“I am really excited for SSK and this new glove line,” Baez says. “They are cutting my glove and making it into new gloves. This is going to be really exciting and I’m very happy about it.”

This year the gloves come from Baez. Expect expansion forthcoming. “We are fortunate to have Javier Baez involved in this project,” and will look to extend the series in the future with other players,” Kucich says.

While Beaz plays with the traditional I-web 11.5-inch infield design, the five gloves in the PROeven Series all come with their own twist. Three are infield models and two are outfield models, each with a different color and web. And all are different than anything currently offered in the SSK main line.

SSK has designed Japanese baseball products since 1946, whether craftsman-designed fielding gloves or bats. The latest line mixes a bit of the old with mostly new. “With SSK’s history of innovation and our great partner in Javier Baez,” Kucich says “it only made sense for us to continue to push the boundaries of product development.”

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.