SEE IT: Zooperstars! In Durham

DURHAM, N.C.—If you know the minor leagues, you know about the Zooperstars!, one of baseball’s most famous traveling entertainment troupes. For the uninformed, a quick rundown: Dominic Latkovski and his crew dress up in giant, inflatable animal costumes named for professional athletes. Tim Tebow is Tim Tebull. Jeff Gordon is Jeff Gordog. Yao Ming is Yao Flamingo. And so forth.

The Zooperstars! were in Durham on Friday night to perform during the game between the Bulls and the Pawtucket Red Sox. And while Michael Jordan is revered in North Carolina, his alter ego, Mackerel Jordan, is a marked man, er, fish. Take a look.

Who knew Kevin Duranteater and Tiger Woodschuck could dance so well?

Cow Ripken is an Iron Menace

Holy cow, Harry Canary is out of control, and there’s no way Mia Hammster would approve of Nomar Garciaparrot’s behavior.

This video, of course, was shot by your humble servant: Josh Norriseal

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