EvoShield Launches New Line of Custom-Molded Protective Gear

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As the number of players hit-by-pitch in Major League Baseball rose to its highest level ever in 2018, this as the average fastball speed also increased, EvoShield this month released its new Pro-SRZ line of custom-molded protective gear.

The new line from EvoShield includes a new ergonomic design and materials 45 percent lighter than competition, but with improved force dispersion versus the previous EvoShield guards.

Worn by players from Mike Trout and Christian Yelich to Alex Bregman, Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge and plenty more, this is the first time EvoShield, owned by Wilson, has created an entirely new line.

Within the Pro-SRZ line, EvoShield offers a new elbow guard, leg guard and wrist guard. Additional Pro-SRZ products include a double-strap elbow guard, ideal for players with longer arms or those who want additional coverage up their triceps; an extended leg guard for more coverage; a double-ankle leg guard for protection on both sides of the foot, which switch hitters may enjoy; and a no-ankle leg guard made for more flexibility in the placement of the guard.

The updated design contours to an athlete’s body to provide protection with a better fit and look. The Gel-To-Shell technology of EvoShield helps the company create a lighter product and one that allows for custom molding. The guard begins soft and flexible but transforms to hard and protective after molded to the athlete. Using dispersion technology, the guard spread the force across the surface of the shield.

“We enhanced the materials in the new EvoShield guards to not only give them a cleaner, cooler look but to make them, even more, lighter and form fitting than our previous models,” said Riley Wancket, EvoShild marketing associate manager. “We introduced a soft mesh along with PU Leather edges and tighter stitching to create a really unique design-forward look to the guards. You’ll notice the guards also have more curves to the sides, which creates better contouring to each players body part and provides smarter protection.”

Aesthetically, the tonal look of the guard matches the straps, but players can also purchase straps in 11 different colors for design customization.

The rise of EvoShield in MLB continues with the Pro-SRZ. Anywhere from 20 to 25 players per MLB club were fit with the new Pro-SRZ gear at Spring Training and nearly 75 percent of players wear EvoShield when at the plate.

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

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