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The Vance Honeycutt Conundrum, Late MLB Draft Risers

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Image credit: UNC OF Vance Honeycutt (Photo courtesy of North Carolina)

Peter and Carlos hop on the BA draft podcast to talk about the prospects to know in the college world series. How does this year’s field compare to a fantastic 2023 group and how much is there for a player like UNC’s Vance Honeycutt to gain or lose on the sport’s biggest stage? The two talk through why Honeycutt’s profile is so tricky, and think through the player development challenges that his hit tool questions create. After that the two talk through a few other CWS prospects, wonder how Braden Montgomery’s injury affects his stock (if it does at all) and talk about a pair of late-season draft risers to know—one high school shortstop and one college shortstop.

Time Stamps

(3:00) The quality of the CWS prospects
(6:00) How the bright lights of Omaha impact draft stock
(7:00) Vance Honeycutt’s profile
(14:00) How many big leaguers are guess hitters?
(17:00) What can MLB teams in the swing
(20:00) Vance Honeycutt vs. Seaver King
(24:00) Kentucky’s Ryan Waldschmidt
(29:00) Profiles that scare us
(32:00) Braden Montgomery’s injury
(36:00) A HS SS riser to know
(40:00) A college SS riser to know

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