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The Top 3 Picks In The 2022 MLB Draft Will Belong To?

This is one of 10 burning questions comprising Baseball America's 2021 MLB Season Preview. To see the full preview, click here. Below, our staffers predict the teams with the top three picks in the 2022 MLB Draft. You can find out 2022 High School Draft Rankings here and 2022 College Draft Rankings here

Ben Badler — Pirates, Rockies, Orioles

Alexis Brudnicki — Pirates, Orioles, Rockies

Mark Chiarelli — Pirates, Rangers, Rockies

Carlos Collazo — Rockies, Pirates, Rangers

J.J. Cooper — Rockies, Pirates, Orioles

Matt Eddy — Rockies, Pirates, Rangers

Kyle Glaser — Orioles, Rockies, Pirates

Josh Norris — Pirates, Rangers, Rockies

Chris Hilburn-Trenkle — Orioles, Pirates, Rangers


Case Williams Returns To Hometown Organization

The Rockies feel like the 2020 fourth-rounder is just scratching the surface of his potential.

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