Qalo Silicone Wedding Rings Popular Choice in MLB

One Major League Baseball accessory comes with a message of family and commitment: the wedding ring. 

With the rise of Qalo, makers of silicone wedding rings, the brand gives professional athletes the opportunity to show off their married status in-game—or during workouts—without the on-off hassle of a metal wedding band.

“We’re on the road a lot,” Rockies relief pitcher Bryan Shaw said. “I’ve forgotten my wedding ring at the field plenty of times. I love having Qalo to throw on during the season. It’s a great way to show your commitment without worrying about how easily a small item can be forgotten in the clubhouse.”

As married players with metal wedding bands constantly switch the rings on and off for workouts, travel and games, the use of a silicone ring means players can keep it on at all times.

“It is much more comfortable, durable and practical for their lifestyle,” said Cody Wittick, Qalo’s senior marketer. “A lot of the players tell me that the ability to have it on, whether on the field or lifting weights, means they don’t have to worry about losing it because they don’t have to take it off.”

Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart, a 2017 Gold Glove winner said he didn’t want to have to worry about scratches or dents on his ring during his workouts.

“More importantly,” Barnhart said, “I didn’t want to wear a ring that would hurt me. It’s so practical and easy to work with. For a guy that uses his hands daily for his profession, to be able to wear my ring and play or workout and not have to worry about it, or even know it’s there, is the best.” 

Shaw added the low price-point of a silicone band from Qalo also means if he misplaces the ring in the shuffle of the clubhouse, he doesn’t have to fret. “I can have my Qalo with me at all times without a panic over the price,” he said.

“My hands go through a lot. With changing temperatures and constant travel, my ring finger can be a different size every day of the week. With my Qalo I have a comfortable fit every time I wear it.”

Natioanls outfielder Howie Kendrick said he chooses the silicone option because he can go anywhere and do anything with it.

“Whether it’s going to the gym or being outdoors, Qalo is the ring that can do it all,” he said.

Qalo, which stands for “quality, athletics, love, outdoors” started in 2012 and has spent years trying to educate the active lifestyle community—from military personnel to ballplayers to outdoors enthusiasts—about the value of ditching metal.

“It’s pretty cool to come across people or athletes who wear our ring, and there is an immediate connection that goes much deeper than the ring,” Wittick said. “It’s family and commitment, and that’s ultimately what we are about.”

The list of MLB athletes wearing Qalo continues to grow beyond Shaw, Kendrick and Barnhart. It includes Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Cole Hamels, Kenley Jansen, Ben Zobrist and plenty more. 

Qalo doesn’t design rings for specific activities, with all rings created for all uses, but in terms of colors, black and grey prove the most popular for the baseball players.

Barnhart says he predominately wears black, but switches in white for a change. Wittick said the professional athletes have started to latch onto white, camouflage and colors that match the team’s uniform as they more commonly switch their look. 

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