levels but will get tested against more advanced hitters. He dabbles with a low-70s curveball to give hitters another look as well. Rodriguez doesn't have knockout stuff, but his feel for mixing his pitches, changing speeds and moving the ball around the zone has yielded good results.

    The Future: Rodriguez will get his first test at the upper levels in 2023 when he gets to Double-A. There's a split camp among scouts about whether his future will be in a rotation or a relief role, but the upside is there for a back-end starter.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 45. Curveball: 40. Slider: 45. Changeup: 55. Control: 50.

  15. 15. Logan Henderson | RHP
    Logan Henderson
    Born: Mar 2, 2002
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'11" Wt.: 194
    Signed By: K.J. Hendricks.
    Minors: 0-1 | 3.95 ERA | 23 SO | 6 BB | 14 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Very High

    Track Record: Henderson was the NJCAA Division I pitcher of the year as a true freshman in 2021 when he led McLennan (Texas) JC to a national title. His 169 strikeouts led the country and he walked 23 in 97.2 innings with a 1.66 ERA that ranked third in the nation. The Brewers signed him that year for $495,000 as a fourth-round pick. During spring training in 2022, Henderson had an avulsion fracture on his throwing elbow, which required surgery and kept him out of action until August. Henderson ramped up during instructional league to pitch in the Arizona Fall League, but when he felt arm soreness there, the Brewers scrapped those plans and shut him down.

    Scouting Report: Henderson has a compact, 5-foot-11 frame and pitches off a low-90s fastball that can hit 94 mph. The velocity doesn't stand out, but it's a lively pitch with good carry up in the zone. His changeup is a plus pitch with more than 10 mph of separation off his fastball at 78-80 mph. It's a deceptive pitch with late tumble and fade, a swing-and-miss weapon he's comfortable throwing to both lefties and righties. When Henderson returned in 2022, he didn't throw his breaking ball much, but he shows some feel for a slider with slurvy action. Henderson's ability to control his three-pitch mix and use his fastball in all quadrants of the strike zone helps everything play up.

    The Future: Henderson's 2022 campaign raised red flags about his durability. If he's able to answer those questions, he has the stuff and pitchability to project as a back-end starter with a chance for more.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 50. Slider: 50. Changeup: 60. Control: 50

  16. 16. Yophery Rodriguez | OF
    Yophery Rodriguez
    Born: Dec 5, 2005
    Bats: L Throws: L
    Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 175

    BA Grade/Risk: 50/Extreme

    Track Record: When the international signing period opened on Jan. 15, 2023, the Brewers' three biggest signings were a pair of shortstops from Venezuela--Kevin Ereu and Filippo Di Turri--and Rodriguez, an outfielder from the Dominican Republic. So far, Rodriguez looks like the most advanced prospect of the group with his well-rounded skill set.

    Scouting Report: Rodriguez has an athletic frame and was one of the better in-game hitters in the Dominican Republic for his class. He has a selective approach for his age with the ability to recognize pitches and stay disciplined in the zone, which helps him tap into his considerable raw power. He's showing flashes of plus raw power already and should be able to tack on more once he fills out, giving him a good balance of patience and power. Rodriguez isn't a burner, but he is athletic with slightly above-average speed, giving him a chance to at least start his career in center field.

    The Future: Milwaukee's international signings have tilted more toward Venezuelan prospects in recent years, but Rodriguez is one of the most talented players the Brewers have signed out of the Dominican Republic lately. He should make his pro debut this year in the Dominican Summer League.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 55. Power: 55. Run: 55. Field: 50. Arm: 50

  17. 17. Ethan Small | LHP
    Ethan Small
    Born: Feb 14, 1997
    Bats: L Throws: L
    Ht.: 6'3" Wt.: 215
    Drafted/Signed: Mississippi State, 2019 (1st round).
    Signed By: Scott Nichols.
    Minors: 7-6 | 4.46 ERA | 114 SO | 58 BB | 103 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: After having Tommy John surgery in college, Small returned to Mississippi State as a redshirt junior in 2019 to lead the Southeastern Conference in strikeouts and rank second in ERA. The Brewers' first-round pick at No. 28 overall that year, Small reached Triple-A in 2021, but his stock has dropped since then. He started 2022 with an ERA of 0.77 through five April starts and made a pair of major league appearances in May and July, but from June on he had a 6.82 ERA as he struggled with walks and moved to the bullpen at the end of the year.

    Scouting Report: Small pitches at 89-92 mph and can reach back for 95. It's not big velocity, but when Small is at his best, he's able to keep hitters off balance by liberally mixing his plus changeup. He sells his changeup like a fastball out of his hand, then it tumbles underneath bats to rack up whiffs with lots of separation off his fastball at 78-81 mph. Finding a reliable breaking ball has been a focal point for Small, who has made some progress with a slider, though it's still a below-average pitch. Small drew praise for his pitchability coming out of college, but he got into trouble last year because his control escaped him. He walked 13% of hitters in Triple-A, and especially struggled to land his offspeed stuff in the zone. That allowed opponents to get ahead in the count and tee off on a hittable fastball.

    The Future: Entering his age-26 season, Small will need to improve his control to carve out a big league role, which is looking more likely to be in relief. He probably opens 2023 back in Triple-A.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 40. Slider: 40. Changeup: 60. Control: 40.

  18. 18. Felix Valerio | 2B/SS/3B
    Felix Valerio
    Born: Dec 26, 2000
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'7" Wt.: 165
    Signed By: Anderson Taveras/Gerardo Cabrera (Mets)
    Minors: .228/.312/.357 | 12 HR | 30 SB | 417 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: When the Mets signed Valerio for $10,000 out of the Dominican Republic in 2018, he was a 5-foot-7 infielder who didn't have any great tools, but the Mets liked his instincts and feel for hitting. Traded to the Brewers in January 2019 in a deal for outfielder Keon Broxton, Valerio reached Double-A as a 21-year-old in 2022. After a torrid April, Valerio was hitting .260/.331/.450 by the end of June, but his performance tumbled in the second half, dropping to .228/.313/.357 for the year.

    Scouting Report: When he's at his best, Valerio shows good bat control to make frequent contact and maintains a disciplined offensive approach with a 10% walk rate and 17% strikeout rate in 2022. Valerio has well below-average raw power but added loft to his swing in 2021, which resulted in a surprising 11 home runs, but in 2022, his power numbers cratered in the second half. After June, he hit just four extra-base hits with two home runs in 52 games, and his exit velocity numbers declined as well. Valerio's offensive game will have to carry him because he's a below-average defender with a below-average arm at second base. He's an average runner who also spent time in left field, but he doesn't have the offensive impact to project there.

    The Future: Getting stronger to withstand the rigors of a full season will be critical for Valerio. Given his second-half struggles, he could return to Double-A Biloxi to start 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 45. Power: 30. Speed: 50. Fielding: 40. Arm: 40.

  19. 19. Hendry Mendez | OF
    Hendry Mendez
    Born: Nov 7, 2003
    Bats: L Throws: L
    Ht.: 6'3" Wt.: 175
    Signed By: Gary Peralta
    Minors: .244/.357/.318 | 5 HR | 7 SB | 377 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: Throughout the scouting process as a teenager in the Dominican Republic, Mendez grew taller and started to show more consistent contact skills as his Jan. 15, 2021 signing date approached and signed with the Brewers for $800,000. After a strong debut that year, Mendez was one of the youngest players in the Low-A Carolina league in 2022 as an 18-year-old who showed a high-contact bat, albeit with limited damage.

    Scouting Report: Mendez stands out for his patience and hand-eye coordination. He drew nearly as many walks as strikeouts in 2022 with a 14% walk rate and a 16% strikeout rate. He's a selective hitter with an accurate barrel, and seldomly misses when he swings at a pitch in the strike zone. Mendez will need to find a way to tap into more power, a process that will involve both getting stronger and likely changing his swing. There is bat speed and more physical projection in his frame to project him to get to average or better raw power, but his slashing, downhill swing path lends itself to a high groundball rate, so Mendez will have to figure out a way to generate more loft to ever hit for power. He's a right fielder with an average arm and at least average speed that will likely slow down as he fills out.

    The Future: Whether Mendez will provide enough offensive impact to be a big leaguer hinges on the development of his game power. High-A Wisconsin will be his next step in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 50. Power: 40. Speed: 50. Fielding: 45. Arm: 50.

  20. 20. Hedbert Perez | OF
    Hedbert Perez
    Born: Apr 4, 2003
    Bats: L Throws: L
    Ht.: 5'11" Wt.: 180
    Drafted/Signed: Venezuela, 2019.
    Signed By: Reinaldo Hidalgo.
    Minors: .216/.272/.393 | 15 HR | 9 SB | 407 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: Perez generated buzz soon after signing with the Brewers for $700,000 and was so advanced that the Brewers sent him to their alternate training site in 2020 during the canceled minor league season. He showed a power stroke with free-swinging tendencies in his pro debut in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League in 2021, then in 2022 with Low-A Carolina, pitchers were able to better exploit holes in his game.

    Scouting Report: Perez has a lefthanded swing that works well and stays smooth and usually compact with a good path through the zone. When Perez gets the sweet spot on the ball, especially down and in, he's able to drive it for damage, with exit velocities up to 113 mph. There's above-average raw power, but he will need to become a more selective hitter. He expands the zone too often and struggles to recognize offspeed pitches, so he doesn't walk much and he struck out at a 30% clip. Perez has gained significant power since signing as he's bulked up, but that added weight has caused his speed to regress. He's now a below-average runner who moved from center to left field. His defensive instincts are solid, though his arm arm has backed up to below-average.

    The Future: The 2022 season was a difficult one for Perez, but there are still promising traits intact for him to build upon. The 2023 season will be a critical rebound year.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 30. Power: 55. Speed: 40. Fielding: 50. Arm: 40.

  21. 21. Daniel Guilarte | SS
    Daniel Guilarte
    Born: Oct 29, 2003
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'1" Wt.: 160
    Signed By: Trino Aguilar
    Minors: .306/.403/.371 | 0 HR | 8 SB | 124 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: When the international signing period opened on Jan. 15, 2021, the Brewers awarded seven-figure bonuses to three Venezuelan prospects: Jackson Chourio, Daniel Guilarte and Gregory Barrios. While Chourio has catapulted himself into the conversation for the top prospect in baseball already, Guilarte--a $1 million signing--has impressed at the lower levels. He missed the 2021 season due to a left shoulder injury, but he was one of the top hitters in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League in 2022 during his pro debut.

    Scouting Report: A wiry shortstop, Guilarte has the tools and athleticism to handle shortstop. A plus runner, Guilarte has good quickness at the position and finishes plays with a plus arm. At the plate, Guilarte performed well and showed a good sense of the strike zone for his age as well as the bat control to make frequent contact. He had little swing and miss in the zone, though he will need to get stronger and might need to tweak his swing if he is ever going to hit for power. His lack of strength means his power is limited to occasional doubles right now, while his bat path lends itself more to low line drives and ground balls rather than loft.

    The Future: Guilarte's 2022 season had a lot of positives, but layering on more strength to be able to handle more advanced pitchers will be critical for his future. He should make the jump to Low-A Carolina in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 45. Power: 30. Speed: 60. Fielding: 50. Arm: 60.

  22. 22. Gregory Barrios | SS
    Gregory Barrios
    Born: Apr 8, 2004
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 180
    Signed By: Jose Rodriguez/Fernando Veracierto
    Minors: .291/.360/.343 | 0 HR | 13 SB | 175 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: Barrios was one of the top shortstops in Venezuela when the Brewers signed him for $1 million in Jan. 2021. A switch-hitter when he signed, Barrios made his pro debut in the Dominican Summer League in 2021 and took some of his at-bats from the right side against righthanders, then in 2022 hit exclusively righthanded in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League.

    Scouting Report: From the time he signed, Barrios has always stood out for his defensive acumen. He has smooth, easy actions at shortstop, where he's light on his feet with soft hands and good body control. He's not especially tooled up--it's average speed with a solid-average arm--but his instincts and internal clock help everything play up in the field. At the plate, Barrios has a good eye for the strike zone, makes good swing decisions and makes frequent contact, albeit with limited power. Dropping his weaker lefthanded swing helped his numbers tick up in 2022 and should benefit him long term, though he will need to get stronger to do more damage on contact.

    The Future: Barrios should get his first test of full-season ball in Low-A Carolina in 2023. He has a good mix of OBP skills and defense at a premium position, but becoming more than primarily a singles hitter will be critical as he faces more advanced pitchers.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 50. Power: 30. Speed: 50. Fielding: 55. Arm: 55.

  23. 23. Matthew Wood | C
    Matthew Wood
    Born: Mar 2, 2001
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 190
    Minors: .200/.200/.200 | 0 HR | 0 SB | 5 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: At Penn State in 2022, Wood's 1.147 OPS ranked second in the Big Ten as he hit .379/.480/.667 with more walks (36) than strikeouts (26). He finished top five in the conference in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging. The Brewers drafted him that year with their fourth-round pick and signed him for $347,500.

    Scouting Report: There isn't one standout tool with Wood. He's a steady prospect on both sides of the ball and offers a consistent mix of 40s and 50s on his scouting card. He's a disciplined hitter who recognizes pitches well and makes frequent contact against both fastballs and breaking balls. It's a high-contact bat and, while Wood isn't that physical and his offensive value comes more on his on-base skills, the uptick in power he showed in 2022 points to a chance for 15-20 home runs. Wood is a good athlete for a catcher and moves around well behind the plate. His arm strength is average but plays up because of his quick exchange and allows him to record pop times around 2.0 seconds and at times in the low 1.9-second range, though he will need to improve his accuracy and avoid a tendency to rush his throws.

    The Future: Jeferson Quero is the best catching prospect in the organization and has more upside, but Wood is another young catcher who projects to stick at the position and has intriguing offensive potential. He could start his first full season in Low-A Carolina.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 45. Power: 45. Speed: 40. Fielding: 50. Arm: 50.

  24. 24. Cam Robinson | C
    Cam Robinson
    Born: Sep 6, 1999
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'11" Wt.: 187
    Signed By: Mike Burns
    Minors: .000/0/0 | 0 HR | 0 SB | 0 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: Young for his high school class, Robinson signed at 17 as a 23rd-round pick in 2017. He spent his first few seasons mostly in Rookie ball with swollen ERAs and walk rates that made him a candidate to get released. Instead, Robinson turned around his career and returned after the canceled 2020 minor league season with an uptick in stuff in 2021 and moved through three levels up to Triple-A in 2022.

    Scouting Report: Robinson is a relief prospect whose fastball operates at 92-95 mph and can touch 97 from his high, three-quarters slot. It's a cutter-heavy approach, moving the ball around to all quadrants of the strike zone, though he will have to continue to improve his control after walking 11% of batters in 2022 with 14 wild pitches in 65 innings. When he's able to keep it down, Robinson flashes a plus curveball that has power in the low 80s with good depth and rotation at 2,600-2,700 rpm. He mixes in a mid-80s slider as well to give hitters another look.

    The Future: Robinson doesn't have the elite stuff or good enough control to project as a closer in the majors, but his repertoire should allow him to carve out a middle relief role. Added to the 40-man roster after the 2022 season, Robinson likely returns to Triple-A Nashville but could make his major league debut at some point in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 50. Curveball: 60. Slider: 45. Cutter: 50. Control: 40.

  25. 25. Dylan O'Rae | SS
    Dylan O'Rae
    Born: Feb 14, 2004
    Bats: L Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'9" Wt.: 160
    Minors: .308/.424/.308 | 0 HR | 4 SB | 26 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: The Brewers made one of the surprise picks toward the top of the draft when they picked O'Rae in the third round (No. 102 overall) in 2022 and signed him for $597,500. Despite O'Rae's smaller stature, the Brewers loved what they saw from him as an amateur, including his time on the Canadian junior national team, and he made his pro debut in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League.

    Scouting Report: O'Rae is a small, high-energy and savvy player. He uses his smaller strike zone to his advantage and maintains a selective approach to not chase much off the plate and with the hand-eye coordination to put the ball in play at a high clip when he does swing. A plus-plus runner underway, O'Rae's speed gives him another tool that plays on both sides of the ball. The biggest risk factor with O'Rae is how much power he will develop. He's mostly a singles hitter now with little impact, so he will have to get stronger and prove he can be more than a slap hitter. Defensively, O'Rae has the hands and actions to play in the middle infield, and while he's comfortable throwing from different angles, his arm strength is fringy at best. Second base is his most likely defensive home, though with his speed, center field could be another option.

    The Future: O'Rae's athleticism, on-base skills and ability to play up the middle make for an intriguing prospect if he's able to do more damage on contact. He should play in Low-A Carolina in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 45. Power: 20. Speed: 70. Fielding: 45. Arm: 45.

  26. 26. Luke Adams | 3B
    Luke Adams
    Born: Apr 24, 2004
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 210
    Minors: .375/.512/.562 | 1 HR | 9 SB | 32 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: Adams wasn't a high-profile amateur prospect in Illinois, but the Michigan State commit helped himself after his high school season by playing for Illinois Valley in the summer collegiate Prospect League, where he hit .404/.478/.737 in 68 plate appearances. The Brewers drafted him in the 12th round, signed him for $282,500 and his success carried over into the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League.

    Scouting Report: Adams is a physical 6-foot-4, 210 pounds and he finds a way to make a lot of contact despite an unorthodox swing. He starts his swing with a big hitch, at times bringing his hands from his back shoulder to below his belt and then up to his shoulder again, all while taking a leg kick into a big stride out front. It's not always quite that exaggerated, but despite a lot of moving parts and funky path through the zone, so far it has worked--both in terms of contact and impact. He has an accurate barrel, a good sense of the strike zone and the strength to drive the ball with impact and projects for above-average power. Adams signed as a third baseman, though his time there might be limited. A below-average runner, he more likely ends up in an outfield corner, with a chance he could be a first baseman.

    The Future: The Brewers found good value in a college hitter with a funky swing in 2020 when they drafted Joey Wiemer, and while Adams isn't that level of athlete, he could prove to be another undervalued hitter. Low-A Carolina is up next.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 40. Power: 55. Speed: 40. Fielding: 40. Arm: 50.

  27. 27. Victor Castaneda | RHP
    Victor Castaneda
    Born: Aug 27, 1998
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'1" Wt.: 185
    Minors: 6-6 | 4.10 ERA | 118 SO | 52 BB | 121 IP

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: Signed out of Mexico in 2017, Castaneda's pitchability and atypical repertoire have allowed him to steadily progress through the system. He spent most of 2022 in Double-A Biloxi before a September promotion to Triple-A Nashville.

    Scouting Report: Castaneda pitches from the first base side of the rubber and tends to fly open early. He delivers the ball with a long arm swing in the back that moves into a three-quarters slot, and he throws a fastball in the low 90s that touches 94 mph. He keeps hitters off balance by throwing his offspeed stuff more than his fastball. The pitch that draws the most praise is his low-80s splitter, which kills spin and has late tumble when it's on to miss bats, though it's the pitch he has most trouble commanding. Castaneda also throws an average changeup primarily against lefties. His slider improved in 2022 and he has feel to spin it, typically in the 2,600-2,700 rpm range, with enough movement to get empty swings against righties. Castaneda isn't wild, but especially for a pitcher with a hittable fastball, he will need to tighten his command after he walked 10% of batters last year.

    The Future: Castaneda has developed as a starter, though there's a chance he ends up in the bullpen, where he could find a role pitching backwards and giving hitters a different look in low-leverage situations. He'll return to Triple-A and could make his debut by the end of 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 40. Slider: 50. Changeup: 50. Splitter: 55. Control: 45.

  28. 28. Jadher Areinamo | 2B/SS/3B
    Jadher Areinamo
    Born: Nov 28, 2003
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 160
    Minors: .288/.368/.376 | 1 HR | 6 SB | 250 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: During showcases in Venezuela, Areinamo was a smaller player who didn't have big tools that would stand out during a workout, but his game savvy and ability to hit in games helped him land a $150,000 deal with the Brewers on Jan. 15, 2021. After debuting in the Dominican Summer League that year, Areinamo made an impressive jump to the United States in 2022 in the Rookie-level Arizona Complex League and drew a promotion to Low-A Carolina in August.

    Scouting Report: Areinamo isn't tooled up, but he's a skillful player with a high baseball IQ. He's small and has minimal power, but he has a good grasp of the strike zone and excellent bat control. That leads to a high contact rate--he struck out in just 14% of plate appearances in 2022--as he sprayed line drives around the field. As he moves up the ladder, he will need to get stronger to have more than occasional gap power. A below-average runner, Areinamo is a high-energy player who has moved around between shortstop, second base and third base. He's an instinctive defender with a good internal clock who should continue to serve a utility role in the field, with second base probably his best defensive fit.

    The Future: Areinamo likely returns to Low-A Carolina to begin 2023. If he's able to get stronger and increase his power, he could go from an intriguing sleeper to a more prominent prospect in the organization.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 50. Power: 30. Speed: 40. Fielding: 50. Arm: 50.

  29. 29. Kevin Ereu | SS
    Kevin Ereu
    Born: May 24, 2006
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 160

    BA Grade/Risk: 45/Extreme

    Track Record: The Brewers signed two of the more prominent shortstops from Venezuela in their international class that opened on Jan. 15, 2023, landing Filippo Di Turri and Ereu, with Ereu showing more thump in his bat so far.

    Scouting Report: At 5-foot-10, Ereu isn't that tall, he is able to whip the barrel through the zone with easy bat speed, generating impressive carry and impact off his bat. He can drive the ball with damage and could end up with plus raw power.Some scouts think it will end up a power-over-hit offensive profile, though evaluators highest on him believe his swing works well and that there's enough feel for hitting for him to translate that power in games. An average runner, Ereu has the body control, hands and footwork for the middle infield with an above-average arm at shortstop.

    The Future: Ereu has a chance to develop into a power-hitting shortstop, though he's several years away from the big leagues. His first step will be the Dominican Summer League in 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 45. Power: 55. Speed: 50. Fielding: 50. Arm: 55

  30. 30. Eduardo Garcia | SS
    Eduardo Garcia
    Born: Jul 10, 2002
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Ht.: 6'2" Wt.: 188
    Drafted/Signed: Venezuela, 2018.
    Signed By: Reinaldo Hidalgo.
    Minors: .259/.300/.407 | 15 HR | 15 SB | 452 AB

    BA Grade/Risk: 40/High

    Track Record: Garcia signed with the Brewers for $1.1 million when he turned 16 in 2018. He didn't play much the next two years and was limited to just 10 games in 2019 because of an ankle injury before the pandemic wiped out the 2020 season. Garcia spent most of 2022 in Low-A Carolina before an August promotion to High-A Wisconsin, where his free-swinging tendencies were magnified as he struck out 40 times and didn't draw a walk in 108 plate appearances.

    Scouting Report: Garcia's defense stands out the most. While he's a fringe-average runner, his instincts at the position help him cover ground well in the dirt, where he moves his feet well, with good body control, soft hands and a plus arm. At the plate, Garcia surprised with 15 home runs in 2022 and can sting the ball up to 110 mph, so while he's not a big slugger, he has a chance to be a 15-20 home run hitter. His most glaring holes are in his approach and breaking ball recognition. Garcia swings at nearly everything and is especially vulnerable to whiffing through breaking stuff, which led to a 4% walk rate and 34% strikeout rate.

    The Future: Garcia still has promising physical tools and the ability to play a premium position, but he will need to figure out a way to become a more selective hitter and make more contact. He's likely to return to Wisconsin for 2023.

    Scouting Grades: Hit: 20. Power: 40. Speed: 45. Fielding: 55. Arm: 60.

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