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Why We're Not Posting MiLB Videos


You no longer can find videos of prospects in Minor League Baseball games on or on Baseball America’s YouTube channel. That is because Minor League Baseball demanded Baseball America remove them all.

So Baseball America has taken down all videos from official MiLB games both on our site and on YouTube. We still have batting practice videos from before MiLB games, as well as action from the Arizona Fall League and spring training, but due to MiLB’s demands, we have stopped posting videos of action from MiLB games.

The choice is not one we would have preferred to make, but it is one we wanted to explain so readers and viewers can understand why we were no longer posting videos from MiLB games.


More Young Arms On The Way To Atlanta

Tucker Davidson and Jasseel de la Cruz saw ample Double-A time and should factor for the 2020 Braves, especially now that they're on the 40-man roster.

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