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MiLB.TV Is Getting A Facelift In 2021. Here's What You Can Expect.

The MiLB.TV interface and app is expected to remain the same for 2021, but the internet broadcasts in some cases will look better.

Part of Major League Baseball’s takeover of governance of the minor leagues includes new minimum requirements for MiLB.TV broadcasts. In 2021 and beyond, broadcasts must have three or more cameras, instant replay, a scorebug and player identification graphics. For 2022, all broadcasts must be in high definition.

Back in 2019—which was the most recent year of MiLB.TV thanks to the canceled 2020 season—12 of the 100 teams that broadcast games did not have any graphics. There were 20 teams that did not broadcast in high definition. Instant replay and the camera requirements will also require some teams to upgrade their equipment and staff games with more production crew.

Some teams have opted to outsource, hiring companies which produce the broadcasts remotely.

Though the list of teams broadcasting is subject to change, with a couple of weeks until Opening Day, MiLB.TV listed 12 teams at Low-A, 19 at High-A, 26 at Double-A and all 30 at Triple-A as broadcasting for 2021.

MLB Advanced Media has long provided the technology that hosted and served MiLB.TV games. Now that MLB has the rights and responsibility to produce, market and sell minor league broadcasts, it’s likely that the MiLB.TV app will eventually be kept more up to date. For years it has lagged far behind what is offered in the MLB app.

The increased standards for broadcasts also seem to hint to possibilities that MLB may eventually offer the broadcasts to other TV providers like ESPN+ and Amazon Prime, for example.


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