The Daily Medicine You Can’t Afford To Skip

In today’s world of supplements, medication and vitamins, why not prescribe yourself to a daily drug that you need?

We all know that performance levels vary, many times, because of inconsistency or lack of emotional control. Do you want to be in control of your body and feel calmer when life, and the game, gets too fast?

Then the answer is meditation. 

Mediation has been around for centuries and practiced by Buddhist monks and other folks alike. With so many different style and techniques, I have made the meditation menu easier for you to choose from each day. The key is to actually read and select from the menu each day. In the end, it always gets back to the “D” word.


Discipline of your time, your thoughts, your level of fitness and nutrition and your overall visual discipline.

Relaxation and mindfulness are life and performance skills that all of us covet. Learning to be “quiet” and playing in the present requires a re-connection to our inner self. So just do it. Don’t think. It’s the classic, simple advice that says it all. It is in this feeling of thoughtfulness and insight that allows us to be free from the illusions of external events we create in our minds.

All of the seven medications listed below are centered around our best friend Debbie, known as DEBS for short. DEBS is a full-body, deep, exaggerated breath done in silence. Inhale with your nose on a three-count and exhale with your mouth slowly on a five-count. You should feel your lungs fill slowly, and your heart should become either warm or cool, depending on your choice.

Find five to 10 minutes daily to take these meds. A quiet place works best, and it can be either inside or outside, wherever you feel most comfortable. And be patient with the process. It’s OK to get distracted. Don’t try to “not think,” because it’s impossible to do. Rather, simply don’t select the thought. Let it go in and out of your mind freely.

Use the rhythm and calmness of your breath to keep up in the meditation. The use of a closing word, number or image after each breath will help you stay connected and keep you “quiet.” These meditations are a daily reflection to remind us how quietness and calmness are only a few DEBS away when the game—and life—gets too fast.

Schedule time each day so you don’t forget or get too busy. The lasting effect of meditation throughout the day and on the playing field will be directly proportionate to the commitment and quality of your daily meditation time.

Love Meds

Meditation is designed to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness toward everything—even a person’s enemies and sources of stress. With each deep breath, open your mind to receiving and giving loving kindness to the world, to specific people or loved ones. Imagine your heart being warm and red. Each full breath is designed to send out love and kindness to the world.

Body Wash

It’s time to feel the warmth and energy in all of your body parts. Take at least five DEBS for each body part you select and feel the healing power and warmth of the body part you are on. You should feel and see the body part. Injuries or stress points in the body should take longer to wash and melt. As an alternative, you can squeeze the body part for a five-count with a corresponding color you imagine, and then release the body part to a more cooling, softer color.

Jedi Warrior

Open your eyes. You will use the power of your breath and your focus level to steer and move objects. Start your DEBS with your eyes gently closed, then eventually open your eyes and focus on objects in your field of vision. With you breath leading the way and your exhale coming out of your body, move objects slowly toward or away from you. Select an object and make the object appear bigger with your slow exhale. Patience young Jedi, this will take time to master.

Best Flix

It’s showtime. Prior to the main event, slowly count backwards from 50 to one with your best DEBS. Once you hit one, the curtain opens and you are now watching the movie of your choice. Slow motion, full speed, different camera angles, watching from inside to out, sounds and smells added to make it the best flix. Continue to stay with your DEBS throughout the film. Select a past performance when you were “on,” or create the movements and feelings of where you want to be for the next game.

DEBS, With A Buddy

Pick an image or a word that you will repeat to yourself after each DEB. Commit to the word or the image after each DEB. In traditional meditation, this “mantra” word helps close and re-open the breath. Find different words and images that you can access as part of your pre-game actions.

Fly Time

Start with a slow countdown of DEBS, going from 25 to one. At one, you will have a view from outside your body, as if you have left your body for a delightful trip around your surroundings. You will see your quiet body and all of the surroundings in the room. Continue to fly, and if needed, come back into your body for a quick pit stop before flying again.

Open Meds

Space. Pay attention to the space around you and the many images and levels of dimensions in your view. Walk around. Interact and pay attention to what and how you are paying attention. Open meditations are premised on looking at nothing and seeing everything. Let your eyes naturally scan and sweep the world. Simply pay attention to whatever your eyes gaze upon. Open meditation allows you to become aware of what and how your eyes are paying attention to the outside world. Don’t forget to be aware of the space around all of the images and objects you see.

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