MLB Unveils 2018 Schedule

Major League Baseball announced its 2018 schedule on Tuesday, and many of its signature events are moving to earlier in the year.

Opening Day will be Thursday, March 29, the earliest opening date ever for a season at traditional Major League ballparks. All 30 teams are scheduled to play that day.

The early start is because 2018 marks the first year of the new scheduling format agreed to in the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed last offseason. The format adds an additional weekend of play at the beginning of the season in exchange for three to four more off days during the season to provide additional rest and opportunities for rescheduling.

It will be the first time since 1968 that every team will open on the same date.

The final day of the regular season will be Sept. 30.

The MLB Draft will also begin on Monday, June 4, a week earlier than the 2017 draft.

The interleague series in 2018 will be NL East vs. AL East, NL Central vs. AL Central, and NL West vs. AL West. Also notable is a two-game series between the Twins and Indians scheduled for April 17-18 at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Thursday March 29 OAK LAA
AL Thursday March 29 TEX HOU
AL Thursday March 29 SEA CLE
AL Thursday March 29 DET PIT
AL Thursday March 29 KC CWS
AL Thursday March 29 BAL MIN
AL Thursday March 29 TB BOS
AL Thursday March 29 TOR NYY
NL Thursday March 29 ARI COL
NL Thursday March 29 LAD SF
NL Thursday March 29 SD MIL
NL Thursday March 29 CIN WSH
NL Thursday March 29 ATL PHI
NL Thursday March 29 MIA CHC
NL Thursday March 29 NYM STL
AL Friday March 30 OAK LAA
AL Friday March 30 TEX HOU
AL Friday March 30 TB BOS
AL Friday March 30 TOR NYY
NL Friday March 30 ARI COL
NL Friday March 30 LAD SF
NL Friday March 30 SD MIL
NL Friday March 30 ATL PHI
NL Friday March 30 MIA CHC
AL Saturday March 31 OAK LAA
AL Saturday March 31 SEA CLE
AL Saturday March 31 TEX HOU
AL Saturday March 31 BAL MIN
AL Saturday March 31 DET PIT
AL Saturday March 31 KC CWS
AL Saturday March 31 TB BOS
AL Saturday March 31 TOR NYY
NL Saturday March 31 ARI COL
NL Saturday March 31 LAD SF
NL Saturday March 31 SD MIL
NL Saturday March 31 CIN WSH
NL Saturday March 31 ATL PHI
NL Saturday March 31 MIA CHC
NL Saturday March 31 NYM STL
AL Sunday April 1 OAK LAA
AL Sunday April 1 SEA CLE
AL Sunday April 1 TEX HOU
AL Sunday April 1 DET PIT
AL Sunday April 1 KC CWS
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday April 1 TB BOS
AL Sunday April 1 TOR NYY
NL Sunday April 1 LAD SF
NL Sunday April 1 CIN WSH
NL Sunday April 1 MIA CHC
NL Sunday April 1 NYM STL
AL Monday April 2 HOU BAL
AL Monday April 2 LAA CLE
AL Monday April 2 OAK TEX
AL Monday April 2 DET KC
AL Monday April 2 NYY TB
AL Monday April 2 TOR CWS
NL Monday April 2 ARI LAD
NL Monday April 2 SD COL
NL Monday April 2 CIN CHC
NL Monday April 2 MIL STL
NL Monday April 2 PIT MIN
NL Monday April 2 ATL WSH
NL Monday April 2 MIA BOS
NL Monday April 2 NYM PHI
AL Tuesday April 3 HOU BAL
AL Tuesday April 3 LAA CLE
AL Tuesday April 3 OAK TEX
AL Tuesday April 3 DET KC
AL Tuesday April 3 TOR CWS
NL Tuesday April 3 ARI LAD
NL Tuesday April 3 SD COL
NL Tuesday April 3 SF SEA
NL Tuesday April 3 CIN CHC
NL Tuesday April 3 MIL STL
NL Tuesday April 3 ATL WSH
NL Tuesday April 3 MIA BOS
NL Tuesday April 3 NYM PHI
AL Wednesday April 4 HOU BAL
AL Wednesday April 4 LAA CLE
AL Wednesday April 4 OAK TEX
AL Wednesday April 4 DET KC
AL Wednesday April 4 NYY TB
AL Wednesday April 4 TOR CWS
NL Wednesday April 4 ARI LAD
NL Wednesday April 4 SD COL
NL Wednesday April 4 SF SEA
NL Wednesday April 4 MIL STL
NL Wednesday April 4 PIT MIN
NL Wednesday April 4 ATL WSH
NL Wednesday April 4 NYM PHI
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Thursday April 5 OAK TEX
AL Thursday April 5 CWS DET
AL Thursday April 5 MIN SEA
AL Thursday April 5 BOS TB
AL Thursday April 5 NYY BAL
NL Thursday April 5 SD COL
NL Thursday April 5 MIL CHC
NL Thursday April 5 PIT CIN
NL Thursday April 5 STL ARI
NL Thursday April 5 PHI MIA
NL Thursday April 5 WSH NYM
AL Friday April 6 HOU SD
AL Friday April 6 LAA OAK
AL Friday April 6 TEX TOR
AL Friday April 6 CLE KC
AL Friday April 6 NYY BAL
NL Friday April 6 COL ATL
NL Friday April 6 SF LAD
NL Friday April 6 MIL CHC
NL Friday April 6 PIT CIN
AL Saturday April 7 HOU SD
AL Saturday April 7 LAA OAK
AL Saturday April 7 TEX TOR
AL Saturday April 7 CLE KC
AL Saturday April 7 CWS DET
AL Saturday April 7 MIN SEA
AL Saturday April 7 BOS TB
AL Saturday April 7 NYY BAL
NL Saturday April 7 COL ATL
NL Saturday April 7 SF LAD
NL Saturday April 7 MIL CHC
NL Saturday April 7 PIT CIN
NL Saturday April 7 STL ARI
NL Saturday April 7 PHI MIA
NL Saturday April 7 WSH NYM
AL Sunday April 8 HOU SD
AL Sunday April 8 LAA OAK
AL Sunday April 8 TEX TOR
AL Sunday April 8 CLE KC
AL Sunday April 8 CWS DET
AL Sunday April 8 MIN SEA
AL Sunday April 8 BOS TB
AL Sunday April 8 NYY BAL
NL Sunday April 8 COL ATL
NL Sunday April 8 SF LAD
NL Sunday April 8 MIL CHC
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Sunday April 8 PIT CIN
NL Sunday April 8 STL ARI
NL Sunday April 8 PHI MIA
NL Sunday April 8 WSH NYM
AL Monday April 9 TEX LAA
AL Monday April 9 CLE DET
AL Monday April 9 CWS TB
AL Monday April 9 KC SEA
AL Monday April 9 MIN HOU
AL Monday April 9 BAL TOR
NL Monday April 9 COL SD
NL Monday April 9 SF ARI
NL Monday April 9 CHC PIT
NL Monday April 9 STL MIL
NL Monday April 9 MIA NYM
NL Monday April 9 PHI CIN
NL Monday April 9 WSH ATL
AL Tuesday April 10 TEX LAA
AL Tuesday April 10 CLE DET
AL Tuesday April 10 CWS TB
AL Tuesday April 10 KC SEA
AL Tuesday April 10 MIN HOU
AL Tuesday April 10 BAL TOR
AL Tuesday April 10 BOS NYY
NL Tuesday April 10 COL SD
NL Tuesday April 10 LAD OAK
NL Tuesday April 10 SF ARI
NL Tuesday April 10 STL MIL
NL Tuesday April 10 MIA NYM
NL Tuesday April 10 PHI CIN
NL Tuesday April 10 WSH ATL
AL Wednesday April 11 TEX LAA
AL Wednesday April 11 CLE DET
AL Wednesday April 11 CWS TB
AL Wednesday April 11 KC SEA
AL Wednesday April 11 MIN HOU
AL Wednesday April 11 BAL TOR
AL Wednesday April 11 BOS NYY
NL Wednesday April 11 COL SD
NL Wednesday April 11 LAD OAK
NL Wednesday April 11 SF ARI
NL Wednesday April 11 CHC PIT
NL Wednesday April 11 STL MIL
NL Wednesday April 11 MIA NYM
NL Wednesday April 11 PHI CIN
NL Wednesday April 11 WSH ATL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Thursday April 12 CLE DET
AL Thursday April 12 KC LAA
AL Thursday April 12 MIN CWS
AL Thursday April 12 BOS NYY
NL Thursday April 12 SD SF
NL Thursday April 12 CHC PIT
NL Thursday April 12 CIN STL
NL Thursday April 12 WSH COL
AL Friday April 13 HOU TEX
AL Friday April 13 SEA OAK
AL Friday April 13 CLE TOR
AL Friday April 13 DET NYY
AL Friday April 13 KC LAA
AL Friday April 13 MIN CWS
AL Friday April 13 BOS BAL
AL Friday April 13 TB PHI
NL Friday April 13 LAD ARI
NL Friday April 13 SD SF
NL Friday April 13 CHC ATL
NL Friday April 13 CIN STL
NL Friday April 13 MIA PIT
NL Friday April 13 NYM MIL
NL Friday April 13 WSH COL
AL Saturday April 14 HOU TEX
AL Saturday April 14 SEA OAK
AL Saturday April 14 CLE TOR
AL Saturday April 14 DET NYY
AL Saturday April 14 KC LAA
AL Saturday April 14 MIN CWS
AL Saturday April 14 BOS BAL
AL Saturday April 14 TB PHI
NL Saturday April 14 LAD ARI
NL Saturday April 14 SD SF
NL Saturday April 14 CHC ATL
NL Saturday April 14 CIN STL
NL Saturday April 14 MIA PIT
NL Saturday April 14 NYM MIL
NL Saturday April 14 WSH COL
AL Sunday April 15 HOU TEX
AL Sunday April 15 SEA OAK
AL Sunday April 15 CLE TOR
AL Sunday April 15 DET NYY
AL Sunday April 15 KC LAA
AL Sunday April 15 MIN CWS
AL Sunday April 15 BOS BAL
AL Sunday April 15 TB PHI
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Sunday April 15 LAD ARI
NL Sunday April 15 SD SF
NL Sunday April 15 CHC ATL
NL Sunday April 15 CIN STL
NL Sunday April 15 MIA PIT
NL Sunday April 15 NYM MIL
NL Sunday April 15 WSH COL
AL Monday April 16 OAK CWS
AL Monday April 16 SEA HOU
AL Monday April 16 BOS BAL
AL Monday April 16 NYY MIA
AL Monday April 16 TB TEX
AL Monday April 16 TOR KC
NL Monday April 16 SD LAD
NL Monday April 16 CHC STL
NL Monday April 16 MIL CIN
NL Monday April 16 PIT COL
NL Monday April 16 ATL PHI
NL Monday April 16 NYM WSH
AL Tuesday April 17 LAA BOS
AL Tuesday April 17 OAK CWS
AL Tuesday April 17 SEA HOU
AL Tuesday April 17 MIN CLE
AL Tuesday April 17 DET BAL
AL Tuesday April 17 NYY MIA
AL Tuesday April 17 TB TEX
AL Tuesday April 17 TOR KC
NL Tuesday April 17 ARI SF
NL Tuesday April 17 SD LAD
NL Tuesday April 17 CHC STL
NL Tuesday April 17 MIL CIN
NL Tuesday April 17 PIT COL
NL Tuesday April 17 ATL PHI
NL Tuesday April 17 NYM WSH
AL Wednesday April 18 LAA BOS
AL Wednesday April 18 OAK CWS
AL Wednesday April 18 SEA HOU
AL Wednesday April 18 MIN CLE
AL Wednesday April 18 DET BAL
AL Wednesday April 18 TB TEX
AL Wednesday April 18 TOR KC
NL Wednesday April 18 ARI SF
NL Wednesday April 18 SD LAD
NL Wednesday April 18 CHC STL
NL Wednesday April 18 MIL CIN
NL Wednesday April 18 PIT COL
NL Wednesday April 18 ATL PHI
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday April 18 NYM WSH
AL Thursday April 19 LAA BOS
AL Thursday April 19 SEA HOU
AL Thursday April 19 DET BAL
AL Thursday April 19 NYY TOR
NL Thursday April 19 ARI SF
NL Thursday April 19 MIL MIA
NL Thursday April 19 ATL NYM
NL Thursday April 19 PHI PIT
AL Friday April 20 LAA SF
AL Friday April 20 OAK BOS
AL Friday April 20 TEX SEA
AL Friday April 20 CWS HOU
AL Friday April 20 DET KC
AL Friday April 20 BAL CLE
AL Friday April 20 NYY TOR
AL Friday April 20 TB MIN
NL Friday April 20 ARI SD
NL Friday April 20 COL CHC
NL Friday April 20 LAD WSH
NL Friday April 20 MIL MIA
NL Friday April 20 STL CIN
NL Friday April 20 ATL NYM
NL Friday April 20 PHI PIT
AL Saturday April 21 LAA SF
AL Saturday April 21 OAK BOS
AL Saturday April 21 TEX SEA
AL Saturday April 21 CWS HOU
AL Saturday April 21 DET KC
AL Saturday April 21 BAL CLE
AL Saturday April 21 NYY TOR
AL Saturday April 21 TB MIN
NL Saturday April 21 ARI SD
NL Saturday April 21 COL CHC
NL Saturday April 21 LAD WSH
NL Saturday April 21 MIL MIA
NL Saturday April 21 STL CIN
NL Saturday April 21 ATL NYM
NL Saturday April 21 PHI PIT
AL Sunday April 22 LAA SF
AL Sunday April 22 OAK BOS
AL Sunday April 22 TEX SEA
AL Sunday April 22 CWS HOU
AL Sunday April 22 DET KC
AL Sunday April 22 BAL CLE
AL Sunday April 22 NYY TOR
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday April 22 TB MIN
NL Sunday April 22 ARI SD
NL Sunday April 22 COL CHC
NL Sunday April 22 LAD WSH
NL Sunday April 22 MIL MIA
NL Sunday April 22 STL CIN
NL Sunday April 22 ATL NYM
NL Sunday April 22 PHI PIT
AL Monday April 23 HOU LAA
AL Monday April 23 TEX OAK
AL Monday April 23 CWS SEA
AL Monday April 23 BAL CLE
AL Monday April 23 NYY MIN
NL Monday April 23 COL SD
NL Monday April 23 LAD MIA
NL Monday April 23 SF WSH
NL Monday April 23 CIN ATL
AL Tuesday April 24 HOU LAA
AL Tuesday April 24 TEX OAK
AL Tuesday April 24 CLE CHC
AL Tuesday April 24 CWS SEA
AL Tuesday April 24 KC MIL
AL Tuesday April 24 BAL TB
AL Tuesday April 24 NYY MIN
AL Tuesday April 24 TOR BOS
NL Tuesday April 24 COL SD
NL Tuesday April 24 LAD MIA
NL Tuesday April 24 SF WSH
NL Tuesday April 24 CIN ATL
NL Tuesday April 24 PIT DET
NL Tuesday April 24 STL NYM
NL Tuesday April 24 PHI ARI
AL Wednesday April 25 HOU LAA
AL Wednesday April 25 TEX OAK
AL Wednesday April 25 CLE CHC
AL Wednesday April 25 CWS SEA
AL Wednesday April 25 KC MIL
AL Wednesday April 25 BAL TB
AL Wednesday April 25 NYY MIN
AL Wednesday April 25 TOR BOS
NL Wednesday April 25 COL SD
NL Wednesday April 25 LAD MIA
NL Wednesday April 25 SF WSH
NL Wednesday April 25 CIN ATL
NL Wednesday April 25 PIT DET
NL Wednesday April 25 STL NYM
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday April 25 PHI ARI
AL Thursday April 26 CLE SEA
AL Thursday April 26 KC CWS
AL Thursday April 26 BAL TB
AL Thursday April 26 NYY MIN
AL Thursday April 26 TOR BOS
NL Thursday April 26 CHC MIL
NL Thursday April 26 CIN ATL
NL Thursday April 26 PIT DET
NL Thursday April 26 STL NYM
NL Thursday April 26 PHI ARI
AL Friday April 27 HOU OAK
AL Friday April 27 LAA NYY
AL Friday April 27 CLE SEA
AL Friday April 27 KC CWS
AL Friday April 27 MIN CIN
AL Friday April 27 BAL DET
AL Friday April 27 BOS TB
AL Friday April 27 TOR TEX
NL Friday April 27 SD NYM
NL Friday April 27 SF LAD
NL Friday April 27 CHC MIL
NL Friday April 27 PIT STL
NL Friday April 27 MIA COL
NL Friday April 27 PHI ATL
NL Friday April 27 WSH ARI
AL Saturday April 28 HOU OAK
AL Saturday April 28 LAA NYY
AL Saturday April 28 CLE SEA
AL Saturday April 28 KC CWS
AL Saturday April 28 MIN CIN
AL Saturday April 28 BAL DET
AL Saturday April 28 BOS TB
AL Saturday April 28 TOR TEX
NL Saturday April 28 SD NYM
NL Saturday April 28 SF LAD
NL Saturday April 28 CHC MIL
NL Saturday April 28 PIT STL
NL Saturday April 28 MIA COL
NL Saturday April 28 PHI ATL
NL Saturday April 28 WSH ARI
AL Sunday April 29 HOU OAK
AL Sunday April 29 LAA NYY
AL Sunday April 29 CLE SEA
AL Sunday April 29 KC CWS
AL Sunday April 29 MIN CIN
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday April 29 BAL DET
AL Sunday April 29 BOS TB
AL Sunday April 29 TOR TEX
NL Sunday April 29 SD NYM
NL Sunday April 29 SF LAD
NL Sunday April 29 CHC MIL
NL Sunday April 29 PIT STL
NL Sunday April 29 MIA COL
NL Sunday April 29 PHI ATL
NL Sunday April 29 WSH ARI
AL Monday April 30 HOU NYY
AL Monday April 30 CLE TEX
AL Monday April 30 DET TB
AL Monday April 30 MIN TOR
AL Monday April 30 BOS KC
NL Monday April 30 ARI LAD
NL Monday April 30 SF SD
NL Monday April 30 CHC COL
NL Monday April 30 CIN MIL
NL Monday April 30 MIA PHI
NL Monday April 30 WSH PIT
AL Tuesday May 1 HOU NYY
AL Tuesday May 1 LAA BAL
AL Tuesday May 1 SEA OAK
AL Tuesday May 1 CLE TEX
AL Tuesday May 1 DET TB
AL Tuesday May 1 MIN TOR
AL Tuesday May 1 BOS KC
NL Tuesday May 1 ARI LAD
NL Tuesday May 1 SF SD
NL Tuesday May 1 CHC COL
NL Tuesday May 1 CIN MIL
NL Tuesday May 1 STL CWS
NL Tuesday May 1 MIA PHI
NL Tuesday May 1 NYM ATL
NL Tuesday May 1 WSH PIT
AL Wednesday May 2 HOU NYY
AL Wednesday May 2 LAA BAL
AL Wednesday May 2 SEA OAK
AL Wednesday May 2 CLE TEX
AL Wednesday May 2 DET TB
AL Wednesday May 2 MIN TOR
AL Wednesday May 2 BOS KC
NL Wednesday May 2 ARI LAD
NL Wednesday May 2 SF SD
NL Wednesday May 2 CHC COL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday May 2 CIN MIL
NL Wednesday May 2 STL CWS
NL Wednesday May 2 MIA PHI
NL Wednesday May 2 NYM ATL
NL Wednesday May 2 WSH PIT
AL Thursday May 3 HOU NYY
AL Thursday May 3 LAA BAL
AL Thursday May 3 SEA OAK
AL Thursday May 3 TEX BOS
AL Thursday May 3 CWS MIN
AL Thursday May 3 KC DET
NL Thursday May 3 ARI LAD
NL Thursday May 3 NYM ATL
NL Thursday May 3 WSH PIT
AL Friday May 4 OAK BAL
AL Friday May 4 SEA LAA
AL Friday May 4 TEX BOS
AL Friday May 4 CWS MIN
AL Friday May 4 CLE DET
AL Friday May 4 NYY CLE
AL Friday May 4 TB TOR
NL Friday May 4 ARI HOU
NL Friday May 4 SD LAD
NL Friday May 4 CIN MIA
NL Friday May 4 MIL PIT
NL Friday May 4 STL CHC
NL Friday May 4 ATL SF
NL Friday May 4 NYM COL
NL Friday May 4 WSH PHI
AL Saturday May 5 OAK BAL
AL Saturday May 5 SEA LAA
AL Saturday May 5 TEX BOS
AL Saturday May 5 CWS MIN
AL Saturday May 5 CLE DET
AL Saturday May 5 NYY CLE
AL Saturday May 5 TB TOR
NL Saturday May 5 ARI HOU
NL Saturday May 5 SD LAD
NL Saturday May 5 CIN MIA
NL Saturday May 5 MIL PIT
NL Saturday May 5 STL CHC
NL Saturday May 5 ATL SF
NL Saturday May 5 NYM COL
NL Saturday May 5 WSH PHI
AL Sunday May 6 OAK BAL
AL Sunday May 6 SEA LAA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday May 6 TEX BOS
AL Sunday May 6 CWS MIN
AL Sunday May 6 CLE DET
AL Sunday May 6 NYY CLE
AL Sunday May 6 TB TOR
NL Sunday May 6 ARI HOU
NL Sunday May 6 SD LAD
NL Sunday May 6 CIN MIA
NL Sunday May 6 MIL PIT
NL Sunday May 6 STL CHC
NL Sunday May 6 ATL SF
NL Sunday May 6 NYM COL
NL Sunday May 6 WSH PHI
AL Monday May 7 OAK HOU
AL Monday May 7 TEX DET
NL Monday May 7 SD WSH
NL Monday May 7 CHC MIA
NL Monday May 7 CIN NYM
NL Monday May 7 STL MIN
NL Monday May 7 PHI SF
AL Tuesday May 8 OAK HOU
AL Tuesday May 8 TEX DET
AL Tuesday May 8 CWS PIT
AL Tuesday May 8 BAL KC
AL Tuesday May 8 NYY BOS
AL Tuesday May 8 TB ATL
AL Tuesday May 8 TOR SEA
NL Tuesday May 8 COL LAA
NL Tuesday May 8 LAD ARI
NL Tuesday May 8 SD WSH
NL Tuesday May 8 CHC MIA
NL Tuesday May 8 CIN NYM
NL Tuesday May 8 MIL CLE
NL Tuesday May 8 STL MIN
NL Tuesday May 8 PHI SF
AL Wednesday May 9 OAK HOU
AL Wednesday May 9 TEX DET
AL Wednesday May 9 CWS PIT
AL Wednesday May 9 BAL KC
AL Wednesday May 9 NYY BOS
AL Wednesday May 9 TB ATL
AL Wednesday May 9 TOR SEA
NL Wednesday May 9 COL LAA
NL Wednesday May 9 LAD ARI
NL Wednesday May 9 SD WSH
NL Wednesday May 9 CHC MIA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday May 9 CIN NYM
NL Wednesday May 9 MIL CLE
NL Wednesday May 9 PHI SF
AL Thursday May 10 LAA MIN
AL Thursday May 10 BAL KC
AL Thursday May 10 NYY BOS
AL Thursday May 10 TOR SEA
NL Thursday May 10 ARI WSH
NL Thursday May 10 COL MIL
NL Thursday May 10 LAD CIN
NL Thursday May 10 SD STL
NL Thursday May 10 MIA ATL
NL Thursday May 10 PHI SF
AL Friday May 11 HOU TEX
AL Friday May 11 LAA MIN
AL Friday May 11 CLE KC
AL Friday May 11 DET SEA
AL Friday May 11 BAL TB
AL Friday May 11 NYY OAK
AL Friday May 11 TOR BOS
NL Friday May 11 ARI WSH
NL Friday May 11 COL MIL
NL Friday May 11 LAD CIN
NL Friday May 11 SD STL
NL Friday May 11 CHC CWS
NL Friday May 11 PIT SF
NL Friday May 11 MIA ATL
NL Friday May 11 PHI NYM
AL Saturday May 12 HOU TEX
AL Saturday May 12 LAA MIN
AL Saturday May 12 CLE KC
AL Saturday May 12 DET SEA
AL Saturday May 12 BAL TB
AL Saturday May 12 NYY OAK
AL Saturday May 12 TOR BOS
NL Saturday May 12 ARI WSH
NL Saturday May 12 COL MIL
NL Saturday May 12 LAD CIN
NL Saturday May 12 SD STL
NL Saturday May 12 CHC CWS
NL Saturday May 12 PIT SF
NL Saturday May 12 MIA ATL
NL Saturday May 12 PHI NYM
AL Sunday May 13 HOU TEX
AL Sunday May 13 LAA MIN
AL Sunday May 13 CLE KC
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday May 13 DET SEA
AL Sunday May 13 BAL TB
AL Sunday May 13 NYY OAK
AL Sunday May 13 TOR BOS
NL Sunday May 13 ARI WSH
NL Sunday May 13 COL MIL
NL Sunday May 13 LAD CIN
NL Sunday May 13 SD STL
NL Sunday May 13 CHC CWS
NL Sunday May 13 PIT SF
NL Sunday May 13 MIA ATL
NL Sunday May 13 PHI NYM
AL Monday May 14 LAA HOU
AL Monday May 14 DET CLE
AL Monday May 14 CWS TEX
AL Monday May 14 TOR OAK
NL Monday May 14 ARI MIL
NL Monday May 14 SD COL
NL Monday May 14 SF CIN
AL Tuesday May 15 LAA HOU
AL Tuesday May 15 SEA TEX
AL Tuesday May 15 DET CLE
AL Tuesday May 15 KC TB
AL Tuesday May 15 MIN STL
AL Tuesday May 15 BAL PHI
AL Tuesday May 15 BOS OAK
NL Tuesday May 15 ARI MIL
NL Tuesday May 15 SD COL
NL Tuesday May 15 SF CIN
NL Tuesday May 15 PIT CWS
NL Tuesday May 15 ATL CHC
NL Tuesday May 15 MIA LAD
NL Tuesday May 15 NYM TOR
NL Tuesday May 15 WSH NYY
AL Wednesday May 16 LAA HOU
AL Wednesday May 16 SEA TEX
AL Wednesday May 16 DET CLE
AL Wednesday May 16 KC TB
AL Wednesday May 16 MIN STL
AL Wednesday May 16 BAL PHI
AL Wednesday May 16 BOS OAK
NL Wednesday May 16 ARI MIL
NL Wednesday May 16 SF CIN
NL Wednesday May 16 PIT CWS
NL Wednesday May 16 ATL CHC
NL Wednesday May 16 MIA LAD
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday May 16 NYM TOR
NL Wednesday May 16 WSH NYY
AL Thursday May 17 LAA TB
AL Thursday May 17 SEA DET
AL Thursday May 17 CWS TEX
AL Thursday May 17 TOR OAK
NL Thursday May 17 SF COL
NL Thursday May 17 PIT SD
NL Thursday May 17 STL PHI
NL Thursday May 17 ATL CHC
NL Thursday May 17 MIA LAD
AL Friday May 18 HOU CLE
AL Friday May 18 LAA TB
AL Friday May 18 SEA DET
AL Friday May 18 CWS TEX
AL Friday May 18 KC NYY
AL Friday May 18 MIN MIL
AL Friday May 18 BOS BAL
AL Friday May 18 TOR OAK
NL Friday May 18 SF COL
NL Friday May 18 CIN CHC
NL Friday May 18 PIT SD
NL Friday May 18 STL PHI
NL Friday May 18 ATL MIA
NL Friday May 18 NYM ARI
NL Friday May 18 WSH LAD
AL Saturday May 19 HOU CLE
AL Saturday May 19 LAA TB
AL Saturday May 19 SEA DET
AL Saturday May 19 CWS TEX
AL Saturday May 19 KC NYY
AL Saturday May 19 MIN MIL
AL Saturday May 19 BOS BAL
AL Saturday May 19 TOR OAK
NL Saturday May 19 SF COL
NL Saturday May 19 CIN CHC
NL Saturday May 19 PIT SD
NL Saturday May 19 STL PHI
NL Saturday May 19 ATL MIA
NL Saturday May 19 NYM ARI
NL Saturday May 19 WSH LAD
AL Sunday May 20 HOU CLE
AL Sunday May 20 LAA TB
AL Sunday May 20 SEA DET
AL Sunday May 20 CWS TEX
AL Sunday May 20 KC NYY
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday May 20 MIN MIL
AL Sunday May 20 BOS BAL
AL Sunday May 20 TOR OAK
NL Sunday May 20 SF COL
NL Sunday May 20 CIN CHC
NL Sunday May 20 PIT SD
NL Sunday May 20 STL PHI
NL Sunday May 20 ATL MIA
NL Sunday May 20 NYM ARI
NL Sunday May 20 WSH LAD
AL Monday May 21 TEX NYY
AL Monday May 21 CWS BAL
AL Monday May 21 MIN DET
NL Monday May 21 LAD COL
NL Monday May 21 MIL ARI
NL Monday May 21 STL KC
NL Monday May 21 NYM MIA
NL Monday May 21 PHI ATL
NL Monday May 21 WSH SD
AL Tuesday May 22 HOU SF
AL Tuesday May 22 OAK SEA
AL Tuesday May 22 TEX NYY
AL Tuesday May 22 CWS BAL
AL Tuesday May 22 MIN DET
AL Tuesday May 22 TB BOS
AL Tuesday May 22 TOR LAA
NL Tuesday May 22 LAD COL
NL Tuesday May 22 CHC CLE
NL Tuesday May 22 CIN PIT
NL Tuesday May 22 MIL ARI
NL Tuesday May 22 STL KC
NL Tuesday May 22 NYM MIA
NL Tuesday May 22 PHI ATL
NL Tuesday May 22 WSH SD
AL Wednesday May 23 HOU SF
AL Wednesday May 23 OAK SEA
AL Wednesday May 23 TEX NYY
AL Wednesday May 23 CWS BAL
AL Wednesday May 23 MIN DET
AL Wednesday May 23 TB BOS
AL Wednesday May 23 TOR LAA
NL Wednesday May 23 LAD COL
NL Wednesday May 23 CHC CLE
NL Wednesday May 23 CIN PIT
NL Wednesday May 23 MIL ARI
NL Wednesday May 23 STL KC
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday May 23 NYM MIA
NL Wednesday May 23 PHI ATL
NL Wednesday May 23 WSH SD
AL Thursday May 24 OAK SEA
AL Thursday May 24 TEX KC
AL Thursday May 24 CLE HOU
AL Thursday May 24 CWS BAL
AL Thursday May 24 TB BOS
AL Thursday May 24 TOR LAA
NL Thursday May 24 CIN PIT
NL Thursday May 24 MIL NYM
AL Friday May 25 OAK ARI
AL Friday May 25 SEA MIN
AL Friday May 25 TEX KC
AL Friday May 25 CLE HOU
AL Friday May 25 DET CWS
AL Friday May 25 BOS ATL
AL Friday May 25 NYY LAA
AL Friday May 25 TB BAL
NL Friday May 25 COL CIN
NL Friday May 25 LAD SD
NL Friday May 25 CHC SF
NL Friday May 25 MIL NYM
NL Friday May 25 PIT STL
NL Friday May 25 MIA WSH
NL Friday May 25 PHI TOR
AL Saturday May 26 OAK ARI
AL Saturday May 26 SEA MIN
AL Saturday May 26 TEX KC
AL Saturday May 26 CLE HOU
AL Saturday May 26 DET CWS
AL Saturday May 26 BOS ATL
AL Saturday May 26 NYY LAA
AL Saturday May 26 TB BAL
NL Saturday May 26 COL CIN
NL Saturday May 26 LAD SD
NL Saturday May 26 CHC SF
NL Saturday May 26 MIL NYM
NL Saturday May 26 PIT STL
NL Saturday May 26 MIA WSH
NL Saturday May 26 PHI TOR
AL Sunday May 27 OAK ARI
AL Sunday May 27 SEA MIN
AL Sunday May 27 TEX KC
AL Sunday May 27 CLE HOU
AL Sunday May 27 DET CWS
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday May 27 BOS ATL
AL Sunday May 27 NYY LAA
AL Sunday May 27 TB BAL
NL Sunday May 27 COL CIN
NL Sunday May 27 LAD SD
NL Sunday May 27 CHC SF
NL Sunday May 27 MIL NYM
NL Sunday May 27 PIT STL
NL Sunday May 27 MIA WSH
NL Sunday May 27 PHI TOR
AL Monday May 28 OAK TB
AL Monday May 28 SEA TEX
AL Monday May 28 CLE CWS
AL Monday May 28 DET LAA
AL Monday May 28 KC MIN
AL Monday May 28 BAL WSH
AL Monday May 28 BOS TOR
AL Monday May 28 NYY HOU
NL Monday May 28 ARI CIN
NL Monday May 28 COL SF
NL Monday May 28 LAD PHI
NL Monday May 28 SD MIA
NL Monday May 28 MIL STL
NL Monday May 28 PIT CHC
NL Monday May 28 ATL NYM
AL Tuesday May 29 OAK TB
AL Tuesday May 29 SEA TEX
AL Tuesday May 29 CLE CWS
AL Tuesday May 29 DET LAA
AL Tuesday May 29 KC MIN
AL Tuesday May 29 BAL WSH
AL Tuesday May 29 BOS TOR
AL Tuesday May 29 NYY HOU
NL Tuesday May 29 ARI CIN
NL Tuesday May 29 COL SF
NL Tuesday May 29 LAD PHI
NL Tuesday May 29 SD MIA
NL Tuesday May 29 MIL STL
NL Tuesday May 29 PIT CHC
NL Tuesday May 29 ATL NYM
AL Wednesday May 30 OAK TB
AL Wednesday May 30 SEA TEX
AL Wednesday May 30 CLE CWS
AL Wednesday May 30 DET LAA
AL Wednesday May 30 KC MIN
AL Wednesday May 30 BAL WSH
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Wednesday May 30 BOS TOR
AL Wednesday May 30 NYY HOU
NL Wednesday May 30 ARI CIN
NL Wednesday May 30 COL SF
NL Wednesday May 30 LAD PHI
NL Wednesday May 30 SD MIA
NL Wednesday May 30 MIL STL
NL Wednesday May 30 PIT CHC
NL Wednesday May 30 ATL NYM
AL Thursday May 31 HOU BOS
AL Thursday May 31 OAK TB
AL Thursday May 31 SEA TEX
AL Thursday May 31 DET LAA
AL Thursday May 31 MIN CLE
AL Thursday May 31 BAL NYY
NL Thursday May 31 LAD PHI
NL Thursday May 31 SD MIA
NL Thursday May 31 STL PIT
NL Thursday May 31 ATL WSH
NL Thursday May 31 NYM CHC
AL Friday June 1 HOU BOS
AL Friday June 1 LAA TEX
AL Friday June 1 SEA TB
AL Friday June 1 CWS MIL
AL Friday June 1 DET TOR
AL Friday June 1 KC OAK
AL Friday June 1 MIN CLE
AL Friday June 1 BAL NYY
NL Friday June 1 ARI MIA
NL Friday June 1 COL LAD
NL Friday June 1 SD CIN
NL Friday June 1 SF PHI
NL Friday June 1 STL PIT
NL Friday June 1 ATL WSH
NL Friday June 1 NYM CHC
AL Saturday June 2 HOU BOS
AL Saturday June 2 LAA TEX
AL Saturday June 2 SEA TB
AL Saturday June 2 CWS MIL
AL Saturday June 2 DET TOR
AL Saturday June 2 KC OAK
AL Saturday June 2 MIN CLE
AL Saturday June 2 BAL NYY
NL Saturday June 2 ARI MIA
NL Saturday June 2 COL LAD
NL Saturday June 2 SD CIN
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Saturday June 2 SF PHI
NL Saturday June 2 STL PIT
NL Saturday June 2 ATL WSH
NL Saturday June 2 NYM CHC
AL Sunday June 3 HOU BOS
AL Sunday June 3 LAA TEX
AL Sunday June 3 SEA TB
AL Sunday June 3 CWS MIL
AL Sunday June 3 DET TOR
AL Sunday June 3 KC OAK
AL Sunday June 3 MIN CLE
AL Sunday June 3 BAL NYY
NL Sunday June 3 ARI MIA
NL Sunday June 3 COL LAD
NL Sunday June 3 SD CIN
NL Sunday June 3 SF PHI
NL Sunday June 3 STL PIT
NL Sunday June 3 ATL WSH
NL Sunday June 3 NYM CHC
AL Monday June 4 LAA KC
NL Monday June 4 SD ATL
NL Monday June 4 SF ARI
AL Tuesday June 5 HOU SEA
AL Tuesday June 5 LAA KC
AL Tuesday June 5 TEX OAK
AL Tuesday June 5 CLE MIL
AL Tuesday June 5 MIN CWS
AL Tuesday June 5 BOS DET
AL Tuesday June 5 TOR NYY
NL Tuesday June 5 SD ATL
NL Tuesday June 5 SF ARI
NL Tuesday June 5 CHC PHI
NL Tuesday June 5 CIN COL
NL Tuesday June 5 PIT LAD
NL Tuesday June 5 STL MIA
NL Tuesday June 5 NYM BAL
NL Tuesday June 5 WSH TB
AL Wednesday June 6 HOU SEA
AL Wednesday June 6 LAA KC
AL Wednesday June 6 TEX OAK
AL Wednesday June 6 CLE MIL
AL Wednesday June 6 MIN CWS
AL Wednesday June 6 BOS DET
AL Wednesday June 6 TOR NYY
NL Wednesday June 6 SD ATL
NL Wednesday June 6 SF ARI
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday June 6 CHC PHI
NL Wednesday June 6 CIN COL
NL Wednesday June 6 PIT LAD
NL Wednesday June 6 STL MIA
NL Wednesday June 6 NYM BAL
NL Wednesday June 6 WSH TB
AL Thursday June 7 OAK KC
AL Thursday June 7 TEX HOU
AL Thursday June 7 MIN CWS
AL Thursday June 7 BOS DET
AL Thursday June 7 TB SEA
AL Thursday June 7 TOR BAL
NL Thursday June 7 CHC PHI
NL Thursday June 7 CIN COL
NL Thursday June 7 PIT LAD
NL Thursday June 7 STL MIA
AL Friday June 8 OAK KC
AL Friday June 8 TEX HOU
AL Friday June 8 DET CLE
AL Friday June 8 MIN LAA
AL Friday June 8 BOS CWS
AL Friday June 8 TB SEA
AL Friday June 8 TOR BAL
NL Friday June 8 COL ARI
NL Friday June 8 LAD ATL
NL Friday June 8 CHC PIT
NL Friday June 8 CIN STL
NL Friday June 8 MIA SD
NL Friday June 8 NYM NYY
NL Friday June 8 PHI MIL
NL Friday June 8 WSH SF
AL Saturday June 9 OAK KC
AL Saturday June 9 TEX HOU
AL Saturday June 9 DET CLE
AL Saturday June 9 MIN LAA
AL Saturday June 9 BOS CWS
AL Saturday June 9 TB SEA
AL Saturday June 9 TOR BAL
NL Saturday June 9 COL ARI
NL Saturday June 9 LAD ATL
NL Saturday June 9 CHC PIT
NL Saturday June 9 CIN STL
NL Saturday June 9 MIA SD
NL Saturday June 9 NYM NYY
NL Saturday June 9 PHI MIL
NL Saturday June 9 WSH SF
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday June 10 OAK KC
AL Sunday June 10 TEX HOU
AL Sunday June 10 DET CLE
AL Sunday June 10 MIN LAA
AL Sunday June 10 BOS CWS
AL Sunday June 10 TB SEA
AL Sunday June 10 TOR BAL
NL Sunday June 10 COL ARI
NL Sunday June 10 LAD ATL
NL Sunday June 10 CHC PIT
NL Sunday June 10 CIN STL
NL Sunday June 10 MIA SD
NL Sunday June 10 NYM NYY
NL Sunday June 10 PHI MIL
NL Sunday June 10 WSH SF
AL Monday June 11 SEA LAA
AL Monday June 11 CWS CLE
AL Monday June 11 BAL BOS
AL Monday June 11 TB TOR
NL Monday June 11 ARI PIT
NL Monday June 11 MIL CHC
NL Monday June 11 STL SD
NL Monday June 11 MIA SF
AL Tuesday June 12 OAK HOU
AL Tuesday June 12 SEA LAA
AL Tuesday June 12 CWS CLE
AL Tuesday June 12 DET MIN
AL Tuesday June 12 KC CIN
AL Tuesday June 12 BAL BOS
AL Tuesday June 12 NYY WSH
AL Tuesday June 12 TB TOR
NL Tuesday June 12 ARI PIT
NL Tuesday June 12 LAD TEX
NL Tuesday June 12 MIL CHC
NL Tuesday June 12 STL SD
NL Tuesday June 12 ATL NYM
NL Tuesday June 12 MIA SF
NL Tuesday June 12 PHI COL
AL Wednesday June 13 OAK HOU
AL Wednesday June 13 SEA LAA
AL Wednesday June 13 CWS CLE
AL Wednesday June 13 DET MIN
AL Wednesday June 13 KC CIN
AL Wednesday June 13 BAL BOS
AL Wednesday June 13 NYY WSH
AL Wednesday June 13 TB TOR
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday June 13 ARI PIT
NL Wednesday June 13 LAD TEX
NL Wednesday June 13 MIL CHC
NL Wednesday June 13 STL SD
NL Wednesday June 13 ATL NYM
NL Wednesday June 13 MIA SF
NL Wednesday June 13 PHI COL
AL Thursday June 14 OAK HOU
AL Thursday June 14 SEA BOS
AL Thursday June 14 CWS CLE
AL Thursday June 14 DET MIN
AL Thursday June 14 NYY TB
NL Thursday June 14 ARI NYM
NL Thursday June 14 ATL SD
NL Thursday June 14 MIA SF
NL Thursday June 14 PHI COL
AL Friday June 15 OAK LAA
AL Friday June 15 SEA BOS
AL Friday June 15 TEX COL
AL Friday June 15 CLE MIN
AL Friday June 15 CWS DET
AL Friday June 15 KC HOU
AL Friday June 15 BAL MIA
AL Friday June 15 NYY TB
AL Friday June 15 TOR WSH
NL Friday June 15 ARI NYM
NL Friday June 15 LAD SF
NL Friday June 15 MIL PHI
NL Friday June 15 PIT CIN
NL Friday June 15 STL CHC
NL Friday June 15 ATL SD
AL Saturday June 16 OAK LAA
AL Saturday June 16 SEA BOS
AL Saturday June 16 TEX COL
AL Saturday June 16 CLE MIN
AL Saturday June 16 CWS DET
AL Saturday June 16 KC HOU
AL Saturday June 16 BAL MIA
AL Saturday June 16 NYY TB
AL Saturday June 16 TOR WSH
NL Saturday June 16 ARI NYM
NL Saturday June 16 LAD SF
NL Saturday June 16 MIL PHI
NL Saturday June 16 PIT CIN
NL Saturday June 16 STL CHC
NL Saturday June 16 ATL SD
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Sunday June 17 OAK LAA
AL Sunday June 17 SEA BOS
AL Sunday June 17 TEX COL
AL Sunday June 17 CLE MIN
AL Sunday June 17 CWS DET
AL Sunday June 17 KC HOU
AL Sunday June 17 BAL MIA
AL Sunday June 17 NYY TB
AL Sunday June 17 TOR WSH
NL Sunday June 17 ARI NYM
NL Sunday June 17 LAD SF
NL Sunday June 17 MIL PHI
NL Sunday June 17 PIT CIN
NL Sunday June 17 STL CHC
NL Sunday June 17 ATL SD
AL Monday June 18 HOU TB
AL Monday June 18 LAA ARI
AL Monday June 18 CLE CWS
AL Monday June 18 KC TEX
NL Monday June 18 COL NYM
NL Monday June 18 SF MIA
NL Monday June 18 CHC LAD
NL Monday June 18 PIT MIL
NL Monday June 18 PHI STL
AL Tuesday June 19 HOU TB
AL Tuesday June 19 LAA ARI
AL Tuesday June 19 CLE CWS
AL Tuesday June 19 KC TEX
AL Tuesday June 19 MIN BOS
AL Tuesday June 19 NYY SEA
AL Tuesday June 19 TOR ATL
NL Tuesday June 19 COL NYM
NL Tuesday June 19 SD OAK
NL Tuesday June 19 SF MIA
NL Tuesday June 19 CHC LAD
NL Tuesday June 19 CIN DET
NL Tuesday June 19 PIT MIL
NL Tuesday June 19 PHI STL
NL Tuesday June 19 WSH BAL
AL Wednesday June 20 HOU TB
AL Wednesday June 20 CLE CWS
AL Wednesday June 20 KC TEX
AL Wednesday June 20 MIN BOS
AL Wednesday June 20 NYY SEA
AL Wednesday June 20 TOR ATL
NL Wednesday June 20 COL NYM
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Wednesday June 20 SD OAK
NL Wednesday June 20 SF MIA
NL Wednesday June 20 CHC LAD
NL Wednesday June 20 CIN DET
NL Wednesday June 20 PIT MIL
NL Wednesday June 20 PHI STL
NL Wednesday June 20 WSH BAL
AL Thursday June 21 LAA TOR
AL Thursday June 21 CWS OAK
AL Thursday June 21 MIN BOS
AL Thursday June 21 NYY SEA
NL Thursday June 21 COL NYM
NL Thursday June 21 SF SD
NL Thursday June 21 CIN CHC
NL Thursday June 21 MIL STL
NL Thursday June 21 PIT ARI
NL Thursday June 21 WSH BAL
AL Friday June 22 HOU KC
AL Friday June 22 LAA TOR
AL Friday June 22 CLE DET
AL Friday June 22 CWS OAK
AL Friday June 22 MIN TEX
AL Friday June 22 BOS SEA
AL Friday June 22 TB NYY
NL Friday June 22 COL MIA
NL Friday June 22 SF SD
NL Friday June 22 CIN CHC
NL Friday June 22 MIL STL
NL Friday June 22 PIT ARI
NL Friday June 22 ATL BAL
NL Friday June 22 NYM LAD
NL Friday June 22 WSH PHI
AL Saturday June 23 HOU KC
AL Saturday June 23 LAA TOR
AL Saturday June 23 CLE DET
AL Saturday June 23 CWS OAK
AL Saturday June 23 MIN TEX
AL Saturday June 23 BOS SEA
AL Saturday June 23 TB NYY
NL Saturday June 23 COL MIA
NL Saturday June 23 SF SD
NL Saturday June 23 CIN CHC
NL Saturday June 23 MIL STL
NL Saturday June 23 PIT ARI
NL Saturday June 23 ATL BAL
NL Saturday June 23 NYM LAD
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Saturday June 23 WSH PHI
AL Sunday June 24 HOU KC
AL Sunday June 24 LAA TOR
AL Sunday June 24 CLE DET
AL Sunday June 24 CWS OAK
AL Sunday June 24 MIN TEX
AL Sunday June 24 BOS SEA
AL Sunday June 24 TB NYY
NL Sunday June 24 COL MIA
NL Sunday June 24 SF SD
NL Sunday June 24 CIN CHC
NL Sunday June 24 MIL STL
NL Sunday June 24 PIT ARI
NL Sunday June 24 ATL BAL
NL Sunday June 24 NYM LAD
NL Sunday June 24 WSH PHI
AL Monday June 25 HOU TOR
AL Monday June 25 TEX SD
AL Monday June 25 DET OAK
AL Monday June 25 BAL SEA
AL Monday June 25 TB WSH
NL Monday June 25 LAD CHC
NL Monday June 25 STL CLE
NL Monday June 25 ATL CIN
NL Monday June 25 MIA ARI
NL Monday June 25 NYM PIT
NL Monday June 25 PHI NYY
AL Tuesday June 26 HOU TOR
AL Tuesday June 26 TEX SD
AL Tuesday June 26 CWS MIN
AL Tuesday June 26 DET OAK
AL Tuesday June 26 BAL SEA
AL Tuesday June 26 BOS LAA
AL Tuesday June 26 TB WSH
NL Tuesday June 26 LAD CHC
NL Tuesday June 26 STL CLE
NL Tuesday June 26 ATL CIN
NL Tuesday June 26 STL CLE
NL Tuesday June 26 ATL CIN
NL Tuesday June 26 MIA ARI
NL Tuesday June 26 NYM PIT
NL Tuesday June 26 PHI NYY
AL Wednesday June 27 HOU TOR
AL Wednesday June 27 TEX SD
AL Wednesday June 27 CWS MIN
AL Wednesday June 27 DET OAK
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Wednesday June 27 BAL SEA
AL Wednesday June 27 BOS LAA
NL Wednesday June 27 LAD CHC
NL Wednesday June 27 STL CLE
NL Wednesday June 27 ATL CIN
NL Wednesday June 27 STL CLE
NL Wednesday June 27 ATL CIN
NL Wednesday June 27 MIA ARI
NL Wednesday June 27 NYM PIT
NL Wednesday June 27 PHI NYY
AL Thursday June 28 CWS MIN
AL Thursday June 28 DET OAK
AL Thursday June 28 BAL SEA
AL Thursday June 28 BOS LAA
AL Thursday June 28 TB HOU
NL Thursday June 28 LAD CHC
NL Thursday June 28 SF COL
NL Thursday June 28 CIN MIL
NL Thursday June 28 MIA ARI
NL Thursday June 28 PHI WSH
AL Friday June 29 OAK CLE
AL Friday June 29 SEA KC
AL Friday June 29 TEX CWS
AL Friday June 29 BAL LAA
AL Friday June 29 NYY BOS
AL Friday June 29 TB HOU
AL Friday June 29 TOR DET
NL Friday June 29 ARI SF
NL Friday June 29 LAD COL
NL Friday June 29 SD PIT
NL Friday June 29 CHC MIN
NL Friday June 29 CIN MIL
NL Friday June 29 STL ATL
NL Friday June 29 MIA NYM
NL Friday June 29 PHI WSH
AL Saturday June 30 OAK CLE
AL Saturday June 30 SEA KC
AL Saturday June 30 TEX CWS
AL Saturday June 30 BAL LAA
AL Saturday June 30 NYY BOS
AL Saturday June 30 TB HOU
AL Saturday June 30 TOR DET
NL Saturday June 30 ARI SF
NL Saturday June 30 LAD COL
NL Saturday June 30 SD PIT
NL Saturday June 30 CHC MIN
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Saturday June 30 CIN MIL
NL Saturday June 30 STL ATL
NL Saturday June 30 MIA NYM
NL Saturday June 30 PHI WSH
AL Sunday July 1 OAK CLE
AL Sunday July 1 SEA KC
AL Sunday July 1 TEX CWS
AL Sunday July 1 BAL LAA
AL Sunday July 1 NYY BOS
AL Sunday July 1 TB HOU
AL Sunday July 1 TOR DET
NL Sunday July 1 ARI SF
NL Sunday July 1 LAD COL
NL Sunday July 1 SD PIT
NL Sunday July 1 CHC MIN
NL Sunday July 1 CIN MIL
NL Sunday July 1 STL ATL
NL Sunday July 1 MIA NYM
NL Sunday July 1 PHI WSH
AL Monday July 2 KC CLE
AL Monday July 2 NYY ATL
AL Monday July 2 TOR DET
NL Monday July 2 ARI STL
NL Monday July 2 COL SF
NL Monday July 2 LAD PIT
NL Monday July 2 CIN CWS
NL Monday July 2 MIL MIN
NL Monday July 2 MIA TB
AL Tuesday July 3 OAK SD
AL Tuesday July 3 SEA LAA
AL Tuesday July 3 TEX HOU
AL Tuesday July 3 KC CLE
AL Tuesday July 3 NYY ATL
AL Tuesday July 3 TOR NYM
NL Tuesday July 3 ARI STL
NL Tuesday July 3 COL SF
NL Tuesday July 3 LAD PIT
NL Tuesday July 3 CHC DET
NL Tuesday July 3 CIN CWS
NL Tuesday July 3 MIL MIN
NL Tuesday July 3 MIA TB
NL Tuesday July 3 PHI BAL
NL Tuesday July 3 WSH BOS
AL Wednesday July 4 OAK SD
AL Wednesday July 4 SEA LAA
AL Wednesday July 4 TEX HOU
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Wednesday July 4 KC CLE
AL Wednesday July 4 NYY ATL
AL Wednesday July 4 TOR NYM
NL Wednesday July 4 ARI STL
NL Wednesday July 4 COL SF
NL Wednesday July 4 LAD PIT
NL Wednesday July 4 CHC DET
NL Wednesday July 4 CIN CWS
NL Wednesday July 4 MIL MIN
NL Wednesday July 4 MIA TB
NL Wednesday July 4 PHI BAL
NL Wednesday July 4 WSH BOS
AL Thursday July 5 HOU CWS
AL Thursday July 5 SEA LAA
AL Thursday July 5 DET TEX
AL Thursday July 5 MIN BAL
NL Thursday July 5 ARI SD
NL Thursday July 5 SF STL
NL Thursday July 5 MIL ATL
NL Thursday July 5 WSH MIA
AL Friday July 6 HOU CWS
AL Friday July 6 LAA LAD
AL Friday July 6 SEA COL
AL Friday July 6 CLE OAK
AL Friday July 6 DET TEX
AL Friday July 6 KC BOS
AL Friday July 6 MIN BAL
AL Friday July 6 TOR NYY
NL Friday July 6 ARI SD
NL Friday July 6 SF STL
NL Friday July 6 CHC CIN
NL Friday July 6 MIL ATL
NL Friday July 6 PIT PHI
NL Friday July 6 NYM TB
NL Friday July 6 WSH MIA
AL Saturday July 7 HOU CWS
AL Saturday July 7 LAA LAD
AL Saturday July 7 SEA COL
AL Saturday July 7 CLE OAK
AL Saturday July 7 DET TEX
AL Saturday July 7 KC BOS
AL Saturday July 7 MIN BAL
AL Saturday July 7 TOR NYY
NL Saturday July 7 ARI SD
NL Saturday July 7 SF STL
NL Saturday July 7 CHC CIN
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Saturday July 7 MIL ATL
NL Saturday July 7 PIT PHI
NL Saturday July 7 NYM TB
NL Saturday July 7 WSH MIA
AL Sunday July 8 HOU CWS
AL Sunday July 8 LAA LAD
AL Sunday July 8 SEA COL
AL Sunday July 8 CLE OAK
AL Sunday July 8 DET TEX
AL Sunday July 8 KC BOS
AL Sunday July 8 MIN BAL
AL Sunday July 8 TOR NYY
NL Sunday July 8 ARI SD
NL Sunday July 8 SF STL
NL Sunday July 8 CHC CIN
NL Sunday July 8 MIL ATL
NL Sunday July 8 PIT PHI
NL Sunday July 8 NYM TB
NL Sunday July 8 WSH MIA
AL Monday July 9 HOU OAK
AL Monday July 9 CLE CIN
AL Monday July 9 MIN KC
AL Monday July 9 BAL NYY
AL Monday July 9 BOS TEX
AL Monday July 9 TB DET
NL Monday July 9 SD LAD
NL Monday July 9 SF CHC
NL Monday July 9 PIT WSH
NL Monday July 9 MIA MIL
NL Monday July 9 NYM PHI
AL Tuesday July 10 HOU OAK
AL Tuesday July 10 LAA SEA
AL Tuesday July 10 CLE CIN
AL Tuesday July 10 CWS STL
AL Tuesday July 10 MIN KC
AL Tuesday July 10 BAL NYY
AL Tuesday July 10 BOS TEX
AL Tuesday July 10 TB DET
NL Tuesday July 10 COL ARI
NL Tuesday July 10 SD LAD
NL Tuesday July 10 SF CHC
NL Tuesday July 10 PIT WSH
NL Tuesday July 10 ATL TOR
NL Tuesday July 10 MIA MIL
NL Tuesday July 10 NYM PHI
AL Wednesday July 11 HOU OAK
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Wednesday July 11 LAA SEA
AL Wednesday July 11 CLE CIN
AL Wednesday July 11 CWS STL
AL Wednesday July 11 MIN KC
AL Wednesday July 11 BAL NYY
AL Wednesday July 11 BOS TEX
AL Wednesday July 11 TB DET
NL Wednesday July 11 COL ARI
NL Wednesday July 11 SD LAD
NL Wednesday July 11 SF CHC
NL Wednesday July 11 PIT WSH
NL Wednesday July 11 ATL TOR
NL Wednesday July 11 MIA MIL
NL Wednesday July 11 NYM PHI
AL Thursday July 12 HOU OAK
AL Thursday July 12 LAA SEA
AL Thursday July 12 CLE NYY
AL Thursday July 12 MIN TB
AL Thursday July 12 BOS TOR
NL Thursday July 12 COL ARI
NL Thursday July 12 SD LAD
NL Thursday July 12 PIT MIL
NL Thursday July 12 NYM WSH
AL Friday July 13 HOU DET
AL Friday July 13 CLE NYY
AL Friday July 13 CWS KC
AL Friday July 13 MIN TB
AL Friday July 13 BAL TEX
AL Friday July 13 BOS TOR
NL Friday July 13 COL SEA
NL Friday July 13 LAD LAA
NL Friday July 13 SD CHC
NL Friday July 13 SF OAK
NL Friday July 13 PIT MIL
NL Friday July 13 STL CIN
NL Friday July 13 ATL ARI
NL Friday July 13 MIA PHI
NL Friday July 13 NYM WSH
AL Saturday July 14 HOU DET
AL Saturday July 14 CLE NYY
AL Saturday July 14 CWS KC
AL Saturday July 14 MIN TB
AL Saturday July 14 BAL TEX
AL Saturday July 14 BOS TOR
NL Saturday July 14 COL SEA
NL Saturday July 14 LAD LAA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Saturday July 14 SD CHC
NL Saturday July 14 SF OAK
NL Saturday July 14 PIT MIL
NL Saturday July 14 STL CIN
NL Saturday July 14 ATL ARI
NL Saturday July 14 MIA PHI
NL Saturday July 14 NYM WSH
AL Sunday July 15 HOU DET
AL Sunday July 15 CLE NYY
AL Sunday July 15 CWS KC
AL Sunday July 15 MIN TB
AL Sunday July 15 BAL TEX
AL Sunday July 15 BOS TOR
NL Sunday July 15 COL SEA
NL Sunday July 15 LAD LAA
NL Sunday July 15 SD CHC
NL Sunday July 15 SF OAK
NL Sunday July 15 PIT MIL
NL Sunday July 15 STL CIN
NL Sunday July 15 ATL ARI
NL Sunday July 15 MIA PHI
NL Sunday July 15 NYM WSH
NL Thursday July 19 CHC STL
AL Friday July 20 LAA HOU
AL Friday July 20 OAK SF
AL Friday July 20 SEA CWS
AL Friday July 20 TEX CLE
AL Friday July 20 DET BOS
AL Friday July 20 KC MIN
AL Friday July 20 BOS NYM
AL Friday July 20 TB MIA
AL Friday July 20 TOR BAL
NL Friday July 20 ARI COL
NL Friday July 20 CHC STL
NL Friday July 20 CIN PIT
NL Friday July 20 MIL LAD
NL Friday July 20 PHI SD
NL Friday July 20 WSH ATL
AL Saturday July 21 LAA HOU
AL Saturday July 21 OAK SF
AL Saturday July 21 SEA CWS
AL Saturday July 21 TEX CLE
AL Saturday July 21 DET BOS
AL Saturday July 21 KC MIN
AL Saturday July 21 BOS NYM
AL Saturday July 21 TB MIA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday July 21 TOR BAL
NL Saturday July 21 ARI COL
NL Saturday July 21 CHC STL
NL Saturday July 21 CIN PIT
NL Saturday July 21 MIL LAD
NL Saturday July 21 PHI SD
NL Saturday July 21 WSH ATL
AL Sunday July 22 LAA HOU
AL Sunday July 22 OAK SF
AL Sunday July 22 SEA CWS
AL Sunday July 22 TEX CLE
AL Sunday July 22 DET BOS
AL Sunday July 22 KC MIN
AL Sunday July 22 BOS NYM
AL Sunday July 22 TB MIA
AL Sunday July 22 TOR BAL
NL Sunday July 22 ARI COL
NL Sunday July 22 CHC STL
NL Sunday July 22 CIN PIT
NL Sunday July 22 MIL LAD
NL Sunday July 22 PHI SD
NL Sunday July 22 WSH ATL
AL Monday July 23 LAA CWS
AL Monday July 23 TEX OAK
AL Monday July 23 CLE PIT
AL Monday July 23 KC DET
AL Monday July 23 BAL BOS
AL Monday July 23 TB NYY
AL Monday July 23 TOR MIN
NL Monday July 23 CHC ARI
NL Monday July 23 CIN STL
NL Monday July 23 MIL WSH
NL Monday July 23 MIA ATL
NL Monday July 23 NYM SD
NL Monday July 23 PHI LAD
AL Tuesday July 24 LAA CWS
AL Tuesday July 24 SEA SF
AL Tuesday July 24 TEX OAK
AL Tuesday July 24 CLE PIT
AL Tuesday July 24 KC DET
AL Tuesday July 24 BAL BOS
AL Tuesday July 24 TB NYY
AL Tuesday July 24 TOR MIN
NL Tuesday July 24 COL HOU
NL Tuesday July 24 CHC ARI
NL Tuesday July 24 CIN STL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Tuesday July 24 MIL WSH
NL Tuesday July 24 MIA ATL
NL Tuesday July 24 NYM SD
NL Tuesday July 24 PHI LAD
AL Wednesday July 25 LAA CWS
AL Wednesday July 25 SEA SF
AL Wednesday July 25 TEX OAK
AL Wednesday July 25 CLE PIT
AL Wednesday July 25 KC DET
AL Wednesday July 25 BAL BOS
AL Wednesday July 25 TB NYY
AL Wednesday July 25 TOR MIN
NL Wednesday July 25 COL HOU
NL Wednesday July 25 CHC ARI
NL Wednesday July 25 CIN STL
NL Wednesday July 25 MIL WSH
NL Wednesday July 25 NYM SD
NL Wednesday July 25 PHI LAD
AL Thursday July 26 LAA CWS
AL Thursday July 26 TEX OAK
AL Thursday July 26 BAL TB
AL Thursday July 26 BOS MIN
AL Thursday July 26 NYY KC
NL Thursday July 26 SF MIL
NL Thursday July 26 CHC ARI
NL Thursday July 26 CIN PHI
NL Thursday July 26 MIL NYM
NL Thursday July 26 ATL LAD
NL Thursday July 26 MIA WSH
AL Friday July 27 HOU TEX
AL Friday July 27 LAA SEA
AL Friday July 27 CWS TOR
AL Friday July 27 DET CLE
AL Friday July 27 BAL TB
AL Friday July 27 BOS MIN
AL Friday July 27 NYY KC
NL Friday July 27 COL OAK
NL Friday July 27 SD ARI
NL Friday July 27 SF MIL
NL Friday July 27 CIN PHI
NL Friday July 27 PIT NYM
NL Friday July 27 STL CHC
NL Friday July 27 ATL LAD
NL Friday July 27 MIA WSH
AL Saturday July 28 HOU TEX
AL Saturday July 28 LAA SEA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday July 28 CWS TOR
AL Saturday July 28 DET CLE
AL Saturday July 28 BAL TB
AL Saturday July 28 BOS MIN
AL Saturday July 28 NYY KC
NL Saturday July 28 COL OAK
NL Saturday July 28 SD ARI
NL Saturday July 28 SF MIL
NL Saturday July 28 CIN PHI
NL Saturday July 28 PIT NYM
NL Saturday July 28 STL CHC
NL Saturday July 28 ATL LAD
NL Saturday July 28 MIA WSH
AL Sunday July 29 HOU TEX
AL Sunday July 29 LAA SEA
AL Sunday July 29 CWS TOR
AL Sunday July 29 DET CLE
AL Sunday July 29 BAL TB
AL Sunday July 29 BOS MIN
AL Sunday July 29 NYY KC
NL Sunday July 29 COL OAK
NL Sunday July 29 SD ARI
NL Sunday July 29 SF MIL
NL Sunday July 29 CIN PHI
NL Sunday July 29 PIT NYM
NL Sunday July 29 STL CHC
NL Sunday July 29 ATL LAD
NL Sunday July 29 MIA WSH
AL Monday July 30 OAK TOR
AL Monday July 30 SEA HOU
AL Monday July 30 MIN CLE
AL Monday July 30 NYY PHI
NL Monday July 30 ARI TEX
NL Monday July 30 LAD MIL
NL Monday July 30 SD SF
NL Monday July 30 STL COL
NL Monday July 30 ATL MIA
AL Tuesday July 31 OAK TOR
AL Tuesday July 31 SEA HOU
AL Tuesday July 31 CWS KC
AL Tuesday July 31 DET CIN
AL Tuesday July 31 MIN CLE
AL Tuesday July 31 BOS PHI
AL Tuesday July 31 NYY BAL
AL Tuesday July 31 TB LAA
NL Tuesday July 31 ARI TEX
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Tuesday July 31 LAD MIL
NL Tuesday July 31 SD SF
NL Tuesday July 31 PIT CHC
NL Tuesday July 31 STL COL
NL Tuesday July 31 ATL MIA
NL Tuesday July 31 WSH NYM
AL Wednesday August 1 OAK TOR
AL Wednesday August 1 SEA HOU
AL Wednesday August 1 CWS KC
AL Wednesday August 1 DET CIN
AL Wednesday August 1 MIN CLE
AL Wednesday August 1 NYY BAL
AL Wednesday August 1 TB LAA
NL Wednesday August 1 LAD MIL
NL Wednesday August 1 PIT CHC
NL Wednesday August 1 STL COL
NL Wednesday August 1 ATL MIA
NL Wednesday August 1 WSH NYM
AL Thursday August 2 SEA TOR
AL Thursday August 2 TEX BAL
AL Thursday August 2 CWS KC
AL Thursday August 2 BOS NYY
AL Thursday August 2 TB LAA
NL Thursday August 2 ARI SF
NL Thursday August 2 LAD MIL
NL Thursday August 2 CHC SD
NL Thursday August 2 STL COL
NL Thursday August 2 NYM ATL
NL Thursday August 2 PHI MIA
NL Thursday August 2 WSH CIN
AL Friday August 3 OAK DET
AL Friday August 3 SEA TOR
AL Friday August 3 TEX BAL
AL Friday August 3 CLE LAA
AL Friday August 3 MIN KC
AL Friday August 3 BOS NYY
AL Friday August 3 TB CWS
NL Friday August 3 ARI SF
NL Friday August 3 LAD HOU
NL Friday August 3 CHC SD
NL Friday August 3 MIL COL
NL Friday August 3 PIT STL
NL Friday August 3 NYM ATL
NL Friday August 3 PHI MIA
NL Friday August 3 WSH CIN
AL Saturday August 4 OAK DET
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday August 4 SEA TOR
AL Saturday August 4 TEX BAL
AL Saturday August 4 CLE LAA
AL Saturday August 4 MIN KC
AL Saturday August 4 BOS NYY
AL Saturday August 4 TB CWS
NL Saturday August 4 ARI SF
NL Saturday August 4 LAD HOU
NL Saturday August 4 CHC SD
NL Saturday August 4 MIL COL
NL Saturday August 4 PIT STL
NL Saturday August 4 NYM ATL
NL Saturday August 4 PHI MIA
NL Saturday August 4 WSH CIN
AL Sunday August 5 OAK DET
AL Sunday August 5 SEA TOR
AL Sunday August 5 TEX BAL
AL Sunday August 5 CLE LAA
AL Sunday August 5 MIN KC
AL Sunday August 5 BOS NYY
AL Sunday August 5 TB CWS
NL Sunday August 5 ARI SF
NL Sunday August 5 LAD HOU
NL Sunday August 5 CHC SD
NL Sunday August 5 MIL COL
NL Sunday August 5 PIT STL
NL Sunday August 5 NYM ATL
NL Sunday August 5 PHI MIA
NL Sunday August 5 WSH CIN
AL Monday August 6 LAA DET
AL Monday August 6 TEX SEA
AL Monday August 6 CLE MIN
AL Monday August 6 CWS NYY
AL Monday August 6 KC CHC
NL Monday August 6 ARI PHI
NL Monday August 6 COL PIT
NL Monday August 6 SF HOU
NL Monday August 6 MIA STL
NL Monday August 6 NYM CIN
AL Tuesday August 7 LAA DET
AL Tuesday August 7 OAK LAD
AL Tuesday August 7 TEX SEA
AL Tuesday August 7 CLE MIN
AL Tuesday August 7 KC STL
AL Tuesday August 7 BAL BOS
AL Tuesday August 7 NYY TEX
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Tuesday August 7 TOR TB
NL Tuesday August 7 ARI PHI
NL Tuesday August 7 COL PIT
NL Tuesday August 7 SF HOU
NL Tuesday August 7 MIL SD
NL Tuesday August 7 MIA STL
NL Tuesday August 7 NYM CIN
NL Tuesday August 7 WSH ATL
AL Wednesday August 8 LAA DET
AL Wednesday August 8 OAK LAD
AL Wednesday August 8 TEX SEA
AL Wednesday August 8 CLE MIN
AL Wednesday August 8 KC STL
AL Wednesday August 8 BAL BOS
AL Wednesday August 8 NYY TEX
AL Wednesday August 8 TOR TB
NL Wednesday August 8 ARI PHI
NL Wednesday August 8 COL PIT
NL Wednesday August 8 MIL SD
NL Wednesday August 8 MIA STL
NL Wednesday August 8 NYM CIN
NL Wednesday August 8 WSH ATL
AL Thursday August 9 HOU SEA
AL Thursday August 9 CLE MIN
AL Thursday August 9 NYY TEX
AL Thursday August 9 TB BAL
AL Thursday August 9 TOR BOS
NL Thursday August 9 COL LAD
NL Thursday August 9 SF PIT
NL Thursday August 9 MIL SD
NL Thursday August 9 WSH ATL
AL Friday August 10 HOU SEA
AL Friday August 10 LAA OAK
AL Friday August 10 CWS CLE
AL Friday August 10 DET MIN
AL Friday August 10 KC STL
AL Friday August 10 BAL BOS
AL Friday August 10 NYY TEX
AL Friday August 10 TOR TB
NL Friday August 10 COL LAD
NL Friday August 10 SD PHI
NL Friday August 10 SF PIT
NL Friday August 10 CHC WSH
NL Friday August 10 CIN ARI
NL Friday August 10 ATL MIL
NL Friday August 10 MIA NYM
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday August 11 HOU SEA
AL Saturday August 11 LAA OAK
AL Saturday August 11 CWS CLE
AL Saturday August 11 DET MIN
AL Saturday August 11 KC STL
AL Saturday August 11 BAL BOS
AL Saturday August 11 NYY TEX
AL Saturday August 11 TOR TB
NL Saturday August 11 COL LAD
NL Saturday August 11 SD PHI
NL Saturday August 11 SF PIT
NL Saturday August 11 CHC WSH
NL Saturday August 11 CIN ARI
NL Saturday August 11 ATL MIL
NL Saturday August 11 MIA NYM
AL Sunday August 12 HOU SEA
AL Sunday August 12 LAA OAK
AL Sunday August 12 CWS CLE
AL Sunday August 12 DET MIN
AL Sunday August 12 KC STL
AL Sunday August 12 BAL BOS
AL Sunday August 12 NYY TEX
AL Sunday August 12 TOR TB
NL Sunday August 12 COL LAD
NL Sunday August 12 SD PHI
NL Sunday August 12 SF PIT
NL Sunday August 12 CHC WSH
NL Sunday August 12 CIN ARI
NL Sunday August 12 ATL MIL
NL Sunday August 12 MIA NYM
AL Monday August 13 OAK SEA
AL Monday August 13 DET CWS
AL Monday August 13 KC TOR
NL Monday August 13 LAD SF
NL Monday August 13 SD LAA
NL Monday August 13 CIN CLE
NL Monday August 13 STL WSH
NL Monday August 13 ATL MIA
AL Tuesday August 14 HOU COL
AL Tuesday August 14 OAK SEA
AL Tuesday August 14 TEX ARI
AL Tuesday August 14 DET CWS
AL Tuesday August 14 KC TOR
AL Tuesday August 14 MIN PIT
AL Tuesday August 14 BAL NYM
AL Tuesday August 14 NYY TB
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Tuesday August 14 LAD SF
NL Tuesday August 14 SD LAA
NL Tuesday August 14 CHC MIL
NL Tuesday August 14 CIN CLE
NL Tuesday August 14 STL WSH
NL Tuesday August 14 ATL MIA
NL Tuesday August 14 PHI BOS
AL Wednesday August 15 HOU COL
AL Wednesday August 15 OAK SEA
AL Wednesday August 15 TEX ARI
AL Wednesday August 15 DET CWS
AL Wednesday August 15 KC TOR
AL Wednesday August 15 MIN PIT
AL Wednesday August 15 BAL NYM
AL Wednesday August 15 NYY TB
NL Wednesday August 15 LAD SF
NL Wednesday August 15 SD LAA
NL Wednesday August 15 CHC MIL
NL Wednesday August 15 CIN CLE
NL Wednesday August 15 STL WSH
NL Wednesday August 15 ATL MIA
NL Wednesday August 15 PHI BOS
AL Thursday August 16 TEX LAA
AL Thursday August 16 KC TOR
AL Thursday August 16 MIN DET
AL Thursday August 16 NYY TB
NL Thursday August 16 SD ARI
NL Thursday August 16 PIT CHC
NL Thursday August 16 STL WSH
NL Thursday August 16 ATL COL
NL Thursday August 16 PHI NYM
AL Friday August 17 OAK HOU
AL Friday August 17 SEA LAD
AL Friday August 17 TEX LAA
AL Friday August 17 CLE BAL
AL Friday August 17 CWS KC
AL Friday August 17 MIN DET
AL Friday August 17 BOS TB
AL Friday August 17 NYY TOR
NL Friday August 17 SD ARI
NL Friday August 17 CIN SF
NL Friday August 17 PIT CHC
NL Friday August 17 STL MIL
NL Friday August 17 ATL COL
NL Friday August 17 PHI NYM
NL Friday August 17 WSH MIA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday August 18 OAK HOU
AL Saturday August 18 SEA LAD
AL Saturday August 18 TEX LAA
AL Saturday August 18 CLE BAL
AL Saturday August 18 CWS KC
AL Saturday August 18 MIN DET
AL Saturday August 18 BOS TB
AL Saturday August 18 NYY TOR
NL Saturday August 18 SD ARI
NL Saturday August 18 CIN SF
NL Saturday August 18 PIT CHC
NL Saturday August 18 STL MIL
NL Saturday August 18 ATL COL
NL Saturday August 18 PHI NYM
NL Saturday August 18 WSH MIA
AL Sunday August 19 OAK HOU
AL Sunday August 19 SEA LAD
AL Sunday August 19 TEX LAA
AL Sunday August 19 CLE BAL
AL Sunday August 19 CWS KC
AL Sunday August 19 MIN DET
AL Sunday August 19 BOS TB
AL Sunday August 19 NYY TOR
NL Sunday August 19 SD ARI
NL Sunday August 19 CIN SF
NL Sunday August 19 PIT CHC
NL Sunday August 19 STL MIL
NL Sunday August 19 ATL COL
NL Sunday August 19 PHI NYM
NL Sunday August 19 WSH MIA
AL Monday August 20 OAK TEX
AL Monday August 20 SEA HOU
AL Monday August 20 BOS CLE
AL Monday August 20 TB KC
AL Monday August 20 TOR BAL
NL Monday August 20 LAD STL
NL Monday August 20 MIL CIN
NL Monday August 20 PIT ATL
NL Monday August 20 NYM SF
AL Tuesday August 21 OAK TEX
AL Tuesday August 21 SEA HOU
AL Tuesday August 21 CWS MIN
AL Tuesday August 21 DET CHC
AL Tuesday August 21 BOS CLE
AL Tuesday August 21 TB KC
AL Tuesday August 21 TOR BAL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Tuesday August 21 ARI LAA
NL Tuesday August 21 COL SD
NL Tuesday August 21 LAD STL
NL Tuesday August 21 MIL CIN
NL Tuesday August 21 PIT ATL
NL Tuesday August 21 MIA NYY
NL Tuesday August 21 NYM SF
NL Tuesday August 21 WSH PHI
AL Wednesday August 22 OAK TEX
AL Wednesday August 22 SEA HOU
AL Wednesday August 22 CWS MIN
AL Wednesday August 22 DET CHC
AL Wednesday August 22 BOS CLE
AL Wednesday August 22 TB KC
AL Wednesday August 22 TOR BAL
NL Wednesday August 22 ARI LAA
NL Wednesday August 22 COL SD
NL Wednesday August 22 LAD STL
NL Wednesday August 22 MIL CIN
NL Wednesday August 22 PIT ATL
NL Wednesday August 22 MIA NYY
NL Wednesday August 22 NYM SF
NL Wednesday August 22 WSH PHI
AL Thursday August 23 DET CWS
AL Thursday August 23 MIN OAK
AL Thursday August 23 BOS CLE
AL Thursday August 23 TB KC
NL Thursday August 23 COL SD
NL Thursday August 23 CHC CIN
NL Thursday August 23 MIA ATL
NL Thursday August 23 NYM SF
NL Thursday August 23 WSH PHI
AL Friday August 24 LAA HOU
AL Friday August 24 DET CWS
AL Friday August 24 KC CLE
AL Friday August 24 MIN OAK
AL Friday August 24 BAL NYY
AL Friday August 24 TB BOS
AL Friday August 24 TOR PHI
NL Friday August 24 ARI SEA
NL Friday August 24 COL STL
NL Friday August 24 LAD SD
NL Friday August 24 SF TEX
NL Friday August 24 CHC CIN
NL Friday August 24 MIL PIT
NL Friday August 24 MIA ATL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Friday August 24 NYM WSH
AL Saturday August 25 LAA HOU
AL Saturday August 25 DET CWS
AL Saturday August 25 KC CLE
AL Saturday August 25 MIN OAK
AL Saturday August 25 BAL NYY
AL Saturday August 25 TB BOS
AL Saturday August 25 TOR PHI
NL Saturday August 25 ARI SEA
NL Saturday August 25 COL STL
NL Saturday August 25 LAD SD
NL Saturday August 25 SF TEX
NL Saturday August 25 CHC CIN
NL Saturday August 25 MIL PIT
NL Saturday August 25 MIA ATL
NL Saturday August 25 NYM WSH
AL Sunday August 26 LAA HOU
AL Sunday August 26 DET CWS
AL Sunday August 26 KC CLE
AL Sunday August 26 MIN OAK
AL Sunday August 26 BAL NYY
AL Sunday August 26 TB BOS
AL Sunday August 26 TOR PHI
NL Sunday August 26 ARI SEA
NL Sunday August 26 COL STL
NL Sunday August 26 LAD SD
NL Sunday August 26 SF TEX
NL Sunday August 26 CHC CIN
NL Sunday August 26 MIL PIT
NL Sunday August 26 MIA ATL
NL Sunday August 26 NYM WSH
AL Monday August 27 HOU OAK
AL Monday August 27 LAA COL
AL Monday August 27 BAL TOR
AL Monday August 27 NYY CWS
NL Monday August 27 SF ARI
NL Monday August 27 CHC NYM
NL Monday August 27 PHI WSH
AL Tuesday August 28 HOU OAK
AL Tuesday August 28 LAA COL
AL Tuesday August 28 TEX LAD
AL Tuesday August 28 CLE MIN
AL Tuesday August 28 KC DET
AL Tuesday August 28 BAL TOR
AL Tuesday August 28 BOS MIA
AL Tuesday August 28 NYY CWS
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Tuesday August 28 SD SEA
NL Tuesday August 28 SF ARI
NL Tuesday August 28 CHC NYM
NL Tuesday August 28 CIN MIL
NL Tuesday August 28 STL PIT
NL Tuesday August 28 ATL TB
NL Tuesday August 28 PHI WSH
NL Tuesday August 28 HOU OAK
AL Wednesday August 29 TEX LAD
AL Wednesday August 29 CLE MIN
AL Wednesday August 29 KC DET
AL Wednesday August 29 BAL TOR
AL Wednesday August 29 BOS MIA
AL Wednesday August 29 NYY CWS
NL Wednesday August 29 SD SEA
NL Wednesday August 29 SF ARI
NL Wednesday August 29 CHC NYM
NL Wednesday August 29 CIN MIL
NL Wednesday August 29 STL PIT
NL Wednesday August 29 ATL TB
NL Wednesday August 29 PHI WSH
AL Thursday August 30 HOU LAA
AL Thursday August 30 OAK SEA
AL Thursday August 30 CLE MIN
AL Thursday August 30 CWS BOS
AL Thursday August 30 NYY DET
NL Thursday August 30 LAD ARI
NL Thursday August 30 SD COL
NL Thursday August 30 CIN MIL
NL Thursday August 30 STL PIT
AL Friday August 31 HOU LAA
AL Friday August 31 OAK SEA
AL Friday August 31 TEX MIN
AL Friday August 31 CLE TB
AL Friday August 31 CWS BOS
AL Friday August 31 NYY DET
AL Friday August 31 KC BAL
NL Friday August 31 MIA TOR
NL Friday August 31 LAD ARI
NL Friday August 31 SD COL
NL Friday August 31 SF NYM
NL Friday August 31 PHI CHC
NL Friday August 31 STL CIN
NL Friday August 31 WSH MIL
NL Friday August 31 ATL PIT
AL Saturday September 1 HOU LAA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday September 1 OAK SEA
AL Saturday September 1 TEX MIN
AL Saturday September 1 CLE TB
AL Saturday September 1 CWS BOS
AL Saturday September 1 NYY DET
AL Saturday September 1 KC BAL
NL Saturday September 1 MIA TOR
NL Saturday September 1 LAD ARI
NL Saturday September 1 SD COL
NL Saturday September 1 SF NYM
NL Saturday September 1 PHI CHC
NL Saturday September 1 STl CIN
NL Saturday September 1 WSH MIL
NL Saturday September 1 ATL PIT
AL Sunday September 2 HOU LAA
AL Sunday September 2 OAK SEA
AL Sunday September 2 TEX MIN
AL Sunday September 2 CLE TB
AL Sunday September 2 CWS BOS
AL Sunday September 2 NYY DET
AL Sunday September 2 KC BAL
NL Sunday September 2 MIA TOR
NL Sunday September 2 LAD ARI
NL Sunday September 2 SD COL
NL Sunday September 2 SF NYM
NL Sunday September 2 PHI CHC
NL Sunday September 2 STl CIN
NL Sunday September 2 WSH MIL
NL Sunday September 2 ATL PIT
AL Monday September 3 HOU MIN
AL Monday September 3 TEX LAA
AL Monday September 3 OAK NYY
AL Monday September 3 SEA BAL
AL Monday September 3 CLE KC
AL Monday September 3 CWS DET
AL Monday September 3 TOR TB
NL Monday September 3 ATL BOS
NL Monday September 3 ARI SD
NL Monday September 3 COL SF
NL Monday September 3 LAD NYM
NL Monday September 3 MIL CHC
NL Monday September 3 PIT CIN
NL Monday September 3 WSH STL
NL Monday September 3 MIA PHI
AL Tuesday September 4 HOU MIN
AL Tuesday September 4 TEX LAA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Tuesday September 4 OAK NYY
AL Tuesday September 4 SEA BAL
AL Tuesday September 4 CLE KC
AL Tuesday September 4 CWS DET
AL Tuesday September 4 TOR TB
NL Tuesday September 4 ATL BOS
NL Tuesday September 4 ARI SD
NL Tuesday September 4 COL SF
NL Tuesday September 4 LAD NYM
NL Tuesday September 4 MIL CHC
NL Tuesday September 4 PIT CIN
NL Tuesday September 4 WSH STL
NL Tuesday September 4 MIA PHI
AL Wednesday September 5 HOU MIN
AL Wednesday September 5 TEX LAA
AL Wednesday September 5 OAK NYY
AL Wednesday September 5 SEA BAL
AL Wednesday September 5 CLE KC
AL Wednesday September 5 CWS DET
AL Wednesday September 5 TOR TB
NL Wednesday September 5 ATL BOS
NL Wednesday September 5 COL SF
NL Wednesday September 5 LAD NYM
NL Wednesday September 5 MIL CHC
NL Wednesday September 5 PIT CIN
NL Wednesday September 5 WSH STL
NL Wednesday September 5 MIA PHI
AL Thursday September 6 TOR CLE
NL Thursday September 6 ARI ATL
NL Thursday September 6 CIN SD
NL Thursday September 6 WSH CHC
AL Friday September 7 BOS HOU
AL Friday September 7 CWS LAA
AL Friday September 7 OAK TEX
AL Friday September 7 SEA NYY
AL Friday September 7 TOR CLE
AL Friday September 7 DET STL
AL Friday September 7 MIN KC
AL Friday September 7 TB BAL
NL Friday September 7 ARI ATL
NL Friday September 7 COL LAD
NL Friday September 7 CIN SD
NL Friday September 7 MIL SF
NL Friday September 7 WSH CHC
NL Friday September 7 PIT MIA
NL Friday September 7 NYM PHI
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Saturday September 8 BOS HOU
AL Saturday September 8 CWS LAA
AL Saturday September 8 OAK TEX
AL Saturday September 8 SEA NYY
AL Saturday September 8 TOR CLE
AL Saturday September 8 DET STL
AL Saturday September 8 MIN KC
AL Saturday September 8 TB BAL
NL Saturday September 8 ARI ATL
NL Saturday September 8 COL LAD
NL Saturday September 8 CIN SD
NL Saturday September 8 MIL SF
NL Saturday September 8 WSH CHC
NL Saturday September 8 PIT MIA
NL Saturday September 8 NYM PHI
AL Sunday September 9 BOS HOU
AL Sunday September 9 CWS LAA
AL Sunday September 9 OAK TEX
AL Sunday September 9 SEA NYY
AL Sunday September 9 TOR CLE
AL Sunday September 9 DET STL
AL Sunday September 9 MIN KC
AL Sunday September 9 TB BAL
NL Sunday September 9 ARI ATL
NL Sunday September 9 COL LAD
NL Sunday September 9 CIN SD
NL Sunday September 9 MIL SF
NL Sunday September 9 WSH CHC
NL Sunday September 9 PIT MIA
NL Sunday September 9 NYM PHI
AL Monday September 10 DET HOU
AL Monday September 10 LAA TEX
AL Monday September 10 TB CLE
AL Monday September 10 KC CWS
AL Monday September 10 MIN NYY
NL Monday September 10 COL ARI
NL Monday September 10 CIN LAD
NL Monday September 10 SF ATL
NL Monday September 10 CHC MIL
NL Monday September 10 STL PIT
NL Monday September 10 NYM MIA
NL Monday September 10 PHI WSH
AL Tuesday September 11 DET HOU
AL Tuesday September 11 LAA TEX
AL Tuesday September 11 BAL OAK
AL Tuesday September 11 SEA SD
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Tuesday September 11 TB CLE
AL Tuesday September 11 KC CWS
AL Tuesday September 11 MIN NYY
AL Tuesday September 11 BOS TOR
NL Tuesday September 11 COL ARI
NL Tuesday September 11 CIN LAD
NL Tuesday September 11 SF ATL
NL Tuesday September 11 CHC MIL
NL Tuesday September 11 STL PIT
NL Tuesday September 11 NYM MIA
NL Tuesday September 11 PHI WSH
AL Wednesday September 12 DET HOU
AL Wednesday September 12 LAA TEX
AL Wednesday September 12 BAL OAK
AL Wednesday September 12 SEA SD
AL Wednesday September 12 TB CLE
AL Wednesday September 12 KC CWS
AL Wednesday September 12 MIN NYY
AL Wednesday September 12 BOS TOR
NL Wednesday September 12 COL ARI
NL Wednesday September 12 CIN LAD
NL Wednesday September 12 SF ATL
NL Wednesday September 12 CHC MIL
NL Wednesday September 12 STL PIT
NL Wednesday September 12 NYM MIA
NL Wednesday September 12 PHI WSH
AL Thursday September 13 LAA SEA
AL Thursday September 13 BAL OAK
AL Thursday September 13 KC MIN
AL Thursday September 13 BOS TOR
NL Thursday September 13 COL ARI
NL Thursday September 13 STL LAD
NL Thursday September 13 NYM MIA
AL Friday September 14 HOU ARI
AL Friday September 14 LAA SEA
AL Friday September 14 TB OAK
AL Friday September 14 CLE DET
AL Friday September 14 KC MIN
AL Friday September 14 BAL CWS
AL Friday September 14 BOS NYM
AL Friday September 14 NYY TOR
NL Friday September 14 SF COL
NL Friday September 14 STL LAD
NL Friday September 14 SD TEX
NL Friday September 14 CHC CIN
NL Friday September 14 MIL PIT
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Friday September 14 ATL WSH
NL Friday September 14 PHI MIA
AL Saturday September 15 HOU ARI
AL Saturday September 15 LAA SEA
AL Saturday September 15 TB OAK
AL Saturday September 15 CLE DET
AL Saturday September 15 KC MIN
AL Saturday September 15 BAL CWS
AL Saturday September 15 BOS NYM
AL Saturday September 15 NYY TOR
NL Saturday September 15 SF COL
NL Saturday September 15 STL LAD
NL Saturday September 15 SD TEX
NL Saturday September 15 CHC CIN
NL Saturday September 15 MIL PIT
NL Saturday September 15 ATL WSH
NL Saturday September 15 PHI MIA
AL Sunday September 16 HOU ARI
AL Sunday September 16 LAA SEA
AL Sunday September 16 TB OAK
AL Sunday September 16 CLE DET
AL Sunday September 16 KC MIN
AL Sunday September 16 BAL CWS
AL Sunday September 16 BOS NYM
AL Sunday September 16 NYY TOR
NL Sunday September 16 SF COL
NL Sunday September 16 STL LAD
NL Sunday September 16 SD TEX
NL Sunday September 16 CHC CIN
NL Sunday September 16 MIL PIT
NL Sunday September 16 ATL WSH
NL Sunday September 16 PHI MIA
AL Monday September 17 HOU SEA
AL Monday September 17 TEX TB
AL Monday September 17 DET MIN
AL Monday September 17 BAL TOR
NL Monday September 17 ARI CHC
NL Monday September 17 LAD COL
NL Monday September 17 SD SF
NL Monday September 17 MIL CIN
NL Monday September 17 PIT KC
NL Monday September 17 ATL STL
NL Monday September 17 MIA WSH
NL Monday September 17 PHI NYM
AL Tuesday September 18 HOU SEA
AL Tuesday September 18 OAK LAA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Tuesday September 18 TEX TB
AL Tuesday September 18 CLE CWS
AL Tuesday September 18 DET MIN
AL Tuesday September 18 BAL TOR
AL Tuesday September 18 NYY BOS
NL Tuesday September 18 ARI CHC
NL Tuesday September 18 LAD COL
NL Tuesday September 18 SD SF
NL Tuesday September 18 MIL CIN
NL Tuesday September 18 PIT KC
NL Tuesday September 18 ATL STL
NL Tuesday September 18 MIA WSH
NL Tuesday September 18 PHI NYM
AL Wednesday September 19 HOU SEA
AL Wednesday September 19 OAK LAA
AL Wednesday September 19 TEX TB
AL Wednesday September 19 CLE CWS
AL Wednesday September 19 DET MIN
AL Wednesday September 19 BAL TOR
AL Wednesday September 19 NYY BOS
NL Wednesday September 19 ARI CHC
NL Wednesday September 19 LAD COL
NL Wednesday September 19 SD SF
NL Wednesday September 19 MIL CIN
NL Wednesday September 19 PIT KC
NL Wednesday September 19 ATL STL
NL Wednesday September 19 PHI NYM
AL Thursday September 20 OAK LAA
AL Thursday September 20 CLE CWS
AL Thursday September 20 DET KC
AL Thursday September 20 NYY BOS
AL Thursday September 20 TOR TB
NL Thursday September 20 ATL PHI
NL Thursday September 20 MIA CIN
NL Thursday September 20 WSH NYM
AL Friday September 21 HOUS LAA
AL Friday September 21 OAK MIN
AL Friday September 21 TEX SEA
AL Friday September 21 CLE BOS
AL Friday September 21 CWS CHC
AL Friday September 21 DET KC
AL Friday September 21 NYY BAL
AL Friday September 21 TOR TB
NL Friday September 21 ARI COL
NL Friday September 21 LAD SD
NL Friday September 21 PIT MIL
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Friday September 21 STL SF
NL Friday September 21 ATL PHI
NL Friday September 21 MIA CN
NL Friday September 21 WSH NYM
AL Saturday September 22 HOU LAA
AL Saturday September 22 OAK MIN
AL Saturday September 22 TEX SEA
AL Saturday September 22 CLE BOS
AL Saturday September 22 CWS CHC
AL Saturday September 22 DET KC
AL Saturday September 22 NYY BAL
AL Saturday September 22 TOR TB
NL Saturday September 22 ARI COL
NL Saturday September 22 LAD SD
NL Saturday September 22 PIT MIL
NL Saturday September 22 STL SF
NL Saturday September 22 ATL PHI
NL Saturday September 22 MIA CN
NL Saturday September 22 WSH NYM
AL Sunday September 23 HOU LAA
AL Sunday September 23 OAK MIN
AL Sunday September 23 TEX SEA
AL Sunday September 23 CLE BOS
AL Sunday September 23 CWS CHC
AL Sunday September 23 DET KC
AL Sunday September 23 NYY BAL
AL Sunday September 23 TOR TB
NL Sunday September 23 ARI COL
NL Sunday September 23 LAD SD
NL Sunday September 23 PIT MIL
NL Sunday September 23 STL SF
NL Sunday September 23 ATL PHI
NL Sunday September 23 MIA CN
NL Sunday September 23 WSH NYM
AL Monday September 24 TOR HOU
AL Monday September 24 LAA TEX
AL Monday September 24 SEA OAK
AL Monday September 24 CWS CLE
AL Monday September 24 BOS BAL
AL Monday September 24 TB NYY
NL Monday September 24 ARI LAD
NL Monday September 24 COL PHI
NL Monday September 24 SF SD
NL Monday September 24 CHC PIT
NL Monday September 24 STL MIL
NL Monday September 24 WSH MIA
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
AL Tuesday September 25 TOR HOU
AL Tuesday September 25 LAA TEX
AL Tuesday September 25 SEA OAK
AL Tuesday September 25 CWS CLE
AL Tuesday September 25 MIN DET
AL Tuesday September 25 BOS BAL
AL Tuesday September 25 TB NYY
NL Tuesday September 25 ARI LAD
NL Tuesday September 25 COL PHI
NL Tuesday September 25 SF SD
NL Tuesday September 25 CHC PIT
NL Tuesday September 25 CIN KC
NL Tuesday September 25 STL MIL
NL Tuesday September 25 NYM ATL
NL Tuesday September 25 WSH MIA
AL Wednesday September 26 TOR HOU
AL Wednesday September 26 LAA TEX
AL Wednesday September 26 SEA OAK
AL Wednesday September 26 CWS CLE
AL Wednesday September 26 MIN DET
AL Wednesday September 26 BOS BAL
AL Wednesday September 26 TB NYY
NL Wednesday September 26 ARI LAD
NL Wednesday September 26 COL PHI
NL Wednesday September 26 SF SD
NL Wednesday September 26 CHC PIT
NL Wednesday September 26 CIN KC
NL Wednesday September 26 STL MIL
NL Wednesday September 26 NYM ATL
NL Wednesday September 26 WSH MIA
AL Thursday September 27 OAK TEX
AL Thursday September 27 KC CLE
AL Thursday September 27 MIN DET
AL Thursday September 27 BAL HOU
AL Thursday September 27 TB NYY
NL Thursday September 27 COL PHI
NL Thursday September 27 CHC PIT
NL Thursday September 27 NYM ATL
AL Friday September 28 LAA OAK
AL Friday September 28 SEA TEX
AL Friday September 28 KC CLE
AL Friday September 28 MIN CWS
AL Friday September 28 BAL HOU
AL Friday September 28 BOS NYY
AL Friday September 28 TB TOR
NL Friday September 28 COL WSH
League Day Of Week Month Day Home Visitor
NL Friday September 28 SD ARI
NL Friday September 28 SF LAD
NL Friday September 28 CHC STL
NL Friday September 28 CIN PIT
NL Friday September 28 MIL DET
NL Friday September 28 NYM MIA
NL Friday September 28 PHI ATL
AL Saturday September 29 LAA OAK
AL Saturday September 29 SEA TEX
AL Saturday September 29 KC CLE
AL Saturday September 29 MIN CWS
AL Saturday September 29 BAL HOU
AL Saturday September 29 BOS NYY
AL Saturday September 29 TB TOR
NL Saturday September 29 COL WSH
NL Saturday September 29 SD ARI
NL Saturday September 29 SF LAD
NL Saturday September 29 CHC STL
NL Saturday September 29 CIN PIT
NL Saturday September 29 MIL DET
NL Saturday September 29 NYM MIA
NL Saturday September 29 PHI ATL
AL Sunday September 30 LAA OAK
AL Sunday September 30 SEA TEX
AL Sunday September 30 KC CLE
AL Sunday September 30 MIN CWS
AL Sunday September 30 BAL HOU
AL Sunday September 30 BOS NYY
AL Sunday September 30 TB TOR
NL Sunday September 30 COL WSH
NL Sunday September 30 SD ARI
NL Sunday September 30 SF LAD
NL Sunday September 30 CHC STL
NL Sunday September 30 CIN PIT
NL Sunday September 30 MIL DET
NL Sunday September 30 NYM MIA
NL Sunday September 30 PHI ATL

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