Hot Sheet Chat (6/6/23)

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Josh Norris hosted a chat to discuss today’s Hot Sheet. You can read the transcript below.

Josh Norris: Let’s chat.

Miggy (Chicago):

     Not hot sheet, but has there been any updates on Druw Jones as of late? How did he look before his recent injury?

Josh Norris: He is rehabbing in Arizona. Not sure on a timetable. The reviews we’ve gotten were best described as incomplete. Those who saw him did not come away impressed, but there’s also way too small of a sample to really be convicted one way or the other just yet.

David W (Los Angeles):

     Thanks for you many opinions. Do you think the Cubs will give a callup to Pete Crow-Armstrong soon. He’s seems ready Also is there a reason Giants are not bring up Kyle Harrison? Thanks

Josh Norris: I’d say it’s probably a bit early for PCA to head to Iowa. He’s started June hot but his May didn’t jump off the page. He’s still just 21 years old. No reason to rush him. As for Harrison—also still just 21 years old—he needs to throw more strikes. The smaller zone with the ABS system surely doesn’t help, but command and control have always been the biggest factors on Harrison’s future.

Sean (Toronto):

     Better keeper for fantasy dynasty – Jonatan Clase, Colt Keith, Dalton Rushing or Emmanuel Rodriguez?

Josh Norris: I am unfathomably terrible at fantasy baseball, but my first instinct would be … Dalton Rushing, Jonatan Clase, Colt Keith, Emmanuel Rodriguez.

Jim (Berlin, NJ):

     Thanks for the chat, Josh. Zac Veen is only 21 but has scuffled at AA Harford last year and this. When I check his splits, his struggles are surprisingly against RHP. At one point does an organization remake or significantly tweak a talented prospect’s setup and approach to unlock more hard contact and slugging. Along those lines, is Colorado the organization to do it?

Josh Norris: I’m concerned about Veen. He struggled last year in Double-A, then dominated against really thin pitching in the AFL, and is struggling again in Hartford. Across both stints, he is hitting just .196. He’s not striking out at an exorbitant rate and he’s walking a fair amount, so it’s not all bad, but he’s got to start hitting, plain and simple. As for the point when an org decides to tweak something, that’s above my pay grade, but I would consider starting to think about making a change.

Mike (Oconomowoc, WI):

     I have been looking like crazy to find ANY Dylan Lesko updates of whether he’s throwing or what his timetable is but there’s nothing out there…might you have any updates on this Padres future ace?

Josh Norris: He’s been throwing bullpens, and the last we heard he should be pitching in games sometime at the end of this month.

James (North East, MD):

     Now that Kjerstad is in AAA, that gives the Norfolk Tides the most talent of any team in the minors, right? Do you expect the Orioles to do anything soon when it comes to promotions and/or trades from Norfolk? How long can they keep these players in the minors? I am thinking specifically of Cowser and Westburg.

Josh Norris: It’s very close between them and the Tulsa Drillers (I’d also throw Spokane into the mix now that Sterlin Thompson is back). I don’t really expect them to do anything in the immediate term, but the ammo is certainly there if they need a big league reinforcement now or a trade in the coming months.

Willie (New Jersey):

     Any idea when Curtis Mead will return?

Josh Norris: Was a couple of weeks, but that was a couple of weeks ago, so I’m really not sure at this point. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Matt (Co):

     Who are some complex league players to watch in AZ and FL?

Josh Norris: I am going to include the DSL in here too NYY — Roderick Arias, Carlos Lagrange, Keiner Delgado, Henry LaLane, Jerson Alejandro, Omar Gonzalez FLA — Juan De La Cruz, Jhon Cabral, Marco Vargas, Walin Castillo TEX — Marcos Torres, Jose De Jesus, Echedry Vargas WSH — Cristhian Vaquero NYM – Jesus Baez, Dangelo Sarmiento LAD — Samuel Munoz, Mauroshendrick Martinus CLE — Jaison Chourio, Welbyn Francisca SFG — Rayner Arias, Ryan Reckley, Juan Perez PIT — Angel Aquino, Axiel Plaz, Lonnie White, Jun-Seok Kim And probably many, many more. The FCL/ACL/DSL are *the best*

Alex (Detroit):

     The Riley Greene injury news was obviously tough news for all Tigers fans, but just how encouraged were you with his hot performance in May? If he were hypothetically still on a prospect list, just how close to the top would he be?? Thanks!

Josh Norris: As someone who dealt Michael Harris for Sandy Alcantara, Shane McClanahan AND Riley Greene this year in fantasy, trust me when I tell you I was bummed about that injury too. I think he was on his way to the first of many all-star seasons. As for the prospect part, it’s hard enough ranking the guys who do count without throwing graduates into the mix!

Salvatore (Fluffia, PA):

     How much does Smith-Shawver’s elite athleticism and toughness (QB recruit) factor into Atlanta’s decision to fast-track him like this? It looks like he may already get a start this coming weekend at age 20. What do you see rest of season for him?

Josh Norris: The athleticism is significant, IMO. Teams that learn how to ID and then channel players’ athleticism are going to have big-time advantages over those teams that are farther behind the curve. The rest of the season, I think he’s gonna pretty dang dominant. He’s smoothed out the delivery somewhat (athleticism, hello), added a hook to the mix and still has plenty of weapons. Great job by Atlanta’s scouting and PD staffs.

Joan O’Hanlon (New York):

     Thoughts on Aidan Curry from Down East? His WHIP is 0.86, and he has kept a pretty good pace with Mozzicato. Not sure how he didn’t make the list or even the helium.

Josh Norris: Aidan Curry is firmly on my radar. He is going to rank somewhere in Rangers’ updated Top 30 and they did a boffo job landing him as a UDFA in 2020. He has the look of one of those balls of clay that PD staffs love to get their hands on. He’s a big fella with tons of projection remaining and a heater that already clicks up to 96 mph.

Josh (STL):

     What are your thoughts on recent call ups Shawver and Abbott. Are they legitimate #2 starters or more back end up the rotation upsides. Their walk rates scare me a bit. Thanks

Josh Norris: Smith-Shawver might be closer to that ceiling for me, although Abbott just keeps on shoving. I know that’s a cop out, but a No. 2 starter is a lofty goal. Side note: Spare a thought for AJ Smith-Shawver’s mailman. If you sent him something when he was in Rome, lo these *39* days ago, he has since resided in Pearl, Miss; Gwinnett, Ga., and now Atlanta.

Mark (Rhinelander, WI):

     The Rays’ and Braves’ development systems are just so much better than every other teams it’s just laughable….I guess that’s not an actual question so….. Does Wander Franco move for Carson Williams or vice versa?

Josh Norris: A) The Dodgers and Guardians and Orioles would like a word in the PD convo B) Way soon to tell. Williams is the better defender at SS, but his MLB debut is a couple years off (I’d think).

Josh Norris: Thanks for the chat, folks. Until next time.


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