Louisville Slugger Launches Custom Bat Site

If you’re on this website, chances are you’re a baseball fan. And if you’re a baseball fan, chances are you’ve heard of Louisville Slugger. Their bats have been synonymous with the game for decades and are utilized every day by legions of all-stars, from the Rays’ Evan Longoria to the Cubs’ Jason Heyward to Toronto’s Troy Tulowitzki and beyond. If you watch a game, you’re sure to see someone swinging a slugger.

Now, you have a chance to customize your own Louisville Slugger. DeMarini, a premier college bat brand (both baseball and softball) and a subsidiary of Louisville Slugger, offered fans this chance last year, and now the parent company is jumping on board.

The new site launched on March 31, and can be accessed at sluggercustombats.com. Once there, you will be presented with a few choices: Do you want a bat bearing the logo of your favorite team, one commemorating a special event, or something altogether unique?

Once you make your choice, you will be asked to choose from a regular-sized bat, one designed for children, or a miniature bat best suited for decoration. From there, you can choose from an array of colors—most of which correspond with a major league team’s color scheme—to coat your bat’s handle and barrel. You can also select the style and type face for the logo on the barrel and the message toward the end.

With a few restrictions, you can request whatever text you’d like for your bat to make it unique.

And that’s it. With just a few easy steps, you can design a Louisville Slugger of your very own. Longoria, Heyward, Tulowitzki, and you.

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