WBSC Proposes New Street Baseball Game

In an an attempt to help spread baseball further around the world, the World Baseball/Softball Confederation has unveiled the rules for a new version of baseball called “Baseball5.”

The idea of Baseball5 is to make baseball accessible for everyone, no matter where they live and no matter what equipment they have. Baseball5 doesn’t require a large field–the entire field takes less than 70 feet, and it can be played on a paved surface. The other key feature of Baseball5 is that it requires no equipment other than a rubber ball. No bats and no gloves are allowed.

Each team consists of five players (although there can be up to three substitutes). There is no pitcher, as the batter begins play by hitting the ball with either his or her palm or fist. Any hit that goes foul is an out, as is any hit that clears the outfield fence without hitting the ground at least once. Once the ball is in play, play is generally similar to normal baseball: three outs per half inning, defenders can record fly outs, force outs or tag outs and plays have to round the base to score a run.

The video explaining the game is clearly designed to be accessible to viewers who have never seen a baseball game before, so for baseball fans, it’s a little basic. But the idea is that this version of the game can be played in cities and countries without a significant pre-existing baseball presence.

The rules of Baseball5 spell out the similarities and differences from normal baseball.

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