Prospect Pad Retrospective: Astros 3B Alex Bregman

At the first Baseball America Prospect Pad in San Diego, Alex Bregman had been a pro for only one year, and he was still a few weeks away from making his MLB debut, but when it came to his approach and his attitude, Bregman was big league ready.

Bregman told Baseball America that his confidence came from a good place — work hard and you can be confident about what you can do.

“I try to be as confident as possible, and that all comes from the preparation you put in. I feel as prepared as anybody when I step on the field. That’s where the confidence comes from,” Bregman said.

Also in the Prospect Pad interview, Bregman talked about how he looked forward to getting a chance to face the Yankees in the major leagues.

“I also wanted to face the Yankees. I hated the Yankees growing up. They are the evil empire … I looked up to Jeter but I didn’t like the Yankees at all.”

You can watch the complete video of Bregman’s interview. It offers a glimpse into a future star in his final days as a prospect.


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