RoboScout Top 100 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Targets


Image credit: Coby Mayo (Photo by Tom DiPace)

Every week, I put out a RoboScout ranking of the top 25 hitters and pitchers at each level. RoboScout derives this list by ranking the players within the level based on their minor league seasonal performance and applying park factors, regression, aging curves, and projecting expected fantasy value considering their long-term and peak performance. I also fold underlying Statcast data into the results to nudge the ranking based on the surface stats upward or downward based on the Statcast data that are most correlated with future fantasy performance.

The ranking doesn’t consider defense, an organization’s depth chart or previous year’s performance. The weekly installment attempts to highlight some of the interesting prospect names based on seasonal performance or recent ranking movement, then performs a deep dive into some of the things that RoboScout doesn’t look at or that are beyond the “number” that RoboScout outputs to help frame the performance into a dynasty league context.

What the weekly articles haven’t done is aggregate all of the numbers into one “master” list. For example, if Juneiker Caceres (Guardians) is the top DSL hitter per RoboScout, is he a better target than Angel Martinez (Guardians) who is the 17th name on the Triple-A list?

Not doing this is by design for various reasons. For one, there’s a good chance zero of the DSL hitters get a single plate appearance in the majors leagues over the next three years, which is important if someone is projecting MLB fantasy value. Also, deciding on how one wants to allocate your minor league roster slots among hitters and pitchers is also an important consideration in dynasty leagues. That’s something that might not be best served by having a master list of “the Top 100 Prospects per RoboScout”.

That being said, I created exactly that list.

I have taken the estimated likelihood of making it to the major leagues, projected performance at peak, and projected fantasy value at peak, then ranked the hitters and pitchers accordingly. I’m still not considering defense of the parent club’s depth chart.

Of course, some will view this list as controversial. It’s not meant to end the conversation or be the primary input for your waiver wire claims. For example, you probably shouldn’t trade Padres shortstop Leodalis De Vries (who is not on the list) for 26-year-old Reds pitcher Carson Spiers, who appears at #107. Also, you will see that Luis Perales (Red Sox) and Owen Murphy (Braves) appear on this list because RoboScout does not know that they are currently recovering from Tommy John surgery. It only looks at their 2024 performance on the season and projects out.

In other words, please apply the appropriate mental adjustments to the output knowing that these are just the “agnostic” results of RoboScout.

To help provide some “performance” context, I’ve listed the estimated peak projection beside each name. I liked some of the names in the 101 to 120 range, so I extended the list out to be a Top 120 list, with data through July 1.

1James WoodWSN21AAA0.280.3671302314
2Paul SkenesPIT22AAAP31%6%50%2.961.01
3Coby MayoBAL22AAA0.2590.333120305
4Emmanuel RodriguezMIN21AA0.2640.3661282314
5Jackson HollidayBAL20AAA0.2720.369124217
6Jose FerminSTL25AAA0.2820.3561211923
7Kyle ManzardoCLE23AAA0.2640.342116282
8Noah SchultzCHW20AAP26%5%48%3.351.09
9Moises BallesterosCHC20AA0.2820.354122242
10Agustin RamirezNYY22AA0.2740.3471233113
11Christian ScottNYM25AAAP27%7%47%3.591.12
12Samuel BasalloBAL19AA0.2720.343117247
13Luke KeaschallMIN21AA0.2670.3451171713
14Cole YoungSEA20AA0.2740.3491122011
15Hao-Yu LeeDET21AA0.270.3421162411
16Javier SanojaMIA21AAA0.2920.357115149
17Lazaro MontesSEA19A0.270.346116371
18Xavier IsaacTBR20A+0.2440.3181022613
19Zebby MatthewsMIN24AAP22%5%48%3.61.16
20Roman AnthonyBOS20AA0.2570.338110227
21Miguel VargasLAD24AAA0.2580.3431102014
22Matt WilkinsonCLE21A+P28%7%47%3.361.12
23Sebastian WalcottTEX18A+0.2510.328100208
24Colt EmersonSEA18A0.270.351105217
25Michael ArroyoSEA19A0.2650.338111336
26Kevin McGonigleDET19A0.280.3491081514
27Carson WilliamsTBR21AA0.2570.3341182419
28Deyvison De Los SantosARI21AAA0.2740.34116332
29Edgar QueroCHW21AA0.2680.337112262
30Chase MeidrothBOS22AAA0.2760.3591111111
31Adrian Del CastilloARI24AAA0.2590.328110221
32David FestaMIN24AAAP28%7%47%3.391.12
33James TriantosCHC21AA0.2790.3371111727
34Matthew LugoBOS23AAA0.2560.3251032814
35Quinn MathewsSTL23A+P25%8%51%3.71.21
36Andy PagesLAD23AAA0.2560.328109249
37Jhonkensy NoelCLE22AAA0.2610.327114282
38Luis PeralesBOS21A+P24%8%47%3.811.24
39Alex FreelandLAD22AA0.2630.3431141813
40Owen MurphyATL20A+P26%7%39%3.971.17
41Luke AdamsMIL20A+0.2540.334961916
42Angel GenaoCLE20A+0.260.3221001914
43Blake MitchellKCR19A0.2430.3281062613
44Sal StewartCIN20A+0.2610.33496186
45Shay WhitcombHOU25AAA0.250.3221092620
46Axiel PlazPIT18A0.2510.318100373
47Junior CamineroTBR20AAA0.2590.331108254
48Samuel ZavalaCHW19A+0.2520.33391198
49Chayce McDermottBAL25AAAP27%8%42%3.91.2
50Luis MatosSFG22AAA0.2720.331101229
51Heston KjerstadBAL25AAA0.2410.316108253
52Orelvis MartinezTOR22AAA0.250.32106281
53Cutter CoffeyBOS20A+0.2460.31494317
54Kristian CampbellBOS22AA0.2550.333115207
55William BergollaPHI19A+0.270.335961313
56Cam CollierCIN19A+0.2420.31293262
57Cade PovichBAL24AAAP26%7%42%3.81.15
58Marcelo MayerBOS21AA0.2640.3331111712
59Henry BolteOAK20A+0.2350.312982021
60Jonatan ClaseSEA22AAA0.2450.3261041929
61Colby ThomasOAK23AAA0.2630.323983111
62Logan HendersonMIL22AAP24%7%42%3.881.19
63Joe MackMIA21AA0.2530.325111262
64Tyler BlackMIL23AAA0.2580.3281032016
65Aidan SmithSEA19A0.2510.3281032615
66Ralphy VelazquezCLE19A0.2590.336105234
67Angel MartinezCLE22AAA0.2650.338104207
68Johnathan RodriguezCLE24AAA0.2440.321106237
69Ryan CliffordNYM20AA0.2480.339107223
70C.J. KayfusCLE22AA0.260.338119194
71Jacob WilsonOAK22AA0.2730.332117187
72Nehomar Ochoa Jr.HOU18A0.2470.3191022412
73Jace JungDET23AAA0.250.332107212
74Juan BritoCLE22AAA0.2620.339105206
75Jack LeiterTEX24AAAP25%8%46%41.21
76Carter JensenKCR20A+0.2490.325931711
77Jaison ChourioCLE19A0.2660.3441021318
78Chase DollanderCOL22A+P24%8%40%4.141.25
79Jonny FarmeloSEA19A0.250.328982017
80Bubba ChandlerPIT21AAP23%7%43%4.071.24
81Leo JimenezTOR23AAA0.2570.33101175
82Tink HenceSTL21AAP23%7%47%3.681.2
83Jonah TongNYM21AP29%9%47%3.631.17
84Josue De PaulaLAD19A0.2510.324981912
85Tai PeeteSEA18A0.2490.3231001316
86Heliot RamosSFG24AAA0.2370.311102246
87Eduardo TaitPHI17CPX0.2540.31389272
88Slade CecconiARI25AAAP24%7%45%3.991.21
89Joey LoperfidoHOU25AAA0.2330.3051012815
90Harry FordSEA21AA0.2560.3341051518
91Jordan BeckCOL23AAA0.2510.3271031813
92Eric BitontiMIL18CPX0.2390.31896293
93Jeral PerezLAD19A0.2540.328100213
94Robert CalazCOL18CPX0.250.323103296
95Jesus BaezNYM19A0.2610.32497266
96Braxton AshcraftPIT24AAAP20%5%46%4.061.23
97Parker MeadowsDET24AAA0.2460.3181001924
98Brett BatyNYM24AAA0.2480.311100252
99Yophery RodriguezMIL18A0.2480.32299193
100Yilber DiazARI23AAAP25%8%44%4.011.23
101Alfredo DunoCIN18A0.2460.32299204
102Isaac CollinsMIL26AAA0.2440.3171001617
103Tyler LocklearSEA23AAA0.2510.32399245
104Yeremi CabreraTEX18CPX0.2470.325963815
105Aidan MillerPHI20A+0.2460.318941811
106Tobias MyersMIL25AAAP24%7%49%3.821.22
107Carson SpiersCIN26AAAP20%7%47%4.181.27
108Spencer HorwitzTOR26AAA0.2550.333107105
109Reid DetmersLAA24AAAP25%6%45%3.831.16
110Demetrio CrisantesARI19A0.2550.322991310
111Alejandro RosarioTEX22AP21%7%50%3.731.26
112Cristian MenaARI21AAAP22%6%50%3.861.2
113Chandler ChamplainKCR24AAP24%7%43%3.861.2
114Zyhir HopeLAD19A0.2420.313942110
115Yoeilin CespedesBOS18CPX0.2490.31393302
116Thomas WhiteMIA19A+P21%8%51%3.991.3
117Jefferson RojasCHC19A+0.2560.314851414
118Louie VarlandMIN26AAAP20%7%52%3.921.26
119Zac VeenCOL22AA0.2480.3231072020
120Jedixson PaezBOS20A+P21%6%48%3.71.21

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